15 WWE Superstars Who Are On The Wrong Roster And Where They Should Be

WWE's historic draft took place back in July, so the WWE Universe has already been able to see the Raw and SmackDown brands take shape over the past few months. There have been two brand exclusive

WWE's historic draft took place back in July, so the WWE Universe has already been able to see the Raw and SmackDown brands take shape over the past few months.

There have been two brand exclusive pay-per-views each since the split in July with SummerSlam being the last dual brand pay-per-view event. Of the four pay-per-views that Raw and SmackDown have put on together, the two SmackDown shows have come up more than 20 minutes short of the three-hour mark while the Raw shows have always run much longer than advertised.

SmackDown has been thought of as being the one that is favoring so much better in the ratings, despite the fact that it was Raw that was given more draft picks, it was Raw that was given the Cruiserweight Division, and it was Raw that benefits from an extra hour. While it is odd that SmackDown has favored much better than Raw, maybe it's the creative team behind the Blue Brand that is pushing it further forward.

There could also be an argument that many Superstars ended up on the wrong roster because of the draft and while Jack Swagger has been allowed to switch, it is unknown whether others will follow his lead. There are many Superstars that seem to be in the wrong place right now, so it will be interesting to see if any of the following Superstars will be moved onto a different roster in the near future.

15 Rusev Should Be On SmackDown


'The Bulgarian Brute' took the United States Championship over to the Raw brand back in July, which was a shock since the US title was once exclusive to the SmackDown brand. Since then Rusev has lost his Championship to former Shield member Roman Reigns and been stuck in an endless war with the 'Big Dog.'

This came to an end at Hell in a Cell almost a week ago and now it seems WWE have no plans for Rusev going forward. Rusev should be being pushed towards the Universal Championship and instead, he is being fed to Goldberg in a way to build up the former WCW star ahead of his showdown with Brock Lesnar. Rusev is much better than this and if he was on the SmackDown brand he would be used much more effectively.

14 Kalisto Should Be On Raw


The masked Superstar was drafted over to SmackDown as part of the draft and split up from his Lucha Dragons partner Sin Cara. This should have been the start of a single's push for the former United States Champion but instead, Kalisto has seen very little ring action over the past few weeks.

Kalisto returned to action following an injury on October 2nd but after a failed feud with Baron Corbin, it is hard to know for sure where Kalisto is going. Weighing just 170 pounds, Kalisto could have made the switch over to Raw and played a part in their new Cruiserweight Division (where Kalisto would likely thrive), but instead, it seems that he will be stuck in endless feuds on the Blue Brand.

13 The Miz Should Be On Raw


It has been rumored for months now, but it seems that all of the speculation about The Miz making the switch over to Monday Night Raw may have been just speculation. The former Intercontinental Champion has become one of the biggest stars on SmackDown Live since the Brand Split came into effect but he could easily do the same on Raw.

The Miz has proved many times over that he is one of the best talkers in WWE right now, and he could easily switch over to Raw and replace someone like Rusev in their mid-card. The Miz is the kind of Superstar who would be able to be used to push someone like Goldberg and it wouldn't harm his credibility at all. He would be a fair trade for Rusev.

12 Dolph Ziggler Should Be On Raw


'The Showoff' and the current Intercontinental Champion is the epitome of a person that's talent is being wasted. Dolph Ziggler won a career ending match at No Mercy last month and the worst part of the entire storyline was the fact that the WWE Universe were convinced that Ziggler was actually going to leave WWE (of course Ziggler fooled everybody into thinking he was taking time away from the company).

Ziggler is one of the best wrestlers and pure athletes that WWE have but he is being wasted on the SmackDown brand. He needs to be on Raw with all the other 'big' stars and being pushed towards the Universal Championship. It probably won't happen though because WWE fails to take him seriously, even with the Intercontinental Championship.

11 Bobby Roode Should Be On The Main Roster


The former TNA Superstar and current 'Glorious' addition to the NXT roster definitely feels wasted down in NXT. While it makes complete sense that there need to be big names in NXT to ensure that there will always be viewers, WWE should not allow Superstars to waste away on the brand they put them on.

Roode has proved many times that he is capable of being one of the stand-out stars on any roster. So it would be only logical for WWE to allow him to step up onto either the Raw or SmackDown roster and continue the 'Glorious' streak that he began a while ago. Roode will easily transition from NXT to Monday Night Raw or SmackDown Live should WWE allow him the opportunity.

10 Tyler Breeze Should Be In NXT


Talking of stars that are completely being wasted. Tyler Breeze had to wait so long to be called up to the main roster, to begin with, and now that he is finally up there, WWE has failed completely with him. Putting him with Fandango seemed like a great idea, once again, to begin with, but the team has lost its spark and they are no longer what they used to be.

Breeze could probably benefit from going back down to NXT. It was a place where the fans accepted his character and the place where he truly took off. He needs that kind of assurance from the fans again so that he can continue the run that he was meant to be on a few months ago.

9 American Alpha Should Be On Raw


This was the one team that Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon really wanted to call up during the draft. They wanted their Tag Team Division to revolve around them, and now that they have them, they decided that Heath Slater and Rhyno should win the SmackDown Tag Team Championship and American Alpha can enter a vicious circle of a feud with The Usos.

American Alpha could be accomplishing so much more with the likes of Gallows and Anderson and Enzo and Cass over on Raw. They would be fantastic challengers for The New Day as well if they were given the opportunity. It would definitely be an interesting switch if WWE allowed it to happen. However, American Alpha must take a backseat to a makeshift tag team for the time being.

8 Neville Should Be On SmackDown


Neville is one Superstar that I genuinely feel bad for. Neville has it all. He was the longest reigning NXT Champion before Finn Balor broke his record, he has had a lengthy career before he made it to WWE, and he is one of the most dazzling stars that WWE has. But as with many of their other talents, they have no idea what to do with him.

Neville will slot in wherever he is needed and it was thought that he would be added to the Cruiserweight Division, given his size but perhaps a switch over to SmackDown could be the answer. This along with decent heel turn as he could feud with Dolph Ziggler or even Dean Ambrose. It would be something much better than what he is doing now.

7 Brock Lesnar Should Be On SmackDown


It was obvious that 'The Beast Incarnate' was always going to be heading over to WWE's flagship show. His feud with Goldberg is the one thing that is ensuring fans still tune into the three-hour show, but where does Brock Lesnar go after this?

There were rumors that Brock was set to face Shane McMahon at WrestleMania 33, but with Shane being the Commissioner of SmackDown Live, it would make more sense for Brock to make the switch over to the Blue Brand and continue the feud that began when Brock F5'd Shane back at SummerSlam. Perhaps a switch between brands could be in the works. After all, Brock Lesnar is only a part-timer performer so he could easily transition between Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live.

6 Roman Reigns Should Be On SmackDown


Roman Reigns is considered to be the most successful former member of The Shield, given that he's a former three time WWE World Heavyweight Champion and current United States Champion. He has also won the Royal Rumble and main evented WrestleMania twice, but he still doesn't have the connection with the WWE Universe that Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins have.

If Roman was put into Dean Ambrose's slot on SmackDown then he would be feuding with AJ Styles right now. This would mean that AJ could easily help him with his promo delivery and make him look like a million dollars in the ring. SmackDown Live could have helped Roman out much more instead of WWE putting him on Raw and allowing him to feud with Rusev.

5 Shinsuke Nakamura On The Main Roster


'The King of Strong Style' has been left on the NXT brand for this long because he is holding the NXT Championship. Much like Asuka, Nakamura is staying down there because Triple H's brand needs to ensure that they have  names on the roster that are still in order for them to bring through new stars.

Nakamura and Samoa Joe have had a death grip over the NXT brand for the past few months and it seems that it is finally time for Joe to be promoted, so Nakamura will be left to find another challenger following TakeOver: Toronto in a few months time. It would be interesting to see how long WWE do wait before they give Nakamura the chance to make an impact on the main roster.

4 Becky Lynch Should Be On Raw


'The Irish Lass Kicker' and inaugural SmackDown Women's Champion has made a splash in WWE since she was called up to the main roster in the summer of 2015. But she is the only member of the Four Horsewomen that has ended up on SmackDown. While the likes of Sasha Banks and Charlotte are main eventing Hell in a Cell pay-per-views, poor Becky is left to watch from the outside.

Becky is at the same level as Bayley, Sasha, and Charlotte and she deserves to be on the same roster as them as she should be allowed to create history too. Summer Rae and Alicia Fox should be drafted to SmackDown Live in her place. Meanwhile WWE can allow the Monday Night Raw Women's Division to continue to dominate.

3 Asuka Should Be On The Main Roster


The current NXT Women's Champion is said to be remaining in NXT for the foreseeable future because there is no one down there that can lead the Women's Division like she can. Obviously, WWE is making it worth her while because they are bringing the likes of Mickie James back to WWE to face her at TakeOver: Toronto.

Asuka is one of the best things in NXT right now and without a doubt the best female wrestler on the brand. But when she is drafted to the main roster, it will be interesting to see if she is used in the same way as Nia Jax or if WWE uses her properly. She would be another Superstar that will make a better impact on Raw than SmackDown.

2 Bray Wyatt Should Be On Raw


The leader of The Wyatt Family and perhaps the most underutilized wrestlers on WWE's current roster. Bray Wyatt has definitely not been used as well as he could have over the past few months and drafting him to SmackDown so that he could feud with Randy Orton wasn't the greatest of ideas.

Bray and Luke Harper could easily be dominating on Raw right now rather than SmackDown. But it seems that none of the creative team have any idea what to do with him (they never have). It's shocking the way he has been treated throughout his career, but hopefully, WWE will change that going forward. And who knows, maybe one day WWE will finally allow bray to win the WWE World or Universal Championship.

1 Cesaro Should Be On SmackDown


'The Swiss Superman' is another underutilised talent. But instead of allowing him to move to SmackDown like he wanted, WWE have found a way to not only keep him on Raw, but turn him into a laughing stock because he is teaming with a guy he not only hates, but he has just had nine straight matches against.

Cesaro just wants to move over to SmackDown Live.There, they will give him much better opportunities on the Blue Brand and they will allow him to wrestle, which is all he wants to do. Cesaro has never been much of a talker so to move to SmackDown would mean that he could become a solo wrestler and go for a mid-card title again, which is a push that Cesaro deserves at this point in his WWE career.

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