15 WWE Superstars We NEVER Want To See In The Buff

Pro wrestlers who make it big in the business usually possess the three qualities required in a top Superstar - the look, mic skills, and the in-ring ability. As you may have expected, these talents are few and far between, as the majority of wrestlers lack in one department or another. Some wrestlers may have the look, but they lack in the in-ring or mic skills department (insert: Roman Reigns). However, there still are a few Superstars who possess all three crucial qualities including the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H, Trish Stratus and John Cena. Judging by the names I've just mentioned, it's fairly easy to see that the the boys and girls who have "it all" make it very far in the business, considering all of the names listed above became huge and famous WWE Superstars.

However, all wrestling promotions have those certain wrestlers who may not be the most physically attractive. Perhaps these talents have the in-ring ability and the mic skills, but they lack pretty severely in the looks department. Some of these wrestlers may be overweight, where as others just don't match-up with the definition of the word "good looking." Although I could go on and on about wrestlers from all different kinds of promotions we would NEVER want to see in the buff, the WWE already has its fair share of current Superstars we would never want to see "exposed" (aka, naked). I'm sure some of you can already picture in your mind WWE stars you would never want to see without their clothes on, but if you're having trouble picturing them, then stay tuned, as this list divulges 15 WWE Superstars we never want to see "in the buff."

15  15. Big Show

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Big Show has been apart of the wrestling industry for what seems like an eternity. Despite "getting up there in age," Big Show continues to perform for the WWE on a fairly regular basis (more of a part-time/special appearance basis now a days). However, considering a large portion of WWE's fans expected Big Show to hang up the boots half a decade ago, he's far exceeded most fans expectations when it comes down to how long 'Show's  pro-wrestling career would last.

Yes, many loved to chant "please retire!" at Big Show a while back, but I believe we all respect "The World's Largest Athlete" for what he has contributed to the business, and those chants have died down since then - I think many will actually be sad when Big Show eventually retires from wrestling. However, in regards to seeing Big Show in the buff, I'll speak for all WWE fans and declare that we never want to see that image!

14 Mark Henry

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Much like Big Show, "The World's Strongest Man" Mark Henry has been involved in the wrestling industry for what seems like forever. Henry has to be one of the most misused big men in recent memory, as he could've remained "Hall Of Pain Henry" for much longer than he had. The gimmick got over with the WWE Universe, and it was cut extraordinarily short without much reason aside from the company seemingly losing interest in Mark Henry.

Following his monster heel run, Mark Henry was mainly utilized as a "jobber to the stars" week in and week out, and although Mark should have been a much bigger player, I still respect Henry for doing the job he was told to do, as well as helping put over the younger stars which he did countless times. Obviously Mark Henry isn't too self-conceited, as he's focusing on the future of the wrestling business and what needs to be done to establish the talent of today as the stars of tomorrow. Though I respect Mark Henry, the picture of the former World Champion in the buff is far from being a pleasant sight.

13 Bray Wyatt

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Bray Wyatt is definitely a bizarre character, and despite his horrific booking a large percentage of the time, Wyatt has still remained over with the WWE Universe. Countless times the WWE has dropped the ball with Bray, as he should already be a well established main event Superstar. Instead, Wyatt's just another guy on the roster who fans don't know if he's coming or going. His booking tends to be all over the place, with a stretch of time where Bray's constantly jobbing, and then another short stretch of time where Wyatt's booked like a legitimate Superstar.

As you can see, this booking often confuses his fans, as one minute Bray looks like he's in-line for a push, and then the next minute Wyatt's once again jobbing to the company's "chosen ones." Regardless, at least "The Eater Of World's" has had one reign as the WWE Champion, despite it feeling like nothing more than a placeholder title run. If we're going to be honest here, Bray Wyatt's far from being a "looker," and he's definitely husky. I'm sure the picture in your head of Bray Wyatt being "in the buff" is enough to make you shiver, because it certainly was for me.

12 Bo Dallas

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Bo Dallas, the younger brother of Bray Wyatt, has had a pretty rough WWE career up to this point. Initially, it looked as if the company had actual plans for the former NXT Champion upon his debut on the main roster, but Bo's push was short lived, and Dallas quickly found himself in a low midcard jobber position. You would think that being a former NXT Champion gives a guy a bit of an edge, but in Bo's case (Neville's as well), it made absolutely no difference in the way the company presented them.

Luckily for Neville, being added to the Cruiserweight Division saved his career and he has lots of potential on the main roster once he exits the CW Division seeing that the WWE have made a conscious effort to rebuild him. However, for Bo Dallas, he finds himself as one of the "Miztourage's" - at least he's being used somehow I suppose. Much like his brother Bray Wyatt, Bo isn't in the greatest shape (nor is he the epitome of handsome), so I'm sure most ladies would never want to see Mr. "Bolieve" in the buff.

11 Baron Corbin

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"The Lone Wolf" Baron Corbin has a bright future ahead of him, even if some fans (including myself at times) can occasionally be skeptical in regards to whether or not Corbin is deserving of a main event spot. It's clear that Vince McMahon sees dollars signs in Corbin, and at the end of the day, that's really all that matters. Baron Corbin slightly resembles what a heel Roman Reigns would look like, and that's enough to sell McMahon on him. Now as the Money In The Bank Briefcase holder, it will only be a matter of time before Baron captures the most prestigious title in wrestling - the WWE Championship.

Considering Jinder Mahal is the current WWE Champion, how can we really say Corbin doesn't deserve a chance at the top? I guess we'll just have to wait and see how Baron holds up and fairs at the top of the card, and his push will likely intensify over the coming months. Now Baron Corbin isn't the fittest wrestler on the roster (take a look at his belly for one thing), nor is he the best looking guy on the roster, so it comes as no surprise that most fans would never want to see Corbin "in the buff."

10 Braun Strowman

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"The Monster Among Men" Braun Strowman is just that - a total monster. I doubt very many wrestling fans ever expected Strowman to become such a huge (no pun intended) hit on Monday Night Raw taking into account just how green Braun was for the first half of his main roster run. At the beginning, Braun was just another gargantuan of a human being who stumbled around the ring with little grace, and his in-ring performances left little to be desired.

For a while, I though we were witnessing another clone of The Great Khali. However with time, Strowman got better at his craft and his matches became more than just watchable - they were entertaining matches that I looked forward to. I'd have to say that Braun's probably one of the WWE's top-five creations in recent memory, as he's a total WWE-created star. However, the thought of seeing this "big sweaty man" in the buff isn't something that most fans would like to see. Thank god Strowman didn't post any "in the buff" pictures on his infamous Tinder profile!

9 Kevin Owens

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Kevin Owens is by far one of the WWE's most talented heels over on the Blue Brand, SmackDown Live. Wherever the company places Owens (whether that be in the midcard or the top of the card), Kevin excels regardless and he makes the most of any and all situations. Owens' definitely a talent the WWE can trust to put forth solid matches every single week, and his role within the company will only grow with time. Though many fans were concerned at one point that the WWE were slowly morphing Kevin into a jobber, things are looking much better for Owens at the moment.

Yes, he may not be involved in the WWE Championship scene presently, but considering Jinder Mahal is the WWE Champion and AJ Styles is the US Champion, I'd have to say that the US Title scene is the "main event scene" right now, so Kevin Owens (and his fans) have nothing to worry about. It's obvious that Kevin isn't a "body guy," nor is he what many women would consider to be attractive (although he has a hot wife), so I'd have to say that the last thing fans would ever want to see is Kevin Owens au naturel aka "in the buff."

8 Luke Harper

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As I'm writing this entry, I feel nothing but disappointment when it comes to one of SmackDown's most talented and underused Superstars, Luke Harper. The guy has all the tools required to be a key player (perhaps not so much the mic skills), and the WWE continues to squander away Harper in midcard monotony. Instead of finally capitalizing on Harper prior to WrestleMania 33 when he was at his peak in popularity, the WWE decided against putting Luke in the WWE Championship match at 'Mania this year because they felt as though he would "lower the importance" of the match.

Considering the Wyatt versus Orton match at WrestleMania was as short and forgettable as it could have possibly been, I feel the addition of Luke Harper (even if he wasn't winning) would have added some excitement to the match, and it would've helped establish Harper as a legitimate star. Rant aside, speaking on Harper's appearance, he's definitely a "Wyatt Family guy" through and through, and I'll speak on behalf of the majority of fans and declare that we never want to see the somewhat grungy Luke Harper in the buff. Ever.

7 Mojo Rawley

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If you haven't yet accepted the fact that Mojo Rawley will be a key player in the WWE moving forward, then you'd better do so soon otherwise you'll probably end up disappointed. Yes, Mojo Rawley is rumored to receive a substantial push in the near future, and a WWE Championship reign isn't completely out of the question. Rawley does resemble the WWE's franchise Superstar John Cena in various aspects, but let's just say that he's far goofier and less talented of an individual. Regardless, as long as Vince McMahon sees the slightest trace of Cena in Mojo, then Rawley's all set for a long and successful career.

I'm not the biggest Mojo Rawley hater out there, but I'm definitely not convinced at this point that he would be a good fit for anything remotely near the main event level. To me, Mojo Rawley looks like a guy who should remain either a tag team guy, or a midcard guy at the very highest. Speaking on Mojo Rawley in the buff, I'm sure absolutely zero fans would ever want to see Rawley perform his signature dance move (It's Hammer Time) without any clothes on. If you don't know what dance I'm referring to, go onto YouTube and type in "Mojo Rawley It's Hammer Time."

6 Erick Rowan

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Occasionally dubbed "the crappy one" or the "least talented/important man of The Wyatt Family," Erick Rowan is still an underrated talent despite all the hate thrown Rowan's way. Erick's a talented big man who's fully capable of putting on solid bouts in the ring, as well as performing some interesting and unexpected offense from a larger wrestler (spinning heel kick for example). Perhaps Rowan isn't as talented as Luke Harper, but the WWE could surely utilize Erick much more effectively on SmackDown. It's not like the SD Live roster is that jam packed, so the addition of Rowan into prominent midcard story-lines wouldn't hurt anybody.

It's as if the WWE have given up completely on both Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, and rumors suggest that there are no real plans for either Wyatt Family members moving forward which is a real shame. I suppose we shouldn't expect the WWE to treat the "henchmen" of Bray Wyatt that well considering Bray Wyatt himself is barely being booked conscientiously. Now it probably won't come as a shock when I say that Erick Rowan wouldn't appeal to many of the female fans in terms of looks or appearance, and I'm certain the picture in your head of Erick Rowan being "in the buff" is not something very appealing at all.

5 Rhyno

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We haven't seen or heard very much from the tag team of Rhyno and Heath Slater following their draft over to Monday Night Raw with the "Superstar Shake-Up" back in April. Prior to becoming Raw Superstars, Heath Slater and Rhyno were one of the hottest tag teams on SmackDown (initially anyway before dropping the tag team gold onto Wyatt and Orton). Rhyno and Slater were something unique, and they got over with the WWE Universe very quickly despite being two talents who most would consider to be "undercard stars."

It looked like they were destined to remain a key tag team over on SmackDown, but as usual, the WWE lost interest in the duo and they were demoted into obscurity. Now, both Rhyno and Heath Slater are rarely seen over on Raw and when they do show up, they're utilized as nothing more than enhancement talents. In terms of appearance, Rhyno has always been a huskier and bulkier kind of guy, and I'm sure most women (or men) would never want to see him in the buff. We already get enough of a glimpse of Rhyno's physique in his current tight ring attire.

4 Samoa Joe

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Samoa Joe is by far one of the brightest stars over on Monday Night Raw. At first, many fans were skeptical regarding how Joe would fair on the company's main roster, as most imagined that he would eventually find himself in a "jobber to the stars" position after a brief run in the upper midcard. Although there still is a possibility that this may happen for Joe, I believe the WWE still have big plans for Joe moving forward despite the fact that he lost his Universal Championship match against Brock Lesnar at the GBOF PPV.

At least Samoa Joe got in some offense in that title match. Perhaps a Universal Championship run is not in the cards for now, but Samoa Joe will still remain a key player on Raw for the imminent future. Let's just hope that Joe at least has one reign as a top champ before his career comes to an end, because he's far from being "young and fresh" at 38 years old. Samoa Joe has always been a huskier-built guy, and though some call him "fat," he's really just a bigger guy. That said, the last thing most fans would ever want to see is a sweaty Samoa Joe "in the buff."

3 James Ellsworth

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James Ellsworth was an unexpected hit this year in professional wrestling. Few fans ever expected that a jobber who made his debut going up against Braun Strowman in one of his endless squash matches would go onto have a WWE World Championship match against perhaps the greatest wrestler in the world today, AJ Styles. Ellsworth is obviously extremely blessed for the time he has spent in the WWE up to this point, and he probably thanks Vince McMahon for the opportunity whenever he passes by him.

Though it's pretty darn crazy to me that James has managed to keep his job for so long considering his gimmick has gotten somewhat stale, it still seems like the WWE have plans of some sort for Ellsworth in the future. It's highly unlikely that another main event run is in the cards for James, but perhaps a singles run of some sort in the midcard may eventually materialize. Regardless, despite being a "fan-favorite," I can guarantee you that there isn't a single wrestling fan out there who would ever (and I mean ever) want to see James Ellsworth in the buff.

2 Kane

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"The Big Red Machine" Kane is one of the few remaining Superstars from WWE's Attitude Era. It seems as though Kane has been apart of the wrestling business for what seems like an eternity (much like The Bigshow and Mark Henry), but it will still be a sad day when Kane eventually decides to hang up the boots (if he hasn't already). We haven't seen Kane on our television screens in a noticeable amount of time, and this mainly stems from the fact that Kane's currently running for mayor for Knox County, Tennessee.

He has been pretty busy with his campaign as of late, and lots of fans are starting to question as to whether or not we'll ever see Kane in a WWE ring ever again. It's clear that Kane's nearing the end of his wrestling career, because at 50 years old, he's well past his peak/prime. I think it's smart for Kane to be thinking about his life post-WWE, but I'd still love to see one final run from "The Devils Favorite Demon." Although I have always been a Kane fan, I'll speak on behalf of the rest of his followers and declare that we never want to see this monster "in the buff."

1 Rusev

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If you haven't noticed, "The Bulgarian Brute" Rusev has recently transitioned from being just simply Rusev, to being "Handsome Rusev." All of this stems from Rusev's fairly recent clean-cut hairdo, and despite it being an upgrade in looks for Rusev, reports were swirling around a while back that Officials were not at all pleased with RuRu's transformation in looks. If I'm going to be honest here, I'd have to agree with WWE and say that Rusev's old look fit him much better for being a foreign monster heel (which he still is portraying judging by the John Cena feud).

The look Rusev has now portrays a guy more fit to be a lovable big guy babyface, and I (along with many others) simply cannot take him seriously as a monster heel regardless of how many absurd facial expressions he makes with this short hair. However, I don't really see how it would have made any difference in regards to Rusev's position had he kept his hair longer, because he was pretty much screwed either way. Though Lana likes to call Rusev "handsome," and despite the fact that he looks much better with his clean-cut look, I doubt there's a single person out there (besides Lana) who is interested in seeing Rusev "au naturel" aka in the buff.

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