15 WWE Stars Who REFUSED To Lose A Match

Every now and then, a star refuses to lose to another wrestler for one reason or another.

There are just a few visceral and warm-blooded sports like wrestling, but everyone at one point of their life has wondered if WWE is real, or if they follow a script–until we turned 12 years old. But one question that has always been in fans' minds is what if they don't get along with each other?

Well, we thought about this as well, because we all know that everything that is broadcasted through the television with an entertainment purpose should have a script, but if you put a lot of ingredients together such as: Money, fame, desire for victory, testosterone, women and in some cases steroids, we have the guarantee that a time bomb has been created. That is why they should expect that every once in a while, things will certainly go south.

So we thought, why don’t we make a little research about this? And that is exactly what we did, and what did we find out? Every once in a while, wrestlers refuse to follow the script. Almost every time for a different reason as you are just about to find out, we will find that WWE Superstars and Divas will refuse to do their job.

Sometimes these acts of disobedience cost them short suspensions or even their jobs. Sit down, prepare some popcorn as we take a look at 15 WWE Stars who refused to lose a match to another wrestler.

15 Stone Cold Steve Austin


The Texas Rattlesnake, who could forget him? From his in-ring style to his personality, to all the beer he drank, and classic matches, there are so many reasons why we will never forget Stone Cold Steve Austin. He's the main reason as to why WWE won the Monday Night Wars, but years later, he would come to blows with the company.

Stone Cold was booked to fight and lose against the rising star Brock Lesnar, the fight was supposed to happen on an episode of Monday Night Raw, but Austin simply said no; as he didn't want to lose a match without proper build up. After this decision, they were set up for another fight, this time at the King of the Ring 2002 qualification match, but Stone Cold Steve Austin simply didn’t show up, and he would leave WWE for the next 8 months.

14 Sable


You might remember Sable for her photo shoots more than her matches and we don't necessarily blame you. She became the Women's Champion in 1998, taking the title away from Jacqueline. After winning the title, she was in a feud with Luna over the title.

Apparently, Sable refused to lose the title to her at the Royal Rumble. The two had real life heat and it escalated into a fight, with Luna getting suspended. Sable would instead lose the title to Debra. Sable had developed a reputation for being difficult to work with and this is just one of the many stories that proves it.

13 The Shield


The trio composed by Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, they made their presence felt across the audience, with strong personalities and good characters, but the WWE management had some other plans for them.

According to Dean Ambrose, who revealed this information during a podcast hosted by Chris Jericho, he stated that they were scheduled to lose against John Cena in the 2013 Elimination Chamber match. Needless to say, The Shield absolutely refused to this idea and thankfully it never came to fruition.

The trio would have probably never recovered if WWE had followed through with their original plans.

12 Jeff Jarrett


Jarrett had initially agreed to lose his Intercontinental Championship to Chyna but then he had a change of heart.

On October 1999, the day of the event when this was supposed to happen, Jarrett demanded $300,000 more to Vince McMahon, refusing to lose the fight with the original deal, so Mr. McMahon accepted Jarrett's proposal and signed the check. As soon as Jarrett received the money, he agreed to lose against Chyna, but Jarrett betrayed McMahon by switching immediately after to the WCW right after the fight.

To this day, Jeff Jarrett has not gone back to WWE and we would imagine he wouldn't exactly be welcomed back.

11 Rey Mysterio


When Rey Mysterio and Chris Jericho feuded over the Intercontinental Title in 2009, they were trying to restore the credibility that the title once had. It was the first time the championship was over in years thanks to a series of great matches. Mysterio won the title, but he was asked to drop it to Dolph Ziggler a month later.

Mysterio refused to do so, as he had been promised a longer reign. He managed to convince the WWE to let him hold on to the title for longer to help its credibility. Mysterio was suspended shortly after for violating the Wellness Policy, as he lost the title. But at least he kept it slightly longer than he was supposed to.

10 Ric Flair


Ric Flair was scheduled to lose his NWA World Championship to Lex Luger, but refused to do so, indicating that he had promised Sting the title. It is much more complicated than that, as it was reportedly Flair's way of getting back at Jim Herd, who was the head booker at the time.

Herd had wanted Flair to drop his persona and transition into "Spartacus", a Roman gladiator character. Thankfully, Flair rejected the idea and remained the Nature Boy that we continued to love for decades to come. He would leave the company shortly after and we can't really blame him for it.

9 Bruno Sammartino


Being from a different era, it's no wonder that Bruno Sammartino is on this list. Much like other older wrestlers, he didn't enjoy losing at all. In fact, he would accept it if he deemed it realistic enough to happen. Otherwise, he would reject losing to just anybody. That certainly made it harder to work with him. During an interview from years ago, he confirmed all this.

“I wouldn’t cooperate with promoters,” Sammartino said. “I told them ‘if anybody can really beat me, fine. But that’s the only way I’ll go down.’ I was a real young guy, and I wanted to establish myself. I didn’t want to be a preliminary boy, so the promoters took a negative stand against me by blackballing me all over the country.”

8 8.The Honky Tonk Man


The Honky Tonk Man refused to lose the WWE Intercontinental Championship to Randy Savage. You read that correctly. The Macho Man was scheduled to take the title at The Main Event but The Honky Tonk Man had different plans. He opposed the move and would enjoy a longer reign with the belt.

At the first ever SummerSlam in 1988, The Ultimate Warrior would end up winning the title from The Honky Tonk Man in just 31 seconds. The Honky Tonk Man's 14 month reign remains the longest in WWE history, but perhaps he would have been better off losing it early on to Randy Savage.

7 Chyna


Who could forget about this former WWE star? We really think that almost no one could, watch her fighting against men and winning against them, almost seemed to be real or at least possible. Why? Due to her impressive physique, most fans really accepted Chyna as one of the stronger competitors.

We all know that inside the WWE Universe everything is possible, and this wasn't the exception, and despite previous allegations, Chyna accepted to get into the women's division only if she would win the title immediately, and that is exactly what happened at WrestleMania X-Seven. A couple of months later, she was supposed to lose the championship against Lita, an idea that Chyna totally refused, so she won the match, but that was the last time she ever fought in the WWE.

6 Roddy Piper


Roddy Piper was definitely an old school type of guy and his attitude reflected that. In fact, he was rarely pinned as he refused to lose to just anybody. Hulk Hogan once stated that Piper would've likely been World champion if he didn't have that mentality....quite ironic from The Hulkster.

Piper wouldn't lose cleanly in WWE until WrestleMania VIII when he lost the Intercontinental Title against Bret Hart. Piper believed that he had to maintain a certain reputation in order to be a top draw, which he isn't entirely wrong about. If a wrestler rarely loses, it will make that much more significant when he finally does.

5 Bret Hart


The Canadian got into the most well-known act of disobedience when he refused to lose against Shawn Michaels at Survivor Series. Bret Hart was the champion at the time, but he wasn't willing to lose the title against his real life enemy even though he was planning to move to WCW.

Bret and Vince McMahon had agreed that Bret wouldn't lose the title in Canada. Vince didn't want to take any chances and had planned out something different. The Montreal Screwjob remains as one of the most controversial events in wrestling history. Hart wouldn't return to WWE until nearly 10 years later when he was inducted in the 2006 Hall of Fame class.

4 Triple H


It would turn out a little bit obvious that we would find Triple H on this list, of course due to his backstage power. There are many instances that could be listed here from Booker T to Goldberg, but we will be going with Rob Van Dam, who was one of wrestling's most popular stars in the early 2000s

The fans got behind RVD and were hoping to see him with gold years before he eventually won the title, but Triple H is to have ruined RVD's momentum. Triple H would practically win every bout the two had, as he continued dominating Raw for years to come. Meanwhile, RVD's credibility took a hit as he would spend the next few years in the mid-card.

3 Hulk Hogan


One of the biggest WWE Superstars, that helped the company grow worldwide is definitely Hulk Hogan, and we think that almost everyone will agree with us when we say that he was the first WWE Superstar who made it to Hollywood, but his ego was huge as well, and it's been told that he refused to lose more than once.

In his prime, Hogan had refused to lose to the likes of Bret Hart and Randy Savage. In 2005, when he came back for another WWE match against Shawn Michaels, he would once again refuse to lose a bout. The two faced off at SummerSlam 2005 with Hogan coming out on top. The match is now famous thanks to HBK overselling Hogan's moves.

2 Shawn Michaels


Just like many of the previous entries, there are many matches which Shawn Michaels refused to lose. From Dean Douglas to Owen Hart to Stone Cold Steve Austin. Perhaps the most famous of them all is the one against Bret Hart, which is rumored to have been one of the many reasons behind their hatred for each other.

HBK famously "lost" his smile as injuries had supposedly become too much for him, so he vacated the title which he had previously won against Bret the previous year at WrestleMania XII. With a rematch in the books for WrestleMania 13, and heat growing between the two rivals, it's believed that Shawn Michaels refused to lose the title to Bret so he lost his smile instead.

1 The Rock


This huge WWE and Hollywood Superstar has his own story inside the WWE legion of rebellion, no one can deny that this wrestler helped the WWE to grow and to expand its territory worldwide. But we never got to see one of the dream matches between Shawn Michaels and The Rock, as the latter refused to work with Michaels, let alone lose to him.

With Michaels returning to WWE, the dream match almost came true. However, according to rumors, The Rock refused to work with Shawn Michaels due to an issue they had in the past. When the Rock was starting his career as a wrestler, Shawn Michaels and Triple H tried to sabotage him since the very beginning.

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15 WWE Stars Who REFUSED To Lose A Match