15 WWE Superstars With More Hook Ups Than Championships

WWE Superstars live good lives. They are paid upwards of seven figures to perform pre-determined fights in front of thousands of people in famous arenas, and know that millions (AND MILLIONS) of people are watching them at home. Almost every night, they hear their names (or at least their characters names) chanted, cheered or booed by wrestling fans. These wrestlers get to do what they love (well, some of them), and leave a lasting impact on those who watch them perfect their craft.

Unfortunately, not all of this lifestyle is glamorous. They typically spend around 300 days on the road, every year, meaning that family life often takes a back seat to their careers. To fill the time between shows, wrestlers have been known to party. And when you’re rich, famous, and have more muscles than a seafood restaurant, partying tends to involve sleeping around. They’re not very good at hiding it, either. Several wrestlers’ relationships have been destroyed by extramarital affairs while on the road. Others have been able to come clean about their travel habits, and work through them with their significant other.

Most, however, are just single guys who like to get it on more than they like to succeed in the ring. And although Andrade Cien Almas’ NXT gimmick is that he cares more for partying and women, than chasing NXT gold, it’s nothing more than an on-screen representation of the culture of WWE performers since its beginning (as far as we know). Regardless, from wrestling in the ring to wrestling in the sheets, these are the 15 WWE Superstars With More Hook Ups Than Championships.

15 Bray Wyatt

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Let’s start with the most recent example of a wrestler having multiple partners, Bray Wyatt. It was recently discovered that Wyatt had been cheating on his wife with WWE ring announcer, JoJo. This situation has led Bray’s wife, Samantha Rotunda (Bray’s real name is Windham Rotunda), to file for divorce. At first, this was nothing more than a rumor, and suspicion on the part of Samantha. However, things became a little more clear when Bray was seen showing up at a TV taping alongside JoJo. And while this is the only known case of Wyatt having an extramarital affair, his attempts at keeping his wife quiet about the situation lead one to believe that there may have been more women who “Follow[ed] The Buzzards.” Either way, seeing as Bray is only a one-time WWE Champion, but has been seen with multiple women, he makes the list.

14 Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts

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Despite his successes in the ring (though never a world champion), Jake “The Snake” Roberts has lived a truly horrible life. Born to a mother who was only thirteen, Roberts became a heavy drug-abuser and alcoholic. He continued down that dark path for years, even through his long-tenure with the WWE. It wasn’t until recently that Roberts began truly turning his life around thanks to ‘Diamond’ Dallas Page. During his dark days, though, Roberts was deep into addiction, and was no stranger to sleeping in strangers beds. He has been married three times, having one child in his first marriage, four in his second, and zero in his third. This all adds up to five children, with two different mothers. This wouldn’t be too bad, except for the fact that Roberts has eight children in total. This means there are even more women involved. Considering he was never able to capture ANY WWE gold, I guess he really did have more baby mamas than titles. Although, because he had such a rough start, and is actually trying to better himself now, I’ll refrain from making any “snake” jokes.

13 Rocky Johnson

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Father to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Rocky Johnson was notorious for having affairs during his time as a WWE performer. He was married three times, most notably to Ata Maivia (part of the Samoan wrestling dynasty), having children in the first two marriages. However, his relationship totals were far greater than just three, and Dwayne will be the first to tell people about it. As a child, The Rock came face-to-face with several of his father’s mistresses, and could not tell if his father was not home because he was wrestling, or if he was busy sleeping around. The one-time WWE Tag Team Champion was as unfaithful as they come, which means he definitely deserves a spot on this list. Luckily Dwayne turned out well, and went on to achieve great success, despite a very difficult upbringing.

12 Bret Hart

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Remember Shawn Michaels claiming Bret was no stranger to “Sunny Days” during a promo? Well, in fact, he was wrong. According to both Hart and Sunny, nothing ever transpired between the two. This does not mean that “The Hitman” remained faithful to his wife while on the road, though. Bret’s journeys from woman to woman are documented very well in his autobiography “Hitman: My Real Life In The Cartoon World Of Wrestling” where he tells of the many incidents of adultery, dating back to his days in Japan. The former seven-time world champion (five with the WWE, two with WCW) claims to have been with countless women throughout his career, and despite not actually having children with all of them, his number of affairs deserves a place on this list.

11 Seth Rollins

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I’m sure most of you know about Seth’s alleged “Room 605” adventures, and about his private photos that were leaked by his ex-fiancee. Just from those two examples made public, it is not out of the realm of possibility that Rollins has had multiple affairs while on the road. Countless rumors have floated around the internet about Seth messing around with some of the female talent on WWE's main roster. However, none of these have ever been confirmed. What we do know, though, is that the now two-time WWE Champion certainly has not had the best luck at keeping these NSFW tales secret, though, so perhaps in the future, more incidents like the t previously mentioned will be made public, unfortunately for Seth. Regardless, seeing as multiple women are (seemingly) known to have been with Seth during his WWE tenure, his spot on the list has been earned.

10 Kevin Nash

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With a nickname like “Big Sexy,” it should come as little surprise that Kevin Nash was familiar with hooking up with people who weren’t his wife, during his time as a WWE/WCW performer. One of the most famous backstage stories from the man WWE called Diesel, is of him carrying on a relationship with one of the Nitro Girls (basically WCW cheerleaders) while still being married. This has since been confirmed by the dancer in question, and is likely not the only time Nash messed around with other women. There are several allegations of him sleeping around with the likes of Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson, though those rumors were shot down by Nash. It’s not unlikely that Nash did have multiple other affairs, whether with more Nitro Girls or just female fans. Thus, his spot on the list is justified.

9 Matt Hardy

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This doesn’t necessarily mean Hardy is a bad man or a player, but really just shows how little success he’s had in WWE, outside of teaming with his brother. Matt isn’t known for sleeping around, per se, but he has had past relationships with Lita (in which their break-up was used to create a very real, very personal feud on TV), Ashley Massaro, and is currently married to former TNA Knockout, Reby Sky. Unfortunately for Matt, the reason he finds himself on this list is because despite numerous Tag Team Championships, and some mid-card titles, Matt has only once seen a WWE-sanctioned world championship in the form of the ECW Championship. Hopefully Matt can settle the dispute over the ‘Broken’ gimmick, and WWE will finally have enough faith to give him a proper World Championship run.

8 Dolph Ziggler

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Dolph Ziggler is both a ladies man on television, and in real life. Ziggler had on-screen relationships with Maria Kanellis, Vickie Guerrero, and Lana…but those don’t count. They were merely for dramatic effect on RAW or SmackDown, surely he can't have that many relationships in real life. Although, maybe what we were seeing on camera was a dramtization of Dolph's real, Nic Nemeth life. After all, outside of the ring, he has been involved with Kelly Kelly and Nikki Bella, along with non-wrestlers Amy Schumer, and YouTube personality, Trisha Paytas. The two-time World Heavyweight Champion, and member of the Spirit Squad has definitely had his fair share of hook-ups during his career, and therefore he certainly belongs on this list. As time rolls on, it’s easy to imagine Dolph climbing even higher on this list. Hopefully he gets a few more title runs to match.

7 Chris Jericho

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It’s amazing to think that Chris Jericho is still married to the same person as he was in the year 2000, when you consider his history of cheating, while on the road. Well, actually, it’s not that hard to believe, as there’s only one case of Jericho cheating, and it technically was not confirmed. It is widely accepted as fact that Chris Jericho had a small affair going with WWE Diva, Kelly Kelly. Though not an excuse, Kelly did have a reputation for making her way into the beds of many members of the male roster. Still, Y2J should have behaved himself, knowing that he was married. And even though he’s more innocent than most men here, the temptation to put Jericho on a list was too great. Sorry, Chris.

6 CM Punk

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The Second City Savior sure did get around back in the day. He’s got a pretty impressive, albeit disturbing resume, having dated Lita, Mickie James, and Maria Kanellis among others before settling down and marrying AJ Lee. In addition, Punk was also one of the men whom Kelly Kelly made the rounds with. The total number of Punk’s partners is unknown, but it’s definitely in the double-digits, and likely was well north of 20.Punk’s dating life is better than his WWE record, where he was only able to capture the WWE Championship twice, and the World Heavyweight Championship three times before walking out after the 2014 Royal Rumble. Not that having five World Championship runs is bad or anything, but it doesn't hold a candle to his bedroom numbers. Hopefully for AJ’s sake, Punk has slowed down and no longer jumps into bed with …anyone.

5 Batista

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Have we all heard the tale about the size of Batista’s…thing? I’m sure we have. Well, apparently, former WWE diva, Melina can attest to that. The two reportedly had an affair while Batista was still married, and while Melina was dating John Morrison. This would inevitably lead to Dave’s marriage ending in divorce. And as Batista rose to the top of the card, it’s likely the man who would later play Drax would go on to find comfort in many different beds, as time went on. After all, he was in a stable with Ric Flair, and Triple H. wasn't he? If that's not a guaranteed train of women, I don't know what is. And although we can’t confirm those extra affairs as fact, the timing of his affair with Melina, and the fact that it ruined two relationships, lands Batista a top-five spot.

4 Ric Flair

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This should surprise nobody, as Ric Flair’s travels on the road are well documented. The “Dirtiest Player In The Game” sure did like to make as many…”friends” as possible when on the road. And as Sasha Banks alluded to during her 700 year feud with Charlotte Flair, Ric’s daughter, most of those encounters resulted in, as she put it “one night stands.” In fact, Flair’s divorce from his fourth wife was because of the man’s inability to stay faithful. Whether it’s art imitating life, or life imitating art, Ric Flair was not too different in real life as he was in front of the camera. The gimmick called for a man with energy, who specialized in “stylin’ and profilin’” and in real life, that’s exactly who Richard Fliehr was.

3 Hulk Hogan

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Hulkamania ran wild in the streets, AND in the sheets. Apparently, Hogan has been quite active following his departure from wrestling, and his wife. In fact, it was his sex life that ended his marriage, as it was an affair with his daughter's friend that was the final straw for the Hogan family unit. His recent sex tape leak is the only evidence needed of the Hulkster’s  wild adventures.  And during the trial revolving around the tape, Hogan admitted to, although later saying he exaggerated the numbers a bit, sleeping with several women. Although these are just the affairs he’s had post-wrestling career, the supposed numbers are definitely deserving of a spot in the top-five. Even though Hogan is considered one of the greatest of all time, his bedroom totals must be greater than the 12 total World Championships won between WWE and WCW.

2 John Cena

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The “Face That Runs The Place” is apparently also the ‘Face Who Owns The Bedroom.’ While married to his first wife, Cena reportedly had slept with Mickie James, Victoria, Kelly Kelly, and maybe Maria Kanellis, also. And, of course, now John is engaged to Nikki Bella. Obviously, the names mentioned are not the only ones who Cena has supposedly bedded. And the 16 championships Cena has won in the ring, pales in comparison to the amount of women Cena has been with. I guess when women can’t see you, it’s easier to- nevermind.

Either way, I hope Nikki Bella knows what she agreed to when she agreed to marry Mr. Hustle(r), (dis)Loyalty and (dis)Respect. By that same token, I hope Cena has calmed himself now that his time on the road is less and less.

1 Vince McMahon

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So he isn’t a wrestler, but does that matter? It sure didn’t stop ol’ Vinny Mac becoming a one-time WWE Champion. Therefore, the owner of the WWE finds himself on this list. Vince has had some crazy affairs on television, including the relationship with Trish Stratus that was used as fuel in the build to the father-son clash at WrestleMania X-Seven, in which Vince fough Shane in a Street Fight. Of course, like Ziggler, these were (hopefully) just for entertainment. However, it is believed that the Chairman has had very real affairs with some of the WWE Divas.  Though most cases of Vince sleeping with female talent are just unconfirmed rumors, Linda McMahon has gone on record as saying that she is aware of Vince having multiple affairs during their marriage. Luckily for WWE’s royal family, and for the sleazy Vince, Linda has simply accepted that Vince was disloyal in the past, and the two have since been able to work past it.

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