15 WWE Stars Who Can Replace Roman Reigns As The New Face Of The Company

Last week, WWE fans were shocked when it was revealed that Roman Reigns had violated WWE's Wellness Policy and that he would be suspended for 30 days. What Reigns failed for hasn't yet been revealed, but the former WWE Champ has taken full responsibility for the failure.

Prior to the failure, Reigns was being positioned as the new face of World Wrestling Entertainment, and he still may be upon his return. But, previous faces of the company like The Rock, Steve Austin, and John Cena never failed any drug tests. Granted, there wasn't a great deal of drug testing during The Rock and Steve Austin's era, which could be why they never tested positive for anything.

Reigns' drug test failure may end up causing WWE to choose a new face of the company and there's a ton of current WWE stars who would thrive in that position. Who are they? Well, that's what you're here to find out. So, let's get started!

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15 Big Cass

via WWE.com

Big Cass is definitely Vince McMahon's type of guy and it's clear that WWE is planning on making him a huge singles star at some point in the future. They could even begin that transition at next month's WWE draft. Personally, I think that would be a huge mistake because Enzo and Cass are one of the most popular tag-teams on the entire roster.

The fans, for now at least, love Big Cass, and he has one of the most over catchphrases in the entire company. But, the fans could end up turning on him when they break him away from Enzo Amore, much like they did with Roman Reigns after The Shield split up.

Even if he's not positioned as the new face of WWE, he'll end up getting a big singles push at some point in the near future and it'll be interesting to see how the fans react to it when it happens.

14 Big E

via WWE.com

We're staying big here with Big E. Here's a guy with a ton of physical skills and a good deal of charisma. He's really shined in the New Day and WWE could keep him in the three-man faction while they position him as the new face of the company. When WWE called Big E up to the main-roster, they were hoping that they could turn him into a main-event-level singles star, but they initially messed that up.

Do I even have to mention that he has the kind of physique that Vince McMahon is enamored with? Well, I'm going to mention it anyway! So, he has that going for him.

Furthermore, if you've ever seen any of his interviews outside of WWE, he's an extremely likable and funny guy. So, he'd be a great fit in the "face of the company" role if WWE ever decides to put him there.

13 Cesaro

via WWE.com

Cesaro is one of the most underutilized guys on the entire WWE roster. He has great physical skills, he's an incredible worker, and he has great wrestling charisma. Also, him entering the ring wearing a suit is something different and he pulls it off extremely well. He's also one of the company's best, and most natural, babyfaces.

Unfortunately, the WWE chairman doesn't see a whole lot in "The Swiss Superman," which is why he remains as an underutilized talent. In my opinion, Cesaro should've been the WWE World Heavyweight Champion twice by now. But, he's only held a couple of titles and none of them have been THE title.

Everybody who works with Cesaro speaks highly of him and he's also one of the most intelligent men in the WWE locker room. So, wouldn't you want a guy like that to be the face of your company? I know I would.

12 Sami Zayn

via livehdwallpaper.com

Rumor has it that Vince McMahon wants to turn Sami Zayn into the new Daniel Bryan, which is why Zayn has been losing a lot on television. The idea is that his constant losses will get the fans behind him, like they got behind Daniel Bryan. But, the Daniel Bryan thing ended up being an accident, so it may not happen with Zayn if WWE is actually trying to get him over by losing.

Will Zayn ever reach Bryan's level of popularity? It's hard to say. He has a lot of the same qualities as Bryan - he's a likable guy, he's a great worker, he got an independent wrestling start, and he has a good deal of charisma.

Zayn will probably always be loved by the fans and he still has - barring injury - a long career ahead of him. So, if WWE is looking for its new face, Sami Zayn may be the guy they're looking for.

11 Austin Aries

via WWE.com

Austin Aries may be the best in-ring worker in the entire world right now. He's worked all over the world, he has a good amount of charisma, and the fans not only love him, but they respect him as well. So he'd be a great guy to have as the face of the company. He's also a pretty terrific heel, which WWE desperately also needs right now.

Currently, Aries is thriving in NXT and it's probably only a matter of time before he comes up to the main roster. With the brand-split happening soon, he may end up being a top guy on either Raw or SmackDown.

Aries definitely has what it takes to be the company's top guy, but they probably won't allow him to be because of the fact that he was one of the faces of TNA / Impact Wrestling at one point. He'll probably still be one of the biggest stars on the main roster though, even if he's not positioned as a main-event guy.

10 Shinsuke Nakamura

via sportingnews.com

Honestly, Shinsuke Nakamura would be a lot higher on this list if English was his first language. But, unfortunately, it isn't, and, maybe I'm completely wrong here, but because of that, the American WWE fans may not want to accept him as the face of the company.

Other than the language barrier, Nakamura has it all - he's overflowing with charisma, he's a fabulous in-ring worker, and he has an MMA background, so you know he's a legit tough guy.

Will WWE position him as the face or one of the faces of the company? Probably not, but you never know. One thing is certain and it's that he will be a big star on the main-roster. Personally, I think pairing Nakamura with Paul Heyman would be a great idea when he gets called up, because it would set up a future match between "The King of Strong Style" and Heyman's current client, Brock Lesnar. But that probably won't happen anytime soon.

9 Chad Gable

via WWE.com

This one may surprise some people, but in my opinion, Chad Gable has everything it takes to be a top guy in WWE. He has the personality, he has the in-ring skill, he has a very accomplished amateur wrestling background, but, the one thing that's holding him back is his size.

WWE has been looking for the next Kurt Angle ever since our "Olympic Hero" left the company back in 2006. So far, they haven't found that guy, but Gable certainly could be the next Angle.

Much like Angle, Gable isn't the biggest guy, but he was a fantastic amateur wrestler and he has a ton of charisma. But, if WWE is going to make one of the members of American Alpha the new face of WWE, it'll be Jason Jordan simply because he's a bigger guy. But Gable is unquestionably the more talented of the two.

8 Apollo Crews

via WWE.com

It's clear that WWE has big things planned for Apollo Crews. He has a great physique, he's a phenomenal athlete, and, even though he hasn't shown it on the main roster, he can cut good promos.

Right now, Crews is feuding with Sheamus, which isn't doing him any favors. But, WWE isn't planning on shooting him to the moon just yet. He'll probably get a monster push in about a year and it'll be interesting to see how the fans react to him when they do push him.

Crews is a likable guy, but his character does need to be changed if he's going to be successful as a top guy. At this moment, Crews is a just a "happy to be here" guy, a lot like The Rock was in his early days. Obviously that character didn't work out for The Rock and it won't work for Crews. So, if WWE wants to make him the new face of the company, they'll need to change his character, because the fans will reject the guy who's just happy to have a job.

7 Bayley

via WWE.com

Who said the face of WWE has to be a man? It always has been traditionally, but if there's anyone who could break that tradition, it's former NXT Women's Champion Bayley.

Bayley has what it takes to be the most popular woman in WWE history. Granted, she doesn't have the sex appeal that someone like Trish Stratus had, but she's a great wrestler and a fantastic role model.

There are people within WWE who believe that Bayley will be the female version of John Cena. She'll probably get cheered a lot more than Cena when she gets to the main roster and there's no doubt that she has the potential to be to little girls what John Cena is to little boys.

Bayley will probably be on the main-roster by the end of this summer, so we'll see if she can carry her success in NXT over to WWE's main-roster.

6 Samoa Joe

via bleacherreport.com

After being one of the faces of TNA / Impact Wresting for the majority of his professional wrestling career, Samoa Joe finally joined WWE last year. He's been down in NXT since joining the company and he's currently the NXT Champion.

It's expected that Joe will be called up to the main-roster at some point this summer, possibly next month when the WWE brand-split takes place, and the one thing that'll hold him back when he gets called up is his physique. But other than that, he has everything it takes to be the face of WWE.

His physique, along with his age could possibly prevent him from being WWE's top face. Also, he's better off as a heel, so he could end up being one of the company's top heels, and we could see a feud between him and Brock Lesnar at some point if the two men end up on the same brand.

5 Finn Balor

via WWE.com

Finn Balor is more than ready to be on WWE's main-roster and he probably will end up there before the end of the summer. His last NXT match will probably be against Shinsuke Nakamura, and then after that, he'll be heading to WWE's main stage.

Size is the only thing that Balor is lacking. Personally, I don't really care about size. To me, it's all about if the guy is talented or not, and Balor certainly is talented. He may be the most talented guy in the entire company right now.

Unfortunately, I think that he'll end up being used like Neville on the main-roster, which will be a complete waste. He may get a decent push in the beginning, but WWE will probably just give up on him a few months in. His only hope is that WWE decides to be a bit more open minded about who can be a top star after the brand-split happens.

4 Dean Ambrose

via WWE.com

Dean Ambrose surprised everyone when he successfully cashed in the Money in the Bank contract on the same night that he won it. He's currently the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and he may end up holding the title for quite a while.

Of course, Ambrose winning the WWE World Title is directly related to Roman Reigns' failed drug test and Reigns may end up regaining it at WWE Battleground next month. But, it'd probably be a good idea to keep the title on Ambrose for a while.

The one thing that's prevented WWE from going with Ambrose in the past is his physique. According to the WWE chairman, Ambrose is too skinny to be a top guy. But, he's at least giving him a chance now and, who knows, maybe Ambrose will end up being the face of WWE a year from now, which is something that a lot of WWE fans are really hoping for.

3 AJ Styles

via WWE.com

AJ Styles is probably the best in-ring worker in the business today. Much like Shawn Michaels, it's impossible for AJ to have a bad match. So, he definitely has the skill to be the top man in WWE.

He's also extremely popular with the WWE audience, as his merchandise was flying off the shelves shortly after his WWE debut at the Royal Rumble. But, his age and size is what could keep him from being the face of WWE, no matter how loudly the fans cheer for him.

Of course, Styles will always be a top guy while he's in WWE, but he just won't ever end up being the face of the company unless something crazy happens.

Furthermore, Styles was the face of TNA for over a decade and WWE probably doesn't want someone who's so strongly affiliated with one of their competitors to be the face of their company.

2 Kevin Owens

via WWE.com

Kevin Owens may be the most entertaining man in WWE right now. His interviews and guest appearances on commentary are often a bright spot at every WWE show. So he definitely has the charisma to be the top man in the company. He also has a ton of potential as a babyface if he ever turns.

Despite the fact that he's a heel, fans love Owens because he's such a great in-ring worker and because of how entertaining he is. But, as everyone knows, his physique is what could prevent him from being the top man in the company.

Honestly, if Owens had a body like Triple H's, he would've been signed by WWE a lot sooner than he was, and he'd be in Roman Reigns' position. Sadly though, that's not the case and while he'll probably end up being a World Champion once or twice, he'll never be the face of WWE.

1 Seth Rollins

via WWE.com

Seth Rollins has everything it takes to be the face of World Wrestling Entertainment. He's the one most likely to take Reigns' position as the company's new face if they decide to go with someone new in that spot.

We haven't seen Seth Rollins be a babyface as a singles star yet and he clearly has a ton of potential in that role. In fact, WWE should have let him be a babyface when he made his shocking return to the company last month. But, they didn't want him stealing any of Reigns' thunder as the company's top man.

Rollins may end up walking out of Battleground as the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion and, if he does, that could be a sign that WWE has decided that "The Architect" is going to be the new face of WWE. That decision would make a lot of WWE fans happy.

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