15 Wrestling Women You Can See Without Their Trunks

The following fifteen lovely ladies have exposed all their goodness to the world.

The research that was done in order for this piece to be written was extremely extensive and done with the intent of professional journalism. With that disclaimer out of the way we can get on to the good stuff (mostly). For as much as today's version of the WWE is pure and mostly wholesome, there has been a few modern day female Superstars who have had pics (and even videos) of them in their birthday suits.

Now to be fair to these ladies, somehow, someway, some of them appear on the worldwide web as a result of photo leaks and hacks. To that the question becomes, why the heck did you take a compromising photo with your phone? Like seriously, do you not think that at some point somebody would see these? Lucky for us! For others on this list, they took what some will consider the more tasteful approach and posed for the man, the myth, the legend, Mr. Hugh Hefner.

Whatever their reason, whatever the method, for warmblooded fans who enjoy the beauty that is the female body, the following fifteen lovely ladies have exposed all their goodness to the world. Now for those who think we'll be posting those pics, sorry, it's a family site, but trust in the fact that they are out there!

15 Paige - Leaked Images 


She was anti Divas Revolution, but Paige may have taken things a bit too far when she "devalued" the NXT belt. Instead of leading the new breed of talent in the ring, Paige was the leader of the group of current WWE stars who have had their personal lives impacted by cyber hackers.

14 Torrie Wilson


For nearly a decade, Wilson may have been the sexiest woman in wrestling. Whether it was during her time as valet/manager/boyfriend in WCW or throughout her career with the WWE, Wilson made heads turn. Never to be confused with a talented wrestler, Wilson more than made up for her inability to perform in the ring physically by performing physically with her God (hmm, some parts questionable) given gifts.

13 Chyna


She may have had the biggest... glutes and the biggest... biceps in Playboy history, but there was once a point in which Joanie Laurer was actually attractive. Then came the crash heard around the world. With a slew of emotional and mental health issues along with a number of addictions to various substances, Laurer unfortunately took a turn for the worst. While Playboy was seen as tasteful, her venture into the world of adult films, be it home movies or parody films was the sad beginning of the end for the Ninth Wonder Of The World.

12 Mickie James


Back in 2002, before she made it to the bright lights of the mainstream wrestling circuit, James found herself running through the Independent circuit and as many know, the money for newcomers with little backing to their name is hardly enough to put a box of Kraft Dinner on your table. So what's a girl to do? Well for the Richmond, Virginia native, the decision, one which she is no doubt regretting to this day was a venture into adult magazines and photo spreads.

11 Brooke Tessmacher


Known mainly for her work with TNA, Brooke Tessmacher has been the object of desire of many warmblooded wrestling fans since she arrived on television over a decade ago as part of the Extreme Expose group in ECW. The three-time Knockouts Champion certainly isn't a stranger to displaying her God given (or maybe surgically enhanced) talents for all to see. Whether it was bikini matches, lingerie matches or scantily clad seductive dances, Brooke knew how to make herself a fan favorite! With one of the best booties in the business, Tessmacher's Asstastic stinkface move was well appreciated by TNA/Impact Wrestling fans.

10 Melina


Her ring entrances have been well documented and equally well appreciated, but for the former multi-time WWE Women's Champion and Divas Champion, her hacked photos feature explicit images and positions. In terms of "Not So PG" leaked content, this hack certainly fit the bill.

9 Maryse


Miz, you lucky dawg! Let's be honest here Mike, both you and all of the fans in the WWE Universe know full well that when it comes to the MizTV segments, nobody is tuning in to watch you flap your gums. Even if she is just standing there looking pretty, your wife is one hot piece of eye candy!

After hanging up the boots as an active wrestler back in 2011, Maryse returned to be by her husband's side in 2016 and has given reason to tune into either Raw or SmackDown Live ever since. Back in 2006 when WWE wasn't so PG, the French-Canadian bombshell found her way onto the cover of Playboy's Vixens. Throw in a Special Edition Playboy Calendar from 2008 and you can have Maryse all day every day, just like The Miz!

8 Gail Kim 


Ah, the one beauty on this list better known for her accomplishments outside of WWE than she was during her time with the flagship wrestling brand. After winning the WWE Women's Championship in her first televised match, things kinda went south for the Canadian beauty (if you believe the stories about Vince's thoughts of how an Asian female would not be a success). With her bags packed, TNA awaited and so to did championship reigns, multiple ones in fact.

7 Ashley Massaro


She made her debut in 2005 during the Diva Search and three years later, the punk rock wrestler would find her way out of the WWE ring. Luckily for fans of the New York native, she was given opportunity to perform in a number of high profile matches (not just scantily clad ones), including back-to-back appearances at WrestleMania (something that few female wrestlers are able to claim).

6 Maria Kanellis


Honestly, she has little wrestling talent to speak of, but that doesn't stop Maria from appearing on this list. Now before the hacked photos were released into cyberspace, Maria made the decision to fully expose herself to wrestling fans through a Playboy spread during her first run with the WWE in 2008.

5 Sable


Before she became Mrs. Lesnar, Sable certainly had little problem (or at least it was portrayed) in sharing herself with the WWE Universe. Whether it was skimpy bikinis or hand paint on her chest, Sable made herself a fan favorite during her first run with the the WWE.

4 Christy Hemme 


For those who like choices in life, there are the airbrushed Playboy pictures or there are the more natural untouched pictures circulating from a little known publication called Wet N' Wild. While she isn't as accomplished as others on this list in terms of her in ring feats, Hemme found her way into the hearts of many male wrestling fans through the WWE Diva Search.

3 Candice Michelle


Again, another beautiful woman who the WWE brought in not so much for her spectacular in-ring ability as much as for her spectacular look and sex appeal. But to be fair to the former Playboy cover girl, Michelle worked hard to visibly improve her in-ring abilities, reflected by her capturing the Women's Championship at the Vengeance Night of Champions PPV.

2 Charlotte


Wooooooooo the Nature Girl, oh natural! Unfortunately for Charlotte Flair she was also part of the group of WWE ladies that were cyber hacked and had her goods put on full display for the world to see. While her expose doesn't appear to be as raunchy as others on this list, what does seem to be concerning is the botched enhancements that she underwent (seemingly a requirement of Vince McMahon). Most of the pics seem to be more for her own use (maybe to keep track of body image and weight/size) rather than steamy pics to send off to lovers.

1 Lana


If you happen to subscribe to Cinemax and watched the series Banshee from back in 2013, you may have stumbled across a seen in which Lana (CJ Perry) appeared in a very steamy scene involving all the vices of life (alcohol, gambling, sex). Before our favorite Ravishing Russian entered into the WWE, she found herself posing for a number of tasteful and artistic photo-shoots as well with less than minimal clothing, much to her fans delight.

Come on folks, do you really think there was some other reason why fans were chanting "We Want Lana" every time she was in the ring with Rusev?

After trying her hand at being a wrestler, it appears as though Lana is returning to her role as a manager for Tamina. Hopefully this also means the return of her short skirts and tight tops. Hey, beggars can't be choosers.

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15 Wrestling Women You Can See Without Their Trunks