15 WWE Superstars Who Prompt A Bathroom Break

There was a time when any kind of Divas match meant that fans would take a quick trip to the bathroom, so they could empty their bladders and be fine for the rest of the show. There was a lot of talent in the female division, but most Divas matches weren't given time to develop or had a ridiculous gimmick attached to it. Luckily, that time seems to be long gone. The women's division in the WWE today features a variety of exceptional wrestles who often put on better matches then their male counterparts. That doesn't mean they'll be completely exempt from this list though...

This list will look at 15 wrestlers who don't really generate much of a reaction from the audience. When the theme songs for these wrestlers hits, you know that it's a good time to hit the bathroom, as you might not get a chance later in the show and you don't want to miss an incredible worker like Kevin Owens or A.J. Styles in the ring.

Enjoy our list of 15 WWE Superstars Who Prompt A Bathroom Break!

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15 Alicia Fox

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Despite the improvement made to the women's division in the WWE, some of the ladies still have trouble making a connection with the audience. One of those ladies is Alicia Fox, who most fans likely forgot was on the roster after the Brand Split.

Fox actually won the Divas Championship back in 2010, but didn't have an overly exciting reign with the title, which ended after 56 days. Since he r time as champion, Alicia Fox has mostly been a background player, resigned to terrible teams like Foxsana or Team Bella. At this point, her most prominent role is on Total Divas, where she became a regular cast member in season three.

She recently resurfaced to offer some terrible acting and to set up a future beating from Nia Jax. At this point, she's an enhancement talent, so when she appears, the end of the match should be obvious, as she'll probably be on the losing end.

14 Sin Cara

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Speaking of wrestlers jobbing to young monsters in the WWE, we have Sin Cara. Like Alicia Fox, Sin Cara has been non-existent since the Brand Split and only recently resurfaced to take a beating from Braun Strowman, a big man that Vince McMahon is pushing to the moon.

Actually, if we look a little further back, Sin Cara has been non-existent since he split from Kalisto. When he was in The Lucha Dragons, things seems to be going well for him as they had a decent title reign as NXT Tag Team Champions. But, when they were started to go their own way, Kalisto was given the United States Championship, while Sin Cara did... nothing. He hasn't been in an interesting feud on the main roster and whenever he's summoned to the ring, it's typically to fill a hole in someone's storyline. When Sin Cara pops up, we can pop out and use the washroom.

13 Golden Truth

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Before we lay into the Golden Truth, we want to make a couple of things clear. Firstly, we're big fans of Goldust and R-Truth and really appreciate all they've contributed to the business over their careers. Secondly, comedy absolutely has a place in wrestling, as a great deal of young fans come to WWE shows and expect to see some form of it.

With all of that out of the way, we can now say that we're fed up of seeing Golden Truth. Goldust's courtship of R-Truth didn't provide as many laughs as they hoped and their boring comedy routines since coming together haven't either. The sight of them playing Pokemon Go during matches had us bored and seemed like WWE's writers trying to shoehorn a popular topic into their show.

When these two are brought out, we know we can skip the segment, as it won't further the show and we likely won't get any laughs out of it.

12 Darren Young

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A common joke on the internet these days is: "Make Darren Young Great Again? When was he ever great?" On top of that, who actually thought that pairing him with Bob Backlund, a legend that many of WWE's current fans have never seen before, would make him "great again?"

While Young has a good look and inspiring story, as the first active wrestler to come out, that doesn't mean he brings much to Monday Night Raw. His recent feud with Titus O'Neil has been extremely bland and has generated absolutely zero response from the crowd. This isn't like The Rockers breaking up. No one really cared about The Prime Time Players to begin with, so this feud between the former teammates is bringing out an emotional reaction from the crowd. On top of that, no one likes seeing an elderly Bob Backlund get beat up, so when he comes out with Darren Young, we head out to the washroom.

11 Big Show

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We think it's unfair that fans shout "please retire" at Big Show whenever he shows up at a WWE event. Big Show has provided plenty of great moments over his lengthy career and doesn't get the respect he deserves from the WWE Universe. Also, it's not his fault that WWE creative have decided to turn him heel and face at random, without any good explanations.

Now that we've got the niceties out of the way, we really don't want to see Big Show that much anymore. Things have improved in 2016, as his appearances have been sporadic, but those appearances haven't been that exciting either. He recently showed up on the July 4th episode of Raw to captain a Team USA squad that fought people who are from outside of the United States, like Kevin Owens and Alberto Del Rio. It was as thrilling as it sounds.

When planning for WrestleMania 33, make sure to plan your bathroom break for Big Show vs. Shaquille O'Neal.

10 David Otunga

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We don't mean to be overly harsh towards David Otunga, who already receives a great deal of hate from the WWE Universe, but he's terrible at his job. He's still relatively new at it, so there's a small chance he could improve, but we just don't see it happening. Some are naturals, like Corey Graves who made a seamless transition after his in-ring career came to an end, while others are not, like Mr. Otunga. His commentary is so bland that he makes JBL, who fans typically disparage for his commentary (but I secretly like), sound like a mixture of Jim Ross and Muhammad Ali.

Now, it's impossible to take a bathroom break every time he speaks on SmackDown Live, but we really do want to. If he ever returns to the ring, we'd definitely go to the bathroom. Hell, rather than watch him in the ring, we'd just stand in front of a wall and stare at it.

9 The Shining Stars

via todaysknockout.com

Primo & Epico. Los Matadores. The Shining Stars. It doesn't matter what they call them, the WWE Universe just doesn't care about them. The tag team is made up of Primo and Epico, two real-life cousins, who have managed to do absolutely nothing during their time in the WWE. They've been on the main roster since 2011, though they could've absolutely used a lengthy stint in NXT to reinvent themselves, and are met with a yawn each time they come out. Every two years or so, they come out as something completely new and, each time, no one gives a damn. They're so bland that WWE chose to have them win their only Tag Team Championships at a Live Event.

On a recent episode of Raw, they actually defeated Enzo and Cass. Let's hope it's a one-time thing because, if they're given an actual push, we're going to be spending a lot of time in the bathroom during Raw.

8 Erick Rowan

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The black sheep in a group of black sheep, Erick Rowan is the blandest member of the currently disbanded Wyatt Family. While Bray Wyatt is masterful on the mic, Luke Harper is extremely versatile in the ring and Braun Strowman is at least intimidating looking, Rowan really doesn't bring anything exciting to WWE rings. He's not big enough to truly be menacing, nor is he agile enough to do anything to get the crowd on their feet. He's just seemed like a filler character during his WWE tenure. Typically, if we see Rowan, he's taking a pin for Bray Wyatt from whoever Wyatt's feuding against, before Wyatt eventually suffers a defeat on a bigger stage to that Superstar.

Since Bray Wyatt left him in August, we haven't seen Rowan on SmackDown and we'd guess that most fans don't really mind.

7 The Vaudevillains

via wrestlingrumors.net

For this one, we're not going to blame Aiden English and Simon Gotch, The Vaudevillains, as it's not their fault that no one cares about them.

In NXT, they were an extremely over act, as they held the NXT Tag Team Championship for 61 days as faces and fans were reacting to them. Then, without any real reason, the duo turned heel, stopped winning matches and were inexplicably called up to the main roster though they had absolutely no momentum. What happened from there? They bombed and have become enhancement acts in the tag team division, as they haven't won a match on their own since June 6th.

It was tough to believe their gimmick would work on the main roster, but they never really had a chance with how they were brought to the main roster.

6 Dana Brooke

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Not much about Dana Brooke screams 'I want to watch this segment'. The Total Diva is bad on the mic, is a terrible actress and is still limited in the ring. In fairness to her, she's been dealt some bad luck, as she was initially called up to the main roster with Emma, who she had forged a decent partnership with that could've worked. Shortly after, Emma was hurt, so Brooke latched on to Charlotte. Sadly, the results have been terrible. She hasn't won a match since the brand split and no one really wants to see her win either.

With NXT's women's division clearing out, Brooke could've used more time in developmental, where she could've feuded with Asuka and been made to look like a big deal. Instead, we get bad comedy routines from her and a time slot to sneak away to the bathroom.

5 Jack Swagger

via wrestlingnews.co

If this was the early '90s, Jack Swagger might've been a big star. Actually, we take that back; he was always more likely to be Lex Luger.

Swagger came to the WWE as an elite amateur wrestler and developed into a solid in-ring worker. The only problem is that absolutely no one cares. Swagger portrays an American Hero. That's his entire gimmick, which, as we just said, might've worked in the early '90s. Fans don't respond to the whole Non-American vs. American gimmick anymore and are likely cheering for Rusev anytime they trot Swagger out to face him. Swagger is a talented individual with a great look; all he needs is a solid repackaging. If they sent him down to NXT and switched things up, we might be interested. However, for now, we're taking a trip to the lavatory when his music hits.

4 Blake and Murphy

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Everything about Blake & Murphy is generic. Their look, entrance, attire, and moveset is so bland that fans refuse to get behind them. The only thing that was interesting about them was Alexa Bliss, but she's moved on to SmackDown Live to be the only heel female on the roster with mic skills. Now that she's gone, fans have no reason to pay attention to their matches and typically shower them with hate whenever they make their way out to the ring at Full Sail.

They're technically broken up at the moment, but we included them together because they're equally generic. At this point, they typically take turns losing to singles star who need wins. Recently, Wesley Blake lost to Tye Dillinger at Takeover: Brooklyn II before Buddy Murphy lost to him on NXT two weeks later.

3 Jinder Mahal

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We're not 100% sure why WWE brought Jinder Mahal back to the company. When the brand split was announced, the idea of former WWE stars returning had fans salivating, but instead they got Jinder Mahal. We understand that WWE needs people to help them fill out cards at live shows, but they surely could've found someone else. When someone's greatest career accomplishment in WWE is being part of 3 Man Band, then maybe you should look for an alternative.

It's not that Mahal does anything particularly poorly, it's just that nothing he does is special. He generates no reaction from the crowd, as they're typically on their way to the bathroom or concession stand when he emerges from the back.

2 Kane

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Kane, like Big Show, still has a role to play in the WWE, it just has to be a much, much smaller one. Kane can still be entertaining in a Royal Rumble or Battle Royale match, like he was in a recent Battle Royale on SmackDown Live to crown a number one contender for the Intercontinental Championship. As long as he doesn't win those matches, he's still a fun part of those matches, as fans love to see several smaller stars try to throw a bigger star over the top rope.

What we don't want to see is Kane beating up Gary the Milkman or Fandango and wasting TV time, like he's done over the last two weeks on SmackDown. Comedy still belongs in wrestling, but the segments actually have to be funny to work. They haven't been with Kane for a while now and we'd rather just skip the whole thing.

1 The Ascension

via youtube.com

Similar to The Vaudevillains, we don't blame The Ascension for chasing us away to the bathroom. The Ascension were dominant down in NXT, when they didn't look like a cheap knock off of The Road Warriors. They held the NXT Tag Team Championships for nearly a year and fans absolutely adored them at Full Sail.

Then, they moved to the main roster and were treated like garbage. They almost instantly became jobbers, losing matches to The New Age Outlawz and being embarrassed by older wrestlers like Kevin Nash and JBL. Fans hated their look and hated their gimmick, so they instantly crashed and burned.

Quite simply, they need to return to NXT immediately. It's the only shot they have to salvage their WWE careers. Until they do, we'll be taking a trip to the restroom.

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