15 WWE On-Air Interviews That Were Absolutely Insane

Building up WWE storylines is often done through live interviews. These interviews are great ways for stars to show their character, build up tension, and showcase their trash-talking skills. While it's great to drop a verbal pipe bomb on opponents, sometimes things get a little physical. As emotions build, things can quickly take a turn for the worse. These moments can provide more entertainment and more action than just simply using words.

In this article, we relive some of the craziest interview moments in WWE history. This includes attacks on the interviewers, sneak attacks from other Superstars, and some crazy real-life moments. Many of these moments have become more memorable than some of the matches that would follow. Backstage brawls, shocking moments, and surprising twists that include WWE Superstars like CM Punk, John Cena, Vader, Brock Lesnar, Andre the Giant, and Kane.

These moments showcase how well a story can be built through small moments and go beyond just a war of the words. The next time a WWE Superstar picks up a microphone, you can look forward to many moments like these. It's one of the main reasons why Superstars like Chris Jericho, Dean Ambrose, and The Miz still host their own talk shows on WWE programs like SmackDown and Raw. A good verbal promo is just as important as in-ring talent nowadays. Thankfully, most of these clips have a bit of both, enjoy!

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15 Brock Lesnar's Rag Doll

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With Paul Heyman by his side these days, Brock Lesnar doesn't have too many words to offer on the mic. Josh Mathews quickly realized this in just a few weeks after Lesnar's shocking return to the WWE. As Lesnar arrived at the arena late for a John Cena contract signing, he was confronted by former WWE personality Josh Mathews.

After trying to get by Mathews multiple times, Lesnar finally had enough. He slammed Mathews against a WWE production truck and then followed it up by throwing him like a rag doll against some fenced-in WWE Raw backdrops. The scene was a great way to showcase's Lesnar's unforgiving brutality for his return to the WWE. Mathews wouldn't be in the WWE for too long after this attack.

14 JR Gets Set on Fire

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Kane's unmasking unleashed a whole new monster in The Big Red Machine. A week after Kane unmasked for the first time, Jim Ross was granted an exclusive interview with the emotionally damaged Superstar. Despite warning signs throughout the interview, Ross continued to push Kane, asking him tough questions and building up his anger.

As Kane's anger boiled over, things took a turn for the worse. Kane brutally attacked JR before he throwing him down to the ground. He then proceeded to douse the star in gasoline before setting him on fire. The interview ended as Kane walked away and JR's flames were extinguished. It was one of Jim Ross's most memorable interviews and not the only time he was attacked by a WWE Superstar.

13 The Showstopper Meets Jericho

Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels had a long-running feud in the WWE. Many people thought that feud ended at WrestleMania XIX, but it would start up again in 2008. Jericho had to make a statement to start this feud. This statement would be planned out during a special segment of his Highlight Reel talkshow. During the segment, Jericho accused Michaels of cheating and faking injuries. Jericho then finally had enough, attacking Shawn Michaels and smashing his face against the Highlight Reel television screen.

Glass shattered in the ring as Michaels was bloodied up and the feud was officially started up once again, this time up a couple of notches from their previous encounter. This was the start of a classic feud that included a ladder match, street fight, and a classic one-on-one battle. The moment was replayed for many weeks after it happened and created a memorable WWE Raw moment.

12 The Brothers of Destruction Cause... Destruction

One of the toughest tag teams in WWE history has to be The Brothers of Destruction. The Undertaker and Kane's early origins occurred when Vince McMahon hired them for protection. During an episode of Sunday Night Heat of all things, the brothers were interviewed by Michael Cole about a match against Stone Cold Steve Austin. As Kane used his voice box to speak, they were attacked by the force of Mankind, Ken Shamrock, and The Rock.

The three-on-two battle quickly turned violent as Mankind used a trashcan and the brothers grabbed any weapon that they could. As Shane McMahon provided entertaining commentary, Vince McMahon came in to try and stop the chaos. The brawl was great and finally ended when both The Undertaker and Kane pulled out sledgehammers. The three enemies retreated as Vince laid knocked out on the ground.

11 A SmackDown Fallout

The web-exclusive SmackDown and Raw fallout clips are typically short interviews with WWE Superstars that take place after matches or live WWE segments. Neville's appearance on a Fallout segment in 2015 helped create one of the more memorable web-exclusive moments. During the interview, Neville talked about his new tag team partner for SummerSlam, Stephen Amell. Before he could express all of his feelings, Neville was surrounded by his SummerSlam opponents; King Barrett and Stardust.

As Barrett held Neville back, Stardust delivered a classic promo, showcasing how great his character was, for a period, after he separated himself from the Goldust character. Stardust ended his promo with an attack on Neville to help build up their SummerSlam battle. It's too bad the Fallout videos do not have more great moments like this one.

10 Sid's Live Gaffe

Whether you knew him as Sid Justic, Sid Vicious, or Sycho Sid, the man who was a force in the ring wasn't so great on the microphone. He's had multiple screw-ups on the mic, especially during live television. One of his worst WWE interviews was a backstage segment which saw him suffer one the worst promo botches in WWE history.

As Sid tried to impose fear into his opponent, he didn't like his delivery at the start of the interview. Sid took a step back and asked to start over. Without missing a beat, Jim Ross informed him that it was live television and you could see the embarrassment in Sid's eyes. He stepped right back up to the mic and tried to finish the interview, but by this point the whole thing just fell flat.

Sadly, that video has been removed from YouTube, but his problems persisted for Sid in WCW when he claimed to have "half the brain" of Nash and Hall. So you can see that video for yourselves in the video above.

9 Andre's Loss For Words

Andre the Giant often relied on Bobby “The Brain” Heenan to speak for him in the WWE. At WrestleMania IV, he got a chance to speak on his own by getting interviewed by comedian and actor Bob Uecker. Andre went on and on about Hulk Hogan in the interview, but Uecker was really focused on the closeness of Andre.

When Uecker requested that Andre remove his hand off his shoulder, Andre didn't take it so lightly. Andre proceeded to choke Uecker in a classic WrestleMania moment that is played on several video packages. This was a funny and crazy moment that featured the classic backstage WrestleMania interview set. This set should be brought back for future events as it creates a great interview atmosphere and is the scene for so many classic promos.

8 America Gets Burned

One of the more shocking heel turns in WWE history occurred when Sgt. Slaughter turned on America and sided with Saddam Hussein during the Gulf War. To make this heel turn convincing, Slaughter took part in several controversial interviews where he trashed America and truly made the crowds angry.

One of his more memorable heel interviews was during the build of a feud against Hulk Hogan. As Slaughter hated on Hogan and America, Hogan's trademark yellow shirt hung from a pole like a flag. Slaughter then proceeded to burn the shirt in a move that was seen as a metaphor for burning the American flag. The moment really pushed their feud to new levels and helped build the American spirit for anyone watching at home or cheering on in arenas.

7 The OG Piper's Pit

WWE interviews wouldn't be where they are today without Roddy Piper. Piper introduced the world to WWE talk shows with his classic Piper's Pit. The original moment where Piper's Pit really took off was when he invited Jimmy Snuka onto the show. Piper spent several minutes mocking Snuka before things took a physical twist.

It's the classic moment that has been replayed for years; Roddy Piper grabbed a coconut and smashed it over Snuka's head. The attack wouldn't end there. Piper proceeded to knock his whole set down and the two brawled for a little bit before Snuka was left laying knocked out. The moment has been referenced and duplicated many times in WWE history, but nothing quite reaches the same emotional level as that original moment.

6 Shattering a Friendship

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The smashing coconut is an iconic moment and it rivals another attack for one of the most memorable interviews gone wrong. Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake randomly got his own WWE talk show named “The Barber Shop.” It was here that Beefcake decided to invite The Rockers to his set. The Rockers had been going through turmoil for several weeks and now they would have a chance to confront each other in front of the live WWE crowd.

Shawn Michaels showcased his ability to become a singles star as he berated Marty Jannetty and then officially ended their tandem by throwing Marty through a glass window. The crowd was shocked as Jannetty hung through the shattered glass and Michaels showed no remorse for his violent actions.

5 JR Gets to Know Mankind

When you're a great announcer like Jim Ross, you will get the chance to have many exclusive interviews with WWE Superstars. One interview that he probably regrets is with Mankind in 1997. Just like he did with Kane, Ross pushed Mankind for answers about his violence, split personality, and the way he acts in the ring.

Setting off Mankind was a huge mistake. His anger quickly built and he got right into Ross's face. Ross was finally kept quiet as Mankind shoved The Mandible Claw into Ross's mouth and choked the man down to the ground. The crew all left the scene as the attack continued and Ross was seemingly left unconscious. This was a great moment in Mankind's career before he turned into the goofy character that would replace the claw with a sock.

4 CM Punk's Lost Opportunity

CM Punk's early reign as World Heavyweight Champion would come to a quick end. The rising Superstar even lost his chance to defend the title thanks to an interview gone wrong. The odds were already against him as he was scheduled for a WWE Championship Scramble Match against five other competitors.

Punk would never make it to the ring. During a backstage interview, Punk was confronted by Orton. An attack followed and with the help of Legacy, Punk was beat down. Orton ended the attack with a violent boot to the head. The boot caused Punk to be forced out of the match. The attack showcased that anything can happen in the WWE despite how unfair it was to Punk. Later in the night, Chris Jericho would go on to win the relinquished title.

3 Cena's Attack on Grisham

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John Cena typically follows the rules of a good guy. He follows the rules and his personal mantra of Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect. This is why it was so surprising when Cena randomly attacked WWE interviewer Todd Grisham. Cena was supposed to have the night off when he decided to bombard the ring and confront Grisham. Todd tried to ask Cena some questions, but Cena took the mic and complete control of the moment.

Before the attack, Cena delivered a long promo talking about crazy happenings in the WWE and how everything feels upside down. He kept the theme going by randomly attacking Grisham, leaving the interviewer laying flat on the mat. This small moment showcased a potential heel turn for Cena, but nothing really came from it.

2 Wrestling is REAL to Vader

International tours are an important way for WWE Superstars to reach new audiences and make an impact around the globe. Along with live shows, the wrestlers must appear on local television shows to talk about future matches. Sometimes the translation and understanding of language can create awkward moments. This is exactly what happened when Vader and The Undertaker appeared on a talk show in Kuwait.

After answering a few normal questions, the interviewer took things too far by asking if wrestling was fake. This instantly pissed off Vader as he talked about how disrespectful the host was being. If things weren't awkward enough, Vader flipped a table and grabbed the reporter by his neck. The real-life incident led to Vader getting charged with assault and being forced under house arrest.

1 Randy Orton is NOT Fragile

WWE Superstars do not enjoy pranks all that much, especially Randy Orton. He proved this while promoting a tour in Mexico. As WWE Champion, Orton was doing a lot of interviews. Most of them went really well until he was confronted by comedic interviewer El Furby.

El Furby decided to bring up Orton's past injury troubles. Everything seemed fine until El Furby referred to Orton as “fragile.” You could see the anger boil up in Orton's face. He then got physical by grabbing the interviewer's glasses and challenged him to see how fragile he really was. The moment was intense and you could tell how scared El Furby really was. Orton was able to take a moment and calm down before storming off and ending the interview early.

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