15 WWE Photos Vince McMahon Wishes Didn't Exist

Despite being the number one wrestling promotion in the world, it’s fair to say that WWE hasn't always hit the mark when it comes to being the most morally sound company. From in ring controversies to behind the scenes issues, plenty of things have happened over the years that have led us to believe Vince McMahon will forever be trying to invent a time machine in order to prevent several notable things from ever happening.

Still, you can't run away from the past and that's why we're here to peel back the curtain on some of the shameful photos that represent bad moments from the past. Of course, some of these are more extreme than others and we’re being quite loose with the word ‘shameful’, so you can expect some random selections here and there.

We all know that Vince McMahon is an incredibly powerful individual, but unfortunately, that power can sometimes be misplaced. The debate will forever rage on as to whether or not he’s a genius and whilst some of these don’t even really have anything to do with him, his involvement is there if you look hard enough.

15 Bray Breaks Character

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Let’s not beat around the bush here: Bray Wyatt, as a performer, has been screwed over one too many times by the WWE and more specifically, Vince McMahon. This is a guy who should’ve had at least one sizeable run as world champion by now, and yet his only WWE title reign was used as nothing more than a way to get the belt back on Randy Orton.

But, whilst his character may have taken several beatings over the years, nothing is ever going to be quite as damaging as the following image.

You see, there are no words to describe how frustrating and bizarre it is to see Bray Wyatt doing this kind of pose alongside Stephanie McMahon and Renee Young. We wish we could explain it, but we physically and mentally can’t.

14 It’s Always Sunny

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Everyone loves a good "trash" story from time to time, and we here at TheSportster aren’t here to disappoint. So then, we thought it’d be best to drag up the age-old rumours of the fling between Shawn Michaels and Sunny that allegedly took place back in the '90s. Yup, we’re going to open that door.

Sunny, who was once known as The Original Diva, has detailed what she believes happened between herself and The Heartbreak Kid many times now. It’s a scandal that tends to be swept under the rug more often than not, but it’s exactly the kind of backstage behaviour that represents why McMahon hated Shawn for all those years. Plus, and we can’t stress this enough, Sunny is a mess right now.

13 The AJ Seduction

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AJ Lee is, without question, the woman who really brought relevancy back into the women’s division, or the Divas Division as it was called back then. Some people will argue that the NXT era was the biggest component behind that change, but in reality, the work that Lee was doing on Monday Night Raw and beyond helped to change the perception of "Divas."

Unfortunately, she hasn’t been seen in a WWE ring ever since she decided to follow in her husband CM Punk’s footsteps by leaving the company for pastures new. So then, Vince probably won’t enjoy this wardrobe malfunction that reminds him of everything that AJ sacrificed for the business. Old wounds sting the hardest, and for Vince, he’ll forever be rueing the day that he wronged the Best in the World – at least, we hope.

12 Jerry Lawler

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Jerry "The King" Lawler is the definition of a wrestling icon, despite the fact that he never managed to win the big one in the WWE. His work down in Memphis stands the test of time and whilst he’s better known to WWE fans for his commentary work, it’s worth noting that Lawler has dedicated many years of his life to the business and he deserves to be appreciated for that.

However, that commitment almost cost him his life back in 2012 when he had a heart attack on an episode of Raw, not long after he’d had an actual match earlier the night. This disturbing photo represents that terrifying moment and whilst we do apologise for showing it to you, it’s even more revolting that the WWE themselves would release it.

11 Chyna Appears

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It’s often difficult to talk about wrestlers who are no longer with us, and that’s especially true when it comes to the oh so unique Chyna. The former Women’s Champion went through some tough times in the years leading up to her death, and nobody knew that more so than WWE themselves.

So then, the fact that she popped up at WWE’s headquarters probably won’t be an everlasting image that Vinnie Mac wants to take to his grave. There’s probably a great deal of guilt behind the image and, in terms of being shameful, it’ll be hard for the guys behind the scenes to look in the mirror when they realise that they could’ve done oh so much more to help.

We could be wrong, but the proof is in the pudding.

10 It’s Time To Play The Game

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The original incarnation of D-Generation X that featured Shawn Michaels and Triple H was revolutionary. Backed up by The New Age Outlaws, X-Pac, and others, the duo were doing things that were previously unheard of in our industry, and whilst it rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, their antics also helped to ring in a new era within professional wrestling – which, as we all know, was called the Attitude Era.

In our minds, and in the minds of many, that can only be considered a good thing – but it turns out that when they tried to replicate their successes as a duo in 2006, it didn’t go so well. Case and point: find the segment between Triple H and Candice Michelle which this image stems from, and you’ll understand why Vince (and likely Stephanie) would want to erase this footage from the face of the earth.

9 The Curtain Call

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A lot has changed within the wrestling business over the last few decades, but one thing has always remained the same: you don’t break kayfabe under the watchful eye of Vince McMahon. Unfortunately, The Kliq didn’t take that advice all too seriously when they decided to hug it out one last time prior to Scott Hall and Kevin Nash leaving for WCW.

Ironically enough, because of the circumstances, it was Triple H who was reprimanded as his planned push was instead given to Stone Cold Steve Austin. Nowadays it’s somewhat celebrated by the company but when we really think about it, we can’t imagine that Vince wants to remember a time in which his future son-in-law was public enemy number one.

He's got two words for you..

8 Orton’s Head

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It’s not hyperbole to suggest that Randy Orton is one of the greatest wrestlers of his, or any other generation. The master of the RKO has been an ever-present member of the main roster for well over 15 years now and whilst he’s certainly not the man he used to be in the ring, he’s starting to become the company man that the likes of Vince probably always wanted him to be.

With that reputation, however, usually comes a lot of sacrifices – and Randy has had more than his fair share of those. One such example comes from last year’s SummerSlam, where the WWE bizarrely decided to allow Brock Lesnar to bust Orton up the hard way. The final image of The Viper bleeding profusely is one that we won’t forget in a hurry.

7 Taker Joins DX

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We’ve already spoken about the art of maintaining kayfabe once in this article, and nobody understands that more than The Undertaker – for the most part. The Phenom is the epitome of professionalism and time and time again, we’ve seen him lead the company through many hardships and times of struggle.

So then, it’s probably best that we forget he decided to don a DX shirt and pose for a picture alongside Billy Gunn and X-Pac a few years back. Of course, this isn’t exactly the worst form of betrayal that we’ve ever seen, but given how Gunn’s tenure with WWE ended it feels a little bit odd to look back on this moment.

Oh well, at least Taker was able to ride off into the sunset in the best way possible.

Wait a minute...

6 Eric And Steph

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He’s back, and better than ever.

Eric Bischoff’s return to professional wrestling back in 2003 sent shockwaves throughout the world, with everyone from ESPN to the dirt sheets exploding over the news that the former leader of WCW was now joining the dark side with his former foe Vince McMahon. It was something nobody ever expected to see, and when it happened, it was a huge moment.

His tenure itself left a lot to be desired at times, with one moment, in particular, standing out above the rest. We are, obviously, referring to the time that Eric planted a huge kiss on Stephanie McMahon just seconds after wearing a Vince mask. It was an odd moment, to say the least, made even more unusual by the fact that Steph actually seemed to enjoy it.

5 Deep In Conversation

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The relationship between CM Punk and Vince McMahon, as we’ve alluded to already on this list, was stressful at the best of times. The two seemed to have an odd connection that nobody could quite figure out, with some believing that they’re actually quite similar. In a lot of ways you could compare it to Vince & Bret, but we understand why some would disagree with that.

Anyway, in this particular image, you can see the UFC fighter interacting with the boss on quite a personal level. Whilst it’s nothing more than a photo to us, for Vince it’ll represent everything that went wrong during Punk’s tenure with the WWE. He may end up returning one day, but until that moment comes we feel like this is a justified entry.

4 Edge And Lita's Live Celebration

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WWE was a very different place a little over a decade ago, with numerous new stars making their way up the ladder as the company attempted to build up their main event scene with some fresh faces. One such face was that of Edge, who had climbed his way from the bottom all the way up to the top of the card.

As admirable as that is, it’s worth remembering that the Rated R Superstar was involved in some very "controversial" angles during his time as WWE Champion. One such example would be his live sex celebration alongside Lita, and despite how popular it may have been, the fact that children were likely in attendance probably makes it something that the chairman of the board would like to forget.

3 Best Friends Forever

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If you’ve never heard the story of how or why CM Punk left the WWE, then we strongly suggest that you go and listen to his podcast with Colt Cabana. It’s insightful, surprising and at times a little bit difficult to hear, but it also allows you to take a peek inside the mind of the Straight Edge Superstar in order to examine what his mentality was on that famous night in Cleveland.

A big part of what happened came from his frustrations with Triple H, and we’re confident in suggesting that the two still don’t really talk all too much in the present day. So then, this slightly awkward photo of the two sharing a laugh alongside Shawn Michaels is something that is unlikely to flaunted in the public eye anytime soon.

2 Superfly Snuka

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Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka was something of an icon back in his heyday. He had the look, the gimmick and the in-ring prowess necessary to become a legend, and as far as we’re concerned he certainly reached that status. Unfortunately, in recent years, his public image has taken a huge knock in light of some horrific allegations.

The story goes that Snuka supposedly got away with murder a few years back, with his ailing health being a primary reason for that. So then, this shot of him reliving his past glories at WrestleMania XXV (where his son Sim also notoriously botched as the cameraman who failed to catch The Undertaker) probably isn’t something that will feature in all too many WWE highlights packages over the next few years – and from our standpoint, that’s a good thing.

After all, what is life without justice?

1 Katie Vick

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Look, Kane is great. The character itself is a fantastic representation of how interesting the WWE can be at times, and for the better part of 20 years, he has been one of the most consistent performers in all of professional wrestling. We aren’t just saying that because he’s been thrust into the main event of TLC, either.

Unfortunately, nobody has had quite as many issues in terms of poor storylines as Kane has. Case and point: Katie Vick. If you don’t know what we’re talking about then we encourage you to YouTube it, just so that you can fully appreciate the magnitude of how ridiculous this idea was. Honestly, were they drunk when they came up with this?

There's no defending this one, Vinnie.

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