15 WWE Christmas Presents You DESPERATELY Wanted As A Child

Being a fan of the WWE as a child came with numerous benefits. The product still felt real, it was awesome to cheer on your favorite larger-than-life Superstars, and the WWE merchandising department was always churning out new products. Visiting the WWE toy aisle was an awesome experience, especially around Christmas time when new products would be fully stocked.

If you were a WWE fan as a kid, then there were likely all kinds of presents you wanted as a child. Whether you grew up in the Hulk Hogan era, the mid-1990s era, or the Attitude Era, there were so many awesome items to look forward to. Now it’s time to relive those glory days and revisit some of the best WWE gifts you wanted as a child. These gifts range from some unique toys, board games, and classic WWE merchandise.

Did Santa Claus make your wish come true and deliver these presents under the tree or were you forced to put your parents in a headlock and hope for them on your next birthday!? Share your WWE Christmas memories and then see if you can still find some of these items packed away in your home.

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15 Wrestling Buddies

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Finally, the WWE made it cool for young boys to have stuffed animals. Wrestling Buddies were not ordinary stuffed animals; they were over-sized and rugged toys that could truly transform a child into a WWE Superstar. Wrestlers like Hulk Hogan, Macho Man Randy Savage, The Ultimate Warrior, and The Legion of Doom each got their own wrestling buddy design. They were easy to pull, stretch, and manipulate the stuffed toys while role-playing as a WWE wrestler. If you didn’t have a sibling to wrestle around with, this was the ultimate replacement and something that wouldn’t tattle to your parents for holding a Boston Crab submission on for too long.

WCW also had their version of the Wrestling Buddy with stars like Sting, Kevin Nash, Bret Hart and Lex Luger. Current WWE fans can enjoy the newest version of the toy, now known as Brawlin’ Buddies.

14 Hulkamania Workout Set

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Hulk Hogan was huge in the late 1980s – both in popularity and size. Children could attempt to bulk up like Hogan with the Hulkamania Workout Set. Not only did this set include dumbbells, a jump rope, and hand grip, but you could dress up like Hogan with the included headband and wrist bands. An exercise poster guide showcased Hogan performing all types of workout moves and proper techniques for children to follow. An audio cassette tape includes verbal instructions and some great music to workout to.

Each dumbbell may have only weighed three pounds, but you could still attempt to build up your pythons by following the program. No steroids were included in the kit, but it still gave children the hopes and dreams of looking like The Hulkster.

13 WWE Coloring Books

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Getting a coloring book for Christmas was basically like getting a pair of socks… unless it was an official WWE coloring book that is. Several versions were released in the 1980s and 1990s. These books featured coloring page portraits of Superstars, in-ring illustrations, and several puzzles to solve between the coloring.

The best part about these coloring books was the ability to customize a Superstar to your liking. Sick of Hogan’s red and yellow scheme? You could completely transform him by giving him purple and black ring gear. WWE stars with blank t-shirts allowed you to get creative designing new logos, catchphrases, and designs. This was the earliest form of fantasy booking and a great way to change the look of your favorite WWE stars. Unused WWE coloring books can still be purchased today on various auction websites and flea markets.

12 WWE SmackDown! PlayStation Video Game

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Lets face it, aside from WWE WrestleFest, early wrestling games were clunky and boring. You couldn’t do much but punch and kick, while the graphics were sub-par disappointments. This completely changed with the release of WWE SmackDown! on the original PlayStation system. SmackDown came just in time for the Attitude Era and the game featured more arcade-style action than traditional simulated wrestling games.

The career mode was top notch and the roster was filled with stars like The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, and Mankind. To top it all of, the Create-A-Wrestler mode allowed you to make all types of wrestlers and include them in the game. Getting this game on Christmas meant that you would be spending most of your holiday hunkered down in front of the TV emulating your favorite WWE matches.

11 Damien the Snake

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Jake “The Snake” Roberts was an amazing character for children to grow up watching. One of the best parts of watching him perform occurred when he would pull out his snake Damien and lay it across his fallen opponents. The WWE decided that the whole snake thing was a huge money-maker and released a Damien the Snake toy.

Even though this was basically just a large rubber snake, it was an awesome toy to have while growing up. The snake came with its own Jake Roberts bag, allowing children to carry it around and emulate the star. The snake was great for pranking family members with and was truly a unique item from WWE’s marketing line. Now if only Al Snow got to sell replicas of his puppy Pepper.

10 Bone-Crunching Action Figures

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The Hasbro line of WWE figures was awesome to collect, but offered very little in the form of play. Each figure was limited in movement and could only perform one trademark move. The hard plastic pieces would also easily break off. The WWE action figure line completely changed with the introduction of the Jakks-Pacific Bone-Crunching action figures. These figures were made with a softer plastic, added more points of articulation, and were bigger than the Hasbro counterparts.

While using the figures, parts could be bent to create the bone crunching sounds. Early forms of these figures included Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, The Ultimate Warrior, and Vader. As a kid, it was awesome to start a new collection of these toys and use them for hours.

9 WWE Bed Sheets

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Childhood bed sheets were the ultimate representation of your interests and hobbies. While many kids were sporting a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle bedspread, wrestling fans got to own their very set of WWE bed sheets. The set that was released in the early 1990s featured Hulk Hogan, Macho Man Randy Savage, The Legion of Doom, The Big Bossman and, oddly enough, The Bushwhackers.

The pops of color and neon designs were on par with 90s style and it was a great way to decorate a child’s bedroom. If you were going to get bed sheets for Christmas, then these were the ones you wanted.

Nowadays, the WWE continues this trend, selling a variety of different designs which includes the ever so popular John Cena, a variety of wrestlers into one design and a simple bed sheet with the WWE logo on it. Rumor has it Triple H owns an abundance of those basic ones.

8 WWE Raw is War Monster Ring

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In the late 1990s, WWE toy makers finally understood the types of products that children wanted. This was showcased with the monster sized WWE Raw is War wrestling ring. The toy ring featured stretchy ropes, plastic turnbuckles, and stickers used to emulate the Raw design. The massive size of the ring allowed you to easily fit all of your wrestlers inside. This made it ideal for emulating large Royal Rumbles or Survivor Series style matches.

Seeing the giant wrapped box under the tree felt like a dream come true. The thirty minute assembly time just increased the anxious feelings of excitement even further. The ring was also great because you could flip it over and use the underneath side to hold and carry all of your WWE action figures.

7 WWE Microphones

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Cutting a WWE promo as a child only felt legitimate if you were carrying around a replica microphone (or a remote). Original versions of WWE microphones were nothing more than a formed piece of plastic with a cheap echo effect at the top. Later models would feature a speaker to increase voice volume and also featured triggered sound effects. Microphones could play audience cheers, ring bells, or comments from the commentators. Some models were designed specifically towards WWE Superstars and actually featured voice clips from the wrestlers.

There was nothing better than waking up on Christmas morning, grabbing that mic and declaring that the it was the best Christmas ever, oh and that’s the bottom line because YOU said so! It was a great stocking stuffer and nice alternative to just getting an action figures.

6 WWE Lunchboxes

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Through the years, WWE has followed many product trends and the lunchbox craze was one of them. When plastic lunchboxes were all the rage, WWE got in on this with official Thermos releases. Early versions would only feature Hulk Hogan, but later versions would expand to include more stars in the company.

A number of these lunchboxes featured real images of the wrestlers while some versions would have cartoon illustrations. In the early 1990s, there was a lunchbox that featured cartoon drawings of Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior, and The Legion of Doom on the design. These were awesome to carry around and even better when you could fill them with a WWE snack like Energy drinks, fruit juice boxes, or pieces of wrestling candy. These days, kids can prove they're not booty with their own New Day lunchbox.

5 Hulk Hogan Toothbrush Set

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No kid likes to brush to their teeth, but things are made a lot easier when Hulk Hogan is helping you out with the process. The official Hulk Hogan toothbrush set featured an electronic toothbrush with two different heads. One head was red and the other was yellow to represent his trademark colors. The best part about this product was the electronic talking Hulk Hogan statue that also acted as a stand for the kit.

Hulk Hogan’s typical promo lines were replaced with variants that informed children about proper oral hygiene. Gems like “Drop a Leg on Tooth Decay” were awesome and should still be used today to encourage proper oral care. There was also a smaller version of the set that eliminates the electronic voice, but either way it was an awesome gift for children on Christmas.

4 WWE VHS Board Game

Remember VHS tapes? Remember board games?! Well, you got the best of both worlds with the WWE VHS board game. In the game, players would have to travel around the board in an attempt to win WWE matches and collect as many championships as possible. The game play was a little confusing, but it didn’t matter because most kids that got this gift would simply just watch the VHS tape that was included in it.

The tape itself was like an early version of a WWE highlight reel. Clips were used from several WrestleManias. Along with big stars like Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant, there were clips featuring Ted DiBiase, George “The Animal” Steele, and Jake “The Snake” Roberts. At a time when VHS tapes were expensive to purchase, watching these clips was an awesome experience and the best part of the entire board game.

3 Replica Title Belts

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You could feel like a real WWE Champion by owning a replica title belt. Foam belts were released for the WWE Championship, Tag Team Championship, and Intercontinental Championship. These belts were an awesome Christmas gift and the best way to start a small wrestling league with your friends. It felt special to raise that title high, no matter how light or cheap it felt.

Today’s replica belts are much different than those designs. Those deigns were simpler, great for younger kids, and helped children accessorize for the next year’s Halloween costume several months early, while the newer ones are more realistic. You truly felt like a champion when opening up one of these belts on Christmas morning. If you had a sibling, then you were probably forced to share a Tag Team Championship with them.

2 WWE Magazine Subscription

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Why just get WWE presents on Christmas morning when the gifts could spread throughout the entire year. A WWE magazine subscription was the ultimate Christmas present. Not only would you have an issue to read on Christmas morning, but it would be exciting to see one in your mailbox each month. The classic version of the WWE magazine featured a lot of great highlights including fan profiles, PPV recaps, and WWE Superstar posters. WWE Superstar interviews were always fun because they stayed in character and would help further storylines.

During the Attitude Era, a separate Raw magazine was published and ideal for older kids. Having both of these magazines was a great way to keep up with the WWE. Plus, it always felt great when you would answer all of the trivia questions correctly.

1 WWE VHS Tapes

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Owning a piece of WWE history used to be done with VHS tapes. Remember when WrestleMania was so long that it had to be distributed on two VHS tapes? Those were the days. It was great to own a WWE VHS. Not only could you get old PPVs as a Christmas gift, but WWE also released several compilation tapes that had a random assortment of awesome matches. In the 1990s, these tapes would also include exclusive video codes. Not only would you get codes for WWE games like In Your House, but they supplied codes for games like NBA Jam.

A wrapped WWE VHS tape could easily be seen under the tree. The best anticipation was guessing what event or documentary you would get to open on Christmas morning. For many fans, those tapes were played until VHS tracking could no longer help eliminate fuzziness or lines. Nowadays, kids will probably just get a WWE Network subscription card.

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