15 WWE Superstars & The Opponents They Hated Working With

The personalities behind the scenes in WWE have seen many people clash against each other. Professionalism will see wrestlers work together when asked to by management, but there are many instances of talent just not getting on the same page. For whatever reason, there are certain wrestlers that don’t enjoy working together. Some people just have different wrestling styles that lead to tension in disagreeing on how to execute their story together. Others just can’t stand each other as human beings and it causes them to despise having to work together.

We'll take a look at fifteen specific legendary WWE stars. All of these performers have endured tremendous careers and some of them are still going. The objective opinion would view these stars as big names. However, each of them hated working with at least one of their peers. This list will explain the story behind each instance of a legendary star hating to wrestle someone else on the roster. There are a few lifelong hatreds stemming from this. Others get along but just couldn’t get on the same page when it came to wrestling style. These are fifteen top huge WWE stars and opponents that they hated working with.

14 Triple H: Rob Van Dam

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The career of Rob Van Dam was highly successful in WWE, but most fans felt he should have been pushed harder. RVD’s popularity was red hot from 2001 to 2002 as a singles star. Van Dam would lose his PPV title shot to Triple H, lose an Elimination Chamber match and then get moved back down into the lower card picture for a long time.

Triple H disliked working with RVD due to his unorthodox and sometimes dangerous style. Van Dam landed on Triple H’s throat leading to a serious injury. The injury is rumored to have caused RVD to be viewed as reckless and lose his momentum. Van Dam has stated that he always felt a negative energy with Triple H and didn’t trust him. Triple H rarely worked with RVD following the memorable Elimination Chamber match proving rumors of his dislike of Van Dam to be likely true.

13 The Rock: Shawn Michaels

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The Rock is now one of the biggest names in the world due to his box office success as a movie star. However, he was a young new wrestler in 1996 struggling to get any fan support. Many reports have indicated that Shawn Michaels was one of the backstage voices trying to hold him down. Michaels wanted to hold down Rock in order to make Triple H the next big star in WWE. Bret Hart and a few other wrestlers have confirmed these reports.

The speculation is that Rock would remember this when he became a top star. Rock apparently refused to work with Michaels during the latter’s comeback in 2002 due to their poor relationship many years prior. A Hall of Fame speech induction featured Rock saying he wish he could have had the chance to wrestle Michaels, but that was clearly a lie based off all the other variables.

12 Andre The Giant: Kamala

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The drawing power of Andre the Giant as a heel saw him become the monster villain Vince McMahon has tried countless times to replicate. Andre was special in the sense that he legitimately felt like a giant that other wrestlers had to find a way to overcome. One wrestler that apparently hated working with the big man was Kamala.

Both men seemed to hate working together according to Kamala. The retired wrestler revealed in an interview that both guys took liberties with each other by getting stiff in the ring. Things turned real causing tension between the two that would never end. Kamala stated that they strongly disliked working against each other following their incident of getting too real in their first early 80s match.

11 John Cena: Alex Riley

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John Cena has a pretty clean reputation for being the golden boy. That is one of many reasons why Vince McMahon spent about a decade marketing the company around Cena. However, there are a few wrestlers to have negative run-ins with Cena backstage. Alex Riley may have been the wrestler most impacted from being someone that Cena hated working with.

It all started in the 2011 Royal Rumble match when Riley blew a spot. Riley was supposed to eliminate Cena after a distraction by The Miz to start their story for the WrestleMania XXVII main event. An amateur botch saw Riley slip off the apron and eliminate himself. Cena seemed to hold a grudge and bury Riley both to his face and behind the scenes leading to his career falling apart.

10 Davey Boy Smith: Dynamite Kid

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The British Bulldogs tag team in the 80s gave us a great combination of talents. Davey Boy Smith was a talented power wrestler using his incredible strength to his advantage. Dynamite Kid was smaller in stature and worked a more intense style to make up for it. Both men had noteworthy differences in their size, styles and personalities.

Despite being a tag team, they couldn’t stand being together. The reputation of Dynamite Kid portrayed him as a huge jerk that made life miserable for those around him. Davey Boy was reportedly ecstatic when the team ended and he was able to become a singles star. Fans loved the British Bulldogs team, and many future wrestlers were inspired. No one would have guessed that the entertaining unit actually hated having to work together.

9 Hulk Hogan: Bret Hart

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Hulk Hogan not wanting to work with Bret Hart is what started one of the biggest rivalries in wrestling history. The decision of Hogan to leave WWE in 1993 coincided with the timing of Vince McMahon getting ready to make Hart the new face of the company. Hogan however refused to put over Hart in a singles match. The two never had issues but Hogan apparently didn’t view Hart as being worthy of working with him, let alone winning.

Hart held a grudge for years that got worse when they actually wrestled together and against each other in WCW. According to Bret, Hogan is the biggest snake in wrestling and has zero redeemable qualities as a person. Hulk has remained adamant that he didn’t refuse to lose to Hart, but his insults towards Bret definitely show a mutual disdain.

8 Chris Jericho: Chyna

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The WWE career of Chris Jericho made him a legend in the world of wrestling. Jericho always had the talent, but no promotion ever gave him both the spotlight and the booking to truly get over. Things weren’t always easy for Jericho in WWE as his early days were horrible. Jericho entered a storyline with Chyna as the co-Intercontinental Champions.

Chyna and Jericho wrestled as partners and opponents for months with Jericho absolutely hating it. Jericho viewed Chyna as one of the worst in-ring workers he’s ever wrestled and feared it would hurt his career. At one point, Chyna even complained about Jericho being too stiff to get him more heat. Jericho celebrated like he won the WWE Championship when he moved into another program with Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle to ditch Chyna.

7 Batista: Booker T

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Batista entered the wrestling industry later than most but managed to make a huge impact. WWE went all the way with Batista in 2005 and beyond by making him one of the faces of the company. It seems that Batista’s ego got out of control and it started rubbing some of the veterans the wrong way. One person that had enough of Batista was Booker T.

A commercial set for Summerslam saw Booker snap and get the better of Batista in a real fight in between the filming. Batista apparently hated working with Booker leading to issues between the two. WWE made them continue working together despite the hostility and they had subpar matches. Batista’s minimal experience and Booker being a veteran likely caused them to clash due to different mindsets.

6 The Undertaker: Diamond Dallas Page

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The one wrestler no star wanted to piss off in WWE over the past 25+ years is The Undertaker. WWE viewed Undertaker as the leader of the locker room and the person that could influence Vince McMahon to give up on a wrestler based off his word. Diamond Dallas Page learned this the hard way when coming to WWE from WCW during the Invasion storyline.

WWE wrote a new character for DDP as the stalker of Undertaker’s wife. It was the first true personal story of the Invasion. Page had a reputation for writing out plans for matches move by move. Many wrestlers hated this in WCW. Undertaker felt disrespected at a new talent coming into his company and trying to change how he did matches. It is no surprise that Undertaker destroyed DDP and the latter never did anything of note before his release.

5 Steve Austin: Jeff Jarrett

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Steve Austin is without a doubt one of the biggest names in the history of WWE. No one drew more money as Austin during his time leading the Attitude Era. Wrestling changed and WWE reached a level of dominance in the industry that they would never lose. Austin got a lot of power in the company to come with the unbelievable success he gave in return.

Jeff Jarrett cut a promo in 1996 running down Austin during the early stages of his Stone Cold character being formed. Austin never forgot this and refused to work with Jarrett when the idea came up for a potential WWE Championship feud. There was also the fact that Austin never liked working with Jarrett in the past. The two didn’t have chemistry and Jarrett pissed off Austin in a manner that hurt the former’s career.

4 CM Punk: Ryback

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The controversial personality of CM Punk made him an enemy of quite a few wrestlers. One wrestler to specifically get on his bad side was Ryback. WWE placed Ryback with Paul Heyman to enter a feud with Punk. The hope was to have Ryback become a top heel by working against one of the most popular wrestlers in recent memory.

Punk despised wrestling Ryback and ripped him in an interview after leaving the company. The feud with Ryback was one of the reasons he was pissed off towards the end of his time in WWE. Punk claimed Ryback was reckless and injured him multiple times during their matches. The phrase “Steroid Guy” was even used to describe Ryback. These two will clearly never be friends after Punk revealed why he hated working with Ryback.

3 Jeff Hardy: CM Punk

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The storyline between Jeff Hardy and CM Punk in 2009 centered on the real life personalities of both men. Punk was straight edge and used that to become a heel character that talked down to the fans and other wrestlers. One wrestler to feel his wrath was Hardy. Jeff was known for his risk taking decisions in the ring and real life. Hardy failed multiple drug tests up to this point with his personal demons holding back his career.

Punk won the feud as Hardy left WWE after the incredible matches. However, Jeff didn’t enjoy working with Punk on a personal level. It seems that Punk genuinely thought very little of Hardy due to his lifestyle. There was a video of both Jeff and Matt Hardy insulting Punk shortly after they each left WWE. Hardy definitely didn’t appreciate having to deal with Punk at this time in their lives.

3. Bret Hart: Vader

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Bret Hart was regarded as one of the best in-ring performers in wrestling history. The WWE Championship reigns of Hart in the mid-90s gave us the first instance of “the guy” actually having strong work rate. One person that Bret felt he didn’t have great matches with was Vader, and he blames the big man for them being lackluster.

In the words of Hart, the task of wrestling Vader was like working against a “cement truck filled with barf.” Hart claimed Vader was very limited in what he did in the ring and quite frankly, he smelled horrible. Vader being stiff and not having the best hygiene in the ring made him an enemy of Bret. Vince McMahon reportedly hated Vader as well with his hygiene being an issue that may validate Hart’s claims.

2 Shawn Michaels: John Cena

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The most common name brought up when discussing the all-time great wrestlers is Shawn Michaels. Whether you are looking at run in the 90s or 2000s, Michaels definitely did a great job at getting the most of his opponents. The issues he had in the 90s held him back from truly ascending to another level in the legend stratosphere.

Michaels returned in 2002 for another eight years before officially retiring. In a better state of mind, Michaels usually composed himself but lost it against one person. John Cena did a horrible job selling his injured neck in their WrestleMania 23 match. Michaels was visibly upset at the end of their match and walked off rather than going through with their planned handshake. The tension didn’t last too long as Cena endeared himself to Michaels in a rematch later.

1 Randy Savage: Hulk Hogan

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The relationship between Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan went back and forth for years. There were months where the two were inseparable best friends that loved hanging out in real life. Other times saw them absolutely despise each other as bitter enemies. Savage definitely didn’t like working with Hogan given how many negatives would become attached to it.

Miss Elizabeth and Savage reportedly split due to Hulk and Linda Hogan talking her into leaving him. Savage allegedly pulled a gun out on Hogan at one point when the tension grew. They would go back and forth in WCW as well with Savage always losing. Hogan seemed to want to hold him down as always being beneath him and Savage knew it. This is the reason Savage actually wrote a rap song dissing Hogan and held a grudge for many years.

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