15 WWE Stars Who Were Rumored To 'Have Fun' On The Road

Long gone are the days of groupies waiting for wrestlers back at their hotels. We always hear wild stories about the industry back in the 80's and 90's with WWE Superstars being linked to sleeping with fans while on tour. It's well-known that wrestlers were practically rock stars at one point, they were easily recognized by the public and had a huge following. Many of them were even considered to be sex symbols.

Times have changed. Mainstream America has fallen out of love with wrestling since the end of the Attitude Era, and as a result, wrestlers have lost the hot commodity status. But of course, they are still millionaire athletes who don't have any problem getting some action outside of the ring, it just doesn't come as easy anymore. These days, they're more likely to be met by creeps at airports or fans wanting them to sign their comic books.

Wrestlers spend an average of 5 days a week on the road, starting with TV tapings on Monday and Tuesday, and followed by house shows on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And of course, you have the occasional pay-per-view. They don't get plenty of time to spend at their home or with their families, which is why relationships between wrestlers are so common.

It also means that they get to tour the world and meet "ring rats" in different cities. Those fans are usually groupies for the lack of a better word, who are looking to hook up with wrestlers. Today, we will go through a list of 15 WWE stars who have been rumored to entertain the fans in more ways than one!

15 Batista

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Evolution is in full effect now. When Ric Flair and Triple H recruited him to the group, they must have seen a bit of themselves in Batista. And we don't just mean wrestling wise. Batista is another name on this list who has admitted to cheating on their partner. One must say the details will make you significantly lose respect for him.

Not only was he sleeping with almost every Diva there is, from Melina and Layla to Kelly Kelly, but he was having plenty of fun with the fans. In his autobiography book, Batista stated that his wife always thought he was cheating on her, even going back to his OVW days. And he was. He claims that he couldn't help it and takes responsibility for his actions.

The worst of it all is that Batista was having an affair at a time when his wife was battling cancer. There is a story from a fan who claims to have seen him heading into a hotel with a woman just hours after announcing that his wife had the disease.

14 Seth Rollins

We all remember the Seth Rollins and Zahra Schreiber scandal from few years ago. It's been buried now and you won't find many bringing it up. But there is a reason why it occurred in the first place, Seth likes to have fun. Can you blame him? He's in the prime of his life and one of the last remaining sex symbols in the company.

Seth also found himself in hot water with a different woman, whom he tried to get to send explicit photos for a year...or so she claims. The fan, named Lindsey, hails from Canada and had met him through Instagram as they traded texts back and forth. According to her, they even met in person when she attended a WWE show.

It obviously didn't well as she has spoken out a few times since then. But at least it seems like Rollins has finally learned to not have his texts leak.

13 John Cena

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As it turns out, John Cena isn't exactly an angel outside of the ring. We are all familiar with his history by now, starting with Mickie James and Victoria, to AJ Lee and Nikki Bella. Not a single wrestler can see him in that aspect.

During an interview with Howard Stern in 2006, Cena was more than open when it came to having fun on the road. claimed to have slept with 6 fans at the same time who had been attending a show, although he admitted he couldn't handle all 6.

Cena also tells another story about the locker room daring him to sleep with a fan who weighed 280 pounds. He didn't want to be rude and went along with it, so I guess Cena is truly the ultimate face after all. His approach with ring rats? "Hey, you wanna go have some fun?" If only it was that easy for everyone!

12 Bret Hart

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Bret Hart isn't a name that you expected to see on this list. Well, that's in case you have never read his book or know very little about his personal life. During his prime years, Bret Hart was cheating on his wife while touring the world. He has openly admitted to sleeping with fans, going as far as claiming that sex was his addiction.

Although he was unfaithful, he did state that he felt ashamed of himself. Plenty of wrestlers cheat but not many would admit it or even openly talk about it. Of course, this doesn't justify Bret's actions.

His autobiography "Hitman: My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling" goes into detail about all his road adventures. Some of the gems that you can find in the book include a story about losing his virginity to a ring rat, and his affair with a fan named Rosemary.

11 Dolph Ziggler

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Here's a name you definitely expected to see. Dolph Ziggler has always been accused of imitating Shawn Michaels, and although no one could deny his in-ring talent, he hasn't had nearly as much success in the WWE. But he's been able to copy him in different ways, mostly outside of the ring.

From WWE Divas to Hollywood actresses, and even adult entertainment stars, Ziggler has experienced them all. While on the road, he's been known to have fun as well. Dolph enjoys the single life and probably won't be settling down anytime soon. Multiple stories are out on the internet, including a YouTube video from a fan/vlogger that turned into a bitter ex after he stood her up.

And if that wasn't enough, he has also hooked up with Sunny when she was already into her 40s! I guess you could say that he's truly the modern day Shawn Michaels after all.

10 Randy Orton

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Randy Orton's relationship with fans is one beyond explanation. When he's not smoking cigarettes with them, he's destroying their phone cameras. You never know what you're going to get with him. Of course, there's a third side of Orton, a more charming one. He's now a family man but younger Randy sure loved having fun on the road.

Like Cena, Orton has been around the WWE locker room as well. In fact, he's gotten in trouble before thanks to his distasteful behavior. But he doesn't discriminate at all, Orton had no problem getting it in with the fans too.

There is a groupie tale out there that claims Orton likes to be called daddy, which makes sense when you look at the trajectory of his career, going from the Legend Killer and The Viper to adapt his final nickname.

9 CM Punk

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CM Punk has hooked up with so many WWE Divas that it would need its own list. Jumping from one to another, he has conquered the entire roster. But he hasn't stopped at that, he's only been involved with plenty of fans.

It's easy to see why he's so sought after, Punk oozes charisma. He's one of the biggest sex symbols in modern WWE history as you can tell by his large fanbase of women. You couldn't help but admire him, and he took advantage of that. Although you have to respect him for his straight edge lifestyle, he's been accused of cheating by several women.

Punk has hooked up with many, many fans over the years, sometimes at the same time. He has never denied these accusations. Maria and Lita have both hinted that he was having too much fun on the road for their likening, which is one of the many reasons why things didn't work out.

8 Wade Barrett

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A simple Google search will lead you to Tumblr, the land of gossip for all entertainment purposes, especially WWE. There are many pages dedicated to rumors and ring rat stories. Whether they're true or not, there's no way to know but one name that pops up more than a few times is Wade Barrett!

Apparently, he actually has some game and is quite the ladies man. We can't say that we are surprised, we all knew that he had it in him! Well, except for WWE. But even outside the ring, Wade Barrett was apparently the ring rats king during his stint with the company.

Since leaving wrestling, he probably has missed the spotlight and the chances of experiencing the road lifestyle. He's more than good enough to return to the company, but the bad news is he probably won't be welcomed back.

7 Triple H

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"It's time to play the game" has now taken on a whole different meaning. It doesn't take a genius to know that Triple H has fooled around in his younger days. When you consider the fact that he was best friends with Shawn Michaels, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and X-Pac, you can quickly draw conclusion. It's no secret that The Kliq was running wild.

Based off his TV behavior alone in the '90s, especially as member of D-Generation X, it would've been safe to include Triple H on this list. At a time when wrestlers had much more creativity, he didn't shy away from bragging about his lifestyle.

If you needed any more confirmation whether Triple H was having the time of his life on the road, Chyna called him out in her book stating that he had a new girl in different city the WWE toured. He's now all about pleasing the fans with a quality product instead.

6 Ric Flair

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I think most readers would have been disappointed to not see Ric Flair on this list. Let us confirm: Ric is a man of his word. He wasn't just portraying a character on screen, he was truly living that lifestyle. Flair has been divorced four times for a reason, the man just can't be limited to only one woman.

He was always accompanied to the ring by the finest women and wasn't shy to flirt with WWE Divas, even at an advanced age. As far as fans go, there are plenty of stories to confirm what we already know. Here is a visual proof in case you had the slightest doubt about Flair's belonging on this list.

As impressive as his 16 World Titles may be, his record with women is even more impressive. Flair is probably as close as it gets to Wilt Chamberlain's record with the ladies. Many of his close associates as well as ex's have confirmed that Flair was wilding while on the road.

5 Edge

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He didn't earn his "Rated-R Superstar" nickname by accident. Edge's dating resume is impressive to say the least with notable names like Lita and Beth Pheonix. But he also loves his time on the road and the experiences that come with it.

Edge got married at a young age to the sister of Val Venis but that didn't last long. Shortly after, he got married a second time and it was even shorter this time. Both divorces came as a result of his continuous cheating while on the road. Edge, like so many other WWE Superstars, found it difficult to stay faithful to their partner when they were away for the majority of the time. It's probably not a coincidence that his married to Beth Phoenix has worked out so well since he's been retired.

Additionally, Edge's name has always come up on the now infamous ring rats website that existed in the early 2000s.

4 Steve Austin

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We've known Stone Cold to raise hell inside the ring but it seems like he opened plenty of cans outside of it as well. During an interview, Steve Austin went into details about what goes on behind the scenes, especially when it comes to ring rats. He admitted to not being smooth or having plenty of game with the ladies, but of course, that matter very little when you're Stone Cold.

According to him, "The higher up you are on that card, the stakes increase. The quality gets better." That should confirm it, and motivate those of you who are reading. As The Ringmaster, it's hard to believe that he was pulling in many women, if at all. But as Stone Cold Steve Austin, he was having the time of his life on the road where he could pick and choose on any given night.

3 Dean Ambrose

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All three members of The Shield are popular with the ladies. It doesn't matter if they're portraying a face or heel, you're still going to hear screaming women when their theme songs hit. They have also admitted to not having any trouble with the ladies, stating that all three members get their fair share of groupies.

For years, Dean Ambrose had been dating Renee Young and they got married this past April. Prior to this, he was known for living it up on the road. During an interview from around the time when they started dating, Renee noted that Dean wasn't exactly a relationship type but he tries very hard. He obviously has changed his ways since they tied up the knot.

Dean was having fun on the road before he even joined WWE, there are many rumors about him from his time in CZW. Ambrose is also very popular with the ring rats on Tumblr, who aim to meet their favorite wrestlers for a good time.

2 Shawn Michaels

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Think of all the wild adventures that WWE stars have while touring the world, and it's guaranteed that Shawn Michaels's name is going to come up in the conversation. He has participated in every single ride during the '80s and '90s.

Before God recruited Michaels to accept him into his life, and later on team up at Backlash 2006, he was doing the most unholy things on the road. Things that you only seen in movies. From fans to Divas, HBK was dropping more than elbows on them.

In fact, there's a legendary rumor about Michaels inviting three of his fans to his hotel room. And of course, it ended exactly as you thought it would. Well, except that it didn't. The heartbroken gals didn't get the happy ending they expected, as Shawn proceeded to allegedly urinate on all three of his fans. Kids, please don't try this at home.

1 Roman Reigns

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Unlike his former Shield partner, Roman Reigns knew how to maintain a lowkey profile. There have been multiple stories about him hooking up with fans on Tumblr but no real evidence. Say what you want about Roman Reigns as a wrestler or promo giver, but he's clear much brighter than Seth Rollins when it comes to dealing with groupies.

Rollins had previously admitted that Roman gets the most women out of all three Shield members, thanks to his tattoos and muscles. Additionally, there are videos on YouTube of fans losing it over the sight of Roman, so it clearly comes very easy to him. Not to mention the loud cheers that he still receives from most women, which speaks volumes about his appeal. He's now married to Galina Becker so hopefully he cut back on the road fun because she is more than worth it.

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