15 WWE Superstars Who Are WAY Worse Than Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns is the most hated WWE Superstar of all-time. He is hated way more than John Cena ever was. His look is great for the wrestling business and his wrestling ability is great. His match with Big Show at Extreme Rules 2015 is one his best matches. His recent match against Braun Strowman told a phenomenal story. The issue with Roman Reigns comes down to WWE's booking of him. For people to boo him and not the creative team is unfair to him. There are multiple instances where he has been screwed by them. One is his match against The Undertaker. Why would they continue pushing him as a face after retiring one of the most beloved wrestlers ever? At the 2016 Royal Rumble, why would they have him be "taken out" just for him to make a heroic return. When they booked him more like a badass it worked. Creative decided to revert him back into a sympathetic face and they began booing. There are people on the main roster who should be booed or criticized but aren't for whatever reason.

Here are 15 wrestlers worse than Roman Reigns.

15 Finn Balor

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Finn Balor in the ring is a tremendous talent. He is very skilled and gifted when it comes to performing the moves inside the ring. Other than that, Balor brings little charisma to the table. Nothing about Balor sticks out. Balor is one of the most generic talents on the roster. Fans however are enthralled with him because of his work in New Japan. His character in New Japan and his character in WWE are completely different. His New Japan character saw Balor use different characters and it affected the way he wrestled. Balor in WWE wrestles the same way whether he uses paint or not. Unlike most of the people on this list, it is not the fault of creative, but more the fault of Balor himself. He's been booked stronger than Roman Reigns, but has failed to become a charismatic figure.

14 Mojo Rawley

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Mojo Rawley is the last man to beat the current WWE Champion Jinder Mahal. Next week he would go on to become the #1 Contender for the WWE Championship. Mojo Rawley was in a tag team with Zack Ryder and Ryder went down with an injury. Mojo then went on to win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. He won the match over the likes of Mahal, Braun Strowman and Luke Harper. Since then, they haven't down anything with him like most winners of the match. Rawley hasn't improved since NXT and was called up to the main roster despite the fact that he's not very good. As a singles wrestler he's even worse and he needs Ryder back as soon as possible.

13 Enzo and Cass

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Enzo Amore on the microphone is easily the smoothest talker in WWE and is better on the mic than Roman. However, his in-ring ability is nowhere near Roman's. Big Cass offers nothing. He has botched his finishing move the East River Crossing on more than one occasion. The WWE audience has also grown tired of them and they hear boos more often than cheers. Somehow WWE managed to get NXT's most over act booed. Similar to Roman, Cass is expected to get an incredible push once the two split up. Cass is ring work is sloppy and his mic work is always the same. Like Roman he is a horrible actor. Enzo will more than likely be in a manager role sooner rather than later.

12 American Alpha

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American Alpha in NXT were great. They were arguably the most over talent in NXT. Their matches with The Revival were some of the best NXT had to offer. Their main roster run so far has unfortunately been less than stellar. They were sent to SmackDown Live which was a good start. Their feud with The Usos was well done. Unfortunately, WWE put the SmackDown Tag Team Championship on them too early. Their reign was not memorable. They lost the tag titles to The Usos. The Usos have had a much better run than them. Now American Alpha barely gets on Smackdown. The way they have been booked has been completely wrong and they now have an uphill climb to become relevant again.

11 Bray Wyatt

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Bray Wyatt has been screwed over by WWE creative almost more than Roman Reigns. He has got to have the worst win-loss record in WWE and if not he has to be close to it. His character is the most unique and different WWE has seen in years. Yet WWE refuses to use him correctly. Wyatt's Family is constantly taken away from him and put back with him. They never should have taken them away from him in the first place. He has yet to win a WrestleMania match and his losses include John Cena, The Undertaker, and Randy Orton. His worst moment came at WrestleMania 32 where he and his family were completely jobbed out to The Rock and John Cena. His WWE career is almost completely irreconcilable.

10 Bayley

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Bayley's WWE run so far has been a complete disaster. She won the Raw Women's Championship on an episode of Raw ending Charlotte's fourth reign. Her title victory should have been saved for WrestleMania but WWE couldn't hold off on it. At Fastlane, she as a babyface cheated to retain against Charlotte. At WrestleMania, she retained in a match that fell flat. She lost the title at Payback to Alexa Bliss who got the upper hand on her at almost every interaction the two had. Their match at Extreme Rules may have been the nail in the coffin for her WWE career. She needs a character revamp because WWE somehow managed to get her booed. She has zero direction right now and may need to be taken off of television for awhile.

9 The New Day

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The New Day were once WWE's most entertaining and over acts. Instead of being over now they are extremely over-the-top. They are even receiving boos at times. The reign as Raw Tag Team Champions angered many hardcore wrestling fans. Almost every time after WrestleMania fans expected them to lose the titles to teams like The Club, Cesaro and Sheamus, and Enzo and Cass. Unfortunately, they held the titles for almost 500 days and broke the record of Demolition. The New Day managed become breakout stars in the WWE after a slow start. The were then booked stronger than anyone on the main roster and hardly ever lost. The New Day are similar John Cena and Roman Reigns in that aspect.

8 Dolph Ziggler

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Dolph Ziggler, similar to The New Day, went from everyone loving him to everyone hating him. Early in his career everyone wanted him to succeed and be a main-eventer. He finally got his run at the Raw after WrestleMania XXIX and cashed in the Money in the Bank briefcase on Alberto Del Rio. After he won the title he got injured and it was all downhill from there. At Survivor Series 2014 many though his career would get the jump start it needed but WWE did nothing with it again. The Summer Rae, Rusev, and Lana story line did him no favors. When he was the #1 Contender for WWE Championship in 2016 no one got behind and many fans have wanted him off television for awhile.

7 Apollo Crews

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Apollo Crews has one of the better looks on the WWE main roster. He's completely jacked and every part of his body is shredded. Unfortunately, his charisma is lower than Roman Reigns. He is as generic as can be and only smiles. His entire character is smiling. When WWE signed him they knew they had their work cut out for them. Unfortunately, they have done him no favors. They called him up after less than a year in developmental. Samoa Joe was in developmental for a year and a half and Hideo Itami is still in developmental. He was nowhere near ready to be called up and he is currently paying the price. With Smackdown's diminished roster, he could hardly find any television time. Raw is finding some use with him but at this rate he'll be lucky to be a champion.

6 Gallows and Anderson

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Gallows and Anderson had so much promise. Karl Anderson is so incredibly talented and Luke Gallows is decent. The reason they are where they are is not their fault whatsoever. It is completely on WWE's creative team. They took AJ Styles away from him for absolutely no reason. Then they just had them lose nonstop. They should have won the Tag Team Championship way before they did and when they finally won them it had zero meaning or effect. To pair them up with Finn or AJ now would be a detriment to both men. The Club should have came into to WWE and started cleaning house. But they took losses to The Usos and The New Day and the team was left dead in the water. It would be a miracle to get fans caring about them again.

5 Randy Orton

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Randy Orton underwent a character change when he joined the The Wyatt Family. It was something different and something Orton has never done before. Since the split from The Wyatt Family, Orton has reverted back to being boring and generic. He ended Bray Wyatt's short reign as WWE Champion which got him booed. Not only that, the match was dreadful. Since then, He and Wyatt had the House of Horrors match at Payback and to but it bluntly, the match sucked. At Backlash he lost the WWE Championship to Jinder Mahal. Many fans didn't welcome the change but I did. If he loses to Mahal in the rematch Orton doesn't have anywhere to really go. He is someone desperately in need of a change character or a heel turn.

4 The Hardy Boyz

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The Hardy Boyz easily got the loudest and biggest pop at WrestleMania 33. It was a welcome surprise for all wrestling fans as it caught us completely off-guard. They turned the heads of all wrestling fans in 2016 with their strange and abnormal Broken gimmick. Fans were able to get behind after sometime and it was the best gimmick of 2016. After their return at WrestleMania and thanks to TNA, we have yet to see The Broken Hardys. Instead we are left with the generic Hardys from seventeen years ago. Because of this, the crowd has begun to get behind the Hardys less and less. Once they get the gimmick and are hopefully in full control of it, The Hardys should be able to pick back up their steam.

3 Seth Rollins

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Seth Rollins isn't working. He's having a hard time connecting with the fans. The reaction he gets is lackluster. In FCW he was a face and was easy to get behind. He had genuine sympathy surrounding him. WWE missed the boat on turning him face when he returned at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view. Instead they kept him as a heel and when he turned face his reasoning was not good. Why are the wrestling fans supposed to get behind you when you're upset that you didn't get help to win? He is an extremely talented wrestler and one of the best three in WWE. He's at a crossroads in his career. He is no longer going for any championship and is stuck feuding with Bray Wyatt.

2 Brock Lesnar

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Brock Lesnar's appearances on WWE television are enjoyed by most wrestling fans. People see him as a major attraction. With WWE's ratings as bad as they are right now, why isn't your CHAMPION on television more. Whenever he's on TV, he says nothing and hardly ever interacts with the roster. His matches are all the same and hopefully that changes when he faces Brock Lesnar at Great Balls of Fire. WWE gives him all of this money for him to bounce around Paul Heyman. Lesnar is somewhat responsible for Dean Ambrose's career being at near death because of their match at WrestleMania 32. People are angry at John Cena and Roman Reigns for holding talent down but Lesnar does it at a much more extreme level. He's practically beaten all three Shield members as well as Randy Orton.

1 Sami Zayn

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Vanilla, generic, and boring are all words that come to mind when talking about Sami Zayn. He's loved by fans as he is an indy darling but WWE has made him into a loser inside and outside of the ring. His character is supposed be neurotic but he fails to come off that way. He just comes off as annoying. His matches are usually really good like the pay-per-view matches early in 2016. His feud with Braun Strowman was boring and his match with Samoa Joe should have been way better. His in-ring talent is incredible. He is clearly one of WWE's better workers. Unfortunately he has no character and is giant bore. In NXT his character wasn't as bad but on the main roster, he's hard to watch.

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