15 WWE Stars That Make Fans Embarrassed To Admit They Watch Wrestling

These wrestlers make it pretty hard for wrestling fans to admit they like what they see on WWE television.

Let's face it, being a fan of wrestling and the WWE isn't easy. While it's easy to be a proud fan when you're watching a five-star match or someone unleashing a fantastic promo, there is more than enough reasons to feel ashamed.

There is nothing worse when you're trying to convince someone WWE is worth watching only to a have a wrestler make it seem like it's the lamest thing on television. There was a time when it was embarrassing to call yourself a wrestling fan due to the offensive nature of some things seen on WWE television. Did you have fun trying to explain to your friends why wrestling is so great only for the Katie Vick storyline to surface? How about Vince McMahon challenging God to a match? WWE sure has made it hard for us at times. But these wrestlers on our list don't fall on the offensive side - they just don't deliver in certain areas.

Whether it be their wrestling or promo skills, there are certain WWE Superstars that make you ashamed to be a fan. If wasn't for these wrestlers it would be a whole easier to be a WWE fan.

Here are 15 WWE Superstars that make it embarrassing to be a fan.

15 The New Day


You have to give a ton of credit to the members of The New Day. They took a gimmick that seemed to be dead on arrival and turned it into one of the most popular factions in recent memory. While the team remains popular even after three long years together, that doesn't mean they are everyone's cup of tea.

The New Day are definitely more popular with the younger crowd. While some of their antics are genuinely funny, they often can come off as very childish. If you are trying to persuade someone to start watching wrestling, it would be best to not start off showing them The New Day. While there is a chance they can very entertaining, there is also a chance they can be downright embarrassing.

14 Stephanie McMahon


Stephanie McMahon has been appearing on WWE television for almost two decades. You would think with all that experience her acting skills would have improved, but that's not the case. During her on-screen career, the "Billion Dollar Princess" has mostly played a heel. While it's the job for a heel to be hated, Stephanie gets hate for all the wrong reasons.

What makes Stephanie so hard to bear, is the way she overacts. Whenever she is trying to deliver a serious promo, it just comes to as so unbelievable. While we all know wrestling is fake, it's even harder to try and let your mind escape reality when Stephanie gets ahold of the mic. After all these years, maybe it's time for Stephanie to just stay off television.

13 Bray Wyatt


When Bray Wyatt made his main roster debut during the Summer of 2013, it looked like he had the potential to the next big thing. Unfortunately, at this point, it doesn't look like Bray will ever live up to his true potential. While his in-ring skills are perfectly fine, his gimmick could use a huge overhaul.

Not only do most of his promos make little to no sense, Bray has been involved in many terrible angles and he himself he has become an embarrassment. A couple of the lamest angles he has been involved in include him being a hologram as well as him mysteriously transforming into a woman. If you'e introducing someone to wrestling, you'd be wise not to start with Wyatt.

12 Kalisto


There is no doubting the fact that Kalisto is a superbly talented in-ring performer. He may be small in stature but he more than makes up for it with his spectacular high-flying moves. Kalisto had to potential could be the next Rey Mysterio of the WWE, but it's too bad his dreadful mic skills will hold him back.

Kalisto hasn't been given too much time on the mic, which is a good thing for everyone's ears. At the 2016 brand draft, Kalisto gave one of worst promos in wrestling history. He has been given a couple of chances to redeem himself since then but he has continued to drop the ball. For the sake of all WWE fans, Kalisto should never be given a microphone ever again.

11 Brock Lesnar 


You are probably thinking right now, how is Brock Lesnar an embarrassment to wrestling fans? The guy is truly one of a kind. The "Beast Incarnate" is usually worth the price of admission alone. Every time he makes an appearance he is sure to grab the fans attention. The problem is that those appearances are few and far between.

Lesnar currently holds arguably the most important championship in all of the WWE. The fact that you rarely get to see him kind of makes the Universal Championship seem like a bit of a joke. Having your top title being held by a part-timer is embarrassing for WWE fans. What's worse is that his title reign has lasted most of 2017. Fans will almost be relieved when Roman Reigns beats him at 'Mania, which seems to be the plan, because at least the champion will be a full-timer.

10 Enzo Amore


Whether you like him or not, you have to admit that Enzo Amore is a talented performer. His in-ring skills will never steal the show, but they do the job. However, it's his skills on the mic that makes him truly stand out. When Enzo is talking, everyone is always ready to listen.

While Enzo is always entertaining on the mic, he can come off a bit weird. His promos are usually great but half the time the random words coming out of his mouth don't make any sense. His awkward dance moves are also something that can be somewhat off-putting. If a viewer doesn't have a firm understanding of what wrestling is supposed to be, it could be difficult for a fan to explain why Enzo is a star.

9 Curt Hawkins


Curt Hawkins had a solid first run with the WWE from 2007 to 2014. He is best remembered for his time teaming up with Zack Ryder, where the duo won the WWE Tag Team Championships. In the Summer of 2016, it was announced the Hawkins was returning to the WWE. While it wasn't overly exciting news, fans were still curious to see what the WWE would do with him.

As it would turn out, all the WWE had for Hawkins was a terrible gimmick. Hawkins would announce lame Chuck Norris like facts. Not only is his gimmick embarrassingly bad, Hawkins has been nothing short of a jobber since his return. It's a mystery why the WWE brought back Hawkins only for him to be a complete waste of everybody's time.

8 Nikki Bella


In the last couple of years, the Women's Division in the WWE has gone through a huge transformation. No longer is it good enough to just look pretty. All of the top women in the WWE today are fantastic in-ring performers. While the WWE has truly turned a new page, there still a couple of women hanging on from the Divas Era.

The one who in particular sticks out in a bad way is Nikki Bella. While there is no denying that she's easy on the eyes, watching her matches can be painful. While mediocre wrestling was once all that it took to make it to the top of the Women's Division, that no longer cuts it. Nikki Bella is not only an embarrassment for all the other women in the WWE, but all the fans of wrestling as well.

7 Mike Kanellis


Prior to joining the WWE in June of 2017, Mike Kannelis, better known as Mike Bennett, spent years on the independent circuit building up a good reputation. He spent time in many promotions including Ring of Honor, New Japan, and TNA. When he and his wife, former WWE Diva Maria, signed with the WWE, fans were optimistic to see how the couple would be used.

The couple would make their debut at Money in the Bank and it was one of the worst debuts in recent memory. The two came out to one of the most cheesy entrance themes in history, only to cut a very cringe-worthy promo on how much they were in love. Besides a quick feud with Sami Zayn, we thankfully have not seen a whole lot of the Kannelis'.

6 Alicia Fox


With all the talented women that have been released by the WWE in recent years, it surprising that a rather terrible performer in Alicia Fox still has a job. While there was a time when the WWE thought enough of her to give her the Divas title in 2010, she is currently been outperformed by every woman on the roster.

Her in-ring skills range from downright awful to mediocre at best. While her matches are passable, it's her acting skills that earn her a spot on this list. Fox's character is known as a nutcase and often has mental breakdowns. These breakdowns are so cringeworthy to watch it's probably best to put the television on mute when she's on.

5 Shane McMahon


As a wrestling fan, the only real redeeming thing about Shane McMahon is watching his incredible high spots. While his stunts are a sight to see for everyone, including non-wrestling fans, everything else Shane does is just terrible.

His promo skills are average at best. Even when he's delivering a good promo, it's hard not to get distracted by the crazy amount of sweat dripping down his face. However, the most embarrassing thing about Shane is his wrestling skills. While you have to give him credit for being able to pull a decent looking shooting star press, his working punches might be the worst in the business. Not to mention Shane is now in his late 40s and still is treated as a legitimate threat to every full-timer on the roster.

4 James Ellsworth


While James Ellsworth was recently released by the WWE, that doesn't mean he deserves a free pass for the embarrassment he caused in the past year. The guy does deserve a lot a credit turning a one-time appearance into a full-time contract. He's proof that with hard work and determination, dreams do come true.

While his time feuding with A.J. Styles was watchable, the stuff he recently did with Carmella was just plain awful. His portrayal as some wannabe gangster was just hard to watch. His last run as Carmella's whipping boy was even worse. The WWE is a more watchable product now with Ellsworth gone. We're relieved that the rumored storyline of him transitioning into a woman to challenge for the Women's Championship didn't happen.

3 Dolph Ziggler


It's hard imagining that at one point Dolph Ziggler was one of the top guys in the WWE. In recent years, the former two-time World Heavyweight Champion has been treated as an afterthought. Ziggler is clearly 0ne of the more talented wrestlers in the WWE, but his rather dull character has stopped him from once again reaching the top.

The past couple of years have been particularly bad for Ziggler and his character. His feud with Rusev and Lana was by far the worst and most embarrassing WWE storyline of 2015. Ziggler's most recent feud with Bobby Roode has been almost just as hard to watch. Ziggler needs to leave the WWE for the sake of himself and all wrestling fans.

2 Lana


There is no denying the Lana is a super attractive woman. However, pretty much everything else about her is terrible. Her promo skills are mediocre at best. While her wrestling skills could be worse, her matches aren't going to make any new wrestling fans. Lana probably would have fared a lot better on WWE programming had she come around 10-15 years ago, when less emphasis was placed on wrestling skills of female performers.

All the things mentioned above make her hard to watch on television, but by far her worst trait is her fake Russian accent. For someone who is supposed to be an actress by trade, you would think she could do a better job. Her accent just plain laughable, and is definitely not something that would make you a proud WWE fan.

1 Jinder Mahal


If you are someone who isn't the biggest wrestling fan, it's common sense to think that the company's top champion would be one of the more talented wrestlers. With Jinder Mahal, that was simply not the case. Mahal held the WWE Championship for several months despite having not much going for him despite his muscular physique.

Mahal's wrestling skills are average at best and most of his matches ended up being a bore. His promo skills are not any better. While his anti-American promos weren't particularly bad, his unfunny racist like promos on Shinsuke Nakamura were very cringeworthy. When Jinder Mahal comes on screen it might best to turn the channel to avoid embarrassment.

Hopefully you're spared some future embarrassment when watching wrestling with friends.

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