Top 15 WWE Superstars Who Can Only Dream About Being World Champion

WWE is the ultimate goal for any professional wrestler. It is the biggest wrestling promotion in the world and just to be part of their product is a dream come true for many stars. Many of the current WWE stars had already made a name for themselves on the independent scene or down in NXT before they were promoted to the main roster, but even this hasn't helped them.

There are Superstars who are never going to be pushed to the top of the company. There are ones who just don't fit in with what WWE sees as a top guy and others that lack the ability to cut promos or even perform in the ring at that level.

Not everyone can be a main eventer, even though the who stigma of bigger guys in WWE has passed now and the word 'Heavyweight' has been taken out of all of their titles, there is still a lot of stars who will never be told that they are set to win the biggest title in WWE.

There's nothing wrong with never being a main eventer. Superstars can have entire careers where they are stuck on the mid-card and they can make the best of it. As they say, there are no small parts only small actors and the same could be said for WWE, any wrestler has the ability to steal the show on any given day, male or female.

Here are 15 stars who will never be pushed up to the main event level of the company, much to the annoyance of the WWE Universe. As stated, many of these stars deserve a push and WWE have just failed to book them correctly or failed to equalize on what could have been an opportunity to push these stars forward. And unfortunately, these stars can only dream of being World Champions.

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15 Apollo Crews

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The former NXT Superstar was brought up to the main roster following WrestleMania last year, but after what was thought to have been an impact in his first few weeks, Crews has dropped off a little lately.

Crews was a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble last month, but he has been embroiled in a feud with Dolph Ziggler for the past few weeks and with their feud set to end following WrestleMania, where does this leave Crews? SmackDown could well be the best place for someone like Crews, but it doesn't seem that he can even catch a break on the Tuesday night show. Maybe somewhere down the line Crews will be paired with somebody to serve as a mouthpiece for the Superstar to help him in some capacity.

14 Sami Zayn

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As a former star on the Independent Circuit and a former NXT Champion, Sami Zayn came up to the main roster with a lot of pressure on him. Following a feud with Kevin Owens, WWE even admitted that they had no idea what to do with Sami Zayn and they had no actual plans.

Sami was made the victim of a push for Braun Strowman late last year before he was given a place in the Royal Rumble match. There are now rumors that Sami could be set to take the United States Championship from Chris Jericho, but that would keep him on the mid-card for at least the next few months. Unlike his real life best friend Kevin Owens, Zayn may never see the main even picture.

13 Bo Dallas

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Where is Bo Dallas? Is he even part of WWE anymore? He's another former NXT Champion that WWE has managed to completely ruin since he made the switch to the main roster. Bo looked like he could be set for an incredible run in WWE alongside his brother Bray Wyatt until that rumor failed to come to fruition.

Dallas instead joined The Social Outcasts, who were basically a group of jobbers who were never going to be taken seriously (and fell apart quickly). Since he was drafted to the Raw roster back in the Summer of 2016, Bo has made various Raw appearances but it still yet to be put into a lengthy feud or even given a storyline that puts him back on the weekly show.

12 Curtis Axel

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Another former member of The Social Outcasts and another Superstar who deserved so much more than WWE have given to him. Curtis Axel is the son of Mr. Perfect and WWE have stated that from the beginning of his career, which has put a lot of pressure on him.

He had a failed run with Paul Heyman that got him a lot of heat before he was made a part of The Social Outcasts. From there, Axel joined Damien Sandow as part of The Mega Powers revival. It would be hard for the WWE Universe to take Axel seriously after the number of gimmicks WWE have given him over the past few years. So, it's safe to say that he is never being pushed any higher than his current level.

11 Sin Cara

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Sin Cara is known as one of the stars in WWE who botches more than anyone else. The person who portrays the masked star was also switched back in 2012, which hurt his momentum somewhat.

Cara and Kalisto as The Lucha Dragons both down in NXT and then on the main roster was perhaps the height of his career. Now he is stuck on the mid-card in endless throw-away matches as he waits for his next chance. Given the ability that Sin Cara has, it seems that he is wasted in his current spot. Of course, Sin Cara's anger management problems and issues with many other WWE Superstars (most recently an altercation with Chris Jericho) will obviously have come into play when WWE thought about pushing him.

10 Heath Slater

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Heath Slater has been a member of The Nexus, 3MB, and The Social Outcasts over the past few years and it seems that he can never fully click with a group. Slater and Rhyno recently became the Inaugural SmackDown Tag Team Champions before they lost their titles to The Wyatt Family, and now Heath is back to floating around the SmackDown Tag Team Division.

Slater hasn't moved forward in WWE in a long time and he is thought of as something of a comedy Superstar in WWE right now. This is because whenever it seems as though he is about to climb out of the mid-card, he gets knocked back down. And unfortunately, that is where Health Slater will remain as long as he is in WWE.

9 Fandango

via tuttowrestling.forumcommunity.net

What happened to Fandango? From his debut win over Chris Jericho at WrestleMania XXIX to a dancing star who was part of a feud between two women and now he is a member of The Fashion Police? As a character there isn't much wrong with Fandango, he just hasn't been booked very well by WWE over the past few years.

Fandango had crowds singing and dancing to his theme a few years ago and now it seems that he has been forgotten. He is only brought into tag team matches to make up the numbers and his fortunes don't look to be changing anytime soon. Fandango's best chance to become anything in WWE would require an entirely new gimmick. Although, repackaging at this point may be too late.

8 Erick Rowan

Erick Rowan is always the forgotten member of The Wyatt Family. He isn't as agile as Luke Harper, as good on the mic as Bray Wyatt or as dominant as Braun Strowman, but Rowan added something extra to the group, something that many fans find unforgettable.

Thanks to an injury that Rowan suffered before No Mercy last year, he was replaced in The Wyatt Family by Luke Harper and it is now unknown how he will fit back into the family when he returns. That's if he will even be put back into The Wyatt Family. It will be interesting to see where he goes when he is cleared to return and whether or not he is tossed into the current Wyatt Family fold with Randy Orton.

7 Tyler Breeze

via adictoxwwe.net

Tyler Breeze was the backbone of NXT for many years. He was overlooked for a long time before Triple H decided the time was right to bring him up to the main roster. Prince Pretty was then put into a stupid feud with Dolph Ziggler over Summer Rae and is now part of a team with fellow jobber Fandango.

Tyler and Fandango are making the most of being a team, but they are never going to win the SmackDown Tag Team Championship. They are also never going to make it out of the SmackDown mid-card, which is sad because there is a lot of talent between in that team. Talent that could be being used in singles competition, rather than an unlucky tag team role.

6 Zack Ryder

via houseofwrestling.com.br

Zack Ryder finally heard his music played at WrestleMania 32 after many years of playing much smaller parts on the Grandest Stage Of Them All. He also lifted the Intercontinental Championship for the first time, only to lose it less than 24 hours later to The Miz (thanks to the help of a returning Maryse).

It seems that no matter how much Ryder tries to gain some momentum in his career, WWE kept pulling the rug out from under him. Ryder became part of The Hype Bros on the main roster after Mojo Rawley was drafted to SmackDown, but this came to an abrupt end when Ryder suffered a knee injury. It was reported that he would be out of action for four to nine months back in December.

5 Kalisto

via sbnation.com

Kalisto is one of the most innovative and Rey Mysterio-like characters that WWE have ever had. He can do things in the ring that have never been done before and he could have easily taken Mysterio's place in the main event picture after he left the company a few years ago.

Instead, Kalisto is a former United States Champion and NXT Tag Team Champion but he has never been pushed any higher that the mid-card. Kalisto deserves much better. He should be part of the SmackDown WWE World Championship picture, but it seems WWE are not ready to push him that high yet. Of course, WWE already gave its fans the underdog masked man chasing the World Championship, so such an angle may never happen again.

4 Rusev

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After the rivalry that Rusev had with John Cena back in 2015 he should have been promoted to the main event picture a long time ago. Rusev is one of the best sellers on the main roster and even has Lana to do all of the talking for him. So why haven't WWE given him a chance?

Rusev has instead been put into a team with Jinder Mahal and they have been feuding with Enzo and Big Cass over the past few weeks. Rusev was part of the Royal Rumble and did last for 20 minutes before being eliminated by Goldberg, something that WWE have failed to capitalize on at this point. Rusev has had a few strong showing in the Rumble match now but nothing more ever come of his performance.

3 Cesaro

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Cesaro is someone who definitely should not be on this list. He is one of the strongest guys in WWE. He is one of the best in-ring performers and it is said that the only reason Cesaro hasn't been pushed is because he doesn't have a connection with the WWE Universe.

The Cesaro Section is proving this opinion wrong and he is improving on the mic, so hopefully WWE will decide to take Cesaro out of the Tag Team title picture and push him towards the title that The Swiss Superman actually deserves. It was thought that Cesaro and Sheamus were only put together as a team because WWE was reluctant to push either Superstar towards the main event picture. Although Sheamus has already been there, Cesaro probably never will.

2 Curt Hawkins

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Curt Hawkins' return to SmackDown late last year was built up so much in the weeks prior but it then ended up in complete disappointment. It seems that WWE was just as disappointed as the WWE Universe were because Hawkins has been put back in the place he was in when he was first part of the company some years back.

Hawkins doesn't have the star power to push him up to the main event picture and WWE already knew this. It is unknown as to why they decided to bring him back to the WWE if they were just going to use him for a few weeks and then forget about him. At this point, Hawkins would be better off leaving WWE for a smaller promotion.

1 Luke Harper

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Luke Harper is one of the best wrestlers on the SmackDown roster right now. He is an agile Superstar who moves like someone half his size. Harper is a former Intercontinental Champion and was the standout star when The Wyatt Family was up against The Shield.

Harper was set for a singles push of his own over on Monday Night Raw before Erick Rowan was injured and he was forced to replace him over on SmackDown. It will be interesting to see where Harper goes now he has been kicked out of The Wyatt Family. Hopefully, a push towards the main event picture is in his near future. But if we're being realistic, the most Harper will likely get out of SmackDown Live is a push towards the Intercontinental Championship as he remains in the mid-card.

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