15 WWE Stars That Have It Better At Home Than In The Ring

Pleasing a full roster of performers, both men and women, is no easy task in the world of sports and entertainment. Now more than ever before, the WWE has a huge roster making up four separate brands: NXT, 205 Live, Raw and SmackDown Live. With such a plethora of talent, pleasing every single Superstar is practically unrealistic. No matter how hard you try, it’s inevitable that things won’t go your way at one point in time. That’s just the way the system works.

In this article, we examine 15 names front the massive WWE roster and make a claim on who has it better at home than inside of the ring. Reasons for being better off at home can vary, for one, having nothing creatively can be a legit reason to being better off at home. Second, having a smoking hot wife can also indicate you’re better off at home (David Otunga cough, The Undertaker, cough, Buddy Murphy). Third, some of these wrestlers just might not have the same desire and passion than they once did, leading us to believe they're having a better time at home than in the ring (cough Brock, cough Brock).

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15 The Undertaker


Before you start hurling garbage at your computer screen, hear us out. For a guy Vince didn’t plan on resigning back in 1990, ‘Taker forged an incredible career based off a gimmick that seemed to have an expiration date. However, he created this exhilarating character that spanned three decades sending chills down our spines. Nowadays, at the age of 52, we have reason to believe The Undertaker called it a career for the simple fact that he has it better at home than in the ring.

With an ailing hip injury, and just being older in age, his ring work has taken a hit. Outside of the ring, ‘Taker enjoys life alongside his lovely wife Michelle McCool and their young daughter Kaia Faith Calaway. With that being said, most of us can agree he made the right decision as he seems to be better off at home with his family enjoying his retirement than in the ring. Rest in peace Deadman (Dong hits, end scene).

14 Buddy Murphy

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Nowadays, poor Buddy Murphy’s more so known as the dude that engaged Alexa Bliss leading many to believe that he has it better at home than in the ring. Buddy was doing quite well early on in his NXT run teaming up with partner Wesley Blake down in NXT. The duo was managed by Alexa Bliss and they enjoyed quite the run. After Bliss was pushed all by her lone some, both Blake and Murphy got lost in the shuffle. Today, Murphy is hardly performing on NXT TV usually appearing on live events for the developmental brand instead.

With all that in mind, fans would argue he’s better off at home with his smoking hot 25 year old fiancée. Along with that, he’s a master of the outdoors having backgrounds in rock climbing, bungee jumping and wait for it, swimming with great whales. The dude seems better off at home wouldn’t you say?

13 Kane


In similar regard to The Undertaker, Kane managed to take a short-term gimmick and turn into something great with minor tweaks along the way. The Big Red machine enjoyed quite the career inside the squared circle but today at the age of 49, he’s slowly transitioned into another role that some would claim he’s better off pursuing at this point in the twilight of his career.

Kane is currently running for a mayoral seat in Knox County. Yes, Kane has a mind for politics and was said to be quite brilliant behind his gimmick. Despite the fact that he rarely showed any wit or talking abilities while dawning a mask, he's in fact quite smart and said to be one of the most brilliant minds in the history of the WWE. We can all agree he’s better off at home with his new career path than in the ring as he closes in on the age of 50.

12 Eva Marie


When reading the title of this article, we assume most readers instantly thought of the red headed bombshell that in known as Eva Marie. Some forget, but yes Eva is still very much employed by the WWE. She’s yet to be seen since her suspension which was issued back in the summer of 2016. At this point, we have reason to believe she’s better off at home.

Yes, her talent isn’t the greatest, but, she’s working on a plethora of other projects that should keep her away from the ring for good. She launched her own fashion line, NEW Fashion in 2016 and has been very active in the entertainment world appearing as a guest judge for Miss Teen USA 2016 and, making her film debut in the film Inconceivable. When you mix in her new projects with her in-ring abilities, we can safely admit that she’s better off away from the ring.

11 Summer Rae

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You know things aren’t going so smoothly when your Instagram page has a link to booking inquires. Since being drafted over to Raw, Rae has been sidelined with a knee injury, still, with no timetable for a possible return. Just by looking at her social media accounts like Instagram, we think she’s better off outside of the squared circle with her plethora of stunning professional modelling pictures.

It’s a shame things didn’t work out at this point as Rae showed great potential back in her NXT days as a natural heel that was more than decent character wise. However, it’s quite evident that the ship has sailed and with more and more women rising in the division, Rae’s better off staying at home for good.

10 Aiden English


Known as Matt Marquee during his indie days, English was a rare free agent gem than not only had experience, but also had a rare combat acting education on his resume from his time at Columbia College Chicago. The WWE hoped this would translate into something big.

Unfortunately, it didn’t. English along with his partner Gotch had their 30 seconds of fame down in NXT and that ended once they dropped the titles and immediately got called up while being cold as ice. Vince was never into the gimmick and Simon’s backstage antics would only bury the group even further.

Pretty much working as an enhancement talent nowadays, we’d suggest going home and spending time with his spouse Raquel Diaz would be the best option. We’re not suggesting a release, but maybe, some time off to resurface a new character down in NXT. This is one of the rare entries on the list that can actually save a career by spending time at home as opposed to inside the squared circle.

9 Titus O’Neil

Competing on episodes of WWE Main Event against Big Cass, it’s safe to say that creatively, things aren’t looking too good for Titus at the moment. The Tampa, Florida resident is struggling at the moment and what makes things worse is the fact that he’s set to turn 40 at the end of the month in April.

Known as a family man and brilliant spokesperson for the WWE, we truly believe Titus is better off in the role nowadays. Titus is the proud father of two sons and he won the award for Celebrity Dad of the Year back in 2015. We believe O’Neil might be better off at home taking care of the kids along with being an asset to the WWE as a spokesperson for his charitable work. All and all, his future looks best away from the ring, back at home.


8 Zack Ryder


Quite astonishing to think that Ryder’s still just beginning in his 30s at the age of 31, the guy’s been around the WWE scene for more than a decade now. Ironically, his best stint and rise to fame took place away from the ring on his own YouTube series. The bold decision made him a huge asset but eventually, the popularity died out.

The crowd roared in approval at WrestleMania 32 when he was crowned the IC Champion (literally the only the bright spot of that event), but in typical WWE fashion, the feel good moment ended 24 hours later when The Miz captured the IC Title. Since losing the belt, Ryder is once again irrelevant performing in a lackluster tag team.

He’s now taking time off nursing an injury, but we believe that’s a good thing for the Long Island native. Resurfacing his character is imperative and we believe he’s best off doing so outside of the ring and perhaps by resurrecting his YouTube series while at home, which he seems to be doing. Good call Zack!

7 David Otunga


Thankfully, his in-ring days are over with, but Otunga continues to stick with the company in a role as a commentator. Fans are very critical when it comes to those that speak during the program and Otunga has felt the wrath of that. Fans almost collapsed at the news of Otunga joining Raw’s commentary team, but thankfully, he won’t be joining just yet.

For now, the legend Booker T will be taking on the role as Otunga is currently set to fulfill a film obligation. He remains active in the entertainment industry appearing in several films and TV shows in 2017. Married to popular actress Jennifer Hudson, the consensus of fans would encourage Otunga to pursue a Hollywood career while staying home with his starlet wife. Most would argue, the WWE might be a better place for it.

6 Bo Dallas


Watching his character work down in NXT, we seriously thought Bo was destined to be something special. He was the youngest champion in NXT history and demonstrated terrific qualities as a heel. Once the call up was made, his career went downhill fast. Nowadays, we truly believe he’s having a better time at home with his wife, than in the ring.

Age 26, Dallas still has time to be salvaged and it starts with a complete persona rebuild. Keeping him off TV for a little while would be the best choice, instead of having him constantly lose in pointless matches. With Bray back on Raw, the two joining forces can finally resurrect his career. If that is to work however, he’s better off spending some time at home for a little while making us fans forget about his terrible main roster run thus far.

5 Dana Brooke

With nothing but a background in fitness, Triple H took the chance on Dana signing her to a WWE deal. She made her NXT debut in 2014 and by 2016, she was already on the main roster. Her character has taken a beating since the call up working second fiddle to Charlotte. Flair’s now gone to SmackDown, but it looks like that theme might continue with Emma recently returning to Raw.

At this point, we believe Dana’s better off at home. She has a pro card in the world of bodybuilding which isn’t exactly easy to get and a pretty big deal at that. She placed fifth in the 2017 Arnold Classic International category, leading us to believe she might be better of pursuing that side of her career more intensely with the hopes of winning it all. Either way, whatever she does, time away from the ring seems to be the answer.

4 Xavier Woods


This one might sound a little weird, but we have reason to believe that Xavier has it better at home than in the ring. No, not because of his weird adult antics with the likes of Paige and Brad Maddox, but more so because of his gaming channel which is quite popular on social media. Most of his posts deal with gaming and his YouTube channel is quite popular featuring over one million subscribers which is pretty darn impressive. In case you haven’t heard, the channel is called UpUpDownDown.

Xavier is even said to be playing games backstage during live events, telling us how obsessed he truly is. Looking at the state of the New Day, Xavier might be the odd man out of the three if you evaluate the members based on in-ring talent alone. With that said, a career at home might be better for the New Day star. We understand if you disagree now, but you might not feel the same way in a year from now.

3 Big Show

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Hard to believe that at the age of 45, Big Show looks better physically today than he did a decade ago. Nowadays, Show has been putting in more hours at the gym than inside of the ring undergoing an incredible transformation. We commend the Big Show for his transformation but the feeling is that it’s best he continue to pursue outside of the ring projects at this point.

The “please retire” chants have subsided but we truly believe the feelings and perceptions haven’t changed that much. We’ve seen everything Show has to offer and it’s now time for the next big man to step up. Paul has done his thing and he’s better off at home nowadays serving a different kind of role outside of squared circle.

2 Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman


Nowadays, it’s said to say but one would argue that both Lesnar and Heyman have got it better at home than inside of the ring. Starting with Heyman, Paul is currently on a talent only contract with the WWE. He spends most of his time nowadays working back at home in New York co-owning a talent agency called Looking4Larry.

As for Brock, he’s living the dream away from people living far, far away from the masses in the cold Saskatchewan, Canada climate. Truly, the Beast Incarnate wouldn’t want it any other way. At this point in their careers, both would agree they enjoy their time and have it better at home compared to in the ring. What makes this all so sad is the fact that McMahon continues to invest in such an ideology as Lesnar is the current WWE Universal Champion. It’s going to be fun watching episodes of Raw without a champion... said nobody...ever.

1 Paige

According to Paige, this is likely the truth and the reason why she doesn’t plan on returning to the WWE any time soon. Since she began to date Del Rio, her in-ring time has diminished and injuries further derailed her progress.

Nowadays, Paige is still employed by the WWE by remains far away from the company spending her time with fiancée Alberto Del Rio outside of the ring. The happy couple recently purchased a home together, furthering the fact that she currently has it better at home than in the ring. It’s quite a shame how the entire Paige situation has played out and we likely won’t see Paige in a WWE ring anytime soon. At this point, it seems like her contract will expire with Paige, remaining at home.


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