15 WWE Stars Who RUINED Another Wrestler's Relationship

Show business and sports relationships are almost always doomed to fail. Put the two of them together in wrestling and that’s a recipe for disaster. Drug abuse, intimate storylines and too many days spent on the road with too much temptation can sometimes be more than a relationship can bear.

It can be particularly taxing for wrestlers, who spend most of their days working and travelling. Unlike other sports, wrestling isn’t dictated by the weather outside and doesn’t have an offseason. Most fans may assume that wrestlers only work one day a week, since that’s all they see them on TV, but that isn’t the case. They’re on the road 3-4 nights a week with little to no down time and work almost 300 days a year.

As with any job that takes you away from home for extended periods of time, temptations like drugs, sex and alcohol darken a wrestler’s doorstep more often than not and infidelities are prevalent and almost expected. Some marriages can survive for a time, Like Chris Jericho’s, but many marriages end up in divorce. The real kicker is that sometimes fellow wrestlers are partially to blame.

Not everyone can be Mick and Colette Foley, who have not only endured the test of time since their union in 1992, but Mick hasn’t had a single cheating rumour fly about him and has even been called the Divas’ “safety valve” by Trish Stratus, since he is happily married and not looking to get into anyone else’s pants.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at 15 WWE stars who aren’t Mick Foley and ruined another wrestler’s relationship.

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15 Jeff Jarrett - Kurt Angle/Karen Angle

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Well-known for his Olympic gold medal, and perhaps the best rookie season in WWE history, fan-favourite Kurt Angle married Karen Smedley in the December of 1998, but by 2008, the couple were on the rocks and had filed for divorce. Despite the fact that their nuptials had survived Kurt's extra-marital activities with WWE Divas Dawn Marie and Jacqueline, it couldn't survive Karen's affair with ex WWE star and TNA founder Jeff Jarrett.

It was true love for Karen and Jarrett, who later married in 2010 and are still together today. Kurt toiled with substance abuse for a bit before meeting and marrying Giovanna Angle in 2012. Angle has joined the class of 2017 Hall of Famers and has recently been rumoured to be on the list of possible General Manager replacements for Mick Foley. It’s all speculation right now, but what do they say? Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

14 Shawn Stasiak - Goldust/Terri Runnels

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The son of WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes has had quite the successful career. Donning the name Goldust and a showy gimmick (maybe even by WWE standards), Dustin Runnels has won 20 championships between the WWE and WCW. His personal life hasn't run so smooth though. Runnels has had several wives, one of which was Terri Runnels, the first woman to be put through a table by The Dudley Boyz.

Dustin’s father wasn’t so keen on her though. The elder Runnels thought that she was a gold digger and his feelings on his daughter-in-law weren’t misplaced. The couple divorced after just six years of marriage in 1999. Word is that Terri, who was supposed to have a scripted romance with Shawn Stasiak took things too far and had an affair off-screen as well. The divorce was far from amicable, but the two have since pushed their issues aside for their daughter Dakota.

13 Edge - Matt Hardy/Lita

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Matt Hardy and his brother Jeff broke out in 1998. Known for their high-flying moves and willingness to damage themselves and their opponents. Once they hit the WWE scene as regulars, they rolled through managers for a few years before meeting WWE Diva Lita. She became their manager in 2000 and the trio named themselves Team Xtreme and had a long-running storyline in which they feuded with Edge and Christian.

Meanwhile, Matt and Lita grew closer behind the scenes and started dating. The duo enjoyed a six-year relationship until Lita got too cozy with Matt's real-life friend Edge, causing the couple to split. Matt was fired due to bad behaviour, but then brought back for a true-to-life storyline that Vince McMahon saw as a great ratings gimmick. If the escalated feud seemed real, well, that's because it was. It took Matt while, but he has since found happiness with Reby Sky.

12 Lita - Edge/Lisa Ortiz

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The Edge and Lita drama didn’t stop at Matt Hardy. Their affair didn’t send just one relationship up in flames, it sent two up. The Edge had been married when he started seeing Lita. Oops. While the affair and break-up of Lita and Matt took the spotlight, Edge's divorce with then wife Lisa Ortiz dissipated as she filed for divorce shortly after.

Edge and Lita only lasted for a few years with the two parting ways and Lita trying her hand at a music career after retiring in 2006, but to no avail and then dating CM Punk (which we will talk about later). Edge would become one of the most decorated professional wrestlers of all-time, with over 30 titles to his name and he would marry Beth Phoenix in 2016, but not before having two daughters with her. You can catch him in the fifth season of Vikings.

11 Stephanie McMahon - Triple H/Chyna

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Long before Stephanie McMahon and Triple H were tangled in an on-screen romance that later turned into an off-screen romance, Triple H had been dating the late Chyna for four years and the two even lived together. The members of D-Generation X had been a fan-favourite couple until the WWE brass decided to go in a different direction.

Chyna would call her ex and the youngest McMahon out for having an affair that ruined their relationship and that didn’t bode well for her, because it got her fired. Stephanie and Triple H would eventually get married and produce some heirs to the WWE throne and withstand some cheating rumours of their own. Chyna dated and became engaged to another D-Generation X member, Sean Waltman. The two had a volatile relationship and Chyna was arrested for domestic assault in 2005. Sadly, Chyna would pass of an overdose in 2016.

10 Melina - Batista/Angie Bautista

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Dave Batista is well-known for his run on WWE, where he became the record holder for longest reign as World Heavyweight Champion, having held the title for 282 days. What isn't highly publicized about the star is his divorce with second wife, Angie. The two married in 1998, after Batista divorced first wife Glenda. Batista and Angie would only last eight years though, which is more than some others on this list.

Mostly thanks to Batista's fling with Melina Perez, who had been with John Morrison at the time. The two have since parted and Batista is onto wife number three, a career in MMA and can be seen making cameos in numerous movies from The Man With The Iron Fists, to Guardians of the Galaxy 2. As for Melina, she is enjoying a second stint on the independent circuit and is said to be back with Morrison. Some fans blame her for Morrison’s career’s failure to completely launch.

9 Zahra Schreiber - Seth Rollins/Leighla Schultz

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Seth Rollins is one of four men to have been World Champion in the ROH and WWE, joining the likes of CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Kevin Owens; but back in the February of 2015, during a Monday Night Raw episode, several nude pictures of Seth Rollins leaked to social media. Slightly prior to this leak, a nude photograph of Zahra Schreiber made its way online.

WWE quickly ran interference and had the pictures taken down, but word is that Rollins’ then-fiancée Leighla Schultz suspected Rollins of cheating with Schreiber and posted the pictures as retaliation. The two are no longer together, Rollins claims that he ended things after issuing a public apology for the leak (without giving any reasons as to why) and instead of giving the engagement ring back, Schultz reportedly hocked it. Rollins can now be seen locked in a feud with the one and only Triple H.

8 AJ Lee - CM Punk/Lita

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Lita makes this list for a third time, but she’s on the receiving end of the heartbreak in this entry. Lita and famed womanizer CM Punk had been dating back in 2013, but that all went downhill and eventually led to a break-up. Karma, perhaps? Some would probably say so.

The two were very private about the issue, even when CM Punk started dating AJ Lee (who is his junior) about a month after his split with Lita. Mum was the word until backstage sources started coming out of the woodwork, saying that Punk had been wooing Lee while still in a relationship with Lita. Whenever Lita wasn’t around, he was making passes at the younger Lee. Ironically, AJ Lee had grown up idolizing Lita and even got to meet her when she was 13-years-old. She wanted to be like her one day. What better way than to marry your idol’s former flame?

7 Chris Benoit - Kevin Sullivan/Nancy Benoit

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Before breaking into the WWE, Chris Benoit was a WCW staple where he had many matches with WCW wrestler and booker, Kevin Sullivan. Sullivan concocted a storyline which had his real-life wife, Nancy Sullivan, have an on-screen affair with Benoit. However, sometimes art imitates life and the on-screen romance turned into a real one, ending the Sullivan’s' 12-year marriage in 1997.

Chris and Nancy would go on to marry and and have a son named Daniel. The marriage was somewhat tumultuous, with Nancy filing for divorce just a few years later in 2003, citing violence, but she later dropped the claims and the divorce. Sadly, on June 25, 2007, police entered Benoit's home (on a welfare check after several missed appointments) to find the bodies of Nancy, Daniel and Chris. Investigators had determined that over a three-day period, Benoit had killed his wife and son before committing suicide on his weight machine.

6 Mickie James - John Cena/Elizabeth Huberdeau

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His image may be reformed now, but once upon a time, John Cena got around and his marriage was the main casualty. His ex wife, Elizabeth Huberdeau wasn't too happy when she found out her husband wasn't staying true on the road. The straw that broke the camel's back was five-time Women's Champion Mickie James. Not only did the affair dissolve Cena's marriage, but it also did away with James' relationship with Kenny Dykstra, who has been very vocal about the fallout.

The two were apparently engaged until Cena hit the scene and in his rage, Dykstra leaked the affair. Cena and James didn't work out and James was eventually let go from WWE. She hooked up with Magnus and the two welcomed a son in 2014 and were married in 2015. Cena has been seeing WWE Superstar Nikki Bella since last year and has granted over 500 wishes through the Make-A-Wish Foundation to date.

5 Shawn Michaels - Bret Hart/Julie Smadu

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WWE Hall of Famers Sunny and Shawn Michaels' nine-month affair is no secret, but in 1997, at the height of his feud with Bret Hart, Michaels accused Hart of cheating on his wife with Sunny, even though it was actually Michaels who was busy with the Diva. He made a speech on Raw, making a "sunny ways” comment in regards to Hart.

While Hart didn't actually have an affair with the Diva (who confirmed that to be true in 2007), Hart's marriage couldn't survive the accusations and the two separated in May of 1998 and finally divorced in 2002, hours before Hart would suffer his stroke. However, The Hitman revealed that he had multiple affairs while on the road in his autobiography, but he didn’t have any sunny ways.

4 Shawn Michaels - Chris Candido/Sunny

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Shawn Michaels may be a born-again Christian now, but back during the height of his HBK days in the 90s, Michaels and Hall of Famer Sunny(mentioned above) partook in a months long affair that they didn’t even particularly attempt to hide. They would even publicly take trips together! The problem was that HBK happened to still be married to his first wife Theresa Wood and Sunny was engaged to the late Chris Candido.

Neither relationship survived the affair. Sunny and Candido broke up while Michaels and his wife divorced after six years of marriage. HBK has since reformed from his bad boy ways, married Rebecca Curci and overcame a drug and alcohol addiction. The years haven't been so kind to Sunny, who has several arrests to her name, including a DUI and a stint in rehab. She has since released a sex tape and a tell-all book.

3 Brock Lesnar - Marc Mero/Sable

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When Sable made her WWE debut, she was married to Johnny B. Badd, Marc Mero. However, the two would split after having several marital problems, including Sable’s supposed new attitude after a Playboy shoot and rise to fame in the late 90s. Sable took a short break from the company, after suing the WWE for sexual harassment, unsafe situations and poor working conditions, but reprised her role as a heel in 2003, when Lesnar was just making his debut.

She posed for Playboy for a third time, putting her already unsteady marriage to Mero in even more turmoil and reports say that she and Lesnar started dating before her divorce in 2004. The two married in 2006, just two years after Sable’s divorce and had two sons, Turk and Duke, with Sable becoming step-mom to Lesnar’s daughter from a previous relationship. The two are still together as of this day.

2 Paige - Alberto Del Rio/Angela Velkei

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Just a few weeks after Alberto Del Rio filed for divorce from Angela Velkei, Del Rio and Paige announced their coupling to the world. Not only was the timing awfully suspicious, indicating that it was most likely the culprit of the split, especially since Velkei filed for divorce on the claim of adultery. Despite the damning evidence, Del Rio argued that the marriage had ended a year prior and that Velkei had been cruel to him.

Del Rio and Paige are now engaged, but scandal seems to follow them everywhere they go. On March 17th, unauthorized nude pictures of Paige and a video tape were leaked and Paige is apparently so distraught, her fiancé pulled out of a scheduled appearance at WrestleCon in order to comfort her. He issued a statement saying “Due to the invasion of our privacy, I need to be home with the person that needs me more at the moment and our family. Thanks for your support and I’ll be seeing you next time.”

1 Hulk Hogan - Randy Savage/Miss Elizabeth

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Ironically, Miss Elizabeth is one woman Hulk Hogan isn’t highly suspected of sleeping with, but his “wandering eyes” is still partially to blame for the dissolution of Macho Man Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth’s marriage.

Savage and Elizabeth had married in 1984, almost six months before either of them made their WWE debut. Elizabeth was advertised as Savage’s girlfriend despite the fact of the true nature of their relationship. According to the likes of Tito Santana, Bad News Brown, George “The Animal” Steele, Bobby Heenan, and even Randy’s own brother Lanny, Savage would lock Elizabeth in her dressing room and wouldn’t let her come out unless she was with him.

His jealous rage would reach its peak around 1989. Savage didn’t like the way his tag team partner, Hulk Hogan would look at Elizabeth. Savage convinced himself that the two were having an affair and the marriage (and tag team) started to fall apart from there. They teetered on for a bit, eventually parting ways completely. They both moved on, Macho Man to a much younger woman and Elizabeth to a substance abuse problem and Lex Luger. The addiction would end up taking her life at an early age, 42, and Savage’s demise came several years later via heart attack when he was 58.

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