15 WWE Divas That Got The Most Backstage Heat

You have to imagine that being a WWE Superstar is pretty tough. Travelling for more than 300 days a year (away from your family), you’re undoubtedly going to get annoyed occasionally with some of thos

You have to imagine that being a WWE Superstar is pretty tough. Travelling for more than 300 days a year (away from your family), you’re undoubtedly going to get annoyed occasionally with some of those co-workers you spend every day with. Often this can come down to the smallest things, like not paying for a drink or making a sarcastic comment that didn’t go down well after 24 hours without sleep. Tales of wrestlers court over the years has produced eye opening stories on what it’s like to be a wrestler. Usually, punishments can be pretty small and everyone gets back to normal – if normal is beating each other up on a nightly basis.

But in the crazy world of the WWE, it takes some doing to get severe heat across almost the entire locker room. With so many different personalities behind the curtain, surely somebody must like you? Over the years though, a number of female Superstars have managed to get on the wrong side of pretty much everybody they have come across. For some, their ego grew just as they rose the ranks into household names, and that is where the problems start. Here are 15 of those Divas who received the most backstage heat during their time.

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15 Stephanie McMahon


This isn't the case as much today, but The Billion Dollar Princess wasn’t the most liked woman in the back during her earlier days in the company. Despised by Chyna for supposedly stealing Triple H away from her, you can imagine there was quite a high sense of jealousy that Vince’s daughter was being pushed as the biggest female in the company without any real wrestling experience. Not to mention, her heat with AJ Lee, which culminated with Lee calling Stephanie out on social media.

And in recent years, she’s reportedly had backstage issues with her own brother. Around the time Shane made his return to the wrestling industry, stories came out of heat between the McMahon-Helmsley family and the current SmackDown Live commissioner. Bret Hart spoke on the tension after Payback and you have to imagine that Hunter felt a little pushed out when Vince’s son was thrust into the limelight immediately.

14 The Fabulous Moolah


Even the most successful and longest serving champion has had her fair share of critics backstage. During a time where women’s wrestling revolved almost entirely around The Fabulous Moolah, she was hated by many due to the control she had. In fact, had it not been for her Attitude Era pairing with Mae Young, that endeared her to fans, her reputation could have been tarnished even more.

Serious allegations have been made regarding Moolah, according to stories she sent younger wrestlers out and around the country with the promise of training them. However, there have been accusations that those young females were manipulated and used for things far away from wrestling. Luna Vachon spoke on how she was sent out by Moolah to be photographed by older men, but the most shocking story was Sweet Georgia Brown. Her family have claimed over time that she was sexual assault and turned into a drug addict during her time touring promotions.

13 Paige


It’s unknown how much longer Paige will be a WWE employee and you have to say, she’s only really got herself to blame. Now on her second suspension for failing the Wellness Policy, Paige hasn’t been afraid to air her views against some of the higher powers in the WWE. And the fact she’s now engaged to the once fired and recently departed Alberto Del Rio hasn’t done her any favours.

But there’s also the fact she was accused of bullying by Lana on social media. Mrs. Rusev was in turn told that she lies all the time and her Twitter rant certainly didn’t reflect well on the English Superstar. Still in her early 20s, Paige has time to turn her career around, but that’s only if she’s able to put her ego aside in the process.

12 Eva Marie


We all know that Eva Marie has nuclear heat from a huge section of the WWE Universe, but backstage she’s not exactly given a warm welcome by some. Criticized for her lack of in-ring ability, Marie was disliked by some during her time in both NXT and on the main roster.

Back in 2013, Bryan Alvarez of the Figure Four Weekly reported that she was "passionately hated" by many backstage. This was reportedly due to the way she handled herself on Total Divas. He stated: "Even though Total Divas is a reality show and it's scripted, and most normal, rational people realize it's fake, there are people in WWE who watch that show and developed a very strong dislike for Eva Marie…having never met her in their life." Having been suspended recently, officials could see all red again.

11 Lana


Poor Lana. Not only was she split from her real-life partner Rusev for the sake of an angle, she was then given some pretty awful treatment all because her and Rusev got engaged. Wrestling is a very strange industry, but the way Lana was treated post engagement would probably have been grounds to sue in any other company.

Shamed by The Rock on a rare appearance and consistently humiliated on television, it seemed WWE was intent on crushing any popularity Lana had for leaking the news of her engagement on her social media. This is despite the fact that the story she had been put into with Dolph Ziggler was one of the worst in the last decade.

She's also recently rubbed some of the current locker room the wrong way as documented on Total Divas. Veteran Natalya was annoyed of Lana after receiving 3 am text messages dealing with in-ring questions. Rusev defended Lana by saying she was excited, although messaging someone at 3 am is a little much we can all agree.

10 Lita


So what's Lita's beef behind the scenes you ask? The answer, very unsurprisingly, the infamous love triangle. Having been with Matt Hardy for six years, the pair split in 2005 after Lita had an affair with Edge, a long-time rival of Hardy on-screen and real-life top tier buddy.

Unsurprisingly, this didn’t look too good on Lita, with the real-life drama turned into one of the most heated storylines in the history of the WWE. From Hardy phoning into a WWE show to berate Lita to attacking Edge from the crowd, the line between fiction and reality was becoming increasingly blurred, with Hardy taken away from the company before the storyline. The reaction to the new couple was far from positive backstage and the pair kept their distance for a while. Then the live sex celebration happened…Vince is one funny dude.

9 The Bella Twins


They’ve turned it around now, but The Bella Twins didn’t endear themselves to the rest of the locker room after their introduction. Amongst the names who are rumored to have issues with them are Maria and AJ Lee, with a number more likely to have kept their thoughts close to their chest as the relative rookies propelled up the ladder.

Maria, who had an altercation with Nikki in a nightclub, was set for a return to the WWE along with Kelly Kelly and Maryse. But rumors state that Bella interference stopped this in its tracks. And remember when AJ told the twins that talent wasn’t "sexually transmitted"? That sort of comment, whether scripted or not, can easily be read into. And on the subject of AJ Lee…

8 AJ Lee


Married to CM Punk, it’s not much of a surprise that AJ had, and probably continues to endure, a bit of a bad name for herself behind the scenes. Punk parted way in 2014 after one too many mistreatment's of "The Best In The World," but AJ had already got on the wrong side of some and ultimately joined her husband following WrestleMania in 2015.

It’s believed that she wasn’t given much credit after taking time off after WrestleMania XXX, with Nikki making a comment on air about how she defended her title less than Brock Lesnar. Having stood out as clearly the best wrestler during her time at the top of the company, AJ had freedom to do and say what she wanted. And with a husband like Punk, you can bet the both of them just loved flying off-script (Pipebomb anyone?).

7 Carmella DeCesare


One of the lesser known names on this list, Carmella started in the 2004 Diva Search contest. Won by Christy Hemme, the contest was memorable and controversial at the time for the real life hatred many of the competitors had towards Miss DeCesare.

She was accused of being in the contest for the wrong reasons and having no interest in wrestling, with many of the other contestants backing up those claims. In fact, her departure from the competition was marked with a middle finger salute from the usually mild-mannered Maria Kanellis. It was during the "Diss The Diva" segment that the audience got a pretty clear indication that she wasn’t too popular though. Having been torn into on live television, there was no coming back from that.

6 Kelly Kelly


Maria might look friendly, but she’s got a fair bit to say about some of the women she shared a locker room with – one of them being Kelly Kelly. Accusing her of having several affairs during her time in the WWE, she has been more vocal on KK than on anyone else. But that’s not where the heat ends.

Kelly was allegedly given the gift of Jericho (who was happily married at the time) while the pair were active members of the roster. While stories about Kelly being with a number of the male Superstars at one time or another have come to light, the Jericho rumors stayed around. Randy Orton once remarked that she had been with 10 Superstars, with Batista known to be one. But why have the Jericho rumors stuck? Is it because of the photos shown online of them kissing? Possibly.

5 Mickie James


Mickie James returned recently, but chances are she might not be involved in a storyline with John Cena this time around. Mickie’s WWE start was fantastic, showcasing herself as a great character as well as a great wrestler, and this saw her topple Trish Stratus at WrestleMania 22. But after a steady time of holding the belt and not holding it, she went and did the dirty with John Cena.

For many women this is probably the dream, but for Mickie it became a nightmare. At the time, she was dating ex-Spirit Squad member, Kenny Dykstra. They were split by being on separate brands, and this saw Mickie and Cena develop something of an intimate relationship. Ultimately Kenny found out, Cena dumped James and she was stuck with being known as ‘Piggy James’.

4 Sable


With two separate stints in the company, Sable had her chance to get to know a wide range of Superstars during her time in the WWE. She ended up marrying two of them, with her current husband being a little known man named Brock Lesnar.

But away from marriage, she had issues with the likes of Sunny and Debra, both of whom haven’t had too many nice things to say about her since departing from the business. It’s also alleged that she didn’t bring her Women’s Title to the arena on the night she was due to drop it to Debra because she didn’t want to lose it. Her ego also reportedly grew in the belief that she was the biggest draw in the company, with X-Pac treating her to one of his 'special surprise' pranks before she left the company for good. Having been released by WWE twice, she clearly wronged backstage.

3 Melina


Melina first started getting heat when she began to date John Morrison, who gave Trish Stratus the cold shoulder after thinking she had taken his girlfriend’s WrestleMania spot. To disrespect Trish is not the wisest of moves when you're still making your way up the ladder and Melina found herself staring at a row of angry fellow Superstars from that point on. To make matters worse, Melina had a huge ego behind the scenes and wasn't even approachable.

Having been summoned to Wrestler’s Court (with The Undertaker acting as judge), Melina’s backstage actions were not going unnoticed and this quickly turned people against her. Throw in the fact she was rumored to have "taken on" Batista away from the ring and people will start to say bad things about you. Tales of heat on Melina have continued to come out years after his departure, making a return to the WWE unlikely.

2 Sunny


Did you expect anyone else to come near the top of this list? Even if you weren’t born at the time, chances are you know that Sunny caused quite a bit of commotion backstage. How hated was she? Well, it’s probably best that you Google "Sunny + slop" and come back to this article.

Yes, if rumors are to be believed (and they are),  Sunny allegedly was the victim of being doused in a collection of 90s wrestlers "slop." The bucket that was thrown onto Sunny by The Godwinns and had a bit of everything. Just think of some of the worst things to come out of the human body, basically, that was in the bucket. Although fingers were pointed at X-Pac, he has since gone on record to say that it wasn’t his… it was a group effort. All jokes aside, we're pretty sure Sunny realized at this point that she wasn’t going to be getting too many Christmas cards that year. This happened on an episode of Raw too. Ouch.

1 Chyna


If you’ve read Chris Jericho’s second book, you’ll know he isn’t Chyna’s biggest supporter. But what might be a bit of a surprise is that he really isn’t alone in disliking "The Ninth Wonder of the World."

A list of Superstars have gone on record to state their disagreements with Chyna. The list includes: Jericho, Molly Holly, Trish Stratus, and Sable. In fact, Sable once flew off the handle at Chyna on-air, accusing her of being on steroids. It’s also rumored that among most of the female wrestlers of the time, there was a friction between Chyna and them due to the fact she wanted to wrestle the men and not the women.

Even the kindest employee in WWE history Lillian Garcia didn’t see eye to eye with Chyna in the early 2000s.

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