15 WWE Superstars Who Legitimately NEED Psychiatrist Help

It really should come to no surprise that the wrestling industry attracts all kinds of crazy. These dudes are aggressive, over-the-top personalities, who are paid to fight and belittle each other on a nightly basis. So, sure, the WWE is going to attract some fairly outrageous people.

From trouble with the law to some down-right insane behavior, there are some wrestlers over WWE’s history and currently on the roster who may want to book an appointment ASAP with their psychiatrist. We’re the Sportster – and this is the 15 WWE Superstars Who Legitimately NEED Psychiatrist Help.

15 Hulk Hogan

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Yes, the Hulkster is arguably the most beloved wrestler of all time. Dude is a legend. Nobody is arguing that. What we are saying, is since his reality TV show Hogan Knows Best, we’ve got a deep-dive into Hulk’s especially unique brand of crazy. From his weird relationship with his daughter Brooke, to his multiple divorces and his incredibly creepy and weird sex tape being released, Hogan really needs to book an appointment with his shrink. Oh, and let’s not forget how he’s let the world know all about his views on interracial relationships. It’s not pretty, but it is pretty horrifying to learn that Hulk isn’t a fan of his daughter dating African American men. Maybe that’s the kind of stuff he should keep between him and his psychiatrist. Just saying.

14 Harley Race

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So, to show you how crazy Harley Race can actually be, there is a story where he had a loaded gun and was going to kill Hulk Hogan. Yeah. For real. When Race was with the NWA in the 80s, and he heard that Vince was considering pairing with the company, good old Harley Race did what any rational human being would do; he grabbed his 9mm gun, tucked it into his pants and when to go shoot Hulk Hogan. Makes perfect sense, right? Hogan himself confirmed the story, and apparently Harley Race tried to set the WWE ring on fire as well as a show of further protest. How Hogan escaped the gun-wielding maniac we’ll never know, but is that doesn’t show just how crazy Harley Race is…I don’t know what will.

13 The Iron Sheik

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Yeah, The Iron Sheik always acted a bit crazy in the ring. Okay, maybe ‘a bit crazy’ is a bit of an understatement, but we always thought it was part of the persona, right? Wrong. Apparently in real-life, the Sheik is crazy banana-pants. Don’t believe us? All you have to do is scroll through his Twitter feed and feast your eyes on the crazy first hand. With such tweets as “IT IS MY DESTINY TO BREAK YOUR F***ING NECK”, and such classic as “HAKUNA MATATA OTHERWISE GO F**K YOURSELF,” it seems The Iron Sheik’s persona is in fact his real personality. His social media account is a terrifying look into the mind of somebody with some serious issues, but there’s no denying it’s fairly entertaining. Now, go get lost in the mind of the Sheik. Good luck.

12 Lex Luger

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Here’s a dude with some serious problems that translated to some serious legal issues. In 2003, an obvious low point and one of the worst years of his life, Lex Lugar was first arrested for beating his girlfriend Miss Elizabeth, a fellow wrestler. She had a busted hip, two black eyes and a lump to the head, so the injuries were quite serious. Luge was charged with a misdemeanor count of battery and released on a $2500 bond, however only two days later, he was arrested for driving without a licence under the influence. But wait, there’s more. Ms. Elizabeth was found dead in their Georgia townhouse in May. She had overdosed on a mixture of steroids, prescription pulls and alcohol. Her death was ruled accidental, however Luger was charged with 14 different drug possessions charges, to which he plead guilt. Yikes.

11 The Hardy Boyz

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When these two dudes broke out in the WWE, it seemed like they were going to be the biggest tag team the wrestling world has ever seen. Their high-flying moves were insane and boy; did they ever take some punishment. Throwing themselves off ladders and through tables is probably one of the reasons The Hardy Boyz have seen so much crazy in their lives, as both Matt and Jeff have struggled immensely with addiction. Jeff’s house was raided by police in 2009, and he was hit with a number of possession charges along with trafficking. Matt, two years later, was also raided, resulting in an arrest. In 2014, Matt and his girlfriend were arrested at a Virginia hotel for allegedly beating the holy hell out of each other. And of course, let’s not forget the Jeff Hardy incident with Sting, where we was obviously on another planet.

10 Buff Bagwell

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Technically, Mr. Bagwell only wrestled in one match for the WWE before he was released. When Bagwell arrived at the RAW tapings, he was informed he was no longer with the company due to complaints by former associates and fellow wrestlers. Apparently Buff had a bit of a screw loose and was known to go off the rails in an instant. One story goes, after a show when Buff Bagwell was with the WCW, Buff and some other wrestlers were hanging out by the doors, when a stagehand was trying to exit with an armful of heavy carpeting. When the stagehand asked to get by, apparently this sent Bagwell off, resulting in Buff punching the stagehand in the neck and calling him some racially-fuelled names. He was suspended for 30 days and charged with assault.

9 Sycho Sid

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With a persona like Sycho Sid, you’d expect the dude to be crazy. But not ‘stab your buddy with a pair os scissors’ crazy. In 1993, after long hours on the road and a few alcoholic beverages, Sid Vicious and Arn Anderson got into it at their hotel bar in Germany. Apparently, after Sid heard Arn insult Ric Flair, Sid’s friend, an argument ensued. Things got pretty heated, but eventually the situation calmed down and all parties involved went back to their hotel rooms. That is until Sid wanted to settle the argument by knocking on Arn’s door and hitting him over the head with a chair (life parodying art). The, the fight spilled out into the hallways, where both men got stabbed with scissors multiple times. It’s a messed up story.

8 Stone Cold Steve Austin

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The Texas Rattlesnake portrayed a loose cannon in the WWE, and he was really, really good at it. You never knew when he was going to lose it and deliver a devastating stunner to his opponents. In real life, he was married to fellow WWE superstar Debra, but their real-life relationship was volatile. In 2002, Austin was arrested and charged with domestic violence and given a year probation. According to Debra, Austin lost it, and; “He jumped on me. He’s on my back with his knee in my back, pounding me in the back and in my face. I thought I was going to die.” That’s some scary stuff right there. It kind of seems like Austin needs a visit with his psychiatrist to get his anger management under control.

7 Razor Ramon

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Razor Ramon, Scott Hall has some serious issues upstairs. He’s got a long history with getting himself in trouble with the law. In 98, he molested a 56 year old woman in Louisiana and charged with simple battery, disturbing the peace and public intoxication. Apparently in his drunken haze, he got a bit too handsy with the woman. In 2000, he was arrested in Florida for driving while three times over the legal limit. When arrested, Hall told police he was going to pick up his kids from school…while driving the wrong way down a one-way street. Then, in 2011, Scott Hall was once again arrested for attacking people in a bar in Florida. He was wasted, yelling and cursing, and ended up getting arresting and spending 10 days in prison. Maybe after a trip to the psychiatrist, Hall should visit AA.

6 Haku

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Known as the toughest man to ever wrestle in the WWE, he should also be known as one of the craziest. If we were to go into all of the incidents involving Haku, this list would be way too long. So here’s a few. In 1987, Haku had a confrontation with Jimmy Jack Funk, which resulted in Haku ripping out one of Jack’s eyes. Yup. In 1989 at an airport in Baltimore, Haku was at it again with some men who called wrestling fake. Not overreacting in the least, Haku proceeded to bite one of the men’s nose clean off his face. Another story from Kevin Sullivan; they were drinking at a bar when Haku was called a derogatory term by another man. Haku proceeded to leap onto the guy’s back and bit out a mouthful of flesh, spitting it to the floor. Let’s just hope Haku’s psychiatrist isn’t Hannibal Lector.

5 Chris Benoit

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This one is a bit of a touchy subject. We’re not going to poke fun at the Benoit tragedy as it is just that; an utter tragedy. Chris Benoit portrayed a severe tough-guy while he was in the WWE, and he did it well. His crime in 2007 went on to make global headlines, and also caused a federal investigation into the use of steroids in World Wrestling Entertainment. Over a span of three days, Chris Benoit killed his wife, his son and then himself, all by strangulation. One night, he bound his wife’s hands and feet and strangled her to death. The next morning, he did the same to his son while he slept in bed. After the murder of his son, he killed himself by hanging in his weight room. The murder/suicide shocked not only the WWE, but the world. It’s a sad case of CTE and steroid abuse gone really, really bad.

4 Vader

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Leon White was also known as Vader; the dude with the weird mask and the weirder antics. He was a crazy guy in the ring, and apparently even crazier outside it. Oh, that and he loved tequila. But it didn’t love him. In 2002, Vader was arrested in his home for public intoxication. He was driving his car and totaled it, failed to call the cops and fled the scene. When the officers tracked him down at his home, Vader threatened the cops with violence and even threatened to kill one of their K9 unit dogs. Even with all his health problems, and trust me he’s got some serious health problems, the dude is still wrestling in the UK. He’s been recently quoted saying he’d like to die in the wrestling ring.

3 Johnny K-9

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While never reaching any heights of success, really, Ion Croitoru, or Johnny K-9, was a ‘jobber’ in the WWE. A jobber is a wrestler who is paid to lose, paving the way for the next big Superstars. Ion was the president of ‘Satan’s Choice’ biker gang in Canada. He was arrested in 1990 for trafficking cocaine and served 10 months in prison. Then, in 1996, Ion was sentenced to 33 months in prison for blowing up a police station in Sudbury, Ontario, after a confrontation at a local Strip Club. Yes, the dude planted a bomb in a police station and detonated the explosives. In 2005 the guy was charged with two murders from 1998, in 2009 he was arrested for conspiracy to commit murder, and in 2011 he was charged with first degree murder of a man in Vancouver. Ion recently passed away in a halfway house in Toronto.

2 Ken Patera

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The '70s and '80s were good to Ken Patera. He was huge in the AWA and WWE. He was a fantastic heel and knew how to get the crowd to hate him, his biggest feud with Hulk Hogan. However, on a McDonalds’ trip in 1984, things started to spiral. He denies this, but during an afterhours trip to McDonalds and after being denied service (they were closed, after all), Ken Patera became enraged and threw a boulder through the window. Yep, a big old rock. Picked it up and threw it. Two police officers then tracked down Patera after he fled the scene, ending with Ken being arrested after a violent confrontation. Patera would be sentenced to two years in prison for battery of a police officer. However, he would be released after a year for good behavior.

1 Mr. McMahon

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Yes, we’re putting The Man himself at the top of this list. No doubt, if you’re a wrestling fan, you’ve heard of some of the bizarre behavior Vince McMahon has displayed over the years. With all of the little idiosyncrasies aside, Vince has shown some seriously strange and dangerous behavior. In 1993, he was indicted by the federal government on distribution of illegal steroids and drugs to his wrestling staff. One of the WWE doctors apparently was paid handsomely so supply steroids to wrestlers such as Hulk Hogan, Rowdy Roddy Piper and even McMahon himself. The feds tried to lock Vince away for 11 years and seize all of his properties, but after a testimony from Hulk Hogan saying Vince never pushed any steroids on him or any of the WWE wrestlers, all charges were dropped and Vince walked.

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