15 WWE TV Pairs Who Became Couples In Real Life

WWE is similar to TV shows and movies in the way that when stars portray couples on TV, this can sometimes lead to a real-life romance. Over the past few years, a number of WWE couples have began dating after they were put together on WWE TV and asked to portray a couple or even just forced to work together for a short amount of time.

This isn't a surprise considering a number of stars have become best friends the same way. Since superstars work together and often travel together when they become a tag team, the WWE Universe is under the illusion that they really are best friends. This actually happens a lot of the time and it has created some of the strangest friendships and couples just because they have been thrown together by circumstance, which is a powerful thing.

Spending a lot of time with someone inside and outside of the ring does often lead to these stars revealing they are dating, but as you will see in the following list, not all these relationships were made to last and sometimes when the storyline ends, the real-life romance is affected by this.

15 Brie Bella And Daniel Bryan

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Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan are currently two of the faces of the E! Network reality shows Total Divas and Total Bellas and after marrying back in 2014, the couple recently announced the arrival of their first child together named Birdie Jo.

Bryan and Brie are seen as one of the cutest couples that WWE ever created, and it was the company that first decided to put the duo together back in 2010. Brie, along with her sister Nikki, were fighting with each other for the affections of Bryan for a number of weeks before Bryan was seen kissing Gail Kim backstage. This may have been the end of the storyline on-screen, but it was the beginning of a romance that the WWE Universe has been able to watch blossom from the beginning.

14 Alexa Bliss And Buddy Murphy

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Alexa Bliss has blazed her own trail through WWE over the past year and is the current Raw Women's Champion. The Goddess has recently been added to the cast of Total Divas ahead of the next season since WWE are aware that she is currently engaged to former NXT Tag Team Champion Buddy Murphy.

Alexa and Buddy worked together back in NXT and it was Alexa's guidance when she was managing Wesley Blake and Murphy that led them to tag team gold. Once again, this was a couple that WWE decided to put together on their developmental brand and it's a romance that has been active now for almost three years. Sadly for the couple, Alexa is flying high on the main roster right now, while Buddy hasn't made an appearance on NXT since April.

13 The Miz And Maryse

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WWE's "it" Couple have been causing chaos throughout the company for the past year, ever since Maryse made her return to WWE following WrestleMania 32 to help her husband win the Intercontinental Championship, a title that he has held on and off for the past year.

Maryse and The Miz are a perfect couple and recently announced that they are expecting their first child together. But they are another couple that can thank WWE for putting them together on-screen. Back in 2009, The Miz was seen trying to impress Maryse backstage as per their storyline, but it was an angle that never went anywhere since Miz worked much better as a solo star and WWE moved Maryse on to work with Ted DiBiase. Thankfully the couple realized they had a connection and began dating in real-life.

12 Lana And Rusev

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Lana and Rusev have become a well-known couple in WWE over the past few years since The Bulgarian Brute once bulldozed his way through both the NXT and main roster. Lana has been by his side the whole time, until recently when she decided to embark on a career of her own.

WWE decided to put Lana alongside Rusev when the couple were in NXT after Lana auditioned for and failed to win the 2013 Diva Search. Since then a relationship has built up between them which led to them becoming engaged part way through a WWE storyline and then having their wedding featured on the last season of Total Divas. It's been a long and rough road for the duo, but they have finally reached their destination.

11 Matt Hardy And Lita

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Matt Hardy and Lita were once one of the best-loved couples in WWE. Alongside The Hardy Boyz, Lita won the Women's Championship while the duo picked up the WWE Tag Team Championships and in real life the couple had begun dating as well, which is why they had so much chemistry in the ring.

It is reported that Matt and Lita were in a six-year relationship in real-life as well as working together on WWE TV. The couple only began dating after the company pushed them together on-screen and Lita became an integral part of Team Extreme. This is the first couple on the list that doesn't have a happy ending, but luckily Matt Hardy has since gone on to find his with fellow wrestler Reby Sky, whom he met when he was performing in TNA.

10 Edge And Lita

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Edge doesn't have the best dating history from when he was a WWE star, but his relationship with Lita is one of the most high profile that he has been part of. Edge was married at the time that his affair with Lita began back in 2005, and Lita was in a relationship with Matt Hardy.

The duo was put together as part of a storyline on WWE TV because Hardy was injured and the company wanted Lita to still be used on-screen. The relationship between Edge and Lita didn't continue much longer after it became public knowledge, even though they remained together on WWE TV. Edge has since gone on to marry former WWE Women's Champion Beth Phoenix, while Lita was in a relationship with CM Punk up until 2013.

9 Charlie Haas And Jackie Gayda

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Charlie Haas is perhaps best remembered for his time teaming with Shelton Benjamin as part of "The Worlds Greatest Tag Team" but back in late 2004 Haas was teaming with Rico and Jackie Gayda was aligned with the duo as their valet back when she was under the guise of Miss Jackie.

It seemed like an odd pairing at the time, but shockingly it's another one that has the company to thank for leading them into a real-life romance. The couple didn't wait too long to make it official either since they married the following year. More than a decade later the couple is still going strong and Haas is doing less and less in the wrestling business now since the couple now has four children to support.

8 John Cena And Mickie James

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John Cena and Nikki Bella have become the new power couple of WWE over the past few years, but Cena had quite a lengthy dating history before he and the former Divas Champion began dating back in 2012.

Back in 2008, John Cena and former WWE Women's Champion Mickie James were aligned together on WWE TV as part of a number of flirty backstage segments, but Mickie was engaged to Kenny Dykstra at the time so many of the WWE Universe thought that the chemistry between the couple was just good acting. This wasn't the case as the couple reportedly engaged in some extracurricular activities after the camera finished rolling and when Mickie's fiance found out, he wasn't exactly pleased. Sometimes the chemistry that WWE creates can end relationships as quickly as it begins them.

7 AJ Lee And CM Punk

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AJ Lee and CM Punk are one of the best-known couples from the world of professional wrestling right now, they were married back in 2014 after the couple had been together for more than a year.

For all of the problems that Punk has with WWE, it was thanks to the company that he and AJ Lee ended up together. The duo were part of a lengthy storyline, that also included Daniel Bryan back in 2012 where AJ once actually proposed to CM Punk in the middle of the WWE ring. AJ Later noted in her autobiography that the first time she kissed Punk she knew that he was the one that she was supposed to be with. The only problem was Punk was dating Lita at the time.

6 Melina And Batista

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Melina and her boyfriend John Morrison began dating when they met at WWE Tough Enough, a few years before they debuted on the company's main roster. The duo went on to date throughout their WWE career, but Melina did manage to have her head turned by WWE Champion Batista back in 2005.

Melina was part of a backstage segment with Batista that saw her try to bribe him with sex to allow her boyfriend and Joey Mercury to get out of a match with him later in the night , this led to the duo having a real-life affair that later cost Batista his marriage to Angie, who divorced him the following year. Melina and John Morrison were on a break at the time so the couple were able to patch up their relationship only to break up in 2015.

5 Chyna And Triple H

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Chyna was hired by WWE to be Triple H's bodyguard back in 1997 and the couple seemed to work well together. Unsurprisingly their chemistry on-screen transferred into a real-life relationship, that allowed the couple to work together as part of DX for a number of years afterwards.

It was only when Triple H was later moved out of a storyline with Chyna and into one with Stephanie McMahon that the couple began having problems. After Chyna left the company when she found out about the relationship between the duo,  she later accused Triple H of assaulting her a number of times while the couple were together and didn't have any nice things to say about him from his early career. Perhaps it's best that this one didn't work out.

4 Ashley Massaro And Paul London

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Ashley Massaro won the 2005 Raw Diva Search and later went on join WWE's main roster. She then started to date former Cruiserweight Champion Matt Hardy. The couple were split up when Ashley was moved over to SmackDown to become the valet for Tag Team Champions Brian Kendrick and Paul London, which later led to a real-life relationship between the duo.

This caused a problem between Matt Hardy and Ashley as a couple. Hardy and London took to social media to air their dirty laundry in public as Hardy held a grudge because of the way their relationship ended. Sadly, this couple didn't last very long and Ashley was released from WWE in 2008 when she revealed that her daughter was sick so she wanted to spend some time at home and look after her.

3 Carmella And Big Cass

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Carmella and Big Cass have been dating now for more than three years and along with Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy, Carmella and Cass were aligned together on NXT. After spending some time in a stable along with Enzo Amore the couple later began dating and have been together ever since.

Carmella and Cass are another couple who have recently been added to the Total Divas cast so that the WWE Universe can see the duo outside of WWE. Cass and Carmella have been through their own fair share of problems over the past few years, with Cass being promoted to the main roster without Carmella and then The Princess of Staten Island was drafted to the main roster herself but onto the opposite brand of her boyfriend, where she has remained over the past year.

2 John Cena And Maria

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Maria Kanellis has recently returned to WWE with her real-life husband Mike Bennett, but before Maria left the company and went on to Ring of Honor where she met her husband, she had quite the reputation in WWE.

Maria dated a number of stars during her first stint, but it was back in 2006 when she was part of a storyline with John Cena that she later ended up in a real-life relationship with the 16-time Champion. Cena had quite a lengthy dating history as well, and Maria just became another name on this list, since Cena reportedly quickly moved on, and so did the former TNA star. Cena is now happily engaged to Nikki Bella, while Maria and Mike have recently announced that they are expecting their first child together.

1 Stephanie McMahon And Triple H

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The original power couple of WWE was most recently seen on WWE TV as The Authority, but since Stephanie was put through a table back at WrestleMania, she and her husband haven't been seen. They are rumoured to be returning to the company in the next few months.

The couple began dating just after WWE 's creative team decided to allow Stephanie and Triple H to share the spotlight on WWE TV, despite the fact that Triple H was dating Chyna at the time. Stephanie's father Vince McMahon was completely against the relationship, but the couple managed to win him over. Triple H and Stephanie married back in 2003 and have since welcomed three daughters while also remaining one of the driving forces on WWE TV.

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