15 WWE Stars Who Couldn't Get Over Their Old Flame

As many people who’ve been in relationships know, it can be tough getting over an old flame. The time you spent with a person you love is the most valuable. Yet that time could be cut short due to a break up or worse, a tragedy. In WWE, there have been many couples. Some are very well known such as Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth or Nikki Bella and Dolph Ziggler. Whether their relationship is featured on or offscreen, a wrestler’s relationship is going to be in the public eye. Fans know every aspect of the star’s love life, everything from who they dated to the reason for the end of the relationship.

Most wrestling couples go on to live happily ever after, while some come to an end. For the fans, it’s tough when they see their favourite Superstar suffer personal heartache. It’s even tougher on the star themselves. Many are able to move forward in their lives, while some may not be able to get over their old flame. There’s been a number of well-documented WWE relationships that have come to an end due to unforeseen circumstances. It could be an amicable break up, a nasty split involving infidelity, or a tragedy that rips these couples apart. No matter what the circumstances were the WWE star suffered through a bout of heartbreak.

A couple of these WWE stars were known to have trouble getting over their old flame. However, there are a few names that may be a surprise to fans.

15 Dana Brooke

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Fans know Dana Brooke as a wrestler, but what many don’t know is that the blonde starlet is also a bodybuilder. In fact, it was her love of the competition that drew her to meet boyfriend Dallas McCarver. The two began dating earlier this year and based on Dana’s social media posts, she was smitten with the professional bodybuilder.

Sadly, their love story was cut short when Dallas passed away in August 2017. Dana garnered lots of support from family, co-workers, and fans during her difficult time. She’s found some comfort by returning to work and trying to move on in life. Yet, the star still hasn’t healed from her boyfriend’s unexpected death. Brooke often posts loving tributes to McCarver on Instagram, expressing how  she considers him a guardian angel. Maybe with enough time, Dana will be able to heal and find love again.

14 Victoria

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During the Attitude Era, Victoria was one of WWE’s popular Divas. Male fans went crazy over the brunette beauty. To the disappointment of the guys, Victoria was a married woman. She and her husband Lee wed in 1994, long before she began her wrestling career.

However, marriage wasn’t always easy for Victoria and Lee. The couple hit a rough patch in 2001 when Victoria was in WWE’s developmental territory. The pair separated for a while and it was during this time that Victoria had a brief affair with John Cena. Victoria and Lee were able to patch up their problems, and while Victoria was on the road. Lee managed the couple’s restaurant. After nearly a decade of marriage, the couple called it quits for good. The rumoured reason was due to Lee's affair with a waitress. Victoria didn’t take the news well and she posted numerous shots at her ex on Twitter.

13 Lana

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Blonde beauty Lana is known mostly for being the valet of her husband Rusev. The couple heat up the screen, whether it’s in a WWE ring or enjoying domestic life on Total Divas. But there was a moment, where it looked like Lana wouldn’t marry The Bulgarian Brute. Prior to joining WWE, Lana dated actor/model Isaiah Mustafa, who she met when she lived in Los Angeles. During an episode of Total Divas, Lana encountered her ex in Las Vegas. The two had a chance to reconnect as they chatted about their dating history.

The encounter with Isaiah left Lana questioning if she was really over her ex. She even considered postponing her wedding to Rusev. In the end, Lana made the right choice when she decided to marry her beloved Ruru.

12 Vickie Guerrero

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Beloved wrestler Eddie Guerrero’s life was filled with up and downs. Through it all, he had the love and support of his wife Vickie Guerrero. Marriage wasn’t always perfect; the couple had to endure Eddie’s bouts of substance abuse, which caused them to separate for a while. Yet, through it all, they survived and Eddie wasn’t shy about showing his admiration for his mamacita.

Their love story came to a tragic end when Eddie passed of a heart attack in 2005. Following Eddie’s passing, Vickie signed with WWE to become Smackdown general manager. Most of her storylines revolved around romantic angles involving wrestlers such as Edge and Dolph Ziggler. In real life, Vickie remained single and showed no interest in dating again. All that changed when she married Kris Benson in 2015. Even though Vickie’s remarried, Eddie will always remain her true love.

11 Dolph Ziggler

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Dolph Ziggler has a reputation as a ladies man. His list of girlfriends is well-known and given his reputation, nobody considered him to be a one-woman man. Yet, as the old saying goes “there’s the one that got away.” That woman was none other than Nikki Bella. Prior to becoming involved with John Cena, Nikki and Dolph dated for almost four years. Photos of them hanging out at clubs showed how smitten Dolph was with Nikki. However, their relationship ended in 2012 and the two remained on friendly terms.

Dolph may have wanted more than friendship from Nikki. On an episode of Total Divas, The Show Off revealed that he still had feelings for his ex. He also admitted that he was ready for marriage and children, which is something Cena wasn’t going to give her. Unfortunately for Dolph, Nikki rebuffed his offer, leaving The Show Off to single once again.

10 Alicia Fox

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Out of all the WWE Divas, Alicia Fox’s love life has been relatively quiet. That all changed when she joined Total Divas. In a few of the episodes, Alicia’s relationship with her ex-boyfriend Wade Barrett was chronicled. For years, fans knew that Fox and Barrett dated. Although, they never officially went public, everyone knew they were dating based on pictures and fan sightings. By all appearances, they seemed happy, but they broke up after three years of dating.

Alicia took the break up hard and as evidenced on the show, she still carried a torch for her old flame. She even contemplated getting back together with him, even though Wade was with someone else. However, Alicia realized all good things are left in the past and let’s hope she’ll find some comfort in moving on from Wade.

9 Mickie James

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Early on in her WWE career, Mickie James was engaged to fellow wrestler Kenny Dykstra. However their engagement ended due to Mickie’s affair with John Cena. Mickie and Cena’s relationship is one of the worst kept secrets in WWE. Even on television it was hinted that they were a couple.

With the two of them being top stars at that time, it’s no wonder the public was invested in Mickie and John’s romance. Unfortunately, Cena wasn’t as committed to the relationship as James was. The champ broke up with Mickie, who reportedly didn’t take the news well. Rumours swirled that James constantly stalked Cena, which resulted in her being traded to Smackdown, then eventually released from the company. Since Mickie’s return earlier this year, there’s been no report of any grudge between her and Cena. Let's hope for everyone's sake things remain amicable.

8 Sunny

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Fans of former WWE Diva Sunny will remember her most famous relationship was with Shawn Michaels. The affair with Michaels is legendary among wrestling gossip enthusiasts. It was obvious Sunny was infatuated with Shawn, but Sunny belonged to another man and his name was Chris Candido.

Sunny and Chris were high-school sweethearts, who shared a love of wrestling. She even served as his valet throughout his career. Yet, their relationship ended when Sunny cheated on him with Shawn. It wasn’t until many years later when the two reconnected. With their relationship back on track, the two continued working the independent wrestling circuit with Sunny acting as manager. In 2005, tragedy struck for Sunny when Chris passed away from pneumonia. Sunny was devastated over his death and many wrestling insiders believe that her grief is what lead to her recent troubles.

7 Matt Hardy

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Matt Hardy’s first love was Lita. The couple met while on the independent circuit, but didn’t begin dating until they joined WWE. They became a hit on and off screen. Fans loved watching their interactions on television and you can sense the love between the two. However, in 2005 Lita’s affair with Edge ended the relationship with Matt. The fallout from the affair was a difficult time for the trio. Many turned their backs on Lita, while Matt was portrayed as the victim.

It took some time and effort, but everyone made amends and moved on. Or so it would seem. For years after their break up, Matt was obsessed with Lita. Matt often posted a series of videos talking about his ex, in one recording he drove over a cardboard cutout of Lita. Even though Matt’s now married to Reby Sky, Lita will always be a sore subject for him.

6 Maria Kanellis

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Maria Kanellis is happily married to Mike Bennett and expecting a baby with her wrestler husband. But Maria’s road to happiness was filled with heartache from a former flame. When the redhead joined WWE in 2005, she caught the eye of wrestler CM Punk. Maria fell head over heels for the tattooed wrestler. Based on photos of the couple, it was obvious they were in love with each other. But as everyone’s aware, Punk’s a womanizer. It is rumoured that he cheated on Maria and that’s what caused their split in 2007.

Maria was heartbroken over the split and in a few shoot interviews; she opened up about their relationship. She explained how in love she was with Punk and how she thought they were soulmates. The split with Punk hurt Maria deeply, but she was able to bounce back.

5 Kelly Kelly

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Everyone knows that Kelly Kelly dated a lot of wrestlers during her time in WWE. Most of the relationships didn’t last long, but there was one relationship that was more serious than the others. Her first boyfriend upon signing with the company was Andrew “Test” Martin. Test had been wrestling for years before Kelly Kelly came along. The two began dating not too long after she made her debut.

They were together for two years before calling it quits in 2009. Shortly after their split, Test passed away at the age of 33. Kelly Kelly was upset over his death and on an episode of her show WAGS, she had a psychic connect with Test’s spirit to give her some reassurance. No matter how many men Kelly Kelly goes on to date, Test will always be her main love.

4 Kenny Dykstra

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In 2007, Kenny Dykstra was ready to walk down the aisle with Mickie James. The Spirit Squad member thought he’d found the right woman, but he would soon learn he was wrong. Dykstra had his heart broken when James cheated on him with John Cena. Shortly after James dumped him, Kenny’s career took a downfall. He was relegated from being a tag team champ to jobber. Soon afterwards he was released from the company. Since his departure, Dykstra has been very outspoken about Cena and James.

Dykstra blamed John for ending his career. As for Mickie, Dykstra didn’t mince words when it came to his ex. He referred to Mickie as a vulgar name and stated that she wasn't in love with him, that she was more obsessed with being Cena’s girl. Given the severity of his statement, something tells us Kenny still holds a grudge.

3 Randy Savage

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Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth are one of WWE’s epic couples. A huge part of Randy’s phenomenal career was due in part to his wife Elizabeth, who served as his valet. The couple was married in real life, however onscreen they didn’t tie the knot until 1991 in one of the most memorable WWE weddings ever.

While Randy and Miss Elizabeth officially became a couple onscreen, behind the scenes there was trouble. The couple divorced in 1992. Randy took the divorce hard and had trouble moving on. For a while, the couple didn’t see each other, but they were brought together again when Elizabeth joined Randy in WCW. The former couple was able to find closure and they remained friends until Elizabeth’s death in 2003. Upon hearing the news about her death, Randy was inconsolable about losing the woman he would always love.

2 Melina

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To say Melina and John Morrison’s relationship hasn’t been tumultuous would be an understatement. The former couple met when they were contestants on Tough Enough and their relationship continued as they trained in OVW’s facility. In 2005, the couple made their debut on the main roster when Melina served as valet for Morrison and his partner Joey Mercury. Less than a year later, the couple split up due to Melina’s affair with Batista.

However, Melina and John would soon reunite as they attended the 2007 Hall of Fame ceremony. It appeared that the couple was working on their relationship, and despite all their best efforts, they split for good in 2015. Morrison is now engaged to Taya Valkerie. As for Melina, nothing much is known about her personal life at the moment. But given how in love she was with Morrison, she’s probably wondering about the what-ifs.

1 Chyna

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Chyna’s life was one filled with heartbreaks and tragedies. The biggest heartache came in 2000 when her relationship with Triple H ended. As everyone knows, Stephanie McMahon was the reason for the couple’s break up. She and Triple H had been carrying on a secret affair before Chyna learned of their betrayal.

In the aftermath of the affair, Chyna was released from the company. Following her departure, Chyna would take every opportunity she had to talk about Triple H. In a string of interviews, she opened up about her love for Triple H and how hurt she was over his infidelity. The wounds Chyna suffered from Triple H and Stephanie’s affair never went away. Many believe that’s one of the causes for her downward spiral with substance abuse, which tragically took her life.

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