15 WWE Diva Photos To Keep You Warm This Winter

There are plenty of reasons to love the time of year when the weather starts to get a bit colder. But one of the biggest downfalls is that you probably aren't going to see many women walking around in clothing that leaves little to the imagination. Especially in contrast to the summer months when trips to the beach may be part of any woman's weekly routine. Not to mention other outfits that definitely wouldn't seem as appropriate once the snow starts falling.

As you'll see from this list, it'll be abundantly clear that while these WWE Divas look fantastic in the ring, that they look even more stunning when taking in the sun. We're just sorry if all of these amazing photos leave you wishing Summer 2018 was just around the corner, as opposed to mourning the end of the 2017 season.

With divas from both the past and present, you can rest assured that we left no stone unturned when tracking down these 15 WWE Diva Photos To Keep You Warm This Winter.

15 Brie Bella

Coffee + Birdiebee * how I do my mornings ☕️ @birdiebeebrand #mybirdiebee

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One of the most important things you can have to make it in the WWE is a strong support system. Thankfully for the Bella twins, they've always been able to have each other's backs and it's hard to imagine either of them would have made a name for themselves if not together.

Though as you'll be able to tell with Nikki's entry, she definitely has some assets that help her stand out in comparison to Brie! But after looking at this beautiful photo of Brie looking cozy and warm, we wouldn't blame you if she was your favourite. While Brie and Nikki are no longer actively appearing on WWE TV on a regular basis, we're sure they'll both work their way back there before too long.

14 Summer Rae

Perhaps it is only fitting that someone who competed under the ring name Summer Rae would find herself on a list of trying to make you not miss the summer! Though when you consider how stunning Summer Rae is, it wouldn't matter what her name is, it'd be hard to leave her off a list like this. Especially when we're sure those yoga pants are very snug!

Summer's good looks have been recognized outside of the WWE as well, with Maxim naming her one of the hottest woman in the entire world in 2017. While Rae's career in the ring hasn't been anything worth noting, she has had one of the more prominent roles on the reality show Total Divas in the past.

13 Emma

Good behavior jumpsuit by @fashionnova! 😎 #humpday

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The WWE is definitely excited to start seeing Asuka in the WWE on a regular basis. She's been one of the biggest names in the NXT and it was recently announced that she will be making her debut at TLC on October 22nd. But the woman standing across from her is the woman you probably can't keep your eyes off of, Emma - who recently won a fatal five-way match to lock in the bout. While Emma probably isn't coming out on top, it's still a huge sign of confidence that the WWE is giving her this platform. Here is hoping both women can make the most of it. We know Emma's going to look good on her way to the ring, let's hope she also looks good once she enters it.

12 Eva Marie

If we're being completely upfront when you look at former Diva Eva Marie's Instagram account, you're probably going to come across more photos of her in her swimsuit than her wearing wrestling gear. But when you think back about Marie's short-lived career in the company, you probably aren't remembering her for her wrestling skills.

That's not to say that Marie didn't put in a solid effort. She was just quickly overshadowed by other women who not only looked amazing but had the skills to back it up. Eva Marie has recently stepped away from the business to focus on her acting career but has not closed the door to return. She could definitely compete with some of the best looking women in Hollywood at least on an attractive level, but it remains to be seen if she has the acting chops to make the transition.

11 Torrie Wilson

Not every woman that is going to make an appearance on our list is currently working in the WWE. But when that means you get to stare at a photo of Torrie Wilson - who is one of the most iconic Divas of all-time - we're sure you aren't going to be left complaining about that fact. Wilson was never going to turn heads for her abilities as a wrestler, but she still managed to captivate the audience on a more regular basis than most of the roster! It definitely didn't hurt Wilson's case that she competed in a WWE that was far less PG than the current product. While we aren't too sure how she'd fit into the current landscape of the company, the above photo proves that her failings wouldn't be based on physical attractiveness. We enjoy she enjoys walking her puppies in the autumn weather!

10 Becky Lynch

Does this make me look TUBby?! @ryanloco @h0llytheh0lk

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Becky isn't the only ravishing redhead to make her way through the WWE, but she may very well be your favourite. At the very least, Lynch is one of the most dedicated superstars in regards to how she treats her fans. She constantly receives praise for her positive interactions and has shared over 1,500 photos online - allowing fans to get an in-depth look at how she lives her life.

Lynch has also used her platform as a wrestler to help promote causes she believes in, such as different environmental issues. But even though thousands of photos of Lynch exist, we don't know if there is one that is going to leave you missing summer more than the one we've included.

9 Natalya Neidhart

Wednesday’s! ❤️ HMU: @honeybeileen

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With close to 3 million followers on Instagram, Natalya Neidhart is one of the most followed female superstars in the WWE. But it may definitely help that she's got plenty of photos of her with the championship belt wrapped around her waist, like the one above where she is looking ready for fall and the coming winter. We're sure you can get on board with our idea to include a photo without the belt though. We're also sure she probably found herself a lot less sore after the above photo than a night in the ring. With so many talented women it's only going to be a matter of time before the belt comes off Natalya, but she's absolutely proven herself as a solid competitor with this title run.

8 Charlotte Flair

🛩 FLYIN #SecondNature

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Charlotte Flair came out on top at Hell in a Cell 2017, but the fact that it was through a disqualification means that her quest to become SmackDown Women's Champion has been put off for at least one more night.

But we're sure you're always going to be a fan of getting to see Charlotte get her moments on television, especially because her outfits often leave little to the imagination. Here we see her ready to jet fly or limousine ride, perhaps to an exotic destination away from the cold of winter. It might not be surprising to see that she has an amazing body even when out of the ring, but that doesn't make it any less enjoyable to take in.

7 Sasha Banks

#ootd jumpsuit from @fashionnova

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Sasha Banks is one of the many women in the WWE who is making a name for themselves with their talent in the ring. She was a huge benefactor of the WWE training program NXT where she honed her skills prior to getting the big call-up.

Now a multiple-time champion, it's easy to see why the company is so confident with Banks going forward. Though she isn't often given a swimsuit to wear out to the ring, she absolutely proves how amazing she looks in the above photo looking summery. We're sure that should keep you thinking of warmth during the cold months ahead!!

6 Maria Kanellis

Zoom... #keepingupwithkanellises #smackdownlive @wwe #firstlady #driversseat

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There are many women in the history of the WWE that we're sure you'd love to see walk back through those doors. For years, the name you may have wanted to see the most return was Maria Kanellis. And if that's the case, then we're sure we don't have to spend too much time talking about how captivating and gorgeous Kanellis is.

Kanellis also puts her assets on display in the above photo, but that's also something she felt comfortable enough doing for Hugh Hefner. While some women regretted their experience with the magazine, let's hope Kanellis felt comfortable when she elected to pose in her birthday suit. Regardless of her talent in the ring, Kanellis is surely a knockout!

5 Trish Stratus

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Trish Stratus may have looked incredibly confident in the ring, but she's also looking pretty darn confident in the above photo that we've tracked down. But when you have a body like Stratus, we suppose it makes sense to be as confident as you are!

Stratus' career in the WWE was marked by several championship reigns, as well as constantly being considered one of the top women in the company. Her talents in the ring helped her stand out above anyone else though, proving that the amazing body she had didn't just look good but was also functional. We're sure many women in the company would be jealous of a career that is even half as successful as Trish's.

4 CJ Perry

China 🇨🇳 I have a arrived 💋

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There is no denying that CJ Perry (perhaps better known by her ring name Lana) has a huge fanbase. In fact, with over 2.5 million followers on Instagram and close to 2,300 posts, you'll be happy to know she has one of the most active social media accounts of any female superstar. In the photo above, she looks ready to go to war with the winter blues!

On top of blowing up the internet, Perry got married to professional wrestler Rusev back in July 2016. When you consider how amazing she looks in a swimsuit, you can also imagine that their honeymoon must have included some amazing trips to some beaches. It also means that you better not insult her or she may send her 6'0, 300+ pound husband after you!

3 Alexa Bliss

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Alexa Bliss has an athletic background that includes time as a cheerleader, gymnast, and even competitive bodybuilder; so perhaps it's not too surprising to see her flexibility and strength get put on display on a regular basis. Though we're sure you'd love to see her in outfits like the one we have featured for you on a regular basis too.

As the current Raw champion, there aren't many women in the company with more pressure on their shoulders than Bliss but she continues to earn respect for her hard work both in and out of the ring. While some feel like Asuka may be coming for her title in the near future, until then we're sure the company feels comfortable with Bliss on top.

2 Nikki Bella

👖 Framed by Frame 👖

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Nikki Bella was always considered a gorgeous woman, but it's clear in comparison to Brie that she has had her chest artificially enhanced. Not that there is anything wrong with that though! Nikki's career is currently being enhanced by her appearance on the reality show Dancing With The Stars. But in the photo above, we're those jeans are having the time of their life!

While it is an incredibly grueling reality show to compete on, something tells us it's probably easier on the body than spending 300+ nights on the road as part of the WWE! Nikki's relationship with John Cena should always keep her in the public eye around the WWE, regardless of if she ever laces up the boots again.

1 Renee Young

Too hot to human.

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You can imagine Renee's job that often includes some interviewing and commentating gives her plenty of opportunities to form some great friendships with the male and female talent behind the scenes. This can mean she has plenty of friends of snapchat! Renee was born in Toronto and is probably no stranger to some pretty cold Decembers. This probably means she is used to passing the time inside during the winter sending funny snaps like the one above. At least you can imagine Dean Ambrose (who she is romantically linked to since 2013) will have no problem convincing her to hit up the beach in 2018!

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