15 WWE Stars With Shocking Win/Loss Records For 2017

The WWE is all about entertainment and a win/loss ratio doesn’t mean anything in their world but for a lot of WWE fans, it matters. Racking up a lot of wins could be a great storyline (WCW and Bill Goldberg) but the actual statistics of a wrestler’s record are never talked about during the program unless it's part of the storyline. You may have been in a debate or heard a conversation about whether wrestler “A” is a jobber because they lost to wrestler “B.” It’s a debate that will forever belong to the wrestling industry. We’re here to tell you that even though a wrestler loses a match, their status as a top star or one of the best is still intact.

Losing is part of the storytelling process and the WWE enjoys the fans going home happy with the hero winning the majority of their events. This doesn’t mean that the wrestler who lost is terrible but there are some exceptions. Some wrestlers on this list are the best in the world and others are legit jobbers that may not even be with the WWE by the end of 2017. This list was composed after episode #923 of SmackDown Live and the records will have changed by the time you read this list. The records also include all events, such as live shows and dark matches after Raw and SmackDown Live.

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15 Sami Zayn: 20-33

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Sami Zayn may have more memes about him being a cab driver than wins in 2017 but that might not be a bad thing. Zayn is the perfect talent to put over the top heels in the business. He’s the underdog and when he finally does go on a run as a champion, people will love him for it. In 2017, Zayn has a record of 20-33 as of the time of this list was written.

Although he has one of the worst win/loss ratios in the company, he at least has more wins than anyone else on this list. Sami was part of the roster shakeup and went from Raw to SmackDown Live this year. There are only a few babyface stars on the SmackDown Live brand, so it’s possible creative gives him a big push this year.

14 Dolph Ziggler: 13-30

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Don’t expect Ziggler picking up wins anytime soon if he’s going to have a long feud with former NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura. Fans of Ziggler have been wanting him to have an epic push for a long time but from everything we have seen in the past year, Ziggler will be putting people over. He’s a great upper-mid card performer and his win/loss ratio doesn’t represent how good he is in the ring.

As of the dark match after episode 22 of WWE’s 205 Live, Ziggler has a record of 13-30 in 2017. He never switched brands during the roster shakeup but has turned into a heel on SmackDown Live after a long run as a babyface. With Bray Wyatt and The Miz leaving the Tuesday show, he could become the top heel for the brand.

13 Big E: 8-28

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Awwwwww TheSportster, don’t you dare be sour! Clap for Big E, even though he has a record of 8-28, and feel the power! The New Day debuted in 2014 and after a few tweaks to the gimmick, the stable went on a tear in the Tag Team Division. Their Tag Team Championship run would last 483 days and they would break the record for the longest reign in that time.

In 2017, the New Day have slowed their momentum. They’ve lost more than they won and Big E’s record is a perfect example of that change in booking. Seeing how Big E won a lot in 2016, maybe creative thought he needed to even out his win/loss record. Now that the New Day are on SmackDown Live, they’ll be a tag team to look out for with an uptick in wins.

12 Kevin Owens: 13-34

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Kevin Owens may have been the best thing going in 2016 for the company. His mic skills are off the charts and his in-ring ability is outstanding for his physique. The Chris Jericho and Owens friendship storyline in 2016 was one of the few bright spots on Raw. Although he's the United States Champion, Owens has lost a ton of matches in 2017. His record is 13-34 so maybe the prize fighter going over to SmackDown Live in the roster shakeup was a good thing.

As a heel, Owen’s role is to get heat from the crowd and put over the babyface so it’s not that big of a surprise he has one of the worst win/loss ratios in the WWE. Owens has the talent to be great but will creative give him the wins.

11 Nia Jax: 12-37

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Nia Jax joined WWE’s Performance Center without professional wrestling training in 2014 and by 2017, she was performing at WrestleMania for the Women’s Championship on Raw. Granted, even though she’s a member of the Anoa’i family, which is wrestling royalty, Jax still had to work hard to get in the position she is currently in.

Jax is being pushed as a monstrous heel that can toss her opponents around like a rag doll. You would think with her size and push she would win more matches at events, however, that’s not the case in 2017. As of episode #1,248 of Raw, Nia Jax has a record of 12-37. With a record like that, maybe creative should change the way they have presented Jax as a dominant force.

10 Baron Corbin: 9-39

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When the WWE announced that WrestleMania will have an annual battle royal dedicated to Andre the Giant, fans thought it would be a great match to help push a rising star. The first year was won by Cesaro and he has been regulated to the Tag Team Division ever since. The second year, the Big Show won and the victory was more about awarding the big fella than pushing him to a better position on the card.

The third year would be won by Corbin and it seemed WWE was ready to push him into a more important role on the program. As of episode #923 of SmackDown Live, Corbin has a record of 9-39 in 2017 and hasn't even had a title run yet. WWE could have booked him to win the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania, a year after his Andre the Giant Battle Royal win but they dropped the ball and didn’t.

9 A.J. Styles: 15-30

via heavy.com

Any fans of A.J. Styles will be shaking their head at this record. It’s amazing that the best wrestler in 2016 has a terrible record in 2017. When Styles debuted at the 2016 Royal Rumble, he set a fire in the WWE Universe. He would put SmackDown Live on his back when he was drafted by the brand and has been on a roll ever since.

That’s why it’s shocking he would be booked to lose a lot in 2017. His win over Baron Corbin on episode #923 of SmackDown Live brings his record to 15-30 in 2017. The face that runs the place or the champ that runs the camp should have an uptick in wins down the stretch in 2017, so don’t be too upset if you’re a fan of his.

8 Jinder Mahal: 7-38

via comicbook.com

The WWE is really pushing the SmackDown Live brand as the land of opportunity. Some examples include Heath Slater and Rhyno becoming the inarguable SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions, enhancement talent James Ellsworth was involved in a top feud with Dean Ambrose and Styles, and now we have Jinder Mahal.

Mahal, a known jobber, would win a Six-Pack Challenge to become the number one contender for the WWE Championship on episode #922 of SmackDown Live. The win would shock the WWE Universe because no one saw it coming. Although he won the match, Mahal has lost three matches to Finn Balor on live event shows since the time this list was written. His dreadful record for 2017 is 7-38 and we doubt he goes on to win the most prestigious title in the company.

7 The Miz: 4-31

via stillrealtous.com

The Miz has been on fire since the brand split and it has more to do with his words than his record. He arguably had the greatest promo of 2016 on WWE Network’s Talking Smack and went into WrestleMania as an anti-John Cena darling. Although the Miz is a wordsmith and one of the better talkers in the company, the WWE loves booking him as a loser in the ring.

The Miz holds a record of 4-31 in 2017 at the time this list was written. He recently moved to Raw during the roster shakeup so maybe he'll start winning more but don’t hold your breath. The record shouldn’t be seen as that important, particularly because the best things about Miz’s character is he doesn’t need victories to be involved in the top storylines.

6 Charlotte Flair: 5-43

via wwe.com

Woooo! Charlotte Flair was pushed to the moon and beyond when she made her big league debut on WWE Raw back in 2015. As the daughter of the notorious legend, Ric Flair, Vince McMahon billed her as a Queen with a heelish persona. She would be a dominant performer match after match and eventually, won the WWE Divas Championship and WWE Raw Women’s Championship.

Not only was she a champion, she arguably had one of the greatest feuds of 2016 with Sasha Banks. When 2017 came rolling around, some fans were complaining about how many wins Flair had on Pay-Per-View events. It has been a different story for Charlotte in 2017. She put Bayley over several times and has moved to SmackDown Live. At the time this was written, Charlotte has one of the worst records in 2017 standing at 5-43.

5 Titus O'Neil: 3-40

via wwe.com

The former Arena Football League player signed a developmental deal with the WWE in 2009. He would get called up to the big leagues with Darren Young and form the team Prime Time Players in 2012. Regulated to the Tag Team Division for most of his career, O’Neil would win the WWE Tag Team Championship one time with Young.

After the team disbanded, Titus would have a singles career as a lower-card performer. Unfortunately for him, his stock hasn’t increased and he's rarely seen on television. In 2017, O’Neil has a record of 3-40 at the time this list was written. At 39 years old, his prime may be behind him and he could be on the chopping block when the WWE decides to go on a purge.

4 Breezango: 3-41

via dailyddt.com

Many of us were shocked when Breezango became the new number one contenders for the SmackDown Live Tag Team Championships on episode #923. Since Fandango and Tyler Breeze formed an alliance to take on the WWE Universe and give fashion tips in 2016, they have been glorified jobbers. As lower-card performers, they would put over the babyface stars and be cannon fodder for any storylines.

When Breezango was involved in a match, you knew they would lose. Things haven’t been any different for the duo in 2017. Their record this year stands at 3-41 as of the time this list was written. After losing countless times and putting wrestlers over, it seems WWE is awarding their hard work. With an aesthetically pleasing look and the ability to be authentic heels, this team could have the potential to be stars.

3 The Ascension: 1-31

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The most dominant tag team in NXT history has been booked in the opposite direction since they’ve been called up. In NXT, The Ascension were Tag Champions for 364 days and no one has come close to breaking that record. When they were called up to the big leagues in 2014, they floated around the lower-card. They’ve been stuck in dark matches and mundane stories for years now and nothing has changed in 2017.

Konnor has a record of 1-31 and his partner, Viktor, has a record of 1-30 at the time this list was written. Maybe they’re paying their dues, maybe they’re just a shell of their dominant run in NXT. Only creative and Vince McMahon know why they’ve been booked as losers. With the brand split and more opportunities for tag teams, The Ascension has a chance to turn things around.

2 Bo Dallas: 1-30

via wrestlingnews.co

Bo Dallas showed a lot of potential during his championship run down in NXT but it hasn’t translated to the big leagues. Dallas made his official television debut in 2014 and was given a short undefeated streak to push his character and gain heat from the crowd. A few months later, Dallas would be regulated to the lower-card and eventually became non-existent.

In 2017, Dallas has sported a new beard but still, keeps on losing. Bo Dallas has a record of 1-30 at the time this list was written. His lone win came against Sin Cara on episode #230 of WWE’s Main Event. Although he’s being booked as a jobber, Dallas is only in his mid-twenties and still has a lot of time to improve.

1 Curt Hawkins: 0-40

via wwe.com

The former "Edgehead" made his return to the WWE for in the summer of 2016. It’s pretty obvious the sole purpose of his new run with the WWE is to be a jobber. As a lower-card singles performer, Hawkins shtick is to cut a short promo about himself and then lose a match or put over a babyface in a segment. His mic skills are decent, however, all of his matches have been short and lack any heat.

During the Roster Shakeup, Hawkins would be moved to the Raw brand. How many wins do you think he has in 2017? The answer is none. Hawkins has a record of 0-40 in 2017 at the time this list was written. Maybe creative makes a storyline with him trying to get his first win in the WWE for 2017, but we doubt it.

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