15 WWE Legends Who STILL Aren't In The WWE Hall Of Fame

The WWE Hall of Fame and who's in it is always a controversial subject. For years, legends such as Randy Savage and Bruno Sammartino were kept out of the HOF, while guys like Koko B. Ware and Johnny Rodz were inducted.

Eventually, WWE made up with Sammartino and Randy Savage's family, and they were both inducted into the HOF.

Unfortunately though, WWE has a history of letting their own personal issues prevent them from inducting someone who deserves to be acknowledged as one of the company's greatest, and biggest stars. Chyna is probably the most famous example of that.

In some cases, like with Randy Savage, WWE waits too long to repair their relationship with a particular legend and by the time they decide to stop holding a grudge, the Hall of Fame inductee isn't alive to accept the honor.

There are also people who are on relatively good terms with WWE, but, for whatever reason, they're not in the Hall of Fame. It's weird to think that legends such as The Rock, Kurt Angle, Chyna, and The Undertaker still aren't in the Hall of Fame. But, I'm sure they'll all go in at some point in the next five to ten years.

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15 The British Bulldog

via WWE.com

The British Bulldog is one of the most memorable characters in WWE history. Obviously he was never the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, but he did have his fair share of memorable moments during his run there, most notably his match with Bret Hart at SummerSlam '92.

Unfortunately, The Bulldog had his demons, and he passed away long before WWE could've inducted him into their Hall of Fame. He's also one of many who were in The Hart Foundation faction that deserves to be inducted into the Hall of Fame as a singles superstar.

The Bulldog is arguably the most popular European wrestler in WWE history and, if he didn't have his issues outside of the ring, who knows how much he could've accomplished inside the ring? Maybe he would've ended up having a run with the WWE World Title.

14 Owen Hart

via WWE.com

Owen Hart is one of the most beloved superstars in WWE history, and while he wasn't a main-eventer during his career like his brother Bret was, he certainly deserves a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame.

There are a ton of well-known issues that are keeping Owen out of the WWE Hall of Fame and there's no doubt that WWE will put him in as soon as all of those issues are resolved.

If Owen wouldn't have tragically passed away in 1999, he very well could have ascended to the main-event scene in WWE. He had the talent and he had the personality. Hopefully WWE will be able to work out the issues that are preventing him from being in the Hall of Fame at some point in the near future, because WWE fans are itching to see him get inducted.

13 Vader

via sportskeeda.com

Some would say that Vader was a flop during his time in WWE and while he didn't quite live up to the hype during his time there, he definitely wasn't a flop.

One important thing to note here, is that the WWE Hall of Fame isn't really just WWE, as they own everything, including WCW, and Vader was very successful in WCW. He won their World Heavyweight Championship three times and even had a reign as their United States Heavyweight Champion. So, based on that alone, he should have a place in the Hall of Fame.

Vader also made it okay for a big man to do a Moonsault, as he was really the first guy of his size to do a move like that. So he was clearly a great athlete and he was also one of the best heel bullies of his era.

12 Rey Mysterio

via WWE.com

Rey Mysterio may be the most successful little man in WWE history and if it wasn't for his success, guys like Daniel Bryan may have never been given a chance in the company.

Rey winning the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 22 is one of the greatest and most memorable moments in WrestleMania history. So, based on that moment alone, he deserves to be in the WWE Hall of Fame.

He's also one of the most popular characters in WWE history and that's a big factor when WWE is deciding who to induct into the HOF. Rumor has it that WWE is interested in bringing him back for another run and Mysterio himself has said that he'd be interested in going back. So, it's probably only a matter of time before we see him back in a WWE ring and in the WWE Hall of Fame.

11 The Hart Foundation

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If you go back and watch some of the old episodes of Raw from the mid and late 90s, you'll remember just how entertaining and great The Hart Foundation faction was. You'll also see that Bret Hart was one of the greatest heel characters of his era, and maybe of all-time.

Pretty much everyone in The Hart Foundation faction could be a stand alone inductee, which proves how great this group was. Unfortunately their run was cut short due to WWE forcing Bret Hart to go to WCW, but they did make a heck of an impact during their run in the company.

We probably won't see The Hart Foundation get inducted into the Hall of Fame before guys like Owen Hart or The British Bulldog get inducted, which may not be for a while. But, they do deserve to be inducted and they'll definitely get that induction someday.

10 Kane

via WWE.com

During his interview on the Stone Cold Podcast last year, Triple H referred to Kane as "the constant," and if there's ever been a better description for him, then I haven't heard it.

Much like his storyline brother The Undertaker, Kane has been able to change with the times. He started out as a silent monster, then he evolved into a monster with a bit of a personalty, then he changed into the demonic, unmasked Kane, and now, he'll occasionally put the mask back on and turn into The Demon.

Kane has been one of WWE's most reliable top stars ever since he debuted the character in 1997. He's never been a massive draw, but he's always been a top guy, who can fill any spot that WWE needs him to fill. He's definitely a Hall of Fame worthy guy.

9 Sycho Sid

via WWE.com

People like to say that Sid was a horrible in-ring worker, and while that's definitely a valid argument, you can't argue the fact that he was a fantastic promo and that he was actually a pretty big draw during his time in both WCW and WWE.

His mainstream wrestling career ended in a pretty ugly way, when he snapped his leg in half during a match with Scott Steiner in WCW. He's tried to comeback to WWE various times, but due to his age and his not so great history with the company, they never brought him back as a full-time star. He did, however, come back during the brief Heath Slater vs. WWE legends storyline a couple of years ago.

Sid was a big draw during his time in WWE and WCW and he'd be a huge draw for the HOF if WWE ever decided to induct him.

8 Paul Heyman

via WWE.com

Paul Heyman is arguably the greatest manager in the history of professional wrestling and he is, by far, the best talker in WWE today. He fits perfectly with Brock Lesnar, as he makes "The Beast" seem like a larger than life athlete and superstar.

Heyman is also one of the most brilliant minds in wrestling history. He made ECW a cult phenomenon and he was able to get the most out of everyone who worked for him. It's clear that Heyman has all the credentials to be in any wrestling Hall of Fame and he certainly deserves to be in WWE's Hall of Fame.

It's obvious that Heyman will go in at some point, but it probably won't be for a while. Guys typically don't like going into the Hall of Fame when they feel like they still have a lot to offer the company and Heyman unquestionably still has a lot to offer the company.

7 Goldberg

via WWE.com

Goldberg had an incredible impact on the business during the short time that he was in it. He had the majority of his success in WCW, but he did have a pretty good one-year run in WWE.

People will say that Goldberg doesn't belong in the WWE Hall of Fame due to his short run in WWE, but again, you have to remember, the WWE Hall of Fame includes WCW, which is why Sting got inducted this past year. Sting didn't make the Hall of Fame for losing to Triple H and Seth Rollins, he made it for being The Icon in WCW.

I'm not sure if Goldberg will end up getting inducted into the HOF this coming year, but there's a strong possibility that he'll come back and have one more match. Rumor has it that WWE is interested in bringing him back after the brand-split happens next month. So, we could see Goldberg back in WWE sooner rather than later.

6 New World Order

via WWE.com

The New World Order didn't have a big impact during their time in WWE. But, they unquestionably changed the professional wrestling business in the mid-90s. Of course, the redundancy of the nWo storyline is one of the things that killed WCW, but they were one of the biggest acts in pro wrestling history while they were hot.

They could've been a gigantic act once again when they made their WWE debut in February of 2002, but, unfortunately, WWE decided to kill the faction just a couple of months after its debut.

Sadly, the faction will never get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame until Hulk Hogan is re-hired and, even then, they may not get inducted simply because they weren't Vince McMahon's creation and they almost put him out of business. Come on, if The Fabulous Freebirds are in, which they absolutely deserve to be, the nWo has to be in the Hall of Fame.

5 Kurt Angle

via WWE.com

Kurt Angle's relationship with WWE is a big topic in the wrestling world, especially now that he's done with TNA. Will he ever go back to WWE? History says that he will. Hell, even Kurt Angle says that he will. But, sadly that's not his decision to make, that's WWE's, and up to this point, they haven't been interested in bringing Angle back.

Angle is reportedly pretty banged up and if WWE were to bring him back, chances are they wouldn't let him wrestle again. So, that means that they'd bring him back for a Hall of Fame induction and then they'd probably offer him a job as a coach at the Performance Center.

WrestleMania 34 is rumored to be taking place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Angle is a Pennsylvania native. So, he may get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in his home state two years from now.

4 Chyna

via WWE.com

Sadly, Chyna passed away earlier this year at the age of 46 and after several years of being ignored, WWE finally acknowledged her incredible career. To be fair, WWE choosing to not put her in the Hall of Fame was mostly due to her decision-making after she left WWE. She had a ton of personal issues and, on top of that, WWE didn't want to be in business with someone who was involved in the adult industry, which Triple H made abundantly clear when he was on The Stone Cold Podcast.

Sure, WWE is a bit hypocritical for not bringing Chyna back and putting her into the Hall of Fame. But they also have a ton of good reasons for not putting her in as well. But, it does look like they will be inducting her prior to next year's WrestleMania 33 in Orlando, Florida. It's just unfortunate that she won't be able to enjoy the event.

3 The Rock

via WWE.com

The Rock is arguably the greatest WWE superstar of all-time. He's been successful at just about everything in the entertainment world and, even after spending seven years away from WWE, he came back and showed that he would be the best guy on the current WWE roster if he ever chose to come back as a full-time guy.

WWE could be taking WrestleMania back to Miami within the next couple of years and, if they do, then you can bet that The Rock will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. But, for now, he's not in and that's probably his choice.

Personally, I'd expect The Rock to be inducted at some point within the next five years, and his Hall of Fame speech will probably be one of the most epic speeches we've ever seen. It's also not entirely out of the question that The Rock performs in a couple more WWE matches before his induction takes place.

2 The Undertaker

via sportsrants.com

There were rumors that The Undertaker was going to get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame the night before this past year's WrestleMania 32. Obviously that didn't happen and it's unclear exactly when The Deadman will get inducted.

There's a chance that The Undertaker's match against Shane McMahon was the final match of his professional wrestling career and, if it wasn't, he probably has no more than 10 matches left in him. So, his Hall of Fame induction can't be far off. In terms of what he's given the company, few wrestlers have give more or been more loyal to the WWE. The Undertaker deserves to head a Hall of Fame class and be showered with plenty of praise.

Much like with The Rock, I expect that WWE will induct The Undertaker in the HOF within the next couple of years. If it's not over already, his in-ring career is just about over. So there's no need to wait on this one.

1 Vince McMahon

via Forbes.com

There's no one more deserving of a Hall of Fame bid than Vince McMahon. But sadly, he probably won't allow himself to be inducted while he's still alive. At the very least, he won't be inducted into the HOF until he retires, which may be never.

Sure, Vince has lost a bit of his touch over the last couple of years, but he is responsible for some of the greatest moments / things in WWE history. He's the man who created WrestleMania. He was possibly the greatest heel in the history of wrestling. The list goes on and on.

While many would claim that Vince has a huge ego that he loves to inflate by including himself into storylines, but he's decided to not induct himself and we commend him for not making any Hall of Fame class about him, but about the stars that helped him get there.

Hopefully we'll see Vince get inducted before he passes away, but unfortunately, I don't think he'll ever allow that to happen.

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