15 WWE Urban Legends And The Truth Behind Them

Ever since childhood, rock music and pro wrestling have been two particular passions of mine. And I've heard my share of musical urban legends. Marilyn Manson actually being Paul from The Wonder Years? Not true. His real name is Brian Warner. Paul McCartney having died in a 1966 car crash and getting replaced by a lookalike? Not true, and I'll refer to that urban legend somewhere in this list. Alice Cooper killing a live chicken onstage? Technically not true, though he did throw that chicken back to his rowdy audience, upon which they killed it. Jim Morrison exposing himself at a Miami concert? People's accounts vary. Ozzy Osbourne biting the head off a bat? Yeah, that happened, and he regretted it.

Yes indeed, rock 'n' roll can be wild and crazy enough to spawn similarly wild and crazy urban legends. And the same applies in the similarly wild world of pro wrestling. Like rock stars, wrestlers tend to have outrageous personalities, and often tend to do outrageous things. And as stories are passed from one person to another, they get so embellished and twisted until they graduate to the status of full-blown urban legend. These oftentimes turn out to be varying degrees of untrue, though sometimes, you may never know whether they're true or not.

Today, we shall be looking at 15 WWE urban legends, and briefly recapping what we know as being closest to the true stories behind them. Which of these urban legends are nothing but tall tales, which ones have a grain or two of truth to them, and which ones can still be filed under the "may or may not have happened" category? Let's find out.

15 The Real Story Behind "Sunny Days"

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We've referred to this infamous promo countless times, but just as a refresher, this took place in 1997, as Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels were having a contentious feud, both in kayfabe and in real life. While pilled- and liquored-up as he often was during those days, the Heartbreak Kid called out the Hitman in a promo, insinuating that he may have had some "Sunny days," or in other words, may have been having an affair with Tammy "Sunny" Sytch.

The truth behind this urban legend is simple — as Sunny herself had confirmed, it was Shawn who was having his share of "Sunny days," and not Bret. And Sunny and HBK were having this torrid affair so publicly, with her actual boyfriend Chris "Skip" Candido oftentimes being none the wiser. As for Hart? His autobiography has him candidly telling a lot of tales about his own infidelity, but as far as we know, he only fooled around with ring rats, but never with female WWE talents such as Sunny.

14 What’s The Real Score With Kane?

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Back in the day, there were four men — Matt Borne, Steve Lombardi (whom you can also find in this list), Steve Keirn, and Ray Apollo — who played the role of Doink the Clown. There have also been multiple pairs of Conquistadors, not the least of these being the famed 1980s masked jobbers, and later on Edge and Christian. Now you may wonder how this all ties in with Glenn Jacobs, who had two of the worst gimmicks of the New Generation Era (Isaac Yankem and Fake Diesel) before finding great success as Kane.

It's long been rumored that there has been more than one man playing the role of Kane, meaning the Kane most of us know and love — red and black bodysuit, garish red and black mask with a wig of long hair. We have definitely seen Kane face off with an impostor Kane (the future Luke Gallows), and we've seen him as Authority stooge Corporate Kane, wearing a business suit in lieu of his usual demonic get-up. But multiple men playing Kane between the debut of the gimmick and the first unmasking? Highly doubtful, if you ask us.

13 Bruce Hart Married A 14-Year-Old Girl

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We’re including Bret Hart’s older brother Bruce in this list because he did have what amounts to a few WWE cameos in the 1990s. And with that out of the way, it’s been claimed that Bruce Hart impregnated a 14-year-old girl named Andrea, who was a student in one of his classes – he worked as a substitute teacher when Stampede Wrestling wasn’t paying the bills like it should. They would soon get married and have a total of five kids together.

The above claim was made by Bruce’s sister Diana in her inaccuracy- and grammatical error-riddled book Under the Mat, and if you should know, Diana always had beef with Andrea, especially when her husband, Davey Boy Smith, ran off with her shortly before his death. On the other hand, Bruce’s own embellishment-filled autobiography Straight from the Hart suggests it was love at first sight when a presumably adult Andrea helped him change a tire. So which Hart sibling is telling the truth?

The truth may be somewhere in between. The far more reliable Heath McCoy wrote in his book on Stampede Wrestling, Pain and Passion, that Andrea was actually 16 when she became pregnant by Bruce, who was then 33.

12 Satanists In Pro Wrestling

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Now that The Undertaker appears to have been retired by Roman Reigns at WrestleMania, he can go back to becoming a regular guy named Mark. Meanwhile, Bray Wyatt, despite his penchant for staying in character during many a shoot interview, is a regular guy named Windham whose sister's name isn't Abigail. But legend does have it that two similarly dark characters — Kevin Sullivan and James Mitchell (their real names, no less) — are real-life, practicing Satanists.

Regarding reports that he’s a real-life ranking member of the Church of Satan, Sullivan has neither confirmed nor denied these, and the only staunch claim of such appears to have come from a rather unreliable source – an ex-wrestler who once had a web page full of Chris Benoit conspiracy theories. As for “Father Jim,” multiple websites do list him as a member of the Church of Satan, while his current partner also appears to be one.

Other alleged wrestling Satanists include the late Balls Mahoney, as well as current Monday Night RAW commentator Corey Graves, who has repeatedly quoted Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey on Twitter.

11 Sid And The Squirrel

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You can never accuse Sid Eudy of not being a character. As Sid Justice/Sycho Sid in WWE and Sid Vicious in WCW, the big man from Arkansas was known for hilariously botching promos, getting in a scissors-fight with Arn Anderson, and as you'll find out elsewhere in this list, purportedly getting dookie on his trunks at WrestleMania, no less. He also had an unusual choice of pet back in the day — a pet squirrel.

Being the affectionate pet owner that he is, stories suggest that Sid Vicious would bring his pet squirrel with him to the WCW locker room. That was where a couple of wrestlers made a bet with him – he couldn’t possibly keep that squirrel in his pants for more than a minute. As legend has it, Sid took the wrestler(s) up on their bet, yet ended up worse for the wear, as the squirrel apparently mistook the Eudy family jewels for actual nuts.

While we would have wished that it was Sid himself confirming this through Twitter sometime in 2015, it all turned out to be a fake account that eventually got suspended. Oh well. Confirmed or not, it’s a wacky, if excruciatingly painful, story nonetheless.

10 HBK Gets In A Handicap Match With Marines

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Back in the mid-‘90s, Shawn Michaels was at the peak of his drinking and drugging, and as you may know, he was also extremely creative in finding ways to get away from doing the job. With HBK due to drop his Intercontinental Championship to Dean (or Shane, as we all prefer to remember him as) Douglas, he had gotten into a little skirmish with what he claimed were nine or ten Marines, one of whom was reportedly upset at Shawn for making a pass at his girlfriend. As the soldiers also didn’t happen to be fans of that fake wrasslin’, they took great pleasure in beating the crap out of the Heartbreak Kid, and that was to serve as his excuse so he could forfeit the belt and not lay on his back for the kayfabe educator.

We also know what happened next – Douglas would lose his IC title just minutes after winning it, losing an impromptu match against Michaels’ Kliq buddy Razor Ramon. But how many Marines had beaten down on Shawn in the first place? According to those who were there at the time, it was just one Marine, not nine, not ten, not a hundred. Still a bad enough beating to make a guy loopy, but you have to remember that the guy who would soon "lose his smile" was capable of putting on five-star matches despite being in various states of physical pain and/or inebriation and/or being stoned.

9 Gym Bags Et Al. As Toilet Bowl Alternatives

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Let's assume you're a wrestler who really, really needs to make a run for the john. It so happens that you're currently beefing with somebody, so what do you do? You head for that person's gym bag and let 'er rip with the processed version of whatever food you had for dinner. That's what Randy Orton allegedly did with obscure WWE Diva Rochelle Loewen's gym bag, though he has always maintained that it wasn't viper dung he unloaded, but rather a bottle of baby oil.

In the absence of gym bags, food containers sometimes make feasible toilet bowl alternatives for some wrestlers. In the mid-'90s, a member of the Kliq — reports vary as to whether it was 1-2-3 Kid/X-Pac, Razor Ramon, or Shawn Michaels himself — supposedly relieved himself on Sunny's Chinese food order. And when the Kliq had beef with Jerry Lawler, the toilet bowl alternative was obvious — the King's crown.

Other non-Kliq wrestlers claim these actually happened, though as is often the case with urban legends involving a group of friends, the culprit hasn't quite been identified. Still gross either way, wouldn't you think?

8 Real-Life Macho Madness?

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“Macho Man” Randy Savage is one of a few wrestlers who shows up twice in this list, and while the other entry refers to what he supposedly did to a future wrestling executive young enough to be his daughter, this one talks about the time when he was still married to the lovely Miss Elizabeth. As one would surmise, Liz’s wholesome beauty made her popular among the men of the WWE locker room back in the late-‘80s and early-‘90s. But that was apparently enough to make the Macho Man insanely jealous, so jealous that he reportedly wanted her locked up in her own locker room so that the rest of the boys couldn’t as much as look at her.

Many contemporaries, including Tito Santana and the late Sherri Martel and George “The Animal” Steele, have confirmed that Savage was a very jealous husband. Steele had, in particular, claimed that the above story was true. Then again, Savage's real-life brother Lanny Poffo and The Ultimate Warrior did speak in Randy's defense, saying that he was simply trying to shield his shy, impressionable wife from a drugged-out, decadent locker room.

In any case, Randy and Elizabeth divorced in 1992, and the once-squeaky-clean Liz eventually died of an accidental drug and alcohol overdose in 2003.

7 Sycho Sid Soils Himself At The WrestleMania 13 Main Event

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Bret Hart vs. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin at WrestleMania 13 was a classic for the ages, a brilliant story told in the ring that ended in both men making a historic double-turn. But that wasn't the main event for that edition of the "show of shows" — instead, it featured The Undertaker extending his 'Mania winning streak to six matches and defeating Sycho Sid for the WWE Championship. And boy, was that match a stinker in every way possible.

Not only was this another case of 'Taker in a match with a much less-talented big man, but it's been claimed that Sid pooped his trunks just as the Deadman was preparing to drop him with the Tombstone Piledriver for the match's finish. Due to the shameful nature of this incident, Sid has never confirmed whether he had half the continence that we do on that fateful night. And it's hard to tell either by looking at Sid's black trunks or at 'Taker's stoic-as-always facial expressions. Then again, you might have noticed a stronger sense of urgency than usual as the referee rolled Sid out of the ring while The Undertaker celebrated his championship win. The video of the finish is posted above, so you be the judge.

6 Fabulous Moolah And Mae Young = Lovers?


You may recognize the first name as the woman who held NWA’s Women’s Championship for a good three decades, and held her share of WWE Women’s Championships, even after she turned 60. The second name is another recognizable legend in the world of women’s wrestling, though younger fans may remember her as the granny who gave birth to a hand fathered by Mark Henry. Without a doubt, The Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young are two of the greatest female wrestlers of all time, but many have claimed they were lovers at some point, tying in to long-standing rumors of Moolah being bisexual.

What we do know is that Moolah and Young did live together from 1991, up until Moolah’s death in 2007, and that they shared the house with a third woman, female midget wrestler Katie Glass, who saw Moolah as a mother figure. Moolah had been married twice and had one child, while Young was never married and didn’t have any known children, unless you're crazy enough to count Mr. Hand. As both women are no longer with us, it may be impossible to find out the real truth behind this urban legend.

5 JBL Hazes WWE Youngsters In The Shower

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You probably knew someone like JBL back in school – smart, rich, athletic, popular, a good speaker, yet the number one bully on campus. Even before he reached true veteran status in the WWE, John Bradshaw Layfield had a reputation as a bully, and some of the more outrageous stories about his bullying include those times when he would give younger wrestlers a soaping while they were taking a shower. Typically, these youngsters included lower-carders like Shannon Moore and Brian Christopher, though WWE Hall of Famer Edge claimed in his autobiography that he too was a victim early on in his career. He also explained that he somehow passed this “test,” and that JBL did that to “weed out the prima donnas” in the locker room.

Although JBL has never admitted to soaping rookies and other youngsters to see if they can hang with the veterans, he hasn't been shy about admitting that he does haze his fellow wrestlers for this very same purpose. Though it's not like nobody had ever stood up him for these actions. Just ask Joey Styles.

4 Pat Patterson And Steve Lombardi

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WWE Hall of Famer Pat Patterson's homosexuality was an open secret in the business well before he officially came out in 2014. And it was also well-known that he had been in a relationship with a man named Louie Dondero from the earliest days of his wrestling career, up until Dondero's death in 1998. But since it's oh-so-common for wrestlers, being in a business that sometimes takes them away from their loved ones for months on end, to take a dump where they eat, Patterson had been linked to a few much younger wrestlers over the years. These include longtime jobber/road agent Steve "Brooklyn Brawler" Lombardi, who may or may not owe his long WWE career to this purported relationship.

Neither Patterson nor Lombardi have confirmed this relationship. But it does bear mentioning that some people in the business, including Bret Hart, have hinted that he may be. While describing a match against Lombardi in his autobiography, the Hitman referred to the Brawler as Patterson's "boy." Make what you want out of that, but as far as official "coming out" statements go, Lombardi hasn't made any.

3 Lita’s “Payment” For Her Wrestling Training

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Ever wonder why Lita, despite her youth and relative inexperience back in the Attitude Era, got to be so good in the ring? After being impressed with Rey Mysterio’s ring work on a mid-‘90s episode of WCW Nitro, Lita traveled to Mexico to learn the ropes and get started in the business. But if you believe the stories that have been going around, she had a rather unusual way of paying the men who trained her in the ring – by having sex with them.

The accepted truth behind this story may sound seedy, but it isn’t half as seedy as the urban legends may suggest. In her autobiography, Lita wrote that she had paid for her training by working as a dancer in a club. Not necessarily the most wholesome way to finance a potential wrestling career, but not quite as outrageous as supposedly getting it on with El Dandy and other mainstays of the Mexican wrestling scene.

2 Randy Savage And Stephanie McMahon's Fling

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If you're wondering why WWE had to wait until "Macho Man" Randy Savage was dead before inducting him into the Hall of Fame, one speculative reason is his alleged affair with a then-underage Stephanie McMahon. Rumor has it that sometime in 1993 or 1994, Savage, who was then in his early-40s, had sexual relations with 17-year-old Steph, sometime before he left WWE to join his frenemy Hulk Hogan and a growing number of ex-WWE Superstars in WCW.  Stephanie would supposedly tell her daddy Vince about this in 1996, just as he was preparing to bring the Macho Man back to the company, and when the elder McMahon found out, that was the reason, or so they say, Savage's name would hardly ever be mentioned on WWE programming for the years to come.

So far, nobody has stepped forward to confirm this rumor, and Savage obviously wouldn't be able to, having died in 2011. But with Stephanie McMahon working on what may turn out to be a complete McMahon family memoir, there's a chance she may shed some light on this controversy some 25 years or so after it supposedly happened.

1 The Ultimate Warrior Died And Was Replaced By A Lookalike

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It's pretty much wrestling's equivalent of the "Paul is dead" myth surrounding Paul McCartney and The Beatles. But unlike all those urban legends suggesting that McCartney died and was replaced with a guy named William "Billy Shears" Campbell, there were more than a few people who believed this myth — The Ultimate Warrior was gone from WWE in 1991 because he had supposedly died, and the Warrior who returned in 1992 to feud with the likes of Papa Shango was a similar, but ultimately different-looking guy playing the same character. Yes, people really believed this, and I should know — it was a popular conversation topic back in my early high school days.

However, it wasn't someone like Rick "Renegade" Wilson (WCW's ersatz Warrior-alike) playing the role, but rather Jim Hellwig himself, who would eventually change his legal name to Warrior so he could have absolute control over his ring name. After his supposed "death" in 1991, Warrior went on to have two WWE runs and another one in WCW, each less impressive than the last. But sadly, Warrior passed away for real in April 2014, mere days after his WWE Hall of Fame induction, and one day after what turned out to be his last Monday Night RAW appearance ever.

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