15 WWE Couples That Made You Question Why They Were Together

WWE Superstars spend a lot of time on the road. They travel from city to city most nights and rarely have time to visit their family or to enjoy their free time. This means that many Superstars see

WWE Superstars spend a lot of time on the road. They travel from city to city most nights and rarely have time to visit their family or to enjoy their free time.

This means that many Superstars seek solace in the arms of other stars who are also on the road with them. Many make friends and become travel buddies with some of the other wrestlers who are also on the same brand as them.

This includes NXT Superstars as well. Many relationships have been formed down in WWE's development brand including the one between Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy and the recently revealed romance between Tough Enough winner Sara Lee and former NXT Tag Team Champion Wesley Blake. The couple recently revealed that they are expecting their first child together.

Romance seems to strike in some of the strangest places, and the following list compiles many of the most unlikely couples that WWE has managed to place together. Many of these couples seem like they don't fit together, but somehow they have managed to make it work.

15 Edge and Beth Phoenix


'The Rated R Superstar' left WWE back in 2011 and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame the following year. Edge's career is mostly remembered for his incredible amount of World Championship reigns, TLC matches, and his relationship with Lita.

Despite the fact that it was never mentioned on WWE TV and not actually revealed until the couple had their first child, Edge and Beth Phoenix have been dating for a number of years. Beth had an incredible WWE career herself as a former WWE Women's and Divas Champion in her own right but also left WWE back in 2013. The couple had their first daughter back in 2013 and named her Lyric. Their second daughter Ruby was born earlier this year. Edge's career has been made thanks to him being The Rated R Superstar whereas Beth was never that kind of star herself, which is why it's an odd pairing between these two.

14 Brock Lesnar and Sable


Sable was one of the biggest sex symbols in WWE in the late 1990s whereas Brock is one of the biggest Superstars in both WWE and UFC right now. Sable left the company after only a short stint and Lesnar decided to make his return to the company back in 2012, the night after WrestleMania XXVII.

If these two were placed together, then they wouldn't seem like the perfect kind of pairing, but they have managed to make it work. Sable and Brock married back in 2006 and the couple has since welcomed two sons named Duke and Turk while living in relative solitude. Given the difference in the two couple's WWE personalities, it can only be thought that Brock and Sable must have very different personalities in real life.

13 Wade Barrett and Alicia Fox


This is the first relationship on this list that didn't actually work out. Alicia Fox is now considered a veteran in WWE and is a former Divas Champion while her former boyfriend Wade Barrett was once a WWE Superstar. The former Bad News Barrett left the company back in May of this year.

It was revealed in an episode of the last season of Total Divas that Alicia and Wade were in a committed relationship for a good few months. The couple seemed to have been doing really well but then Wade decided to break up with Alicia. It was more to do with their current positions in life and it seemed that Alicia took it much harder than Wade. These two were a really mismatched couple so it made sense that this union didn't actually work out.

12 Dolph Ziggler and Nikki Bella


The current main star of Total Bella's and Total Divas was in a committed relationship with Dolph Ziggler before she moved on to the 15-time World Champion John Cena. Dolph and Nikki were together for most of her early career in WWE until they called it quits in 2012.

The relationship between the duo didn't seem to be one that was made to last given that both stars were up and comers in WWE when they first began dating. Dolph and Nikki broke up before she began dating John Cena in 2012, but in a recent episode of Total Divas, Dolph made it obvious that he was open to Nikki returning to him if Cena couldn't offer her everything she wanted. This included marriage and children.

11 Triple H and Chyna


This was definitely a mismatched couple from the star. Chyna was a huge star when she first debuted in WWE but it seemed that she couldn't offer Triple H what he really wanted, which was the stability of a relationship and that is why he allegedly cheated on her with Stephanie McMahon.

Triple H and Chyna were together in D-Generation X, which worked on-screen but it seemed that Chyna wanted to be with Triple H much more than he wanted to be with her. Chyna left WWE not long after Triple H's relationship with Stephanie was made public knowledge and the couple have now gone on to have three daughters over the course of their marriage that has lasted more than a decade. Maybe this relationship was one that was destined for the scrap heap.

10 Cesaro and Sara Del Rey


This couple is actually still together. They are a couple that have known each other for quite some time. The couple went public with their relationship a few months ago and appear to be going as strong as ever. (Even though not much has been reported about this pairing.)

Sara and Cesaro do seem to be a mismatch of a couple since the former Intercontinental Champion is now on Raw and Sara is always at the WWE Performance Centre in Orlando Florida helping prepare the aspiring WWE talent. Obviously the duo can travel to see each other and they definitely have the fitness training background as something in common, but it feels like this couple may be one that isn't destined to last too long.

9 The Undertaker and Michelle McCool


Perhaps the strangest coupling in WWE history, but The Undertaker and Michelle McCool are actually married with children. The couple doesn't seem to make sense at all, especially since The Undertaker had already been married twice before he met Michelle and he is also much older than her.

Michelle is a former Divas Champion and her personality on WWE TV was obviously much more shallow than her real life personality. This could be why the duo make such a good couple. While it is a shocking pairing because they are so different on WWE TV, these two could be a stand out couple when it comes to naming some of the best pairings in WWE as well. The Undertaker and Michelle live a rather quiet and humble married life.

8 Alberto Del Rio and Paige


Don't lie, when Alberto Del Rio and Paige made their relationship public back in May, you were just as shocked as the rest of us. Paige is 16 years younger than Alberto Del Rio and he is also still married to his wife.

While Paige and Del Rio have recently became engaged, it seems that Paige's family are against the reunion even though the couple are madly in love and often update on Social Media about it. Paige's WWE career has gone downhill ever since she announced that she was dating the former World Champion, but Del Rio made the decision to leave WWE last month and it seems that the former Divas Champion could make the same decision as her boyfriend in the near future.

7 CM Punk and AJ Lee


The couple were put together on WWE TV long before it was announced that they were actually dating, but the pair are now happily married and have both left WWE to pursue other interests.

AJ Lee wanted to be a wrestler more than she wanted anything else in her life until she met CM Punk, and it seemed that Punk wanted exactly the same, which is odd since both have recently left the wrestling business. As a couple they seem to work so well, even though they both have very different outlooks on life. AJ has recently been writing her own autobiography while Punk has made his debut in UFC. They have been forced to face the world in the headlines and since they've overcome that, they could seemingly overcome anything.

6 Batista and Melina


While these two were perhaps never considered to be an actual couple, there was a fling between Batista and Melina back in 2005 and it was a fling that was big enough to cost Batista his marriage when he revealed it in his autobiography.

Melina was dating John Morrison at the time and it seemed that he managed to get past the fact that Melina cheated on him, but Batista's wife didn't. The fling between the two didn't lead to anything bigger even though Batista wanted it too and it was something that neither star will want to remember more than a decade later.

5 John Cena and Mickie James


Before John Cena started dating Nikki Bella back in 2012, he had a list of conquests during his time in WWE. Cena was married to his childhood sweetheart but when it was revealed that he had cheated on her with Mickie James, his wife filed for a divorce.

Mickie James wanted her relationship with Cena to continue despite the fact that she was engaged to Kenny Dykstra at the time. Cena didn't want this to continue and Mickie was then moved over to the SmackDown brand so that she was separated from John Cena. It was an unlikely couple, to begin with, so it doesn't come as a surprise that this didn't work out. Nowadays, Cena is caught up with the bliss of reality television while dating one of the Bella twins.

4 Dean Ambrose and Renee Young


Dean Ambrose is the 'Lunatic Fringe.' He portrays his character on WWE TV so well that many of the WWE Universe are convinced that his is just as crazy in real life. That being said, Ambrose has managed to remain in a relationship with WWE interviewer Renee Young for the past year.

Ambrose and Young's relationship has become a part of the latest season of Total Divas. The pairing is an odd one to say the least but when they are seen as a couple on Total Divas or photographed by fans, they seem to be a functioning duo. So even though they are a mismatched couple, they seem to be making it work. 'The Lunatic' and the sweet Canadian WWE personality continue to go strong.

3 CM Punk and Beth Phoenix


Definitely one of the more stranger pairings on the list, but before CM Punk finally settled down and married AJ Lee, he had dated the likes of Lita, Maria, Kelly Kelly, and Beth Phoenix.

Punk's dating resume is one of the longest in WWE history but Beth Phoenix has to be one of the oddest names on his list of conquests. Beth doesn't seem like the kind of woman who would date the same guy as the other WWE Divas because she always came across as a much classier woman. Luckily Beth moved on to Edge and they have now created a family while Punk moved on to AJ Lee and life away from wrestling. So it seems the break-up was in both of their best interests.

2 Alberto Del Rio and Charlotte

Yes, before Alberto Del Rio and Paige announced that they were dating to the public, Del Rio was 'fooling around' with former WWE Women's Champion Charlotte. The daughter of Ric Flair was married twice herself with her recent divorce being finalized in October last year. Around this time, it seems that Del Rio was there as a rebound.

Obviously, this caused a problem when Paige and Del Rio went public and both Charlotte and the British Superstar had many awkward encounters in WWE following the announcement of their relationship. It seems that Charlotte may have dodged a bullet here so maybe she should be thankful to Paige for breaking up this relationship. We wonder what Ric Flair would have to say about all of this?

1 Dolph Ziggler and Dana Brooke


This couple is actually still going strong despite the fact that Dolph Ziggler is on SmackDown and Dana is currently on Raw. Dolph used to date Nikki Bella and comedian Amy Schumer before he moved on to former NXT Superstar Dana Brooke.

Personality wise, Dana and Dolph look like the kind of couple that would definitely clash, but it doesn't seem to be a problem for these two, who remain loved up on Social Media. Maybe the future will see these two drafted to the same brand so that their relationship will be much easier when they will be able to travel around together. But as of right now, they seem to be going strong and working out despite the separate schedules while on the road with WWE.

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15 WWE Couples That Made You Question Why They Were Together