15 WWE Couples Who Have Been Forgotten

WWE couples have existed from the very beginning, for example, Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth who were one of the first pairings in WWE to get such massive notoriety. As time passes, WWE loves to reuse the on-screen relationship. Whether it's using real life couples such as Triple H and Stephanie McMahon who are WWE's top power couple. Stephanie is calculated and manipulative and Triple H has no difficulty in putting people in line when they overstep it. There's also Rusev and Lana, John Cena and Nikki Bella, as well as The Miz and Maryse. WWE has been known to use existing WWE couples arguably more so since Total Divas started airing in 2013.

Yet, every so often WWE decides to put two Superstars together who are not romantically connected off screen. For example, Carmella and James Ellsworth, as it's publicly known that Carmella has been dating Big Cass for several years. Also, the Cruiserweight Noam Dar and Alicia Fox's while often peculiar and somewhat erratic relationship. While there have been many successful and popular on-screen relationships like AJ Lee and CM Punk, Edge and Lita, Test and Stephanie McMahon. All of these on-screen relationships most will remember but what about the relationships that people don't? Perhaps they were cut too soon or WWE just gave them no angle or space to flourish. Could it have been they were in the background while major storylines were hitting the WWE at the same time?

Here are fifteen WWE on-screen couples that you might have forgotten existed.

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15 Hornswoggle And AJ Lee

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AJ Lee over her time in WWE had several relationships with many different Superstars including Hornswoggle. It was a brief on-screen relationship while AJ was still in NXT back in 2011, and the two appeared to have great chemistry. AJ was developing into this new and exciting competitor and Hornswoggle was a person who said very few words yet somehow the two seemed to work.

While Hornswoggle ended up breaking things off with AJ in September of 2011 due to a misunderstanding that included Titus O'Neil. The pair fizzled out and AJ moved on. From there, AJ was dealt several more failed relationships yet that never seemed to stop her from getting what she wanted from the WWE. It only added to her character and allowed Hornswoggle to get some air time too.

14 The Great Khali And Natalya

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The Great Khali and Natalya were a couple back in 2013. They were accompanied by Hornswoggle and they formed a small unit of sorts. The Great Khali was extremely protective and loyal to Natalya. This on-screen relationship went the distance and lasted for a full year. The on-screen romance entitled them often tagging together in mixed Tag Team competitions.

The two appeared to be very compatible with their engaging chemistry and interesting segments on both Raw and SmackDown. Yet unfortunately, the on-screen romance fizzled out when Natalya decided to end things with the Great Khali back in 2014. A year after that, in 2015, Natalya went on to managing her real life husband Tyson Kidd and his then tag partner Cesaro.

13 Santino Marella And Emma

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Santino Marella and Emma certainly had a very peculiar on-screen relationship. While the two had electric chemistry, it was often difficult to know if they were more than Tag Team partners. Both would get increasingly shy around the other, Santino would mess up his words and get very shy and bashful. These two quirky Superstars certainly hit it off and the WWE Universe certainly seemed to love them.

This on-screen relationship has probably been overlooked probably more so since Emma is no longer the bewildered young woman who liked to pop bubbles, instead she's very much a hard hitter and will put anyone in their place if she needs to.

12 Carlito And Trish Stratus

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Back in 2006, Trish and Carlito teamed up and soon an on-screen couple blossomed. With Lita recently turning heel with Edge at her side, Trish needed some backup and that backup came in the form of Carlito.

The two seemed to pair up well even if it was for a brief amount of time. They frequently tagged together and had a brief feud with Edge and Lita. The pair seemed to work smoothly together and got the job done. They even shared several on-screen kisses. They, of course, had the world convinced that they were together in real life. Yet, the pair eventually went their separate ways.

11 Randy Orton And Stacy Keibler

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Way back in 2002, Randy Orton was just starting his career. The young baby-faced viper met Stacy Keibler. The two had a very flirtatious relationship from the beginning and were caught by Vince McMahon getting cosy with each other backstage. Years later, they would once again be seen flirting backstage.

As time passed, Randy and Stacy's relationship seemed to blossom into a great on-screen relationship. Unfortunately, the relationship soon fizzled out as Randy seemed to get bored and unlike most people, he decided to dump his partner in a unique way. Randy decided to go the creative route and RKO'd Stacy in the middle of the ring on Monday Night Raw. Needless to say, the relationship ended.

10 Vince McMahon And Sable

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Vince McMahon over the years has had many on-screen romances and storylines including affairs. Back in 2003, he was connected to Sable. The pair had a very sexually charged relationship and while some remember it more than the other entries, it is often overlooked as a storyline that people don't talk about.

Yet the relationship happened and while it had its fair share of controversy, the on-screen relationship happened and created a unique angle between Vince McMahon, Sable, the Big Show and Stephanie McMahon. This was just one of many stories that Vince McMahon had that were often seen as scandalous and dramatic.

9 Ted DiBiase Jr. And Maryse

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Before the Miz and Maryse, Maryse was in an on-screen relationship with Ted DiBiase Jr. The two were known as the million dollar couple. Maryse proved that she could help Ted win matches and be very useful with outside interference. The two had great chemistry and were a very popular on-screen couple. They lasted for a little over a year before things began to fall apart.

Eventually, Maryse decided that she had enough and wanted to end the relationship between the two. The two often had great mixed Tag Team action against other WWE Superstars. During their time together, Maryse and Ted Dibiase Jr definitely made their impact on the roster and could arguably be seen as one of the best on-screen relationships WWE has had in recent years.

8 Eddie Guerrero And Chyna

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Eddie Guerrero was always a very charismatic and charming person. The WWE Universe loved him whether he was a face or a heel. He was an incredible wrestler and entertainer. Eddie was always popular with the ladies and Chyna seemed like an unlikely on-screen pairing, yet in the year of 2000, the two featured in an on-screen relationship.

One that was very equally balanced with Chyna being given the opportunity to compete against men in the WWE. Unfortunately, the relationship soon ended after Eddie accidently pinned Chyna to win the Intercontinental Championship, needless to say, Eddie was moved on quickly.

7 Primo And AJ Lee

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AJ Lee had many on-screen relationships throughout her time in NXT and WWE. Including one-half of the Shining Stars, Primo and while the two only shared a relatively brief encounter back in 2010m, at a time when AJ was a still a rookie. Her relationship lasted the length of the season, the two were flirting back and forth until the season finale when they two kissed in the middle of the ring.

This was arguably one of AJ's less complicated relationships and perhaps this is why most people don't acknowledge that AJ's trouble with relationships began way before she stepped onto the main Roster. She went on to have several more on-screen relationships, including Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Dolph Ziggler, CM Punk and Kane. Those, of course, are more memorable relationships that AJ Lee was in.

6 Kane And Lita

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Before WWE went into the new era, they put Kane and Lita into an on-screen relationship and it was a very peculiar relationship that. The Demon Kane was feared and went to great and terrifying lengths to get what he wanted. He didn't care who or what it was, he was going to get want he wanted.  So he set his eyes on Lita, and he decided to take what he wanted.

More often times than not, Kane forced Lita to kiss him and even marry him. Things looked pretty bleak for Lita until a knight in shining armour came in the form of the Rated R Superstar, Edge, who saved Lita from Kane. This was certainly one of WWE's more creative storylines involving an on-screen relationship.

5 The Rock And Trish Stratus

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Both of these iconic WWE Superstars indeed featured in an on-screen relationship. Vince McMahon was harassing and doing everything in his power to make Trish's a living hell but luckily for Trish, The Rock came to save the day. The two joined forces to take on Vince McMahon and Stephanie McMahon in mixed Tag Team competition.

The two exchanged many flirtatious remarks and even a few kisses as their on-screen romance went on for quite some time. The two had displayed great chemistry and have been one of the few people who had the ability to defeat Vince McMahon on several occasions.  This was in the early stages of their career until they paved their way to becoming the legends that they are in WWE today.

4 Vince McMahon And Trish Stratus

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As mentioned earlier, Vince McMahon has had many on-screen relationships. One of which being the Hall of Famer Trish Stratus. WWE on-screen relationships occasionally tend to have a sour note about them, and well, the relationship between Vince and Trish started off well, despite Vince technically having an affair. The pair seemed to be deeply besotted with each other.

The two expressed many public displays of affections and were attached to the hip. But of course, nothing stays that way in WWE. Vince soon wanted to publicly destroy Trish and for a while, he succeeded in doing so. Trish obviously didn't want to lose her job within WWE but what else was she supposed to do? Luckily for her, The Rock had enough of Vince's games and decided to run to her aid.

3 X-Pac And Tori

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X-Pac and Tori had a brief on-screen relationship. The two appeared to have great chemistry and often teamed together. Tori also aided X-Pac by creating outside interference against her ex-boyfriend Kane, who X-Pac began feuding after the two broke up.

The two continued their on-screen romance until King The Ring when Tori ended up getting powerbombed through a table. While she was powerbombed through a table, Tori suffered an injury and had to undergo surgery yet she returned after her surgery to confront X-Pac, obviously angered by the series of events, which led to the relationship ending.  After that, Tori was not seen for a while so she could go and recover from her injury.

2 CM Punk And Kelly Kelly

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Back in 2006, CM Punk and Kelly Kelly were in an on-screen romance. The on-screen romance began after Kelly appeared to have feelings for Punk while being involved in an on-screen romance with Mike Knox, this led CM Punk to have a feud with Mike Knox. The relationship soon heated after CM Punk defeated Mike Knox at the pay-per-view December to Dismember, as Kelly celebrated Punk's win over her boyfriend.

The two soon sparked a brief on-screen romance that had massive potential. Yet it was axed too soon, the possibilities with the two Superstars were endless yet WWE obviously had different ideas and storylines for both Superstars and decided not to continue with the on-screen, as they went their separate ways.

1 Viscera And Lilian Garcia

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Lastly, it's unusual for a ring announcer to get involved in an on-screen relationship yet that seemed to changed when Lilian caught the attention of Viscera. Back in 2005, the two had an on-screen relationship that lasted a few short months. Lilian even went as far as to propose to Viscera yet he didn't seem interested at the time and decided to choose a couple of The GodFather's Hos.

The on-screen romance was briefly resurrected eleven months later when Viscera proposed to Lilian yet, unfortunately, an answer was never given because Umaga interrupted. The storyline was different because it didn't involve top WWE Superstars, it involved a ring announcer, which is hardly ever done in recent years.

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