15 Wrestling Women Who Look Better On The Beach Than In The Ring

The wrestling industry is full of beautiful women and fans have definitely taken note of that, with many of them having incredibly dedicated fan bases. Even some of the older, retired female wrestlers out there still have large fan bases from their glory days that support them all the same. It’s no coincidence that many of these women look like they could be models, and in the past looks played a big role into how a woman got into the industry. But skill is steadily staring to outweigh looks and we’re getting the best of both worlds.

A lot of these women wear a ton of different outfits from week to week and throughout their careers. While they no doubt look great in whatever they put on, there are those that simply look better on the beach. There’s something about the hot sun, clear sand and tropical background that just seems to complement their already great looks so well. While this isn’t to say that these ladies don’t look good in the ring or whatever other attire the6y wear, the beach look seems to suit them best. So now let’s take a look at 15 wrestling women who look better on the beach than in the ring.

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15 Sasha Banks

Sure, Sasha looks great in pretty much anything, but as is the case with most beautiful ladies, she sure looks fantastic on the beach. Sasha looks like she was born to live in warm weather, as the style of clothing often associated with warm weather areas suits her all too well. Of course, this includes the beach and while this new generation of female wrestlers are being pushed for their in ring skills rather than just their looks, Sasha isn’t a wallflower. As you can see here – and in any shoot she’s done as a member of the WWE – Sasha has a great body and some fantastic looks to boot. She’s the perfect mixture of looks and skill.

14 Eve Torres

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Though she’s now retired Eve Torres is still relatively young for a former wrestler, so you can never really count out the slightest possibility of a return. Eve was brought on in 2007 after having won that years Diva Search and quickly joined the roster as an official WWE Diva. Eve had all the traits necessary to succeed in the WWE. She had some decent skill and she was incredibly beautiful. In her six year career, Eve won three Divas Championships and retired after having a pretty solid run. But even today, yeas removed from the WWE, Eve hasn’t lost her great looks. Throughout her tenure in the WWE she was probably one of their most underrated Divas in terms of looks, though pictures like this one make you question how that’s possible.

13 Maria Kanellis

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Maria Kamellis is back in the WWE after years away from the promotion. Having first debuted in 2004, Maria is another beneficiary of the Diva Search and actually had a pretty good run her first time around, lasting a good six years. Maria would later find new life in ROH and TNA, but it seems as though she’s found her way back home. It’s not all too surprising to see her back, as she was one of the more eye catching Divas during her initial tenure with the WWE and the fans obviously took note. As great as she looks in the ring, you can’t really argue with this now can you? Maria looks absolutely fantastic on the beach, and let’s hope that we see a few more beach shoots now that she’s returned.

12 Charlotte

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While she’s known more for her skills in the ring rather than her looks, you can’t deny that Charlotte is a good looking lady. She seems to have gotten an abundance of wrestling talent from her father, and while that’s great, Charlotte can hold her own in the looks department as well. It’s just that you might not think of her in that way given how she performs as a wrestler. Of course, she isn’t nearly as sexualized as some of the older Divas were, and now that the Diva label has been dropped she and her fellow wrestlers can promote their skills rather than their looks. But Charlotte would’ve done great regardless of which era she wrestled in. She can hold her own as a wrestler but she would’ve made a great Diva too.

11 Kelly Kelly

O cabo how I miss you already!!! 📸@theonlymaysa

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Another former Diva who’s making her way back to the WWE in some capacity is Kelly Kelly. Kelly had a six year run with the WWE her first time around. While it was memorable, it was Kelly’s looks – not her skills that people will remember when looking back. Nothing wrong with that though. Kelly was a fantastic Diva and one of the best looking on the roster in her prime. She hasn’t lost those looks and actually maybe even looks better now than she did in her early years with the WWE. Sporting mode-like look s and composure, she’d look great just about anywhere. But a warm weather setting like the beach is where she thrives.

10 Nikki Bella

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Fans haven’t seen Nikki wrestle for a while due to her taking some time off, and while they might miss her in the ring, they can still get their fill online. Nikki is probably one o the best known and most attractive women currently active in the WWE. Keeping with the WWE’s current trend, Nikki isn’t just getting by on her looks, and is a pretty competent wrestler. Though she does seem like kind of a throwback when you look at her. Nikki can surprise you with her in ring skill and would’ve probably been just as successful ten years ago though for different reasons. She has quite the figure and even among the plethora of lovely ladies in today’s WWE stands out.

9 Becky Lynch

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Talk about women who’ve made on talent alone, Becky Lynch is one of the best success stories in the WWE right now. Becky first got her start in the wrestling business at the age of 15 and went all over to perfect her craft. What resulted was a fierce competitor with incredible skills, making her one of the best female wrestlers the WWE currently has signed to its roster. But as good as she is in the ring, what often gets overlooked with Becky are her fantastic looks. Here we see a side to Becky that often doesn’t get shown off that much and we have to say it’s a damn shame. She looks great and should really participate in these kinds of shoots more often.

8 Maryse

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Maryse isn’t exactly the most talented performer in the WWE right now, but she’s entertaining and a sight to look at, so she does have her role to play. While the current women’s roster is filling up with those who can perform rather than be gawked at, Maryse is more of a throwback to the WWE Diva, which makes sense seeing as she entered the promotion as one back in 2006. One thing’s for sure though, and that’s that she looks absolutely great in whatever she wears. Be it in the ring or outside of it, Maryse has style and often flaunts it. As you can see here, the beach look really suits her – but to be fair she can make pretty much any look work.

7 Lita

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Though she’s fondly remembered by fans, Lita was never really what you’d call a traditional Diva. While most Divas of her generation went on glamour and style, Lita had a harsher look to her, and looked fiercer in comparison to some of her compatriots. But still, she got on pretty well with fans and proved that Divas could be dynamic. That’s not to say she wasn’t attractive though, as this picture here proves, Lita might have actually been a little underused in that regard. What she wore to the ring was usually smoking hot, and her outfits remain pretty memorable ones. But the beach look surprisingly suits Lita. It’s a perfect match of her undervalued sex appeal along with her tough look.

6 Eva Marie

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Let’s be as clear as possible here and not tip toe around anything; Eva Marie isn’t really a very good wrestler. She’s tried, at least she can say that. Despite taking time to improve herself as an actual wrestler, she just doesn’t seem to have the tools necessary to succeed. It’s a shame though, because she’s such a beautiful lady, if she only had to skills she’d have been a pretty big star. Though her wrestling career isn’t over yet it’s only a matter of time till it is. She does have acting and modeling to fall back on and so she should be fine. If the picture above is anything to go off of, she might actually be better suited for a modeling gig than she ever was for wrestling.

5 Lana

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After serving as Rusev’s manager for four years, Lana is finally getting her shot at the spotlight on her own. She recently debuted as a singles competitor at Money in the Bank and though she lost her debut, was impressive and showed some pretty decent skills. While she was managing her real life husband, Lana established herself as a pretty entertaining heel. But it looks as though her career is trending in a different direction now, and if she can keep improving as a wrestler she’ll have both the looks and skills to succeed. Though we find it hard to believe that anything she wears in the ring would match this little number she has on here.

4 Stacy Keibler

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Stacy Keibler is one of the sexiest women to have ever graced the WWE roster and one of the most popular Divas of all-time. If you haven’t figured it out by now, blondes do pretty well with the WWE fan base and Stacy was no exception. While a lot of the Divas of her generation were notable due to their being “blessed” in the chest, Stacy had a different pair of assets that got the fans going. Her long legs always stood out and would later be dubbed as the “Weapons of Mass Seduction” while she was on Dancing with the Stars. Though she looks great in ring outfits and dresses, she looks her best at the beach, where her girl next door look really shines through.

3 Torrie Wilson

Much like Stacy, Torrie has remained a popular figure among fans and stands as one of the most recognizable Divas in WWE history. A blonde bombshell herself, Torrie had some pretty memorable storylines throughout her time as a Diva, making for a pretty good career when all was said and done. Though she wasn’t the best wrestler in the world, she got by and was much more of a draw for her sex appeal than her actual in ring abilities. As she’s aged, Torrie seems to have gotten even more attractive and you could really make the argument for her looking better now than she did fifteen years ago. You can check out her Instagram for more sizzling pictures like this one.

2 Brandi Rhodes

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Known throughout her WWE career as Eden Stiles, Brandi Rhodes had a very lukewarm career with the company that ended with her asking for her release. Brandi’s WWE career first took off in 2011 but was short lived and she would soon ask for a release. She was back in 2013 as a n announcer and that went ok for a while but she would again ask for a release a day after her husband, Cody Rhodes, did the same. Now in TNA the couple seem to be doing alright, but WWE fans might just miss Brandi and her incredible beauty. As good as she looked in the ring, it’s beach shots like this that show just how great looking she is.

1 Trish Stratus

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Probably the most recognizable and most attractive Diva of all-time, Trish Stratus is still remembered by many wrestling fans as one of the greatest female performers to ever grace the sport. Though she initially started off as eye candy, Trish gradually improved her skills and finished her career as a pretty solid wrestler. But we’re always going to remember her for her incredible looks and ability to work the crowd. Trish wore a number of outfits throughout her time in the WWE with some of them being more revealing than the others. But even the sultriest of those couldn’t compete with how she looked on the beach. Trish just has a natural beauty that shines when she’s on the sand.

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