15 Wrestling WAGs Hotter Than Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie McMahon has been gracing our screens on Monday Night RAW consistently since her and husband Triple H became the WWE’s power couple in the Attitude Era, and while she has been an enjoyable babyface for part of that lengthy run, the majority of her time has been spent as a heel authority figure, singlehandedly destroying the credibility of every wrestler she comes into contact with.

That character aside, Stephanie is still a very beautiful woman, even now that she's pushing 41 with three daughters, but that doesn’t mean she’s the hottest WAG (wives and girlfriends) in the wrestling industry, not by a long shot. While some of these women are wrestlers in their own right, others are just regular women, but they all share one thing in common, they are just slightly hotter than the Billion Dollar Princess herself.

15 Velvet Sky (Dating Bubba Ray)

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Traditionally in sports, most WAGs are not involved with the same profession, but with wrestling, we see couples in the industry all the time, and the first of many is Velvet Sky, who made her name as a part of ‘The Beautiful People’ in TNA, and let’s just say, that was a very appropriate name, and Bubba/Bully Ray is quite a lucky man. She might not be to all tastes, but objectively she is quite a stunner, and is one of the most underrated wrestlers in recent memory, and it’s good to see that both her and Bully Ray are quite happy together. Two more opposite women you could not find in terms of looks than Stephanie McMahon and the TNA Knockout, so your personal tastes may vary, but she is just a bit hotter than Stephanie.

14 Beth Phoenix (Married To Edge)

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As the Glamazon in the WWE, Beth Phoenix was a strong, powerful woman unlike any we’d seen in the WWE since Chyna, but looking at her today, she looks like any normal woman, as she's she has settled down with WWE legend and fellow Hall of Famer, Adam “Edge” Copeland. Unlike others on this list, Phoenix is of similar age (turning 37 in November) to Stephanie McMahon, and while there could be a major debate about who is hotter between the two, I would give the edge to Beth, real name Elizabeth Kocianski. Don’t get me wrong, Stephanie is still quite beautiful in her own right, as whatever character she was playing on screen, whether it be the current authority figure, as “daddy’s girl” or the WWE’s top heel alongside Triple H in the Attitude Era, but Beth Phoenix just manages to edge her out.

13 Kimberly Kessler (Married To Randy Orton)

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Randy Orton is quite the interesting character, but overall, he is an absolute legend in the wrestling industry, one who is quite good looking and has made quite a lot of money at the top of the WWE card. When you’re in that type of situation, you are likely to find the love of many beautiful women, and for Orton, Kimberly Kessler represents the second beautiful woman that he’s been married to, and the pair have a beautiful child together. I’m sure this will be mentioned several times throughout this article, but she isn’t head and shoulders above Stephanie McMahon in terms of looks. Yet all around, she is just a bit better looking. Both women have had several kids, so they should be very confident in how great they look after the fact, but like the 14 other women on this list, Kimberly Kessler is just a little more attractive at the end of the day.

12 Lauren Hashian (Married To The Rock)

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is not only one of the biggest names to ever enter the wrestling industry, but is perhaps the biggest name in the world today, so for a woman to get as lucky as Lauren Hashian and be with the biggest name in Hollywood, you know that she has to be pretty damn gorgeous. Lauren in her own right is quite a talented musician (and the daughter of late Boston drummer Sib Hashian), but nothing compared to the fame of The Rock, who may go down as the highest grossing actor/wrestler of all time, and the two look absolutely fantastic together. As you’ll come to see the similar ages of all these women, it’s quite hard to compare them to Stephanie McMahon, but just looking at photos side by side, it’s undeniable that the woman that the Rock has been seeing for the last decade is just that little bit hotter.

11 Michelle McCool (Married To The Undertaker)

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The Undertaker is as old-school as anyone the wrestling business has ever seen, so it’s always a bit different to see him outside of his character. But when he's away from the ring, Mark Calaway is going home to Michelle McCool, former Divas Champion and absolutely drop dead gorgeous blonde bombshell. She may not have lasted too long in the WWE, as she left the company to pursue other ventures, but one thing was always constant while she was with the company, and even in the years since she left, and that’s her gorgeous looks. Like most blondes, she isn’t to everyone’s tastes, as each and every fan, writer too has different opinions about what they like in a woman, but objectively speaking, McCool is everything you’d want in a woman.

10 Galina Becker (Married To Roman Reigns)

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Roman Reigns is one of the most divisive and controversial figures in recent WWE memory, and while fans mercilessly boo his character on screen, they sometimes forget that he is a human being outside of the WWE. When he is away from the company, he is spending time with his beautiful wife and lovely daughter. It’s easy to see why the WWE have chosen Reigns as their next big star, as he has the looks, the muscles and outside of a Wellness Policy violation, he has been squeaky clean, and most of that has to be attributed to the woman he’s been with for years and years. The two married in 2014, and while she might not be in the public eye as much as Stephanie, or even other women on this list, she is just as beautiful.

9 Karina Steen (Married To Kevin Owens)

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Kevin Owens made his triumphant NXT debut in late 2014, and by Money in the Bank 2015, he was challenging John Cena on the main roster. What was the main motivation for this despicable yet incredible performer? Family. Owens (real name Kevin Steen) has always talked about his desire to create a better life for his family, his wife and two children, and while that is very admirable, the casual fans still despised him. Speaking of his family, his wife Karina still is one of the most understated women on this list. She isn’t a wrestler, she isn’t a famous model or even an actor; she is just a regular young woman, yet she is still just as good, if not better than Stephanie McMahon. You may disagree, as Stephanie has always had the arrogance and “puppies” that made her appeal to fans, Karina Steen is just as beautiful in a completely different way, but just as good.

8 Maryse (Married To The Miz)

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Now that Lana is out on her own and out of the shadows of the Bulgarian Brute, Rusev, Maryse is now the best looking manager in the wrestling industry, and people may see The Miz as "batting way above his average," because the French-Canadian beauty is absolutely breathtaking.  From the bleach-blonde hair to the amazing body to those long legs, Maryse is not only killing it on screen, but she’s killing it offscreen too. Who knows what Maryse will look like when she’s Stephanie’s age, but for now, she’s one of the best looking women to ever enter the wrestling business, and hey, she’s not just a pretty face, she was quite the wrestler as well, as a former Divas Champion. Maybe one day we will see them clash in story, as The Miz has been very anti-establishment ever since 2016’s brand split, but one thing is for sure, McMahon will never measure up to Maryse in the looks department.

7 Brandi Rhodes (Married To Cody Rhodes)

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Cody Rhodes is one of the most talented wrestlers in the entire world, and the fact that he is challenging Kazuchika Okada for the IWGP Heavyweight title (the same one that Brock Lesnar and AJ Styles held) at New Japan’s upcoming show in Long Beach, California just proves how misused he was in the WWE. But there was one thing he got out of his time there, and that was the love of a woman known as Eden Stiles, who is now his wife, Brandi Rhodes. While she may not be much of a wrestler (as evidenced by her time in Impact Wrestling), one thing is for sure; she is absolutely stunning, and together, she and Cody make one of the best-looking wrestling couples in the world.

6 Maria Kanellis (Married To Mike Bennett)

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Maria was a beloved performer during her first run with the WWE, and thanks to the Bella Twins (if you believe such rumors that circulate on the internet), she never made it back to the company. In the end, that worked out quite well, as she is now married to her on-screen partner, “The Miracle” Mike Bennett. Not many people would have heard of Bennett outside of hardcore wrestling fans (and Impact Wrestling fans), and it sounds like they are both on their way back to WWE, which means fans may see a very different side of the previously "innocent" Maria. Whether it’s the current manager version of Maria or the previous sweet heart version we’ve seen in the WWE, there is no doubting that Maria is just far superior to Stephanie McMahon, in the looks department anyway.

5 The Bella Twins (Married To Daniel Bryan & Engaged To John Cena)

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Both Nikki and Brie Bella are the partners of two of WWE’s most popular superstars, John Cena and Daniel Bryan respectively, and while they both may have got into the WWE based on their looks, both improved a great deal in the ring, and were standout parts of the early days of WWE’s women’s revolution. That’s all well and good, and their in-ring abilities have been talked about at length in other articles, but this one is solely based on looks. Despite the fact they turn 34 this year, they remain incredibly beautiful, and unfortunately for Steph, there’s just no comparison. Like most people on this list, the Bellas are at least a half-decade younger than Steph, so it’s hard to criticize Mrs. Triple H. But simply put, Stephanie McMahon and barely any WAGs in the wrestling world can compare to these two.

4 Alexa Bliss (Engaged To Buddy Murphy)

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Alexa Bliss is one of the hottest and most talented female performers in the entire wrestling industry today, and although you wouldn’t think of her as a WAG, as she is the best female wrestler in the WWE currently, and she is also engaged to NXT performer (yes, he is somehow still employed) Buddy Murphy. That means she is technically a wrestling WAG. While "Little Miss Bliss" can’t match Stephanie’s height or “puppies,” she definitely makes up for it with sheer beauty, and this has led to her becoming one of the more popular females in today’s WWE, especially among the male audience. Sure, Alexa may be exactly 15 years younger than Stephanie, but this list is about WAGs that we find hotter than her, and to me and most fans out there, Bliss fits the bill.

3 Renee Young (Married To Dean Ambrose)

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The WWE have made some very odd employment decisions in the past regarding their on-air personalities and backstage interviewers, but one decision that couldn’t have worked out better for them was bringing in Renee Young, who was already an experienced hand in the TV industry, and is now the lead on air personality for many things like Talking Smack as well as every PPV pre-show. Unfortunately for all those male fans out there, Renee was recently married to Dean Ambrose (a fact that his female fans didn’t take well too either), but that makes her one of the hottest WAGs in the game today. Not only is she hotter than Stephanie McMahon, but Renee also seems like a much nicer, much more down-to-earth person, which makes her much, much easier to like than the Billion Dollar Princess.

2 Catalina White (Married To Jack Swagger)

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Jack Swagger had an interesting WWE run, and although he was treated like nothing more than a glorified enhancement talent by the time he was released by the company, he actually accomplished quite a bit, winning the ECW, United States and World Heavyweight titles, as well as being crowned Mr. Money in the Bank. However, his greatest accomplishment during this time has nothing to do with the world of professional wrestling. In 2015, he married Catalina White, a model, and although there’s nothing wrong with Swagger, one has to wonder how he pulls off something so special, as she is a true beauty. The two were married in 2015, and have had two kids together, but anyone that has seen a photo of White knows that she is one of the most beautiful women in the world, and unfortunately, Steph can’t compare.

1 Lana (Married To Rusev)

As soon as the Ravishing Russian graced the WWE’s screens, the male audience gravitated towards her, and even though she was playing a heel character alongside her real-life boyfriend/future husband Rusev, the fans couldn’t get enough of her, and she immediately became one of the hottest and most popular valets in wrestling history. Since that point, the two have been married in a beautiful beach ceremony, but have been split up on screen, with Lana getting a big push immediately upon arrival on SmackDown. Whether she can wrestle well or not is up in the air, but what isn’t debatable is just how gorgeous she is. If you have any doubts about this, we encourage you to go follow the real-life CJ Perry on Instagram. You will certainly not be disappointed.

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