15 Wrestling WAGs More Famous Than Their Man

The wrestling industry has seen a number of relationships that have turned into something long-term, with some even resulting in marriage. Most recently at WrestleMania 33, fans witnessed John Cena get down on one knee and propose to his longtime girlfriend, Nikki Bella. Speaking of the current Ms. Bella and soon to be Mrs. Cena, her sister, Brie Bella, is involved in a high profile relationship in her own right as she is married to SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan.

While both Nikki and Brie are immensely popular in their own right, their popularity isn't as high as their respective partners. Generally, in wrestling, the man in the relationship is more famous than the woman. However, this isn't a surefire thing and isn't necessarily always the truth.

In fact, there are those female wrestlers that overshadow the popularity of their partner tenfold. There are also those female wrestlers that are slightly more popular than their partner. Here, we take a look at 15 wrestling WAGs that are more famous than their man.


16 Eva Marie Over Jonathan Coyle

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To find one who is serious in saying Eva Marie is employed by the WWE for any reason other than her looks is like watching the Cleveland Browns, New York Knicks and San Diego Padres win a championship in the same calendar year. Eva Marie is persona non grata in today's WWE due to the "Women's Revolution" bringing in a number of women who are more then just eye candy. Nonetheless, for Eva Marie to remain employed by the WWE despite it being clearly vested in women's wrestling is a testament to the appeal Eva Marie possesses. Eva Marie is married to Jonathan Coyle who became more of a known name as a result of the Total Divas reality show. Coyle's involved in the fitness realm and is a known name, but he is nowhere near as known a name as Eva Marie (for better or worse).

15 Paige Over Alberto Del Rio/El Patron

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Alberto Del Rio is a two-time WWE Champion and two-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion and is a recognized name, if not a renowned name to the casual and hardcore wrestling fan. But, his fiancée, Paige, has him beat due to a recent unfortunate event. See, unless you've been living under a rock for the last couple of months, you're aware of the fact that Paige had some NSFW pictures and videos (insert Xavier Woods "up, up, down, down joke here if you must) leaked out due to a hack. As a result, Paige's name not only blew up throughout wrestling circles, but in the mainstream press as well which made her known to audiences that were unaware of her prior. This obviously wasn't the publicity that Paige was looking for, and it's shocking to see that WWE hasn't parted ways with the Norwich, England-born superstar as of yet.

14 Natalya Over Tyson Kidd

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When you're bombarded with the chant "Nattie's husband", the writing is on the wall that your spouse's popularity has eclipsed yours. This is the case for Tyson Kidd. After all, does John Cena hear chants of "Nikki's boyfriend"? Then again, Cena might welcome this (it's much more flattering than "Cena sucks"). Does The Miz get "Maryse's husband" shouted at him?

Kidd has been out of action for close to two years now due to a spinal injury suffered in a match against Samoa Joe. In the match, Joe's Muscle Buster finishing maneuver didn't go as planned, which led to Kidd's injury. While Kidd's career may unfortunately be over, at least he can rejoice in knowing he'll never have to hear "Nattie's husband" chants while wrestling again. Oh, and he'll have plenty of time to play with Gizmo if it is indeed the end — can't forget Gizmo, wouldn't want to upset Nattie if she's reading this.


12 Alexa Bliss Over Buddy Murphy

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Billed as "Five Feet of Fury" and the "Wicked Witch of WWE", Alexa Bliss hasn't even been on WWE's main roster for less than a year, yet Bliss is a two-time SmackDown Women's Champion and is in the midst of establishing herself as the top female heel on Monday Night Raw as a first-time Raw Women's Champion, having beaten Bayley at Payback. Bliss is as easy (if not easier) on the eyes, as she is smooth in the ring as well as on the mic. Recently engaged to NXT's Buddy Murphy, Bliss is successfully thriving on WWE's main roster whereas Murphy continues to flounder on NXT. Furthermore, ever since Murphy and tag partner Wesley Blake lost their NXT Tag Championships at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn in 2015, the two have been unsuccessful in re-establishing themselves as legit threats to the NXT tag throne. Whether or not Murphy ever joins Bliss on the main roster remains to be seen. But, what can already be seen is that Bliss has beauty, charisma and popularity that Murphy can only dream of.

11 Madison Rayne Over Josh Mathews

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A five-time TNA Knockouts Champion, Madison Rayne trails only Gail Kim and Angelina Love (both of whom have six) for most reigns in the company's history. Speaking of Angelina Love, Rayne is actually best known for her time with Love and fellow Beautiful People member Velvet Sky. The three bombshells made up not just the greatest female villainous faction in TNA, but can lay acclaim to being one of the greatest the wrestling industry has ever seen. Rayne married for the second time in 2015 when she married former WWE play-by-play commentator and current TNA commentator Josh Mathews. While Mathews is technically a former wrestler, he made his stride in the wrestling business as a commentator and not a wrestler. Commentators can look at Mathews as inspiration as he proved that not just the wrestlers (but commentators as well) can pull knockouts (no pun intended).

10 Lana Over Rusev

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Rusev is the envy of many men as not only does Lana appear on television as his onscreen wife, but is his wife in actuality. When the two first debuted, frequent chants of "we want Lana" would erupt throughout the WWE Universe as she'd overshadow Rusev. These boisterous chants have significantly subsided from years past, but are still heard to a lesser degree. Lana's drop-dead gorgeous looks make it easy to see why she's received this chant more often than not. At one time, most would've thought that Rusev would've been doomed without Lana, as he was given minimal mic time as Lana would primarily handle the speaking duties of the duo. Today, that has changed and fans have come to realize that Rusev has oodles of personality (check him out on Up Up Down Down if you still aren't convinced). However, Lana is the more famous of the two as she appears on E's Total Divas, has been in a number of music videos and well, just take a look at how easy on the eyes she is!

9 Mickie James Over Magnus

In her first stint with WWE from 2005-2010, Mickie James instantaneously established herself as a key cog in the women's division. In one of the most intriguing feuds of the first decade of the 21st century, James played the role of the crazy stalker of Trish Stratus to a tee. James went on to be and is still one of the most successful women's wrestlers employed by WWE as she went on to rack up five WWE Women's Championships and one WWE Divas Championship. Her husband Magnus reached the pinnacle of the sport in TNA/Impact as he is a one-time TNA Heavyweight Champion. With James now in her second stint in WWE and Magnus back wrestling for Impact, it isn't too difficult to see why the popularity of James exceeds that of her spouse.

8 Naomi Over Jimmy Uso

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Not only are the Usos one of most versatile tag teams employed by WWE today, but they are one of the most consistent tag teams employed by WWE throughout its history. One-half of the Usos, and current half of the SmackDown Tag Team Champions, Jimmy Uso, is married to the current two-time SmackDown Women's Champion Naomi. The Usos have been employed by WWE longer then Naomi has, but Naomi has more crossover appeal then that of her husband.

Unlike Jimmy, Naomi is a regular character on E's Total Divas whereas Jimmy makes sporadic appearances. In addition to her television role, Naomi has dabbled in the music business, and has been a dancer for the Orlando Magic prior to entering the wrestling business. In short, Naomi wears many hats! But Jimmy Uso is no slouch in his own right and Naomi's popularity doesn't surpass Uso's by a landslide.

7 Becky Lynch Over Luke Sanders

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The "Irish Lass Kicker" Becky Lynch is arguably the least-renowned name of her fellow "Four Horsewomen" (Sasha Banks, Bayley and Charlotte) these days. However, the former and inaugural SmackDown Women's Champion is still more known then her boyfriend, Luke Sanders. Like Lynch, Sanders is involved in the fight game- albeit a different fight game. Sanders fights for the UFC in the Bantamweight division, which is arguably the most stacked division in the company today. With names such as champion Cody Garbrandt, Dominick Cruz and TJ Dillashaw (not to mention numerous others) far ahead of him in the division's pecking order, it's unlikely Sanders becomes a household name anytime soon. On the other hand, Lynch is recognized as one of WWE's best female in-ring performers today.

6 Layla Over Ricky Ortiz

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The name Ricky Ortiz is one that likely doesn't even ring a bell for longtime viewers of the WWE product; but, rest assured Ortiz did indeed have a short tenure with the company from 2008-2009. His better half's name is much more recognizable. Layla is best known for her alliance with Michelle McCool where the two formed the villainous duo of LayCool. The two were amongst the best female workers in the company during their tenure and introduced the innovative idea of each sharing a split tangible half of the Women's Championship. Unlike Ortiz, Layla spent eight years with the company. In addition, Layla also made a name for herself via her dancing. Layla previously danced for the Miami Heat and appeared in a number of music videos, most notably for Kanye West. Not to forget, you may also recognize Layla as a former model on NBC's Deal or No Deal.

5 Maria Kanellis Over Mike Bennett

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On March 1st, 2017 it had been announced that Mike Bennett had parted ways with Impact Wrestling  and rumors suggest he is now on his way to WWE. Along with Bennett, former WWE talent Maria Kanellis was also be rumored to be making the jump. The onscreenImpact couple are indeed a real-life couple as well, having wed in 2014. Bennett's had success on the independent scene along with TNA, having held gold in promotions such as the forenamed TNA, ROH and NJPW. However, while Bennett may be more well-traveled then his spouse, he is not as known a name as the fiery redhead is. Kanellis was first introduced to fans via WWE's Diva Search competition in 2004. While she did not win, Kanellis did end up eventually signing with the company, as she spent five years their from 2005-2010. If and when Bennett and Kanellis do emerge in WWE, Kanellis will have past history to piggyback off of, whereas Bennett will be doing his best to make a name for himself in the major leagues.

4 Jennifer Hudson Over David Otunga

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When The Nexus first debuted it looked as if Wade Barrett or David Otunga had the greatest potential of the faction. Barrett ended up experiencing much more success than Otunga has as evidenced by his multiple reigns with the Intercontinental Chanpionship. Otunga never was really able to cut it as a wrestler, and has since transitioned over to the commentary table. Otunga is engaged to singer Jennifer Hudson who has enjoyed success in the music industry after appearing on American Idol in 2004. The songstress is best known for her hit singles "If This Isn't Love," "Remember Me" and "Where You At". Hudson truly knew she had made it big in 2013 when she performed at the Super Bowl and received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The Harvard-educated lawyer Otunga is immensely successful in his own right, but his name isn't as known as that of Hudson's.

3 Bayley Over Aaron Solow

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As one quarter of the "Four Horsewomen," Bayley is one of the most recognized women's wrestlers today. She's also the most huggable women's wrestler and that isn't up for argument! Bayley's engaged to Aaron Solow who himself is a wrestler in his own right. However, while Bayley is honing her craft in the major leagues at WWE, Solow performs on the independent circuit. Solow has tried out for the WWE in the past, but has come up short in terms of being extended a contract by the company. While Solow likely still has his eyes set on the 'E, Bayley is manning the fort. Bayley is a one-time NXT Women's Champion and a one-time Raw Women's Champion who figures to be a mainstay at the top of the women's card for years to come. The likelihood of Solow eclipsing Bayley's fame is about as good as a snowball's chance in hell.

2 Trish Stratus Over Ron Fisico

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The name Ron Fisico isn't one that should be recognized by the majority (and practically all) wrestling fans as he's had nothing to do with the wrestling business nor is he renowned for his work in another industry. Fisico's occupation is that of a builder and has built (corny pun indeed) quite the foundation with Stratus. The two are high school sweethearts that tied the knot in 2006. The two have a son born in 2013 and a daughter born in 2016 together. Stratus was the first of her kind (along with Lita) that showcased that she was more than just a pretty face. Before the "Women's Revolution," Lita and Stratus were wowing crowds. Stratus is a seven-time WWE Women's Champion, a member of the WWE Hall of Fame (having been inducted in 2013) and one of the most accomplished women to ever step foot in the WWE. Today, she runs her own yoga studio dubbed "Stratusphere". Stratus has done mighty well for herself inside and outside of it. So has that Ron guy- by marrying Stratus!

1 Sasha Banks Over Sarath Ton

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Formerly wrestling as Mikaze, Sarath Ton is still employed by the WWE, albeit in a far different position. Ton currently works as a seamstress for WWE, playing a role he almost assuredly never envisioned holding when first trying out for WWE. However, Ton's the envy of many men, as he's the husband of the "Legit Boss," Sasha Banks. While Ton works behind the scenes, Banks works in front of the cameras. Banks is a three-time WWE Raw Women's Champion, a one-time NXT Women's Champion and is one of and arguably the most beloved female superstars employed by the company. Banks is the total package as she has captivating looks, delivers promos with conviction and is loved and respected by the WWE fan base. Ton may have never been able to cut it as a WWE superstar, but marrying Sasha Banks is one hell of a consolation prize!

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