15 WWE Stars Who Have Had Personal Footage Leaked

Their privacy was clearly violated and they suffered... 15 WWE Stars Who Have Had Personal Footage Leaked.

The WWE universe has seen way more than its fair share of wrestlers gone wild. We've bared witness to multiple WWE stars letting it all hang out in the adult entertainment industry, getting up close and personal to stars such as Chyna, Mickie James and X-Pac. However having nude content shared with the world when its meant to be private is on a whole other level of celebrity exposure. Some stars take it with a grain of salt, whilst others attempt to deny that the footage is actually of them whatsoever. In today's day and age it is not uncommon for celebrities, athletes or really anyone for that matter to find themselves falling victim to either personal photographs or even videos leaked to the internet for all to see. This list gives you the inside scoop on which one of your favourite wrestlers had their lives turned upside down when pictures of them hit the web! In most cases the wrestlers on this list have been professionally hacked but the odd entry has made it up on the internet in much worse or weirder ways.

This list of 15 Wrestlers Who Have Had Personal Footage Leaked takes you from one of sports entertainment's most iconic stars of all time to today's top of the food chain in the WWE. Consisting of famous wrestlers of the past and the present, check out which 15 WWE stars made this naughty list when they got exposed.

15 Charlotte Flair


In early May of 2017 The Queen herself was exposed by hackers. Charlotte Flair is one of the unfortunate victims of a larger scandal that released multiple wrestling celebrity nudes. Charlotte admitted it was indeed her saying "private photos of mine were stolen and shared publicly without my consent." "These images must be removed from the Internet immediately."

Obviously the four time Women's Champion was understandably upset. The images that were released were all pictures Charlotte clearly took herself. Some photographs were of the superstar in her underwear and in others she was completely exposed and unfortunately for her, there is no debating at all that it's the one and only Charlotte Flair behind the camera.

14 Seth Rollins


Seth Freakin Rollins was put on blast by former fiancée in 2015. The public falling out was actually pretty insane. First a naked photo of model and at the time NXT prospect Zahra Schreiber was posted on Seth Rollins' Twitter and Instagram accounts. Literally moments later, two nude photos of Seth Rollins with Zahra's name entwined were publicly shared on his fiancée' Leighla Schultz's Twitter. When a follower messaged Schultz asking if it was really her that posted the pictures, she responded with "I definitely did Hahahaha."

It was said Schultz actually released all the photographs due to a rumor Seth and Zahra were having an affair but she also claims she was hacked and had nothing to do with it. Rollins later issued an apology and the whole thing kind of just got swept under the rug.

13 Dana Brooke


Dana Brooke makes the list for a couple of naughty bathroom selfies. Now of the two pictures leaked in new year of 2016, one is quite honestly not that bad. Yes she's bare but she is turned around and covering up. Her phone somewhat covers her face but any die hard fan that remembers Dana from her powerlifting days likely recalls the unique sparrow tattoo on her right butt cheek. The tattoo along with matching phone case in other pictures on her Instagram is conclusive enough.

The second picture is edgier to say the least and though you can't see Dana's face again the sparrow gives it away. Despite the leaks, Dana came back from injury and had a decent year in WWE so perhaps with an increasing number of incidents like this one it seems as if the company has perhaps become more lenient and understanding.

12 Summer Rae


So Summer says it's not her... Come on, it's blatantly obvious. This March, Summer was another one of multiple stars still today on the WWE roster to be exposed. Summer denies any of the photos, taking to social media to state "as they say, don't believe everything you see on the internet. There's people out there with a lot of time on their hands & a big imagination."

If the long blonde hair and ripped abs aren't enough to convince you surely you can't deny the fact that in all the pictures she has the same bright yellow distinctive phone case as seen in multiple other photographs. It's all just too convenient to not be real. Summer has the right to try and steer fans clear of the photos, but it all smells a little too fishy.

11 Ruby Riot


Just this past August, NXT up and comer Ruby Riot fell victim to the same scandal as main roster star Charlotte. Dave Meltzer reported on the scandal in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter saying "there have been claims that others will follow," well this is definitely one of them. Riot had three separate topless photos released. It can't be known for certain when the photos were taken but we can be sure it was quite some time ago since she has long hair in one and no tattoo chest piece or sleeve in any of the photos.

Since the photos are old, likely nothing will come of it as far as the company is concerned. Ruby is starting to stir up somewhat of a following in developmental company so she'll likely get a pass on this.

10 Xavier Woods


Your boy Xavier Woods went ahead and showed everyone a whole other side of The New Day we never really wanted to see. The slick talking member of the tag team trio went and got himself involved in a whole other trio, involving two totally different WWE stars in one kinky video. Xavier Woods is seen alongside former referee and in ring talent Brad Maddox and also the three time NXT women's champion Paige.

You guessed it, the video is supposedly another victim of this famous scandal slowly spilling it's way across the WWE Universe. The question is would Xavier and Brad have ever been exposed if it wasn't for the star of their movie, miss Paige?

Woods didn't suffer any consequences as a result of it, as WWE felt the wrestlers weren't at fault for the video being exposed. In fact, The Usos even made light of it on WWE television, meaning WWE is well past it.

9 Brad Maddox


Let's be real; the leaked tape consisting of Xavier Woods, Paige and Maddox is probably the biggest thing to ever happen to the wanna be wrestler's career. Back in 2012 Maddox took his shot at achieving a life long dream of being in the limelight when as the referee of the match Brad interfered, helping CM Punk and costing Ryback a championship. For months Maddox attempted to win himself a contract by wrestling top of the line talent.

After failing miserably time after time Maddox eventually took on the role of first assistant GM and later becoming GM of Monday Night Raw and calling his reign on top the "Bradittude Era".

Just under a year after Brad thought he had everything under control, but he was fired after saying 'cocky pr***' at a house show. Many felt that WWE was just looking for a reaso to fire him, as they clearly had no big plans for him. I suppose Brad finally got what he always wanted with this leaked video, the spotlight.

8 Maria Kanellis


Add Maria Kanellis to the list of celebrities that were exposed back in March 2017. Multiple pictures of the revamped star surfaced where she was topless and completely bare in others. Maria is likely a lot less concerned than most of the other exposed celebs considering she posed for Playboy back in 2008. Still having that breach of privacy, getting hacked like that, you can only imagine is a terrible experience for anyone.

The leaked photographs weren't bad enough to halt her WWE comeback. This year at Money In The Bank, Maria returned after 7 years absent from WWE hand in hand with her new husband Mike Kanellis promising to share their message of "the power of love." Based on the reaction her leaked photos and the return to WWE both got, it seems as if the fans are more than willing to love Maria again.

7 Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn was one of the first women to come out of WWE's developmental show and really make any sort of push on the main roster. The former wrestling star is actually the season 3 winner of NXT. After a strong start to her career in 2010 Kaitlyn really broke out onto the main roster in 2011 and went on to eventually claim the WWE Divas Title in 2013. About a year after winning her only championship Kaitlyn walked away from wrestling to focus on her fitness clothing line Celestial Bodiez and bodybuilding. Her business seems to be doing well and was relatively quiet with the former Diva until approximately 10 leaked photographs and a video of her undressing were exposed to the world in March along with many of the other entries on this list.

6 Victoria


Another one bites the dust. Former WWE tough-girl Victoria falls victim to hackers just like everyone else. From 2002 till 2009 Victoria competed in some of the most intense, hard hitting women's matches to date. The way this Diva dished out beatings was straight savage. After parting ways with the WWE Victoria wrestled with multiple independent circuits including Impact Wrestling.

Now at 46 years old the vicious Victoria hasn't been seen in the ring in a couple years. Despite winning two women's championships Victoria was slowly becoming another former WWE Diva that was fading away into the WWE archives, until all of a sudden countless pictures and even a video of the former star preforming certain acts were all leaked this year in the scandal.

5 Melina


Melina is one of the hacking victims to get hit the hardest. Over 30 personal photographs some of which were quite explicit were released in the big celebrity hacking scandal dubbed "The Fappening 2.0." Although Melina hasn't appeared in WWE since 2011, her wrestling career is far from over. She wrestled for Lucha Underground in 2015 and is will competing with smaller companies today. You got to assume something like this might hurt the opportunities that lay ahead for the former 3 time women's champion.

WWE tends to shrug events such as this off when it's their top-tier talent but when you're wrestling on independent circuits, I'm sure it's a lot tougher to keep your name relevant in WWE's eyes. Hopefully these leaks aren't the last we see of former WWE star Melina.

4 Amy Weber


She's definitely not one of the most popular Divas on the list. In fact Weber only ever wrestled one match for WWE which she won by forfeit when Joy Giovanni never showed up to the ring. Amy was actually an "Image Consultant" for JBL's Cabinet who escorted and managed members of the stable. In 2005 Amy was released by the company and was quoted saying "[I] wasn't happy with the pay and I wasn't happy with the "frat house" like environment".

She went on to act, produce and even star in several films. One particular film Amy was in pre WWE titled Forbidden Games had a scene where she was topless. Maybe it was for that reason, the fact that people had seen her nude before, that when her laptop was reportedly stolen in 2012 the multi-talented former wrestler decided to go public herself and post pictures she did with Playboy, which never were released to save herself the embarrassment of being exposed publicly.

3 Maxine


So apparently former WWE Diva Maxine is not photo shy at all. Just this August, Lucha Underground star Catrina formally known as Maxine became one of wrestling's latest victims to have nudes leaked over the internet.

At least 70 edgy photographs and a video of a vicious half naked street brawl we're revealed online because of hackers. It's not exactly clear who is partaking in the fight in the video but whether it was Maxine or not it's a very strange, disturbing piece of footage that leaves you questioning the morals of the ex WWE star. As far as the 70 pictures are concerned, a good majority of them are of Maxine completely bare and even performing certain solo acts that we'll refrain from recounting here.

2 Paige

Paige is just a hot mess. Pointe finale. The superstar may not be to blame but something is certainly going wrong somewhere to have the amount of content leaked that she has. When one or two private photos or even a video get out you can apologize and say you didn't know it was going to happen. When you have as many as six different videos performing private acts and countless photographs circulating the internet you got to figure maybe at some point you'd stop recording or sharing these types of actions especially when you've been targeted by hackers before.

Hopefully everything that has gone on over the last year give or take ,with NXT's one time very promising superstar can be somehow forgotten or at least left in the past and the British sensation can find her way back into a WWE ring.

1 Hulk Hogan


Hulk Hogan's tape is not only on the top of wrestling's list. Hogan's tape is possibly the most famous celebrity leaked tape of all time. Not only did Hogan lose his wife he also lost all accountability with the WWE and has since been removed from the companies archives. It's not just the fact that The Hulkster had a 'tape'. It's not even that the woman involved wasn't his wife but instead it was his now ex-best friend Bubba the Love Sponge's wife. You throw all that in and it still cant top the fact that the one time great goes on a racist rant about his daughter and the guy she's sleeping with.

Hogan was exposed in more ways than one when that video came out and most fans could never forgive him for the blatant adultery and absurdly racist comments and profanities. Hulk didn't lose everything though; he was later rewarded $115 million in his case against Gawker for posting the tape in the first ever public case of celebrity privacy rights against the rights of freedom of the press.

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