15 WWE Stars Who Took The Ugliest Yearbook Photos

Although it might be hard to believe sometimes, WWE Superstars are actually human beings. I'm guessing that most of you can tell that the first sentence was purely sarcasm, but to a certain extent I think we forget from time to time that WWE Superstars are in fact normal people who are apart of the Entertainment Industry (aka "show business"). However, often times we assume that famous people are different from the rest of us, when in reality, this couldn't be further from the truth. Every WWE Superstar past and present uses the washroom, they all feel emotions, and they're all prone to the hardships of life.

And just like the rest of us, each and every WWE star has at one point attended high school. Quite ironically, some of the biggest WWE stars of today used to look rather strange back in their school days, and they certainly didn't look anything like "Superstars" - quite the opposite actually. In fact, Gallows and Anderson would probably call all these future stars "Nerds"! I think it's safe to assume that most of us hated the annual high school yearbook photo, and these WWE Superstars were absolutely no different.

Here are 15 WWE stars who took the ugliest (and most hilarious) yearbook photos.

21 Hulk Hogan


If you can believe it, the young man showcased in the yearbook picture above is none other than "The Immortal" Hulk Hogan. If you had only taken a quick glimpse at the pic, there's a good possibility that you didn't even realize that Hulk Hogan was staring you right in the face. Compared to what he looks like now (and even during his glory days), Hulk Hogan looked entirely different as a high school kid. Hogan certainly didn't look like a "Superstar in the making" during his school years, and instead looked like nothing more than the average Joe. Although this isn't the ugliest yearbook photo on this list, it certainly isn't very flattering either.

Speaking in terms of Hulk Hogan as a WWE Superstar, Hulk undoubtedly "changed the game" as he was the performer who basically put the WWE on the map. Although Hulk's relationship with the WWE and Vince McMahon has been strained in recent years due to Hogan's controversies, there's a very good chance that we'll be seeing Hulk back in the WWE sooner rather than later.

20 Kurt Angle


Without question, Kurt Angle certainly ranks as being one of the WWE's most physically gifted athletes of all time. Perhaps he didn't look like a future "main eventer" right from the start, but Kurt quickly proved the naysayers wrong as he climbed the pecking order to become one of the company's biggest stars with multiple World Title reigns. Although very few fans ever imagined that Kurt Angle would once again grace a WWE ring following his messy departure years back, "The Olympic Gold Medalist" did just that earlier this year much to the shock and amazement of the WWE Universe.

Focusing in on the high school yearbook photo showcased above, it's pretty clear that Kurt's facial expression was far from being pleasing to the eyes. Not that Angle looked particularly"bad" or anything, but I'd say that it still ranks as being a pretty ugly yearbook photo if you ask me.

19 Seth Rollins


"The Architect" Seth Rollins is by far one of WWE's most diversely talented Superstars presently working for the promotion. Whether you stick Seth in the main event scene, the mid-card or the tag team division, Rollins shines through as a star. Seth Rollins is a truly gifted athlete, and his in-ring performances are second to none (most of the time anyway). After viewing the yearbook photo above of Seth, what was the first thought that came to your mind? For me, I honestly felt like Rollins would find this photo incredibly embarrassing looking back now.

Though Seth didn't look "awful" like some of the other WWE stars on the list, he certainly had a questionable look about him back in his adolescent years. Again, Seth's far from being the worst or ugliest, but compared to other Superstars who took better yearbook photos, Rollins unfortunately has a rightful place on this list.

18 Luke Harper


Here we have a high school yearbook photograph of SmackDown Live's Luke Harper. Now don't get me wrong, Luke didn't look hideous here, but he certainly didn't look all too happy (can we blame him?). Regardless, I'm sure Luke's parents weren't at all pleased with his facial expression, as he looked far more melancholy than anything else. I'm sure at least some of you can relate to me in the way that your parents also took grievance with the facial expression you made in your yearbook photos.

Whether it was because you were smiling too much, smiling too little or grimacing, the fact remains that our parents were simply impossible to satisfy. I suppose some adolescents are more photogenic than others, and though Luke Harper's yearbook picture was pretty bad, I can relate. Speaking in terms of Luke today as a WWE Superstar, the talented big man is being misused and underutilized to the extreme and certainly deserves much better.

17 The Rock


Damn. The only word that could accurately describe this yearbook photograph of "The Most Electrifying Man In All Of Sports Entertainment" is quite simply "damn". I have no clue if Dwayne was holding in a sneeze, if he was extremely nervous/uncomfortable or if every kid in his geometry class was staring at him during the photoshoot, but regardless, this highly embarrassing yearbook picture was captured for all to see.

Now tell me, if you hadn't known The Rock as a WWE Superstar or movie star and were only looking at the fellow in this photo, would you be able to imagine this guy representing the WWE as its franchise Superstar? I certainly couldn't, and this is coming from a big Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson fan. This definitely has to rank as being one of the ugliest yearbook photos in WWE history, but at least The Rock can now boast that he makes more money that most of us can even imagine. Dwayne has become one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, though you probably wouldn't have expected it to ever happen if you only had this picture to go by.

16 Stone Cold Steve Austin

Now if I was to tell you that the young man in the photo showcased above is none other than the legendary Stone Cold Steve Austin, would you believe me? Before becoming "The Rattlesnake" and arguably the biggest star in the history of professional wrestling, Stone Cold Steve Austin was nothing more than a regular high school student - one who had a pretty jabroni looking hairstyle to boot. Unlike Luke Harper, Steve Austin seemed to embrace the camera with a big smile (which is what all parents want), and he managed to look pretty natural.

Perhaps "ugly" is a strong word to describe this yearbook picture, but I'd say it is definitely embarrassing. Regardless, this jabroni look certainly didn't stop Austin from pursuing a wrestling career, and with a bit of a change in attitude and look, Stone Cold became "The Guy" in WWE during the Attitude Era.

15 John Cena


If the first thought that came to your mind after viewing this high school yearbook photograph of John Cena was "LOL!", then I'd say your first reaction is pretty normal compared to most fans. Although John managed to pull off a smile (something Luke Harper failed to do), his haircut at the time was enough to make this yearbook photo stand out as being particularly ugly and unflattering. Maybe it's because we have gotten to know John Cena with hair, but regardless, this yearbook pic is too funny for words.

That being said, John Cena can be all smiles now after having such an incredible WWE career, and he will undoubtedly go down in the history books as being one of the all-time greats - so yes, we can afford to give John Cena a pass on the rather unappealing hairstyle (or lack thereof) he had back in the day. Of course balding happens to all of us with time (and some choose this hairstyle because they like it or have bald spots), but I think it's a pretty unflattering look for a high school kid, don't you?

14 JBL


It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if one of the reasons for John Bradshaw Layfield becoming an infamous backstage bully is because he was picked on in school for looking like a total dweeb. This embarrassing high school yearbook photo showcases WWE's JBL looking as awkward and uncomfortable as possible, all while rocking a pair of glasses that couldn't have been considered "cool" in any generation.

As you may already know, often times people who become bullies were once bullied themselves, and in JBL's case, I could see this being true. However bullying aside, JBL is still a former WWE Champion, and this is an accomplishment that few others can or ever will be able to boast. When I had originally come across this ugly yearbook pic, I definitely started to put two and two together in regards to JBL's bullying scandals.





9 Jeff Hardy


Here we have the wildly popular Jeff Hardy's old high school yearbook photo that showcased the former WWE Champ looking rather questionable with an equally questionable choice of hairstyle. However for the most part, I think we're looking at most of these old WWE star yearbook photographs as "ugly" simply because the times have changed, and in turn the styles have also changed. If you saw someone today rocking socks and sandals, you'd probably laugh under your breath considering the style's way out of date (if it was ever in style to begin with!).

Perhaps not the best example of a style that has come and gone, but Jeff's hairdo in this yearbook pic was far from looking flattering. I think the main thing we're starting to realize as we continue to go through this list is that if you want to eventually become a WWE Superstar you first need to take an ugly yearbook photo.

8 The Undertaker


Even though "The Deadman" is far from being considered a "looker" on any scale, The Undertaker has certainly improved in the looks department with age. This picture showcases "The Phenom" posing for his high school yearbook photograph, and by all accounts I think this classifies as being rather ugly, wouldn't you say? Even though The Undertaker looked rather odd as a young fellow, that's really not what made his yearbook picture stand out as being "ugly". Instead, his forced facial expression made the photo stand out as being truly awkward.

Perhaps The Undertaker never won any popularity awards back in high school, but he definitely ranks as being the most famous star to ever graduate from Waltrip High School in Houston, Texas. I believe The Undertaker is a perfect example that backs up the statement that you don't have to have "movie star" good looks to become a big thing in the Entertainment Industry.


6 Edge


Edge, whose real name is Adam Copeland, fulfilled his high school yearbook's "most likely to", which few people can say they've done. In Edge's case, to become a WWE Champion. However, if you were to only take a quick glimpse at this yearbook photograph at the time, I highly doubt that you would've believed that this young man with a goofy haircut would go on to become a WWE World Champion in the future. Regardless, Edge chased his lifelong dream of becoming a WWE Superstar, and he became one of the most popular performers in the company's history. He would go out as an 11-time World Champion and first ballot WWE Hall Of Famer. However, just focusing in on this yearbook picture, Edge certainly wasn't making the "ideal" facial expression when the picture was being taken, as he looked completely spaced out.


4 Rob Van Dam


Now don't take this the wrong way, but I wonder if the ECW legend known to the wrestling community as Rob Van Dam was always into drugs. If you weren't aware, RVD is known for his usage of a certain green substance, and he was busted for using it while contracted to the WWE years back. This pretty much ended any possibility of Rob remaining a main event Superstar and he was released from the company shortly after.

Taking a look at this high school yearbook photograph, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to notice that Van Dam looked positively awful - and no, I'm not being sarcastic (at least not trying to be). Rob looked a little "spaced out", his facial expression was questionable, and I'd say this classifies as being a fairly "ugly" yearbook picture. Regardless, with questionable personal life choices aside, Rob Van Dam is a wrestling legend and that can never be taken away from the former WWE Champion.

3 The Miz


Considering The Miz tries to portray an "A-List" Hollywood movie star (and I actually believe he thinks he is in real life to some extent), it's only fitting that The Miz gets his rightful spot on this list for a relatively "ugly" yearbook photo. The Miz is showcased in this photo rocking a fairly unusual haircut (I suppose you could classify it as being the classic "nerd" hairdo). At least The Miz was able to pull off a pretty decent smile which is something that cannot be said for the majority of the WWE stars included on the list. Although I do believe that The Miz would probably be somewhat embarrassed of the photograph.

The Miz is one of those performers who was never truly meant to succeed but did anyway. Right from his debut back in 2006, it looked as if "The A-Lister" had limited potential in the WWE as a mid-carder at best. The Miz managed to proved the critics and naysayers wrong (including some of the fans and performers backstage) as he became a WWE Champion - an accomplishment that I doubt anyone ever expected The Miz would attain.

2 Brock Lesnar


This is by far one of the funniest yearbook photos in WWE history. Showcased above is a young Brock Lesnar posing for his high school yearbook picture rocking some glasses and an unflattering brown suit. Looking at this picture, it's nearly impossible to imagine that the young fellow would eventually morph into "The Beast Incarnate" who destroys everyone in his path - both in the UFC and WWE. Instead, Brock looked incredibly timid, and he certainly looked rather uncomfortable. Although I'm a fan of Lesnar, there's no denying that this is a pretty ugly yearbook photo - one I'm sure Brock tries to forget ever existed considering he's supposed to be an unstoppable monster.

With that said, it is undeniable that Brock Lesnar is the WWE's biggest draw right now, and his star power cannot be qustioned. Whether you love or hate Brock Lesnar, you have to admit that he still seems like a "big deal" compared to almost any other current performer.

1 CM Punk


Coming in at the number 1 spot on this list for the ugliest yearbook photo is none other than the insanely popular CM Punk. Although it may be hard to comprehend upon first examination, the young man showcased in the yearbook photo above is in fact CM Punk. had I not known prior, I definitely wouldn't have been able to recognize him. Although some of the WWE stars on the list took pretty ugly yearbook photographs, I truly doubt that any of them can match CM Punk's. Taking a closer look at the photo, CM Punk was posing for the camera rocking long hair, a pair of big frame glasses and an extraordinarily shy and awkward facial expression.

I suppose you could say Punk's smile was rather "creepy" to say the least, but I don't want to nitpick too much considering CM Punk has acknowledged that he was made fun of as a kid. At least Punk can now boast that he has not only improved in the looks department with age, but that he's also been far more successful than most (if not all) of his childhood aggressors.

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