15 WWE Divas We Loved to Watch But Had Tragically Short Careers

There is no shortage of reasons a wrestler's career will be cut short. They can't all have twenty-plus year careers like The Undertaker and Triple H (there are plenty of longer careers involved with t

There is no shortage of reasons a wrestler's career will be cut short. They can't all have twenty-plus year careers like The Undertaker and Triple H (there are plenty of longer careers involved with the sport, but those two are the longest serving right now). There are a few factors that affect how much time a performer will last in WWE.

Obviously, injuries are a huge concern. It's a high-flying, contact sport, and regardless of the pre-determined matches and choreography, hitting the mat is real and the pain is too. Other than injuries, some wrestlers are just poor, either athletically inferior or just un-charismatic. These will kill a career as quickly as any injury.

In many cases however, and especially among divas, they may well just have other stuff going on. Wrestlers are wrestlers, but many have other interests and potential sources of income and employment. Some are athletes in other sports, others have other jobs in entertainment, and others still, many of them divas, are models and got into wrestling for some extra publicity. This was especially common in the days of the show Diva Search.

While few of the male wrestlers who have had short careers are particularly memorable, many divas made an impact (some because they were out-of-this-galaxy hot) and are memorable but found themselves finished with wrestling and the WWE after a very short time. Here are fifteen of those wonderful ladies who we will never forget but had careers so short they left is wishing for more.

15 Amy Weber


Amy Weber was a model and actress before her brief WWE career, but wasn't in anything worth watching. The biggest productions she was in prior to her brief 2004 to early 2005 WWE career were Joe Dirt, and Pauly Shore is Dead. For those who aren't film buffs, these are two of the worst "comedies" of the early 2000's. On TV she had some small roles on a few major shows including Melrose Place, 7th Heaven and CSI: Las Vegas. 

She became a finalist on the 2004 season (great season by the way) of Diva Search, not winning, but working for WWE anyway. She worked for The Cabinet and John Layfield on SmackDown but one just a single match before leaving WWE amid some harassment and payment rumors. From what we saw, she wasn't anything particularly special in the ring, but Amy Weber was something special to look at and we'd have liked more time to do so, not to mention it would've been nice to see if she would have become a real talent in wrestling.

14 Aksana


Compared to the other women on this list, Aksana didn't have a particularly short career, in fact, as far as this list goes, she's among the longest, with a couple of months short of three years, she's about as long as we'll go in terms of calling a career "short". She joined the main roster of SmackDown in mid 2011 after a couple of years with NXT. She had a brief relationship (kayfabe) with Antonio Cesaro, formed an alliance with Alicia Fox and a semi-memorable pseudo feud with the Bellas, and while entertaining, she was nothing special as a wrestler but was incredible to look at. Since being released from WWE in early 2014, this Lithuanian goddess has returned to her pre-wrestling activities, mainly fitness modeling.

13 Ryan Shamrock


Known outside of the ring as Alicia Webb, Ryan Shamrock has had a career that spanned about a decade but only about half a year was spent with WWE. That half year was eventful however, and Ken Shamrock's in-ring sister's time in the promotion was memorable.

She joined Ken at ringside in January 1999, and shortly thereafter started what can loosely be called a relationship with Val Venis (they were in a fictional adult film together) and then she was briefly linked to Goldust. She later joined the stable Pretty Mean Sisters with Jacqueline and Terri Runnels, but was released in July of 1999. She'd go on to work with WCW, TNA and a few smaller promotions.

As of a couple months ago, Webb is in a relationship with ranked UFC Flyweight and epically mustached Ian "Uncle Creepy" McCall.

12 Kristal Marshall


Californian babe Kristal Marshall is known for her wrestling career in the late 2000's, working first for WWE and then TNA. Before stepping into the ring she was familiar with show business, having participated in beauty pageants, modeled for a few television shows and music videos.

Her debut with WWE came after she was on Diva Search's 2005 season. In 2006 she feuded with Jillian Hall and then Diva Search winner Ashley Massaro. In early 2007 she had a relationship with Theodore Long, who had a "heart attack" at their in-ring wedding. Following this story, Marshall was released from WWE and ended up in TNA a couple of years later.

She dated TNA star and now MMA fighter Bobby Lashley for a couple of years and had a kid with him, but they've broken up since.

11 Christy Hemme


Remember what we said about Diva Search? It was basically a magical program on which a bunch of sexy models trained to wrestle and smack-talked each other. Christy Hemme, a wrestling fan throughout her youth, was the winner of the 2004 season (again, a heck of a season) and will forever be a beloved member of wrestling history, despite not being the greatest in terms of in-ring talent.

After her mid 2004 debut for the promotion, she feuded with Carmella DeCesare and later the at-the-time champion Trish Stratus. Two further feuds later (Melina and Victoria) and Hemme was sent down to Ohio Valley. She was busy during her very brief WWE stint, but the other reason we'll never forget her is that magical photoshoot in Playboy. This was back in the post-Attitude Era days when several divas took it all off for Hugh. Christy's wasn't the best (the best was Torrie and Sable) but still something most WWE fans will never forget.

10 Klimaszewski Twins


There really is something about a set of twins. This isn't a boob pun, by the way, women who are twins are automatically hotter (you know, as long as each one looks at least human). There is a reason that twin females are revered in pop culture (examples include Austin Powers and How I Met Your Mother) and in real life. The same can be said of the world of wrestling, while each of the Bellas is hot on her own, Nikki and Brie are much more attractive as a pair.

There have been a few sets of twins in the wrestling over the years, both real life twins and kayfabe twins made to look alike, and most of them have been dudes. The Bellas are not the first twin hotties to spend some time in WWE, but they are the most successful. Back around 2000, these two stunning girls were signed very briefly to WWE, mostly working in developmental promotions. They worked for WCW (as Nitro Girls) and then WWE but were out of the wrestling business as of 2001.

9 Eden/Brandi Rhodes


Like a couple of other divas on this list, Brandi Rhodes spent a couple of years with the company and is definitely on the "long" end of the short career scale. She also didn't do much wrestling, spending most of her time as a valet or ring announcer. Nonetheless, if you've ever laid eyes on her, she's memorable, with a great looking face and a rocking body. She and her husband Cody Rhodes left WWE in 2016, and now work for TNA.

Outside of the ring, you've probably seen her in ads (she's done a ton of them for various companies), has been featured in a few magazines, including Maxim, runs her own blog and has a fashion line.

8 Lauren Jones


Stunning blonde model Lauren Jones has actually had a ton of time in the limelight outside of the ring, but a very short time with WWE. A busy woman, she's worked in modeling, acting, she's done beauty pageants, and has started a few businesses. She's a busy lady and from the looks of it, she never stops.

As we said, her WWE career was very short: a few months in late 2004 and early 2005. She and Rochelle Loewen accompanied John Cena to ringside once in late 2004 and then at Now Way Out in early 2005, she participated in a fairly memorable Rookie Diva of the Year contest. WWE wrote scripts for her to feud with a couple of other divas including Dawn Marie, but Jones wanted to work on other things (she had a lot going on) and was released from the promotion in early 2005.

Since her release she's acted, scoring a part in The Expendables, and a few shows, and has also started a few apparel and fashion businesses.

7 Lena Yada


Hawaiian Lena Yada first became known to WWE fans back in 2005 on Diva Search, but was unsuccessful that year. Two years later she tried out again and got hired, being assigned to interviewer duties for her first few months on the job. She had a couple of rivalries early in 2008, working for SmackDown and then ECW and served as a valet for Layla and Victoria before starting her training to actually compete in the ring. She'd only work in the ring once during a sixteen diva tag team match, but was released shortly thereafter.

She wrestled once in a smaller promotion in California, but left the business in 2009. Two years later she got married to David Draiman, front-man for metal band Disturbed.

6 Courtney Taylor


Beverly Mullins was a Hooters girl turned Playboy model who was featured in a couple of Hooters calendars and the Miss Hooters pageant before she was signed to work for WWE. Early in 2008 she was assigned to Florida Championship. In the developmental promotion she would go by other names Daisy and Wesley Holiday.

She was promoted to the ECW brand in mid 2009 and mainly worked as an interviewer. In the ring and while interviewing she never did anything all that memorable, with the very notable exception (like several members of this list) of looking jaw-droppingly, drool-inducingly hot.

5 Rebecca DiPietro


While quite a few of the members of this wonderful list have posed for various hottie magazines after their WWE careers, Rebecca DiPietro was in Playboy, Maxim and Stuff prior to taking up wrestling and also did some beauty pageant work. She was on the 2006 season of Diva Search and while she didn't do too well on the show, ultimately coming in sixth place, she was hired and spent some time in Deep South Wrestling before being sent to ECW. She worked as an interviewer for the brand but was released from her contract in early 2007.

4 Joy Giovanni


Another stunning woman who participated in Diva Search back in 2004, Joy Giovanni was only active in WWE between late 2004 and mid 2005. She worked as the Big Show's valet for a couple of months and feuded with Amy Weber. After Amy left and her story line with Big Show ended, she took on Michelle McCool, Rochelle Loewen and Lauren Jones for the 2005 Rookie Diva of the Year: and won, making her the only person to ever have that title. In mid 2005 she was released from WWE. Since her release she has worked as a massage therapist and is now works in a chiropractor office. Although it would be nice to see her strutting in the ring once again, it seems like that window closed a long time go.

3 Carmella DeCesare


There are a few Playboy-featured starlets on this list, and Carmella DeCesare is one of the finest among the women to grace the pages of that majestic publication. She was a member of that 2004 season of Diva Search and finished as the runner up to winner Christy Hemme. She debuted with the company in 2004 and had an immediate feud with Hemme, along with some animosity among others on the show. She did not last long with WWE and was released mere weeks after her debut.

She is now living the quiet life, married to retired NFL quarterback Jeff Garcia. With that said, between her time on Diva Search and Playboy, wrestling fans will never forget this beauty.

2 The Kat


While she has had a lengthy on and off overall wrestling career, Stacy Carter, Miss Kitty, The Kat, whatever you want to call her, was in WWE for less than two years, starting in August 1999 and being released in February 2001. She wasn't even a wrestler, but she quickly managed to make a name for herself. It was the height of the Attitude Era and during Armageddon in late 1999 she flashed the crowd in one of the most notorious instances of on-screen nudity during that incredible era in WWE history. Between this event, her bikini contest, which involved bubble wrap and of course her feud with Terri Runnels, this woman is positively unforgettable, but stuck around for only about a year and half with WWE.

1 Rochelle Loewen


She started out in modeling, winning a few contests here and there, working for Hawaiian Tropic and being featured on some magazine covers. She got her shot at WWE through Eric Bischoff in 2004, and started working for Raw. Later working on SmackDown, she accompanied John Cena to the ring a few times, and later in 2004 she was a part of some backstage shenanigans and battled it out for Rookie Diva of the Year, but left the company on her own will in early 2005. After her retirement from wrestling she played a couple of seasons in the Lingerie Football League (now the Legends Football League) and had a very brief soft-core adult entertainment career.

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