15 WWE Superstars That Want To Take On Conor McGregor

Is it a work? A buildup? Or a legit, real-life beef? That's the current question circulating around Conor McGregor and the entire WWE roster right now. The initial shot by McGregor was unleashed immediately following his press conference when Fox News tweeted his comments after being asked about a possible future in WWE:

Then, if that wasn't good enough, McGregor hit Twitter himself, saying:

McGregor is being called a genius by UFC journalists and fans who see it as a buildup for his upcoming UFC match against Nate Diaz, as he's gainied the attention of over 14 million angry WWE followers on Twitter. Then we have the WWE Universe, which see it as yet another hint that McGregor may appear in a WWE ring.

The first hint was his retirementm that turned out to be just show, then came the rumors about his new Twitter pals Stephanie, Shane, Triple H, and Becky Lynch, who had responded to his false retirement. To make matters worse, his coach, John Kavanagh, added a pic of Bret Hart with the caption “New job uniform” in an Instagram post and this quickly led to a news story on WWE.com entertaining the idea. If this is in fact the plan, then things seem to be in full swing since McGregor has pissed off enough superstars to have his pick of storylines set up clear through WrestleMania 33. Here are 15 WWE Superstar's That Want To Take On Conor McGregor.

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16 Fit Finlay Calls A Pokémon Go Match

Fit Finlay may be retired, but that didn't stop him from calling McGregor a “new Pokémon Go character.” Maybe he will step up from the back and stage a battle with the UFC fighter with his phone in hand.

What would Finlay's character shape up to be for a match with McGregor? He would more than likely be called The Fighting Irish Bas**** and would have fun bashing Conor's head on the steel steps with his boot. Finlay could have Hornswoggle back as his sidekick and try to catch and train a Cena or Orton Pokémon to keep up with McGregor's Pokémon, who would be John Kavanagh and Dana White, of course.

I'm sorry maybe my imagination ran away with me and took things too far, but it could happen, right?

15 MVP Talks Smack

MVP quickly fired back using McGregor’s choice words, of slapping the heads off the WWE roster, against him by asking a tweeted question “The way Nick Diaz Stockton did you or nah?”

It has been rumored that MVP is set to make a WWE return, but that an agreement has not been reached, has been declined, is just being held up because of the amount of money laid out by WWE or arguments over opportunities for a title push. Hopefully, something gets worked out because if Conor was to make a WWE appearance opposite of MVP, it would definitely make for a great war of words and possibly a knockout, but who would go down remains to be seen. Both are cocky and arrogant, so either way it would be a storyline for the new era that would turn some heads and create some much needed drama.

14 Baron Corbin Might Uppercut McGregor

Conor McGregor's comments were not lost on some of the newer stars in the WWE. Baron Corbin, who recently made his main roster debut at WrestleMania 32, came out hard, winning the third annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. He has since been feuding with various Superstars in an attempt to establish his identity.

He needs something new to help him pick up more steam. The newcomer's tweeted response to McGregor of “I beg to differ kid” seemed a bit lacking. Especially considering his aggressive behavior in the NFL, which was said to have gotten him booted out after throwing uppercuts in a team fight during training camp. At the same time, actions speak louder than words and the retired boxer/NFL uppercut king might have a good shot at bringing McGregor down to his knees, so he can offer a real apology to the WWE, it's roster, and diehard fans.

13 Becky Lynch vs McGregor: Guess Who Won?

“I'll stand aside seeing as I already beat you.” That's right the “Lass Kicker” has already had her time to show up McGregor and she won. While, it might not have been in an actual MMA or pro wrestling match, does it really matter?

98FM's Best of Dublin Awards announced Becky Lynch as the “Best Sports Person,” not Conor McGregor, and despite her recent tweet to get McGregor over to WWE, she had absolutely no problem flaunting this fact in response to McGregor's latest comments aimed at the WWE roster.

However, if McGregor were to float on over to the land of the WWE, then he more than likely would make a good stable with Lynch due to their heritage. Maybe they could team up against “The Boss” Sasha Banks and Enzo Amore?

12 Kofi Kingston Knows Just What McGregor Needs

Booty-O's! Of course this is what's wrong with Conor McGregor, or at least according to Kofi. His reaction to McGregor's rant was that “it looks like he could use a bowl of Booty O's,” Actually I think that he might be on to something because we know now that Conor McGregor is definitely “Booty.” At least to WWE fans, so why not send him a box just to make sure that he's not “Booty” or maybe Kofi could Unicorn slam him into next week and then throw a box of Booty-O's straight at McGregor’s head, although I'm not sure that Conor would respond by eating them.

New Day fans should expect no less than this from the beloved stable, but it would also be nice to see what else the happy go lucky trio would come up with for the UFC fighter.

11 AJ Styles: “Featherweight Division”

When AJ Styles was asked on Twitter what he thought about Conor McGregor's remarks, he just laughed them off in his own stylish way. “I think Conor McGregor would do well in the featherweight division…… if the WWE had one.” When you really think about it, he really kind of reversed McGregor's remarks back onto him, saying that a featherweight division would just be too wimpy for WWE, which is why they don't have one.

As far as a future possible matchup between the two goes, it seems like AJ Styles might prove to be a little too much for McGregor, who more than likely would have trouble keeping up with AJ's highflying moves, but who knows?

10 Sasha Banks Wants To Kick His Butt

Sasha Banks made her “bank statement” as the WWE Woman's Champion on how she felt Conor McGregor would fare in the WWE. Not only does she feel that he wouldn't last the strenuous scheduling and work ethic that WWE requires, but she also tweeted for him to “bring it.” She claims that he cries about having to fight “twice a year” and “would love to see him in the ring and see if he can do our schedule.” She also commented on his recent complaints about scheduling, saying that he would “not cut it” in the WWE.

After a statement like that, it would be nice to see the WWE bring back inter-gender matches, at least if it's only this once. Unfortunately this is something that is not likely to happen, so maybe she could convince those in in charge to allow some storyline like the pairing mentioned earlier, with Becky Lynch and McGregor vs The Boss and Enzo Amore, so that she could slap his head off on the behalf of the entire roster.

9 Rusev Congratulates Conor McGaiver

With Rusev, sometimes it can be a little hard to tell if he is dishing out a legit insult by misspelling something or if he is just that bad with memorizing and spelling. Regardless of the reason, it's still absolutely hilarious.

His tweet to McGregor was “So much talk for a guy who fights 15 min matches twice a year…… Good for you Conor McGaiver.” We love sarcastic Rusev and he would more than likely crush Conor McGregor in a real fight, but if WWE did actually get their hands on a McGregor appearance, they would more than likely have The Bulgarian Brute lose to him, unless his anger got the best of him and he refused. He could then go on an unscripted run which would most likely lead to The Accolade being set in with enough force to make McGregor pass out, rather than tap out.

8 Roman Reigns - Does Size Really Matter

Te weakest comeback about McGregor's comments probably came from Roman Reigns. All he had to say about the remarks was “Your the size of my leg. Shut up.” (Roman also came back later with a correction on his grammar) It was plain, simple, and straight to the point, but we were disappointed that all he did was take a jab at McGregor's size.

Maybe Roman Reigns has lost some of his energy after being caught and suspended, for what has been rumored to have been a stimulant, or it could be that McGregor's comments struck the wrong chord when he mentioned Brock being “juiced.” It's possible that he didn't want McGregor to turn the heat back up on his recent fail.

7 Ric Flair Expected More Class

Ric Flair took to Twitter a couple of times, dishing out numerous insults about McGregor’s character, saying that he expected more class from him. At least Flair saved us from the drama of him threatening McGregor with violence stemming from his own hands, because that just would have been really funny, but he did call on Dolph Ziggler, Brock Lesnar, and Fit Finlay to settle the score for him.

However, it seems that his main issue with the remarks made by Conor is that McGregor has mimicked Flair's entire persona and stole his gimmick, but hasn't showed respect to the industry that allowed that gimmick.

Among everything else Flair had to say, he also suggested that McGregor should Google Dolph Ziggler's accomplishments, if he or anyone else doesn't believe Dolph could “tie Conor in a knot,” If most of the WWE roster had not decided to confront McGregor on Twitter, then it sure seems like Ric Flair would have done it for them.

6 Big E Looking To Get In Line

“Would you prefer to find us individually or have us all line up at once? I know your time is valuable, sir.” Big E's response was one of the best and most sarcastic responses we've seen so far.

If they decided to put McGregor in a program with New Day, it would be tough for him. With the stamina that it takes for WWE Superstars to work the way they do, we seriously doubt that McGregor would make it through New Day with Big E front and center and Kofi standing off to the side waiting with McGregor's box of Booty-O's.

Oh and let's not forget Xavier Woods, who'd be there with his trademark trombone, Francesca.


4 Dolph Volunteers

Dolph Ziggler ended up volunteering to line up against McGregor following Big E's comment. He said he's up for it as a tribute, but has to “drop 40lbs & find where every dude in Brooklyn gets their haircut/tats” first. At least this would be an interesting match because if you take Ric Flair's advice and Google Ziggler, you would find that he set records as a college wrestler and probably could “tie Conor in a knot,” as Flair said.

Ziggler vs. McGregor would definitely give the WWE Universe something to talk about and would boost Ziggler up the totem pole once again. I know I would like to see Ziggler tie Conor in a knot. Wouldn't you?

3 Titus O’Neil Calls McGregor Out To Any WWE Show

Titus O’Neil calls McGregor’s tweet “foolish behavior on social media” which he is not a “fan of,” therefore what better way to settle things than in the ring at a WWE show. It sounds just like the old school idea of calling someone outside to settle a score and this is just what Titus has done.

Titus “welcomed @TheNotoriousMMA 2any WWE show and We can go from there.” I think McGregor might have forgotten that the WWE roster is made up of more than just some fake stunts and storylines. Not only is the schedule and training a lot for anyone on the roster, but many Superstars have come from very athletic backgrounds, such as Titus O’Neil, who is yet another retired football player on the roster. If his signature wrestling moves weren't enough, he could probably just tackle Conor to get him down for a pin.

2 Chris Jericho Means No Disrespect

It was initially rumored that when a fan asked Jericho about what McGregor's comments, his initial reaction was who is Conor McGregor? He later went to Twitter (after doing some homework I’m assuming) and proceeded to rip on McGregor, joining the rest of the roster with his opinion. Jericho tweeted “Sorry pal no disrespect to u but my fights are legit, unlike the fixed fights u have in @UFC. I’ll embarrass u!,” which he more than likely would.

I don't think anyone could bring down Conor McGregor's walls quite like Chris Jericho could. All he would have to do is lock in The Walls of Jericho on McGregor's a**. Before you know it, he will be tapping, acting just like the pansies he seems to think that WWE Superstars are.

1 Sheamus vs McGregor - Not The First Twitter War Between These Two

This isn't the first time that Sheamus and McGregor have met on Twitter and it was Conor who stated that war too. Back in 2014, Conor was asked who would win if he faced off against Sheamus and, of course, he said he would. Shemus took to Twitter and from there it was war, but when it comes to a war of words between these two, Sheamus always seems to come out on top.

He said that Conor would win, but only because “he doesn't hit featherweights or shoeshine boys” and that he has “had bigger dumps after a salad." We'll call that a win for Sheamus.

His recent response to Conor was “Never show a Jack Russell a mirror. It thinks it's a majestic Irish Wolfhound. Really, just an annoying wee yapper trying to sell tickets.” Before saying "Tonight I face @WWECesaro on ... Win? Lose? I wont offer-up my throat & p***y out like another so-called Celtic Warrior. ."

Well done, Sheamus.

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