15 WWE Superstars Who Have The Weirdest Pets

The birth of the Internet and Social Media has allowed many WWE stars to show off many aspects of their personal lives on Twitter and Instagram and sometimes this includes their pets. While there are a number of WWE stars who have some of the cutest dogs and Natalya obviously enjoys showing off pictures of her cats, there are a number of WWE stars who have decided to have much stranger animals as companions instead.

WWE stars are on the road for around 300 days a year, which means that many of these animals have to be looked after by a member of their family or people that they trust who live in the same location as them. Some WWE stars can't take the separation and take their pets on the road with them. It is expected that some of the following WWE stars would decide to have pets that were strange, considering their in-ring personas weren't exactly considered to be normal, but some of the names on the following list were quite unexpected when it came to owning pets that go completely against what society would call normal.

The following list looks at both current and former WWE stars who have some of the strangest animals as their pets.

15 Dean Ambrose: Turtle

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Dean Ambrose and his wife Renee Young currently own a pet dog named Blue who has been seen a number of times on Total Divas, but before Dean met Renee as part of the WWE roster and she talked him into having a dog, Ambrose was known to have a pet Turtle. It is reported that Ambrose wanted a pet that he could take on the road with him and it seemed that a turtle was an easy choice. Considering he is known as "The Lunatic Fringe" it comes as quite a shock that Ambrose didn't go for a much more sinister pet (like a snake) since a turtle could be considered quite tame. Especially since he was running around doing some crazy things at the time under the ring name Jon Moxley.

14 Alexa Bliss And Buddy Murphy: Pig

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Alexa Bliss is the current Raw Women's Champion, but while she was down in NXT she was part of a team with her current fiance Buddy Murphy and Wesley Blake. The couple announced their engagement earlier this year and have been living together now for a couple of years.

Together Alexa and Buddy have a number of animals including two dogs called Izzy and Teddy. The couple also have a pet pig called Larry Steve. Alexa admitted that she bought Larry without Buddy's permission for Total Divas and because he's deaf she has been having a hard time training him, but she has been able to teach him to sit and eat an apple. Alexa says that she spoils her pet pig and even allows him to sleep in his own crib.

13 Chris Jericho: Exotic Fish Aquarium

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Chris Jericho has never done anything half-heartedly in his career, so it shouldn't come as that much of a shock that when it comes to his pets, Jericho has to go above and beyond as well. Keeping pet fish isn't all that strange, fish are a common pet, but the amount of fish that Jericho has isn't all that common at all.

Jericho was part of Tanked on the Animal Planet and revealed that he has quite a love of fish. Jericho had an aquarium customised as part of the show that had the list and Jericho's famous black jacket inside. There were more than 25 fish inside this huge custom built aquarium and Jericho, his wife and his four children love looking after their aquatic creatures.

12 Billy Graham: Parakeet

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WWE Hall of Famer "Superstar" Billy Graham married his wife Valerie in 1978 and even though Billy had two children from a previous marriage, he was sadly unable to have children with his current wife. To fill the void, the couple developed a love of animals and decided to take on a number of animals as pets over the past few decades. In his autobiography, Superstar Billy Graham: Tangled Ropes he talks about the animals that he has had over the past few years including hamsters and a pet parakeet. He also tells a story about how a friend of his volunteered at an animal sanctuary and tried to convince him to adopt a three-legged dog but because he already had frogs and fish and worked all day, he wouldn't have been able to look after him. Talk about an animal lover!

11 Victoria: Tarantula

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Perhaps one of the least shocking additions to the list, it seems that the woman who was referred to as "The Black Widow" during her time in WWE actually decided to buy a pet tarantula. Victoria was able to bring her pet into storylines when she made the switch over to TNA where she was known as Tara, which was later revealed to be short for Tarantula. Tara later began bringing her pet named Poison to the ring with her and would put it on the bodies of the women that she defeated after her matches much like Jake Roberts once would with his pet snake Damien. Sadly, Tara stopped using her pet in her matches in 2011 after the storyline had run its course and Poison hasn't been seen since.

10 Koko B. Ware: Macaw

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Koko B. Ware is a WWE legend who rose to fame in the 1980s because he had the unique gimmick of bringing his pet yellow and green macaw to the ring with him. Koko called his bird Frankie and he was one of the reasons why he had a strange bird style dance that he would perform before and after his matches.

There was a reason he was known as The Birdman for much of his time as a wrestler. Koko was a fan of birds and was easily able to handle Frankie even though macaws are not the easiest of birds to train. Frankie would sit on his perch at ringside while Koko wrestled and is remembered as one of the best-behaved animals ever used in WWE. Koko even brought Frankie to his Hall of Fame induction back in 2009.

9 Mickie James: Horses

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Mickie James was known to be quite a fan of all things country when she was part of TNA, and this wasn't just a gimmick, this was actually much closer to the real Mickie than her current WWE character. The country singer spent a lot of time on her grandmother's horse farm while she was growing up and got quite a taste of the lifestyle.

When she finally retires from wrestling, Mickie hopes to own a farm and be an equine trainer. Mickie currently has three Morgan horses named Rhapsody, Bunny and Casanova and is an avid horse rider. This is an activity the former Women's Champion enjoys doing in the time when she isn't on the road. Mickie also owns two dogs named Elvis and Butch.

8 Jim Cornette: Rat

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Jim Cornette is one of the most outspoken and controversial stars in WWE history, but it seems that underneath the character that he shows to the world, Cornette has a heart since he fell in love with a rat. Many fans of Mick Foley will remember that while he was portraying Mankind he would do a number of promos from a basement that would include a pet rat.

This rat was called George and he was Jim Cornette's pet rat, he lived inside a huge fish tank and would go on trips with the family while Jim was on the road. Jim said he bought George from the pet store and his family fell in love with him. Jim went to WrestleMania in 1996 and said that he returned home to find George was ill, Jim then went on to spend $1100 dollars on surgery for the rat because he always saw him as a member of the family.

7 Ricky Steamboat: Iguana

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Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat is a WWE Hall of Famer, and many hardcore wrestling fans will remember the time when Rick was in a feud with Jake "The Snake" Roberts and decided to bring out a Komodo Dragon to cancel out Damien. Ricky also used to take his six-foot iguana on the road with him all the time, but back in the 1980s when WWF stopped in South Philadelphia, the pet iguana was let loose like he usually was when Ricky got to different buildings, but this time he was never seen again. It is unknown if a member of the audience that night picked up the six-foot animal and took it home. All that is known is that the WWE legend took his pet to the arena and hasn't seen him since.

6 Jake Roberts: Snake

It has reached the point in society today where owning a snake isn't considered to be that strange anymore. Jake "The Snake" Roberts used to have Damien as a pet when it wasn't considered cool to keep reptiles. Damien was a huge part of why Jake was so successful in the wrestling business. Jake kept Damien long after he left wrestling as a full-time job, but this story takes a sad turn after that since Damien was later seized by RSPCA back in 2004 when it was made clear that Jake had allowed his 12 ft python to starve to death. The wrestling world reacted angrily to the news and it was made quite obvious that Jake was going through a rough time because he would never allow something that to happen to his pet if he was in the right frame of mind.

5 Baron Corbin: Cockatiel

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Baron Corbin has some of the strangest hobbies when it comes to his spare time including collecting skulls and researching serial killers. Corbin is definitely a unique superstar and it seems that he retains this level of unique when it comes to his pets as well. Corbin has a pet dog called Xander who he likes to take on the road with him because he enjoys riding in his car, and he also has a pet Cockatiel called Meeko. Corbin likes to keep the WWE Universe up to date with his pets and even recently updated a photo of Meeko stating that his strange pet loved jamming to Highly Suspect. It seems that Corbin hasn't only got one of the best pet names but he also has a pet that knows good music.

4 Liv Morgan: Micro Pig

Liv Morgan is a rising star down in NXT. She has been an integral part of the NXT Women's Division over the past few months but since her high profile break up with Enzo Amore a few months ago, Liv has moved on to buy a pet micro pig instead. Liv bought her micro-pig back in the summer and he is called Piggles. It seems that micro pigs are also becoming quite a common pet and Liv seems to be becoming quite attached to hers. She has even reached the point where she wants to create an Instagram page for her pig much like Natalya has for her cats and Alexa Bliss has for Larry Steve so that the WWE Universe can keep up to date with one of the most pampered pigs in the world.

3 William Regal: Lizards

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William Regal is the current General Manager of NXT and has quite a father-like presence on the brand. But when it comes to his personal life, it seems that Regal loved to collect reptiles and sees them as extended members of his family. Regal's on-screen character has been likened to that of a snake many times throughout his career when he was in his prime as a heel, but it seems that he has quite a love of the animals in real life. In his 2005 autobiography Regal stated that he had two snakes, eight lizards and a tortoise. Regal is part of the New England Reptile Distributors and back in 2012, he filmed a video where he visited one of their centres in search of another reptile before he finally settled on a green tree python.

2 TJ Perkins: Micro Pigs


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TJ Perkins has been wrestling for most of his life, but he finally achieved his dream last year when he won The Inaugural Cruiserweight Classic and signed with WWE as the first Cruiserweight Champion. Perkins has since been part of the 205 Live roster and had his own fair share of memorable storylines over the past year.

Outside of WWE, it seems that Perkins lives quite a quiet life, he has two pet micropigs called Cupcake and Pudsey. Cupcake is a girl and was the first pet that Perkins decided to have, he dresses her up and teaches her tricks and shares videos on Instagram. Pudsey is the newest member of his family and was only a baby when Perkins adopted him and has since been raising him alongside Cupcake.

1 Goldberg: Goat

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Goldberg is a legend in WCW and returned to WWE last year when he was included in WWE 2K17. After he defeated Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series and then eliminated him from The Royal Rumble, Brock got his revenge when he defeated him at WrestleMania and Goldberg hasn't returned since.

Goldberg had been away from the ring for more than a decade before he returned to the company and he has been fairly busy. Back in 2004, Goldberg decided to adopt a pet goat and called him Goatberg. Goldberg stated that his wife is an animal lover so when he found out that his horse trainer was trying to find a home for the goat, he jumped at the chance. It wasn't all fun and games with his new pet though, as Goldberg shared that his new friend had already peed all over the floor and eaten all of his crackers without permission.

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