15 WWE Diva Instagram Accounts That Will Make Your Eyes Bleed

Facebook bought the rights to Instagram for $1 billion in 2012 after its initial release in 2010. With the success of Instagram, we think Facebook got away with murder. With all that being said, Instagram is directly tied to the social media phenomenon of the 21 century. Hundreds to thousands of years from now, when the world is a smarter place (we hope) and ancient data historians comb through the endless content, we wonder what they’re going to think of us. Best bet would be them calling us barbarians, but until that time, we got to respect the 'gram.

There are many ways to conduct your Instagram posts. You can have a combination of whole different types of posts or just one niche. Posts can be nothing but selfies, all about the food you eat, or your pets. You can have artistic posts or plain ones. You can post an inanimate object that makes your day or an amazing shots of nature. From changing the filter on your camera to using no filter, we have an endless amount of options for our Instagram.

These beautiful WWE Divas can be masters at this craft, however, let's not kid ourselves. You’re here to know about the hottest Instagram accounts associated with the WWE. We included the ladies down in NXT for this list, as they should be. We also aren’t liable if your eyeballs actually bleed.

15 15. Billie Kay

She’s an Australian goddess and has been wrestling since she was a teenager. After going through the indie circuit for years, Billie Kay officially made her debut for the WWE in April of 2015 under the NXT banner. Since The Four Horsewomen left for the big leagues, there has been a gap to fill in the women’s division.

14 14. Becky Lynch

This Irish beauty is the face of women’s wrestling on SmackDown and Nikki Bella being captain of their brand team for Survivor Series isn’t going to change that. Her energy, charisma, and insatiable appetite to get the fans excited are the reasons why she’s a champion. It also doesn’t hurt that she knows how to wrestle and can take a bump very well.

13 13. Aliyah


A post shared by Aliyah (@aliyahwwe) on

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Aliyah signed with the WWE in 2015 after running through the independent circuit. She got her first match on an NXT episode in January of 2016 and she’s part of the new crop of wrestlers to fill the void left behind by The Four Horsewomen.

12 12. Sasha Banks

I slay @intertwinecollection

A post shared by Sasha Banks (@sashabankswwe) on

She’s The Boss and you never leave the boss off the list, unless it has to do with Jericho. Banks may not have images of countless photo shoots on her page, but it’s very authentic. She has a lot of quirky content on there, however, if you look through the nitty gritty, you find some images that can make your eyeballs explode.

11 11. Alicia Fox

We were glad to see Fox getting some airtime on Raw, even if she was jobbing to Nia Jax. She’s a professional and has more experience than many of the female wrestlers in the company, debuting for the WWE in 2008. With the amount of female wrestlers that have come and gone since 2008, Fox is still standing tall and making an impact for the company.

10 10. Dana Brooke

Every great wrestling villain usually has a couple of underlings to get their dirty work done. Seth Rollins had J&J Security and Bray Wyatt has his followers, but where does Brooke fit in all this? The Queen, Charlotte Flair, has a minion as well and Brooke has done a great job filling that role. She’s brash, tough, and seems to really enjoy being a villain. A lot of her photos show her posing pics with her "guns out," however, you can find plenty of sexy poses, especially with other ladies.

9 9. Liv Morgan


A post shared by L I V Morgan 👅 (@yaonlylivvonce) on

This New Jersey native is starting to get more attention down in NXT and don’t be surprised to see her with the NXT Women's Championship sooner rather than later. She started her wrestling journey training at Joe DeFranco’s gym and signed with the WWE in 2014. After a name change, she officially debuted as Liv Morgan in January and has been improving ever since.

8 8. Carmella

The Princess of Staten Island is another NXT call up that has benefited greatly from the brand split. She’s involved in a heated feud with former champion Nikki Bella and she’s also a member of Team SmackDown for WWE’s Survivor Series. She paid her dues in NXT and is now reaping the awards for all her hard work on the main roster with the blue team.

7 7. Alexa Bliss

She may be the shortest female wrestler on SmackDown Live, but that hasn’t stopped Alexa Bliss from turning heads across the WWE Universe. She started her WWE journey in NXT with a bubbly princess persona that liked to throw glitter, however, she has morphed into one of the best villains seen on WWE television. Looks can kill and if it’s up to Bliss, she would gladly end her opponents in a violent fashion.

6 6. Mandy Rose

#Throwback 😎 - Photograher - @lhgfx #guessjeans

A post shared by Mandy Rose (@mandysacs) on

The most recent photo of her on Instagram to date is a black and white shot with short shorts and an open vest, nothing else. If your eyeballs aren’t going to roll back, explode, and then regenerate to start the process all over again, then maybe this isn’t the right list for you. Rose was a contestant on the sixth season of WWE Tough Enough and earned a developmental contract in 2015.

5 5. Summer Rae

Surprisingly, Rae played in the Lingerie Football League before making an impact in the wrestling industry. The point is that she knows how to mix hotness with athleticism. She was in the WWE’s developmental program for three years before making it to the main roster. She’s bounced around as a valet, love interest, and wrestler since her time with the company.

4 4. Nikki Bella

morning glam💋 | en route Manchester England #honeybglam

A post shared by Nikki Bella (@thenikkibella) on

We’re not surprised John Cena said his favorite food was Nikki Bella in an interview recently. Just take one look at her; awesome complexation, perfectly symmetrical, and all the assets. The way she moves in her entrance gives you a good enough idea of how she approaches her looks. Bella may not be the Women's Champion at the moment, but the WWE feel she’s very important to the company.

3 3. Emmalina

We think it’s safe to say everyone is waiting in anticipation for Emmalina's return to the WWE. After going through several character changes in the company, the Australian beauty seems to have found her sweet spot as a beautiful but dangerous heel. Those vignettes of Emmalina are no joke and her sexiness just explodes off her Instagram page.

2 2. Eva Marie

She’s pretty much the only female employee that won’t benefit from the women’s revolution in the WWE. While the revolution is geared toward competitive and exciting wrestling in the female division, Eva is more like an old school Diva. She’s not in the WWE for wrestling, she’s in the WWE to turn heads and keep people glued to the screen.

We’re not surprised the California native has a lot of professional photos on her Instagram account. She’s a model and aspiring actress, so you can clearly tell where the passion is. As a fan that loves beautiful women, this is not a bad thing.

1 1. Lana

I am ready #Boston & for #HIAC !!!!! #Makeup 💄 by @honeybeileen 💋

A post shared by CJ Perry (@thelanawwe) on

It was hard picking the number one Diva on this list…. We lie, Lana was always going to be number one and only a few can even be on the same level of her hotness. Sure, she has a terrible Russian accent, but no one cares because she is the Miss Elizabeth of this generation. If you don’t know who Miss Elizabeth was, she was basically the most worshiped female personality the WWE has ever had.

Lana could be a mute and the crowds would still chant, “We Want Lana!” Her Instagram page has a lot of different content, however, the photo shoots of her on beaches and in other exotic situations can keep you on her page for not only hours, but days. We warn you, her Instagram page can make your eyes bleed!

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15 WWE Diva Instagram Accounts That Will Make Your Eyes Bleed