15 WWE Superstars You Won't Believe Are Single

Former WWE Diva Sunny recently commented that the WWE locker room was like a revolving bedroom door. Because everyone was seemingly dating someone else in the locker room.

There are quite a high number of relationships in WWE right now, and it could well be because of the amount of time these Superstars end up spending together when they're on the road performing in different cities every night.

But even though it seems there is something in the water in WWE right now, there are a few wrestlers who have managed to avoid the arrows of Cupid and all wrestling to remain their only love.

These Superstars are either newly single or have been single for a while, but it seems highly unlikely that they will remain single for very long. If the reports of locker room romances are to be believed, then many of these stars will be snapped up by eligible bachelors in the near future.

Here is a list of 15 stars who are known to be single right now.

15 Jinder Mahal

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The  former Number One Contender to the WWE Championship seemingly does only have one main focus in life. Jinder Mahal was resigned to WWE following the WWE Draft and many thought that his career would go the same way as Curt Hawkins when he resigned, but instead, Jinder has been the subject of a huge push in WWE that could eventually take him all the way to the WWE Championship.

Whether it's the fact that Jinder has put all of his focus into changing his body type recently to become the athlete that he is right now, allowing himself to be able to progress in the biggest wrestling promotion in the world, is unknown. But what is known is that Jinder is currently single and apparently quite happy that way.

14 Sami Zayn

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The Underdog from the Underground has been focused on wrestling for much of his life. Before he was signed to WWE as Sami Zayn, he was known as El Generico on the Independent Circuit where he first began his rivalry with Kevin Owens.

It seems that there really is only room for one love in Sami Zayn's life since the former NXT Champion hasn't been linked with any females inside or outside of WWE since he joined the company a few years ago. Zayn seems as though he is a lovely person to pretty much everyone he meets, so it is quite hard to believe that he's remained single all this time, but some superstars find it hard to juggle a personal and a public life at the same time.

13 Tamina

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Tamina recently made her return to WWE following the passing of her father earlier in the year. Tamina has always been thought of as one of the most dominant women in the female's division and any man who ended up with Tamina was thought to have been a lucky one.

That being said, Tamina already has two children from her past relationship, but Tamina herself has been single for many years. Her relationship broke down after she joined WWE and somehow Tamina has managed to juggle being a mother, working ,and being able to arrange for her former boyfriend to see his children. Maybe two children are too much for many men to see past? Is that the real reason for the lengthy single life and could it be about to change anytime soon?

12 Tye Dillinger

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The Perfect 10 is definitely living up to his nickname in a WWE ring. But it seems that outside of it he is less than perfect when it comes to the ladies. Tye has been picking up pace in his WWE career recently and took part in his first singles match at a WWE pay-per-view at the recnt Backlash event.

It is almost criminal to know that Tye Dillinger isn't in a relationship or that someone in the backroom hasn't managed to snap him up already. Tye has been seen in many online photos to be getting quite close to WWE backstage interviewer and former NXT broadcaster Dasha Fuentes. So maybe this could turn into the 'Perfect' relationship for the SmackDown Live star in the near future.

11 Fandango

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One-half of The Fashion Police has been one of the most eligible bachelors on the WWE roster for a number of years now. He appeared in an episode of Total Divas a few years ago when it seemed as though Fandango and Summer Rae were set to become a couple, but it didn't work out for them, as it seemed as though they just too different.

Fandango hasn't been used on WWE TV as much as he was when he was first called up to the main roster and became a popular star. It seems as though he has had plenty of time outside of WWE to have a personal life, but instead, he has made the choice not to. Maybe Fandango is another star who is completely focused on his career rather than his personal life.

10 Asuka

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The undefeated Empress of Tomorrow is now 35-years-old so it comes as a huge shock that she is still reportedly single. Asuka has always been seen as a fierce but independent person but the NXT Universe. So it seems as though she doesn't actually need a man in her life.

Asuka is quite a private person and ever since her arrival in NXT, the NXT Universe haven't been able to learn a lot about Asuka and her personal life. Like many other stars in this day and age, Asuka is private about anything that should be kept personal and rarely shares anything online that doesn't add to her character. Asuka seems completely focused on her wrestling career right now, which is probably why she has managed to be so successful.

9 Alicia Fox

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Alicia Fox has been in some pretty bad relationships over the past few years. She herself has stated that she has a problem with trusting men now. One of her relationships was featured on Total Divas, while her other previous relationship was with former WWE star Wade Barrett.

It seems that after the rather public break-up with Barrett and the fact that he said he just didn't see a future with her anymore. Alicia was hit quite hard and she has avoided men for a while. Alicia hasn't featured in the latest season of Total Divas, but it seems her relationships on 205 Live with Cedric Alexander and Noam Dar are the closest she wants to a real relationship at this point. But hopefully, that will change in the near future.

8 Elias Samson

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Elias Samson has recently been promoted to the main roster following WrestleMania and has since been part of many amusing segments backstage. There isn't a lot known about Elias because he has seemingly been quite private about his personal life over the past few years, or ever since he began to rise as a star in NXT.

Samson is reported to be single right now, which is a shock given his incredible guitar playing skills. Samson doesn't seem to interact with many WWE Superstars outside of WWE and looks to be a little bit of a loner. It does come as a surprise that he's managed to remain alone all this time though, especially given all the new women who have come through WWE's developmental system over the past few years.

7 Braun Strowman

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Braun Strowman has become a huge star in WWE over the past few months and it seems as though WWE are pushing him as a monster on the main roster, after a few endless months being the undefeated part of The Wyatt Family.

Strowman may be making strides in his blossoming wrestling career, but it seems as though he is having troubles in his personal life. Strowman's Tinder page was also leaked online a few months ago showing that Strowman was attempting to get out there, but obviously not in the conventional way. Strowman is good friends with a lot of the females backstage and is seen as something of a comedian, but it seems that he isn't seen as the boyfriend type by any of these women just yet.

6 Charlotte

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The apple really doesn't fall far from the tree with Charlotte, it seems that Charlotte has already been married and divorced twice and it seems that she even managed to get herself involved with a married man.

Charlotte and Alberto Del Rio had something of a fling back in October 2015 and Del Rio then decided that he would prefer to have a relationship with Paige and the duo then married earlier this year. It's no wonder that Charlotte has decided to stay away from men for a while especially with her recent hacking scandal as well. Paige and Charlotte had major problems after it was leaked that Paige was now dating Del Rio and obviously Charlotte has decided that she doesn't need this kind of drama in her life anymore.

5 Big E

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Big E seems like the best friend that many of the WWE Universe would love to meet and hang out with. As part of The New Day, Big E has become a beloved member of the WWE roster and has recently become an ordained minister, but it seems that the only weddings he will be part of in the near future are ones he is being paid to be part of.

Big E has been reportedly close to many females backstage including Kaitlyn who he once had a romantic storyline with on WWE TV. But it seems that Big E is only ever seen as a friend by his peers and even though he jokes about being single on Social Media a lot of the time, it seems as though he has been single for a while now.

4 Dolph Ziggler

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Dolph Ziggler has had a string of relationships over the past few years. Nikki Bella, Amy Schumer, and his most recent one was with WWE star Dana Brooke. It seems that when the couple were split up in the draft it was too much for them to be able to continue a long distance relationship, and they broke up.

Dolph works as a comedian outside of WWE as well and it could be a career he wants to move onto when his current career is over. But it seems that his personal life is actually not that amusing. Dolph is never usually single for very long, so women need to act fast if they are hoping to snap him up because Dolph seems to hang out in some famous circles outside of WWE.

3 Finn Balor

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Finn Balor has to be one of the most popular stars in WWE right now and it seems that even though he's popular with the WWE Universe, he isn't as popular with women. Balor had a reputation with the ladies when he was in Japan for eight years as part of NJPW but it seems that Finn has changed his ways since he decided to cross the pond and join WWE.

There has been recent speculation that Finn Balor could be dating WWE backstage interviewer and broadcaster Cathy Kelley, but neither Finn nor Cathy have confirmed anything to do with their romance. Of course, the WWE Universe are hoping. As it is not yet a confirmed relationship, it seems that right now Finn is still classed as single, which is a damn shame.

2 Emma

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Emma is a Superstar who recently became single. Former Intercontinental Champion Zack Ryder and the former NXT star were together for quite a while before it seems that the WWE Draft split them up and this then had quite the effect on their relationship.

Ryder and Emma were also both out injured at the same time which could have also put a strain on their relationship. And now it seems that Ryder has moved on and is currently dating Impact Wrestler Chelsea Green. Emma doesn't seem to have moved as fast as her former boyfriend and is instead spending the time enjoying the single life. Emma recently returned and then was injured again, so it seems that Emma will be spending much more time on the sidelines in the near future.

1 TJ Perkins

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The first ever Cruiserweight Champion and the man formerly known as Manik has made quite the impression in WWE over the past few months since he came in through the Cruiserweight Classic.

TJ Perkins has had his name changed now to TJP, but it seems that is the only real thing that has changed about him in recent months. the only thing Perkins goes home to at night is his adorable pet pig, which is actually quite cute. It may be that Perkins is trying to focus on his career at this point. He is young and women can sometimes be an unhealthy distraction, but at some point, there will be a woman who will turn TJP's head. It's such a shame those incredible dance moves are going to waste.

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