15 WWE Divas With Hotter Curves Than Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has become the standard bearer for success in the genre of reality television. The Armenian-American businesswoman has made a fortune by attaching her name to a wide array of products.  However, there are some who feel her level of fame may be unwarranted given her relatively small level of contributions in the world of entertainment. Love her or hate her, it's impossible to deny that Kim Kardashian is one of the hottest celebs who currently resides on planet Earth. It's possible, she may even be the most beautiful women in the entire universe. However, there may be one universe where the buxom socialite's beauty doesn't reign supreme. That universe my friends is none other than the WWE Universe.

The WWE Universe is a place where beautiful women have been residing for decades now. The company has produced numerous Playboy models and more than a few stars of film and television. While Kardashian is arguably best known for her curvaceous rear end, there are more than a few stars from wrestling past and present, who wouldn't take a backseat to anyone in that area. Here is a list of current and former WWE stars whose curves can more than hold their own with the likes of Mrs. Kimberly Kardashian West.

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15 Nikki Bella

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Nikki Bella actually has a quite a bit in common with Kim K. Nikki Bella starred in her own reality TV series on E!, Total Divas. Moreover, she also went on to have her own spinoff with her sister Brie, Total Bellas. As some of you may recall Kardashian did a series of spin-offs with sister Kourtney, following her stint on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Another thing the two have in common is that they are both smoking hot!

When The Bella twins first debuted they were somewhat difficult to tell apart. However, since that time Nikki had some figure flattering enhancements that have made her stand out a bit. She even caught the eye of WWE's top star John Cena, who she is currently dating. If curves are your thing, you will most certainly appreciate Nikki Bella.

14 Mandy Rose

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Someone needs to put a sign outside of Rose's locker room to warn folks about the dangerous curves ahead. Rose has also appeared on E! TV's Total Divas reality show. If you haven't got a chance to check out WWE's developmental program NXT, Rose is an excellent reason to do so. Should she ever be able to get her skills in the ring to match her beauty, the WWE will most certainly have a major star on their hands. When one of best bodies in pro wrestling finally debuts on the main roster, it's sure to generate a ton of buzz. Rose is someone fans could be seeing a great deal more of in the future. Kardashian may need to hit the gym if she wants to keep up with this future star. If you interested in seeing more of Rose check out 15 Hot Pictures Of NXT Women You NEED To See.

13 Brooke Adams

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Though she is probably better known for her stint TNA wrestling as Brooke Tessmacher, Brooke Adams performed in WWE's ECW brand briefly 2007. Adams also had some success on the reality television show The Amazing Race, where she and her now ex-boyfriend Robbie E finished 4th overall. Adams is known for her ample size booty, which she never seemed to be shy about shaking. This may have been why she featured in Rapper Dorrough's video for his song entitled "Bounce Dat". She is one of the few women out there who can rival Kardashian's rear. Who know's maybe she'll show up in one of Kanye West's video's some day.

12 Alexa Bliss

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The Wicked Witch of the WWE is sporting a pretty healthy backside these days. Alexa Bliss recently regained the WWE Smackdown Women's Championship she had lost to the now-injured Naomi, proving she certainly hasn't lost any of her competitive spirit and charm. Bliss has had a breakout 2017 thus far and is arguably the hottest female on the Smackdown roster in more ways than one. Though she hasn't yet made her reality television debut, finding an excuse to get Bliss on television more often, hardly seems like a bad idea. The tiny blonde from Ohio may have a few assets that may make the reigning queen of reality TV, just a little jealous.

11 Torrie Wilson

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The former fitness model from the attitude era ranks high on WWE's list of all time beauties. In fact, she is featured in Bombshells: Top 15 Hottest Blondes In WWE History, which probably comes as little surprise. Despite never being an outstanding in-ring performer, Wilson's beauty alone was enough to compel WWE to keep her on the roster for several years. She even graced the cover of Playboy magazine in an extremely revealing pictorial. Even now, in her early 40's Wilson is one of the best-looking women around. Kim K can only hope to age as well as this former WWE superstar.

10 Trish Stratus

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You won't find too many lists that involve beautiful women in pro wrestling, that don't feature Trish Stratus, nor should you. You could easily write an entire article chronicling the highlight and lowlights of her career. If that's something that interests you then check out 7 Photos Of Trish Stratus They Want You To See And 8 They Don’t. Stratus was a Diva who has known for her curves. It would have been tough to find a woman who was built better than she was in her prime. The proud Canadian still looks great today, though she has a bit of a trimmer figure. Stratus in her prime could have easily matched physiques with the Armenian reality princess.

9 Stephanie McMahon

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If you're surprised to see Stephanie McMahon on the list, then you clearly haven't seen the shots from her fitness video. The Billion Dollar Princess is built like a comic book hero. Granted, she has had some enhancements, but that was practically a requirement in the era when she rose to prominence. Many who have watched Stephanie McMahon grow up on screen would agree she may look better now than she ever has. The WWE's Chief Brand Officer not only has a body that's more than comparable to Kardashian's, she also has the type of business experience almost any woman would envy.

8 Kelly Kelly

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During her run with the WWE, no one could do a bikini shot quite like the most redundantly named diva of all time. Though Kelly was a bit on the slimmer side, it's unlikely she ever received any complaints do to a lack of curves. Her featured segment Kelly's Expose remains one of the more memorable segments of WWE's failed ECW relaunch. She was interviewed backstage during a recent episode of Monday Night Raw, so there's chance WWE fans haven't seen the last of her. This is one WWE Diva Kimmy doesn't want to stand next to in a bikini on the beach.

7 Stacy Keibler

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Though she is probably best known for her signature long legs, Keibler wasn't hurting in the curves department either. It's easy to see why shows like Dancing With Stars were eager to have her as one of their cast members. Keibler was also a professional cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens, so she already knew how to charm a crowd prior to entering the world of professional wrestling. She showed glimpses of athleticism during some of her matches, but never fully committed to becoming an in-ring performer. If she had, it's possible she could have been an even bigger star. Kardashian may have a little more junk in the trunk, but Keibler has a super model figure.

6 Melina

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Here's a former Diva WWE doesn't reference much these days. Melina didn't have any success in her reality TV debut when she was eliminated in the very first round of WWE's reality show Tough Enough 3. Although she didn't win the contract that was offered to the show's winner, she went on to have an excellent run with the WWE. She also had one of the sexiest ring entrances with her signature split underneath the bottom ring rope. Melina had the perfect blend of athletic ability and stunning good looks. To say this flexible diva is as sexy as Kim Kardashian, doesn't fell like too much of a stretch. Even if Melina wasn't quite as successful with the whole reality TV thing.

5 Eva Marie

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Eva Marie is yet another Total Divas alumni who made the list. I'm starting to think there might be a correlation between being a sexy young woman and being featured in a reality television show, but it's probably just my imagination. Marie has struggled a bit to find her place in the WWE. She doesn't have the natural athleticism or mic skills that are generally required to be successful in pro wrestling. However, she does have an outstanding physique, which may account for why the company has been so patient with her. Say what you will about Eva Marie, but it's hard to imagine anyone pulling off the bright red hair quite so well... even Kim Kardashian.

4 Eve Torres

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The WWE wasn't the first professional organization to take notice of this sizzling star. Prior to her run in the WWE, Torres performed as a member of NBA's Los Angles Clipper's Dance Squad. Besides being easy on the eyes Torres is also a skilled Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner who currently holds a purple belt. She's also married to Rener Gracie from the famous Gracie Jiu-Jitsu family. She is currently the head instructor for the Gracie women's self-defense program. It's no surprise with a figure like hers she was featured in an issue of Muscle and Fitness Magazine. You may be able to argue that Kim K has better curves, but there's no argument as to who would win on the Jiu-Jitsu mat.

3 Maria Kanellis

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Maria Kanellis has quite a bit of reality television experience in her own right. Many folks may already be aware of her appearance on Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice. However, she also appeared on another reality show in 2004, called Outback Jack. No, this has nothing to do with the 80s wrestler who went by the same name. The show featured 12 women trying to win the heart of an Australian underwear model named Vadim Dale. While Kanellis was unable ultimately win Dale's affection, she did come in 3rd overall. Kanellis would go to eventually marry TNA wrestling star, Mike Bennet. Dale, on the other hand, would go on to marry the show's eventual winner, Natalie Franzman. I guess it worked out for everyone in the end. If a hottie like Maria Kanellis couldn't seal the deal with the Aussie, it kind of makes you wonder how another reality star, Mrs. Kardashian West, would have faired in the Outback?

2 Mickie James

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Mickie James has been one of the hottest women in wrestling for well over a decade now and never really seems to get enough credit. She's positioned by WWE as a sort of savvy veteran type character but she looks as good as any of the young newcomers on the Smackdown roster.She's also had some success as a country music singer, an industry where looking good never hurts. When it comes to curves the native of Richmond, Virginia is no slouch. James is in such good shape she was even asked to be a guest trainer for an episode of Celebrity Fit Club Boot Camp. Mickie James country style is a stark contrast to Kimmy's more citified persona. I suppose it's all a matter of preference really.

1 Candice Michelle

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Despite her ample bosom, Candice Michelle's career in WWE was anything but a bust. She became the first WWE Divas Search participant to win the women's the world title, despite not actually winning the contest. She was also in a Super Bowl ad, posed for Playboy, and even appeared on the hit television show Project Runway. Not bad for a girl who started out modelling at a local skating rink. In 2007 Michelle has even made the list of AskMen.com's "100 Most Desirable Women". Is Michelle more curvaceous than TV's most famous reality star? You be the judge.

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