15 Wrestling Women Who Are Hotter Than You Realize

What would pro-wrestling be without the Women's Division wrestlers? Well, let's just say that wrestling would be far less intriguing without the opportunity of witnessing hot female talents collide in the ring, with many of those said talents putting on 5-star in-ring bouts. Although women have never been the focal points in wrestling promotions up until a couple years ago (at least in the WWE that is), wrestling wouldn't be the same without the women rounding out the shows. Sure, we mainly pay to see the male dominated main eventer's perform, but many of us also have a passion for women's wrestling as well.

Now when we look at the "women of wrestling," it's pretty easy to pick out and choose the hottest female talents currently involved in Sports Entertainment. It doesn't take long to realize that females such as Alexa Bliss, Lana, Nikki Bella, Maryse, Paige among others are the first picks for fans to mention as being the hottest of them all. However, there are actually quite a few Women's Division wrestlers that are very underrated in the "hotness department."

I guess with all the extremely hot Women currently wrestling across the globe (especially in the WWE), many slightly less attractive Women's Division wrestlers go unnoticed and unappreciated in the looks category. Some of the talents on this list are underrated in terms of hotness, where as others are downright overlooked when fans consider who's a hot Women. Stay tuned, as this list divulges 15 current wrestling Women who are hotter than most of us realize!

16 Naomi

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Naomi has had quite the roller-coaster career thus far - although she's currently experiencing a great high point now as the SmackDown Live's Women's Champion. Naomi's definitely a solid talent, though she can definitely seem slightly clumsy at times (hence why she botches fairly often). Regardless, the WWE have decided on presenting Naomi as a legitimate Women's Division star moving forward, instead of presenting Naomi as a second-class talent or simply a "jobber to the stars" which is a position that she had been stuck with for a large portion of her WWE career up until last year. Now, when fans discuss hot Women, it's pretty infrequent for those said fans to bring up Naomi into that conversation. Naomi's certainly underrated in the looks department, and she's actually very attractive (with an obviously attractive "set of glutes").

15 Rosemary

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"The Canadian Assassin" known to the wrestling world as TNA's current Knockouts Champion Rosemary is definitely a unique character in both the looks and performance categories. Although she's unlike most Women's Division wrestlers, Rosemary's a solid talent who certainly adds depth to Impact Wrestling's Knockouts Division. Prior to joining TNA last year, Rosemary had performed on the Indies since 2008 successfully, and she had even been ranked No. 8 of the top 50 female wrestlers in the PWI Female 50 for 2014. Although Rosemary's undoubtedly a fairly scary wrestler with an intimidating look about her, if you look past the makeup and the crazy demeanor, you'll very quickly see Rosemary's undeniable attractiveness. She's almost reminiscent of WWE's Paige, although she's much (and I mean much) crazier/wackier!

14 Natalya

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The talented Natalya is currently amidst a heel run over on the Blue Brand, SmackDown Live. Although Natty has always been stuck with a jobber to the stars role for a large portion of her career thus far, that hasn't stopped "The Queen Of Harts" from providing the WWE Universe with solid and exciting in-ring bouts. Speaking of solid in-ring performances, I believe that this is why Natalya has always seemed to be in a relevant spot on the card despite losing the majority of her big matches - she's a talented individual whom the WWE can trust to put forth solid matches regularly and consistently.

Although Natty's name is rarely (if ever) mentioned when fans discuss among each other as to who's one of their picks for the company's hottest Diva, Natalya's an underrated Diva not only for her talent, but also for her good looks. Natty's way hotter than most fans give her credit for, and if you don't believe me, take a good look at the hot beach swimsuit photo above. Natalya looked absolutely stunning in this picture!

13 Tamina

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Tamina Snuka is currently a member of the Women's Division over on SmackDown Live, and she's currently receiving what looks to resemble that of a small push. Throughout her WWE career stemming all the way back to 2010, Tamina has never been utilized to her fullest potential. Despite not being your stereotypical Diva, Tamina's a solid talent who's more than capable of putting on decent matches.

She's reminiscent of RAW's Nia Jax, although Tamina's not quite as dominant or intimidating. Although I don't like to say that SmackDown's the second class show, Tamina reminds me of a second class Nia Jax. However, as I've already mentioned, she's very talented and quite underrated. Though few fans ever acknowledge Tamina as being an attractive Diva, she's in fact very attractive and much hotter than most fans are willing to admit.

12 Carmella

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Carmella is currently amidst a huge push over on SmackDown Live - something that I had predicted would be the case (with the help of dirt-sheets of course). As of tonight (June 27th), the "Princess of Staten Island" reclaimed her Women's Money In The Bank briefcase on SmackDown Live, and she remains "Miss MITB." Despite winning the briefcase originally in controversial fashion (which reflected poorly on WWE), the company have decided to remain committed to the impending rise of Carmella, and her win on SDLive tonight reflects that notion. Although I'd say that most fans would agree that Carmella's attractive, I'd also say that she's very underrated in the hotness department. Sure fans know Carmella's good looking, but few ever bring up her name in the "hottest of them all" conversation. I would argue and say that Carmella's one of the top-five hottest Women in the WWE today - something many fans refuse to acknowledge.

11 Brie Bella

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Brie Bella, one half of The Bella Twins, is the Bella who's very underrated and underappreciated - especially when it comes to beauty. For the majority of her career in the WWE, Brie lived in her sister Nikki's shadow as the less successful and less attractive Bella twin. Although Brie had actually won the Divas Championship before Nikki, Brie was quickly pushed to the sidelines while Nikki took over the spotlight.

Things never really changed from that point forward, and Nikki has been the Bella every fan buzzes about. That being said, although Brie may not be as "busty" or "curvy" as Nikki (clearly), Brie's still an extremely hot Diva, and one who's definitely much hotter than most fans realize. If Brie didn't have a slightly more visually attractive sister in Nikki Bella, fans would be buzzing and drooling over Brie, and she would be regarded as being one of the hottest Women around.

10 Alicia Fox

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The slightly unstable (and hyper) Alicia Fox is currently a Women's Division wrestler over on RAW and is in a (cringey) relationship angle with 205 Live wrestler Noam Dar. Although Alicia has been with the WWE for quite some time (since 2008), Fox still hasn't left a noticeable mark on the pro-wrestling business and is rather regarded by many fans to be a complete and utter afterthought compared to the majority of other Women.

However, whenever the WWE puts together a random women's tag team match, you'll often see irrelevant Alicia Fox thrown into the mix to fill one of the spots. Despite floundering for a large percentage for her career, Alicia Fox can still proudly say that she's a former Divas Champion. Despite having the hyper/crazy character, Alicia Fox is undoubtedly very attractive and hot, more so than most fans realize and give Fox credit for.

9 Dana Brooke

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Dana Brooke has all the tools required to become a Women's Champion in the WWE. Dana has the look Vince admires, she has an imposing physique, she's fairly talented in the ring and Brooke can actually talk on the mic which seems to be a trait that very few Superstars possess these days. Dana has since ended her alliance with Charlotte Flair back in March, and she now looks to find her first singles success on the main roster without any assistance.

That being said, the WWE haven't utilized Dana all too much since her split from Charlotte, though that will likely change pretty soon when the company eventually finds a suitable story-line for Brooke to start off her singles run. Although Dana's quite physically imposing (much like Kaitlyn before her) and despite not being very girly girly, there's no denying that Dana Brooke's very attractive, and much hotter than most fans realize for sure!


7 Mickie James

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Mickie James has had a very long and successful pro-wrestling career stemming all the way back to 1999. Mickie has wrestled nearly everywhere, and she now finds herself amidst the Women's Division on Monday Night RAW following her draft over to RAW from SmackDown Live during the Superstar Shake-up earlier this year. Mickie's most definitely a solid addition to the Women's Division on RAW, as she's a well rounded performer with immense in-ring talent.

That said, Mickie really hasn't "taken the WWE by storm" following her return to the company last year, and it's pretty disappointing. Let's just hope WWE puts more focus on the former five-time Women's Champion in the near future. Speaking on looks, Mickie James has only gotten hotter with age, and although many fans ignore or fail to acknowledge Mickie's hotness, there's no denying that she's in fact very hot and is very underrated in the hotness department.

6 Charlotte Flair

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"The Genetically Superior Athlete" Charlotte Flair is without a doubt one of the top Women's Division wrestler in the WWE today. Although Flair has nearly just begun her wrestling career, Charlotte's already a former four-time Women's Champion and a one-time Divas Champion - all accomplishments that resemble that of a future Hall Of Famer. It's not arguable that Charlotte's by far one of the most talented women's wrestlers in the world today, and I wouldn't be surprised at all if Miss Flair eventually passes her legendary fathers record of 16 World Championship reigns in the future.

Although many fans simply admire Charlotte for her incredible in-ring talent, many of those said fans forget about Charlotte's attractiveness. Sure, some fans claim that Charlotte's masculine looking and doesn't fit the description of being "hot," but I sincerely disagree. In my opinion, Charlotte Flair's one of the hottest Women today, and a Diva who is extremely underrated in terms of looks and overall hotness.

5 Sasha Banks

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Sasha Banks is by far one of the most popular WWE Women's Division wrestlers today, not to mention she's also one of the most successful ones too in recent memory. Although Banks has only scratched the surface in the pro-wresting industry, Sasha is already a former one-time NXT Women's Champion and a three-time RAW Women's Champion - accomplishments that resemble that of a future Hall of Famer. That being said, Banks is extremely underrated in the hotness department, and she's most definitely hotter than most fans believe. Take a look at the above picture of Sasha in a swimsuit photo shoot and see for yourself. Although some fans already know Sasha's attractive, for those of you who were skeptical, I'm sure this picture has helped you believe into Banks' attractiveness.

4 Nia Jax

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Nia Jax is the most dominant WWE Women's Division wrestler today, and it's only a matter of time before she captures her first Women's Championship - likely on Monday Night RAW. Nia is a "breath of fresh air" as far as appearance is concerned, as she doesn't remotely resemble what the typical WWE Diva looks like. Instead, Nia Jax is a unique talent with a larger and more intimidating physique, hence why she destroys her competition much like Braun Strowman. Although Jax doesn't have what most people believe to be an attractive or sexy body, there's no denying that Nia's very attractive in her own intimidating kind of way. Pictured above is a very revealing selfie Nia had taken to promote body positivity, and although we can clearly see that Nia Jax is larger than most Women, she's still hotter than the majority of fans give her credit for.

3 Bayley

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Bayley, also occasionally dubbed "Everyone's Favorite Hugger," is not your stereotypical WWE Diva. Bayley is a rather unique Women's Division wrestler who has a character which likely resembles her real genuine personality versus a fake Diva persona. Bayley portrays a role model character, someone young girls can look up to as Bayley promotes determination, good ethics and the list goes on and on. Although Bayley isn't meant to portray a sensual or hot Diva like an Alexa Bliss or Lana, it's still quite apparent that Bayley's hot and very underrated in the looks department. Sure she isn't the most heavily made-up Diva around, but I believe Bayley's as attractive as she could possibly be with her current gimmick. Although many fans will deny it, Bayley is much hotter than most give her credit for.

2 Gail Kim

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Gail Kim has had a long and successful pro-wrestling career (much like Mickie James) stemming all the way back to 2000. Throughout her career, Gail has captured many major championships including the WWE Divas Championship once, and the TNA Impact Wrestling's Knockouts Championship six times. Kim's a very talented in-ring wrestler, and it was a shame to see the WWE let her go back in 2011. At the time, Gail felt as if the women in WWE were being held back, and the old saying goes "if only you were here now."

Things have changed drastically in terms of women's wrestling in WWE since then, and Gail Kim would find herself in a prominent position if she ever decides to give the WWE another chance. Although most fans acknowledge that Gail Kim's in fact hot, I believe Gail's much hotter than most fans realize. I'd say that Gail Kim's one of the hottest wrestlers in the world today, and judging by the seductive photo of Kim above, you may start to agree with me on that notion.

1 Becky Lynch

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Becky Lynch is currently one of the top female wrestler over on SmackDown Live, and she most recently participated in the rematch for the Women's Money In The Bank briefcase tonight on SmackDown. Although Becky came up short, she definitely had a few "close call" moments, and looked as though she could've pulled off the win. However, things weren't meant to be for the "Irish Lass Kicker" and Carmella ended up reclaiming her briefcase that was originally won by none other than her protegee, James Ellsworth.

Despite many fans acknowledging Becky's attractiveness (much like Gail Kim and Carmella), I'd argue and make the statement that Becky Lynch's much (and I mean much) hotter than most fans realize. Yes, Becky gives off the tough Lass Kicker vibe whenever she steps into the squared-circle, however out of the ring, Becky's absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. If you don't believe me, take a good long look at the extraordinarily hot beach photo above. Becky's by far the most underrated Women's Division wrestler in the hotness department.

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