15 WWE Feuds We WILL See In 2017 Whether We Like It Or Not

With less than two months having concluded in 2017 as of now, a number of feuds are still yet to come for the year within the WWE. A number of these feuds will include those not on WWE's main roster and others will include those not even signed within WWE - not as of yet, anyway. Many of these feuds will be welcomed, but perhaps just as many will not, leading the audience to groan in boredom and annoyance. In addition, a number of these feuds will be rivalries that fans have already seen on a number of occasions (for the love of God, no one wants to see another John Cena and Randy Orton feud, not even the leader of the "Cenation" or the "Apex Predator" themselves). Most excitedly, though, we're hoping for some first-time feuds that will lead to some awesome matches between our favorite WWE stars.

Here, we take a look at fifteen WWE feuds we will see in 2017 whether we like it or not.

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15 Sasha Banks vs. Bayley

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The likelihood of finding a number of individuals that are opposed to seeing the "Legit Boss" Sasha Banks and the "Legit Hugger" Bayley feuding once again is rather slim. If the feud between the two in NXT taught fans anything it's that the Boston, Massachusetts native Banks, and San Jose, California native Bayley, have chemistry that is unparalleled. Not to forget, the two gave fans a number of captivating moments in their initial feud such as fighting in the first ever women's ironman (or iron woman, take your pick) match, Banks stealing the headband of Bayley super fan Izzy (leading Izzy to cry), and receiving match of the year honors from practically any and every publication in 2015 for their inaugural bout at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn. This is a well welcomed feud.

14 Samoa Joe vs. Finn Balor

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The wrecking ball, or better put, the "Destroyer" that is Samoa Joe debuted with a bang on Monday Night Raw when he legitimately sidelined Seth Rollins. Playing off the injury, Samoa Joe put his own spin on Rollins slogan of "redesign, rebuild, reclaim" by adding "re-injure" to the end of Rollins slogan as Joe had injured Rollins surgically repaired knee. Joe may or may not feud with Rollins, as Rollins looks to have all of his focus on a certain fourteen-time WWE Champion at the moment. Joe has history with another Raw talent who is currently sidelined as well by the name of Finn Balor. Balor can look to exact revenge Joe as Joe was the one to end Balor's record setting 292 day NXT Championship reign that still stands today. Fans certainly wouldn't complain about seeing the "Destroyer" and the "Demon King" going at it on the main roster.

13 Roman Reigns vs. The Undertaker

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Fans were noticeably nothing short of appalled when Roman Reigns came out in the thirtieth slot at the 2017 Royal Rumble. Fans were even angrier once Reigns took out The Undertaker. The seeds for a feud between WWE's resident "Big Dog" and WWE's "Phenom" were planted. Furthermore, rumors have circulated that 'Taker's final match would be at WrestleMania 33 and if his dismal performance at the Royal Rumble is any indication of what he has left in the tank, it certainly should be his final match. WWE is hellbent on Reigns being the face of its company despite fans bombarding him with boos. As a result, look for Reigns and The Undertaker to face off at 'Mania with this match being the passing of the torch with Reigns putting an end to 'Taker's career.

12 Nia Jax vs. Bayley

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The seeds of a feud between Nia Jax and Bayley have already been planted as the two have gone at here and there in the past since the beginning of 2017. Most prominently, Bayley got the upper hand over Jax when she came out victorious over the Samoan in a number one contender's match. The stakes are even higher if the two were to feud now as Bayley has newly been crowned Raw Women's Champion by way of defeating Charlotte. Jax is in the midst of a push and her frequently getting the best of former three-time Raw Women's Champion Sasha Banks is concrete evidence to this claim. Jax serves as the monster heel in Raw's Women's Division; Bayley serves as the lovable underdog babyface. This feud sells itself as fans will be firmly against Jax and firmly for Bayley.

11 AJ Styles vs. Baron Corbin

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AJ Styles is arguably the most beloved superstar on the WWE roster despite him playing the role of a heel. Baron Corbin is likely the most polarizing superstar on the WWE roster with most either vehemently detesting the former NFL player and others feverishly behind the "Lone Wolf". Regardless of which side of the fence you stand on, it's no secret that Corbin is in the midst of a push and has a legitimate chance at becoming the number one heel on Smackdown. How exactly can Corbin assure that he becomes the top heel on Smackdown? Simple, he feuds with the "Phenomenal One", AJ Styles. Styles could turn face at the snap of a finger and if you were a casual viewer you'd likely assume Styles was a face based on his crowd reaction. Corbin gets hoarded with boos night in and night out. This feud significantly helps Corbin get to the next level.

10 Austin Aries vs. Neville

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The self-proclaimed "King of the Cruiserweights", Neville, has recently claimed his rightful spot at the top of the Cruiserweight Division by way of defeating Rich Swann for the Cruiserweight Championship. Since the Cruiserweight Championship was reintroduced in September of 2016, the belt has seen four champions including Neville (with the other three being TJ Perkins, Brian Kendrick and the forenamed Rich Swann). Quite frankly, no Cruiserweight has been able to establish himself as the top dog for a long time, with Swann's sixty-one day being the longest. Enter Austin Aries. Currently sidelined, Aries could play the role of the perfect foil for Neville as he's a more renown name (unlike Kendrick, Perkins or Swann) from his days in TNA as well as on the independent circuit.

9 The New Day Implodes

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Having put together a record setting 483 day reign, the likes of Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods still remain one of, if not the most over pairings in WWE today. However, the trio hasn't been able to reclaim their titles since dropping them in December of 2016 and remain largely out of the tag belts conversation today. Titus O'Neil previously declared Woods as the weak link of the group, and while Woods proved to get the better of O'Neil, O'Neil's statement wasn't exactly inaccurate. Moreover, Woods frequently was the member of the trio that would least participate in in ring action. Perhaps the way for the New Day to finally implode is for Woods to lose a number of matches for the group. Maybe this is how it occurs and maybe it is not; but, make no mistake, the New Day will break apart.

8 American Alpha vs. The Revival

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At the moment, this may look like a little bit of a stretch considering that the Revival isn't even on the main roster. On the surface, who within the NXT ranks has paid their dues more so than the duo formerly known as the Mechanics, Dash and Dawson? Dash and Dawson have been in NXT since 2014 and are not only one of the promotion's most polished tag teams in NXT, but in WWE point blank. Not to forget, the Revival has already put on a stellar feud with American Alpha down at Full Sail University. To further help the Revival's cause is that Smackdown is severely lacking a top heel tag team. Look for the Revival to debut on the blue brand shortly after WrestleMania and for them to feud with Gable and Jordan once again except in the big leagues this go around.

7 Alexa Bliss vs. Mickie James

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The current pairing between Alexa Bliss and Mickie James has provided for an intriguing partnership with James showing a liking towards Bliss for being unlike the other women of the Women's Revolution. To add on, James has stated that Bliss has been the only woman from the Women's Revolution to acknowledge James accomplishments during her heyday in WWE close to a decade prior. While the two are currently on the same page, all good things must come to an end and this pairing is no different. With Bliss currently playing the role of the alpha and James playing the role of the beta, James will only stand pat for so long. Let's not forget, James has quite the crazy persona (just ask Trish Stratus), and it's where she thrives best.

6 Bray Wyatt vs. Luke Harper

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Luke Harper looks to have finally defected from the Wyatt Family as the group's ringleader, Bray Wyatt, sided with the group's newest member, Randy Orton, after a number of quarrels between Harper and Orton. Harper has teamed with John Cena to take on Orton and Wyatt in the past weeks and has garnered a good reaction from the crowd. Wyatt will assuredly face Orton at WrestleMania (despite what Orton may be saying on television - never trust a viper!), and possibly for the following months as well. But, Harper will be lying in wait. It isn't a matter of if Harper and Wyatt are embattled in a one on one feud; it's a matter of when the two are embattled in a one on one feud.

5 Shinsuke Nakamura vs. AJ Styles

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With Samoa Joe recently departing NXT for the main roster and appearing on the flagship show, Monday Night Raw, Shinsuke Nakamura is the indisputable top dog currently within NXT. Nakamura, recently dropped the NXT Championship to Bobby Roode, making it the second time he's lost the belt, with the first coming against the aforementioned Joe. In order to balance out the star power on both of WWE's shows, look for Nakamura to appear on Smackdown. Nakamura is often applauded as one of, if not the world's best wrestler. Know who else is frequently applauded as such as well? A guy by the name of AJ Styles. This feud seemed unfathomable less than a year ago; in 2017 it will become reality to no one's displeasure.

4 Finn Balor vs. Seth Rollins

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Fans received a taste of a Finn Balor and Seth Rollins feud when the two battled for the newly introduced vacant WWE Universal Championship at SummerSlam in 2016. While Balor came out victorious, there was never really a feud between the two as Balor suffered a shoulder injury that currently still has him on the shelf. Instead, fans saw a fantastic matchup between the two, but they didn't see an actual, lengthy feud between the "Demon King" and "Crossfit Jesus". The two are amongst the company's best workers and WWE knows this is a money feud especially considering Rollins is responsible for putting Balor out of action. Balor wants redemption for Rollins ending his reign not by defeating him, but by injuring him and Rollins wants to prove he can slay the "Demon King". This is a feud that has the potential of being an instant classic.

3 Dana Brooke vs. Charlotte

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Filling the role of Charlotte's protege, friction between the blonde haired Dana Brooke from Cleveland, Ohio and the blonde haired Charlotte from Charlotte, North Carolina isn't something that fans haven't seen on a number of occasions already. Yet, Brooke hasn't ever fully followed through on separating herself from Charlotte and still serves as Charlotte's on again and off again protege. The problem for Brooke is that her appearances as Charlotte's protege in the past few months have significantly dwindled. This is doing nothing to help Brooke and in order for Brooke to gain some traction she needs to feud with her mentor, Charlotte. This feud is the best way for Brooke to jumpstart her career and solidify herself as a perennial player in Raw's Women's Division.

2 Chris Jericho vs. Kevin Owens

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On the February 13th, 2017 episode of Monday Night Raw, Chris Jericho had planned to show his appreciation for his "best friend", Kevin Owens, by holding a "Festival of Friendship" in Las Vegas, Nevada. KO even got Jericho a gift! However, it was a gift that Jericho would rather have not received as once he had taken a closer look at his new list entitled "The list of K.O.", Jericho saw that his name was present on it. Not only was Jericho's name present, but he was the lone name on Owens list. Owens then viciously attacked Jericho which put an end to the two's bromance. A feud between the two is now inevitable and it occurring in the near future at WrestleMania seems more likely than ever. The two Canadians will now have an opportunity to prove they can be even better foes than they were friends.

1 Randy Orton vs. AJ Styles

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Randy Orton currently plays the role of a heel as a member of the Wyatt Family and AJ Styles also sees himself on the dark side and has seen himself there since May of 2016 when he attacked John Cena along with the Club. Yet, the two of them receive a reaction that would make you think both are faces (especially Styles). With Cena having a number of outside the ring projects, Smackdown is clearly lacking a top babyface. Styles can easily fill that role. Orton has always thrived as a heel and has been better suited playing the role of a sadistic and cunning heel as opposed to a babyface incapable of wrongdoing. Orton and Styles has the billing of a dream feud and it'll simply blow the roof off the place when it actually does come to fruition.

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