15 WWE Divas: Which Wrestlers Did They Hook Up With?

Dating within the ranks of pro wrestling is a pretty common occurrence for wrestlers in the field. From the 90s all the way until today, WWE stars have continued to date their co-workers. This shouldn’t be too surprising considering these people perform like they're in a travelling circus, as they're always on the road and living out of a suitcase more than anything else. Maintaining a relationship with someone outside of the company is pretty tough and requires lots of effort from the Superstar. This is why you normally see wrestlers date outside of their field once their careers are over, giving them more time to develop an actual relationship.

This article will document some of the more prominant and less known incidents of wrestling hooking up. We have some rumors that have been known for years and some lesser known ones that you probably never knew went down in the first place. With that said, we begin with a hook up that transpired during the tail end of the Attitude Era. Enjoy this list of 15 WWE Divas and who they hooked up with. Let us know which relationship caught you off guard the most!

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15 Terri Runnels: Raven

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Making her debut in the WWE in 1996, Terri Runnels joined her then-husband Goldust, helping him usher in the Attitude Era which was all about edgier content. The couple would eventually divorce in 1999, the same year Goldust would depart from the company and join WCW. He’d return to the WWE for another brief stint in 2001 however.

After the couple separated and Runnels was single, she allegedly hooked up with WCW star Raven. When Goldust left for WCW, Raven joined the WWE the year after, in 2000, making his debut/return at Unforgiven, although the WWE totally neglected that it was his return for him to WWE and saw it more so as a debut. Anyway, the two would hook up but nothing serious came from it. Raven’s stint in WWE was a total flop and he would leave the company in 2003. Ironically, Terri would depart a year later in 2004.

14 Dawn Marie: Kurt Angle

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During a shoot interview in 2008, Dawn Marie shocked a lot of people in the wrestling world when she admitted to having an affair with Kurt Angle that lasted an entire year around 2003-2004. The revelation was especially surprising considering Angle was married at the time to Karen Angle and Dawn Marie was also involved in a relationship with former ECW star Simon Diamond.

It’s unclear if the relationship had anything to do with this, but soon after, both wrestlers left WWE, as Marie was released by the company while Angle decided to leave the WWE to get healthy. Marie was released by the WWE in 2005 while Angle also shocked the entire pro wrestling landscape by parting ways in 2006, just a year after Dawn’s departure.

13 Kristal Marshall: Bobby Lashley

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Bobby Lashley's WWE career is one that several wrestling fans look back at with tons of regret, especially considering the success he’s been able to sustain outside of the WWE with TNA and MMA companies like Strikeforce and Bellator.

His WWE career began in 2004, when he was working for the independent branch known as OVW. He would make the main roster in 2005, the same year Krystal Marshall joined the company. Marshall would leave in 2007, while Lashley departed shortly after in 2008, which led to speculation that Bobby left because of the relationship between the two as both of them would reunite in TNA. It was later revealed that two were in fact dating and even had a child together in 2008. A couple of years later in 2008, Marshall announced that the relationship had ended.

12 Torrie Wilson: Billy Kidman & Mitch (From The Spirit Squad)

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Oh Torrie Wilson, how we miss you. Although she couldn’t perform a scoop slam properly, she was incredibly beautiful and charismatic, which can be enough to make it in the WWE. Even though her wrestling skills were poor, to put it nicely, her look really made up for it and she was able to create a connection with the crowd.

Speaking of connections, Torrie made a couple during her time in the pro wrestling industry. First, her most well known relationship occurred with former WCW and current WWE employee Billy Kidman. The couple got married in 2003, only to file for divorce in 2008.

Following her failed marriage, Wilson linked up with Mitch of The Spirit Squad. The two even ran a clothing business together, but that relationship also fell through. She would go on to upgrade big time, dating outside of the wrestling industry in 2011 by getting with Alex Rodriguez. The two would split in 2015.

11 Jazz: Rodney Mack

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Both Jazz and Rodney Mack were thrust into the WWE limelight at around the same time. Jazz joined the company in 2001, while Rodney joined in 2002. Jazz actually enjoyed more success in comparison to her man, winning the WWE Women’s Championship and serving as a fine heel during her time in WWE. The same could not be said for Mack, who saw his momentum get completely derailed following an injury. The couple was ironically released at the same time in 2004, only to return and get released again at the very same time in 2007. Wow.

The two continued their relationship outside of the company and eventually got married. In 2008, they would welcome a pair of twin girls to the world. In terms of headlines pertaining to the two, who are still happily together, they recently joined the class action lawsuit against the WWE pertaining to brain injuries that were neglected by the WWE.

10 Ashley Massaro: Matt Hardy & Paul London

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Ashley Massaro working as the manager for Brian Kendrick and Paul London actually led to Massaro and Paul hooking up for a brief amount of time. She also dated former WWE star Matt Hardy before London, who apparently loves to hook up with ladies in the wrestling business judging by his track record. Her dating both Hardy and London caused some heat between the two wrestlers and they're still not on good terms to this day. For another fun fact, she even dated Simple Plan band member Chuck Comeau.

In a surprising twist, Massaro recently made headlines pertaining to some rather controversial news. Not only did Massaro join the class action lawsuit against the WWE but she also claimed to have gotten sexually assaulted during a tour overseas. The investigation seems to be ongoing at this point.

9 Kelly Kelly: Test, Miz, Chris Jericho, Batista, & Justin Gabriel

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Yes, according to various rumors, all those names listed above are wrestlers that Kelly apparently hooked up with during her time in the WWE. According to the The Viper, Randy Orton, Kelly hooked up with over ten WWE Superstars and the list above includes half of them.

Kelly was a part of the main roster starting in 2006, spending six years with the WWE before her eventual departure in 2012. Age was obviously a factor in her decision making skills outside of the ring, Kelly was under 20 when she inked her first WWE deal. Even today, she is yet to hit her 30s at the age of 29.

Nowadays, away from the ring, Kelly is happily married enjoying life outside of the squared circle with former NHLer Sheldon Souray.

8 Maria Kanellis: CM Punk

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As the two began with the WWE in 2005, a relationship was later formed between CM Punk and Maria Kanellis, who began to hook up behind the scenes which resulted in a pretty lengthy relationship, as the two were dating until 2007. Maria eventually left the company for good in 2010 while Punk departed on terrible terms with the company in 2014. Both have never returned to WWE despite constant rumors about their potential returns. According to Maria, the relationship ended on great terms and the two have no ill-will against one another.

Shortly after her WWE departure, Maria would start dating wrestler Mike Bennett. The two would later get married and Maria would become a step-mother to Mike’s children. Talk about a turn of events!

7 Mickie James: John Cena

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In 2006, both John Cena and Mickie James were enjoying some terrific runs in the company and performing to the best of their abilities. Behind the scenes, however, things took a surprising twist as Mickie and John were apparently hooking up. This was especially controversial due to the fact that Cena was married at the time, while James was in a relationship with Kenny Dykstra. The apparent relationship caused quite the stir and eventually saw Kenny get released. In 2010, James would also leave the company to join TNA and various indie promotions, while Cena would divorce his wife the next year.

The two would ultimately moved on as James is currently married to TNA star Magnus while John Cena is dating WWE Superstar Nikki Bella.

6 Melina: John Morrison & Mike Knox

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Before we discuss Melina’s previous affairs, we’d like to mention that the former Women’s Champion is currently wrestling on the indie scene nowadays. Just this past October, Melina made her debut for a Japanese promotion as she’s rekindling her love for pro wrestling overseas.

Despite the rumor mill running rampant about a possible fling between Batista and Melina, she continues to deny those allegations to this day. Melina claims the two were nothing but really close friends and ultimately that ended her relationship with her former boyfriend, John Morrison. Melina claims she only dated/hooked up with two guys throughout her career which included the previously mentioned Morrison and pro wrestler Mike Knox, who she dated before John. What do you guys think, is there more to the story?

5 Lita: Matt Hardy, Edge & CM Punk

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Looking at the names above, that sounds like a pretty solid main event, triple threat match, right? Our money’s on The Rated R Superstar. Okat, getting back on track, Lita’s prior relationships nearly destroyed her entire body of work with the WWE. After information was leaked linking Lita to Edge, while she was still with Matt Hardy, her reputation took a massive hit. Crowds began to get on her and she would ultimately depart from the business on a terrible note.

Thankfully, time heals all wounds. Lita would find happiness once again away from the company. She would also date CM Punk in 2009 for a brief period of time. Following her WWE hiatus, the crowd responded extremely well to Lita during her return and she was once again fully embraced by the WWE Universe. She currently remains employed by the company as a panel member for the WWE Pre-Shows.

4 Alicia Fox: Wade Barrett

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Alicia Fox has been linked to several different WWE stars during her long run with the WWE, but at the moment, the only relationship which has been confirmed is her connection to Wade Barrett. During an episode of Total Divas, Fox admitted that the two had dated before. However, Wade decided to break off the relationship between the two as he felt like he needed to put more of a focus on his career as an in-ring wrestler.

Since the relationship, Fox has dated outside of the wrestling business as documented on Total Divas. You can’t help but wonder what was going through her head when Barrett officially departed from the company. As hard as it must have been, the good news is she’s actually being utilized nowadays as member of the Raw roster. Bittersweet?

3 Paige: Alberto Del Rio

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Like Alicia Fox, Paige has been linked to several wrestlers but nothing has ever been confirmed. On the reality show Total Divas, it seemed like Paige was more comfortable dating outside her field, but that all changed when one of the most unlikely relationships in wrestling history began. In May of 2016, it was announced that Paige, who is 24 years old, was dating long time pro wrestling veteran Alberto Del Rio, who is set to turn 40 next year.

Despite the age difference, the two seem to be all-in. The WWE wasn’t as thrilled, however, and it affected both parties. Paige was kept off of television while Del Rio asked for a release, being unhappy about the situation. Despite everything that went down, the two are still together and happy today.

2 Nikki Bella: John Cena & Dolph Ziggler

Like her theme song says, “you can look, but you can’t touch”... unless you’re Dolph Ziggler, John Cena and some dude she went to high school with. Believe it or not, Nikki actually married her high school sweetheart at the age of 20. For one reason or another, the marriage was later annulled only three years later. Just think of how different things could have potentially been had Nikki stuck with that marriage?

Thankfully for all of us, she would later set her sights on the pro wrestling business, entering the WWE with her sister Brie. Right off the bat, she began to date WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler. Eventually, the relationship ran its course and the couple ended on amicable terms. In 2012, she would begin to date John Cena and the two remain as one of the WWE’s real-life power couples for years and years to come.

1 Bayley: Aaron Solow

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It's always great to see someone that has a genuine love for the wrestling business make it in the company as a top star. Bayley has lived and breathed the wrestling business since her days as a child, idolizing the likes of Randy Savage, The Rock and Lita, just to name a few of her favorites.

In terms of her personal life, it isn;t all that surprising to find out that Bayley is dating in her field, hooking up with indie wrestler Aaron Solow. Not only did the two hook up, but they are now dating and an official item. Fans that love Bayley are probably pretty jealous of the indie star but it’s great to see Bayley enjoying a relationship with someone else in the business. Conversations between the two must be dominated by pro wrestling, with Bayley in particular loving the business as much as she did when she was a child.

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