15 WWE Women Who Aren't As Hot As People Claim

The booking of women within Vince McMahon's WWE has always raised some red flags, as the company have looked at them as nothing more than a set of twins and a great body, and it got to the point where the women’s division and its championship were basically worthless. That has changed in the recent years, with the explosion of NXT, the pushing of equality in not only the sports and wrestling universe, but the entire world as a whole, as well as Triple H’s growing influence in the company. All in all, it seems like the WWE is finally pushing its ladies as equals to the men.

That doesn’t mean the women have become less attractive however, just much more talented and better all-around athletes, but the fans of the wrestling world have different tastes, and some of these women, past and present, have been very overrated as a result. Although they’re all quite attractive young (or in some cases, not-so-young) ladies, this list will look at some women who the fans have deemed incredibly hot, but just don’t live up to the billing when you see them.

15 Rosa Mendes

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First things first; how on earth did Rosa Mendes last for a decade with the WWE, when the likes of Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett, Damien Sandow and (the recently-returned) Chris Hero/Kassius Ohno have all been released by the company? Putting that aside, Mendes has been nothing more than a below-average manager throughout her time, with the majority spent not even performing on the air. But when she did turn up, fans couldn’t keep their eyes off her. Of course, Mendes with her Latin flair was one of the best looking girls in the company throughout her time, but there’s something about her that just isn’t as sexy as people claim. She is a very fit and healthy woman who was just lucky enough to have her first child, so no disrespect meant by this at all, but she just isn’t as great as some fans see her as.

14 Bayley

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The allure of most women in the WWE is their pure sex appeal, with their ring ability not playing a part in their characters at all. But that is the complete opposite with the Huggable One, Bayley, as her appeal comes from her pure, childlike innocence and the in-ring ability that has made her more popular that a lot of the men within the company. Her quirky personality and innocence haven’t made her immune to the fans and their desires however, as a majority of male wrestling fans on the Internet find her incredibly attractive, but I simply don’t see it. Of course she is cute, and with her in-ring ability and confidence, she is more attractive than quite a lot of female performers the company have hired in the past. Still, she's someone that you wouldn’t ever classify as ‘hot’.

13 Paige

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Paige is still under contract for the WWE somehow, and along with being an incredible in-ring performer (she is a third generation star who began wrestling at the age of 13), a lot of hardcore fans find her to be one of the hottest women to enter the company in the entire PG Era. She has had her sex tapes with Brad Maddox and Xavier Woods leaked lately, and to those fans that find her attractive, that is a dream come true, but unless you like that specific type of woman, she just isn’t that attractive, especially by WWE standards. For sure, she is attractive, and she combined that unique look with great in-ring work to make her very successful, but those fans that find her to be one of the hottest workers in recent memory definitely exaggerate.

12 Ashley Massaro

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We all know that the WWE have a history of treating women better based on their looks rather than their ability, and the peak of this came when the company unveiled the Diva Search, which was nothing more than a glorified beauty contest for the WWE. The first winner, Ashley Massaro, showed the flaws in this program, as she never became a success with the company at all. At the time, fans couldn’t get enough of her edgy, punk rock look, and one night on RAW, her personal number was given out to the fans, and it was flooded with millions of calls, immediately showing her personality. Looking back on it, she wasn’t as good-looking as fans thought at the time, and her lack of success in the ring made her even worse, especially looking at how women are perceived in wrestling today.

11 Layla

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Layla was another performer that came to the WWE as a result of her performance in the Diva Search, and like a lot of other performers she has a background in dance, which resulted in her amazing body, but there was just something off about her that didn’t make her near as hot as most people in the audience liked to believe. She had a unique personality and a look that was just bland in comparison to her fellow employees, meaning that there was nothing about her that stood out, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Obviously, anyone reading this would be lucky to have her, and she has an amazing figure and is very attractive, but the women that WWE hired are meant to be larger than life beauties, and Layla just never lived up to that billing.

10 Melina

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Melina came into the WWE as a part of the MNM stable, consisting of Johnny Nitro (John Morrison) and Joey Mercury, and the trio shot to success, winning the WWE Tag Team Championship. Fans couldn’t get enough of the blistering sex appeal that Melina oozed, especially in her entrance. Following the breakup, Melina tried her luck as a solo star, gaining some considerable success, and having great heel heat with the fans due to her arrogance. That wasn't too important to many males, who always saw her as one of the hottest in the game. Her career in the WWE came to an end after some nuclear heat backstage for being the literal definition of a "diva," and looking at her today, it’s clear that she was very overrated by the male population.

9 Aksana

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The beginning of the PG Era was a weird one for women within the WWE, as it looked like they were transitioning into a more in-ring based treatment. Yet there was still a bunch of women who were brought into the company for looks alone. These women got involved in some very weird, typical Vince McMahon lowbrow comedy storylines, and one of those was Aksana. There is definitely a fanbase who enjoys the unique look of someone like Aksana, but that loud minority apparently made a whole lot of noise, and that kept her on TV for quite some time, even getting her intertwined in a marriage storyline with SmackDown GM Teddy Long. Any woman that’s ever worked with the WWE has been attractive, of course, especially one who lasted so long, but to say that she is "hot" just isn’t feasible.

8 Christy Hemme

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Christy Hemme was one of those women in WWE who got by solely on their looks. As she was in the company at the time of performers like Lita, Trish and Jacqueline, so she was never going to stand out for her in ring talent. And like many others, she lasted much longer than she deserved because of it. She is best-remembered for winning the 2004 Diva Search, and that got her career started off in the spotlight, but following that, she did basically nothing of note, and due to her appearances in many swimsuit competitions and lingerie pillow fights, fans have remembered her as much hotter than she ever actually was. Now she’s got a fantastic body and has aged fairly well, as she is still an attractive presence with TNA/Impact many years later, but she just is nowhere near as hot as people remember.

7 Renee Young

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Renee Young is definitely one of the best looking women in the WWE today, and she does an amazing job whenever she appears on screen, whether it was commentary on NXT a while back, hosting Talking Smack or any kind of pre-show, making her quite possibly the most valuable on-air personality in the entire company. There is a rabid fanbase of girls and women who are incredibly jealous of her relationship/eventual marriage to Dean Ambrose, but on the flipside, there is also a fair majority of the male population who see Renee as the hottest woman in the company. She is classically beautiful, and is one that is definitely girlfriend or wife material, but to see someone like that as "hot" the way fans do, it just isn’t true, unfortunately.

6 Sable

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Sable is one of the biggest female names in the wrestling industry, past or present, and that was due to her utterly overwhelming sex appeal in a time where the company used that to widen their audience. That is what led to an entire generation of fans seeing the current wife of Brock Lesnar as much, much hotter than she ever actually was. She hasn’t aged as gracefully as other women we’ve seen come through the wrestling business, but that’s beside the point, as she is definitely one of the biggest and most influential names during the pre-Attitude Era in the WWE. With all that in mind, it’s sad to say, but Sable was just never as hot as fans thought, especially when you look at the likes of Torrie Wilson, Lita and Trish Stratus who came into the company as a result of Sable’s influence.

5 Alexa Bliss

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Alexa Bliss is one of the fastest-rising performers in the WWE, becoming the first woman to ever hold the SmackDown and RAW Women’s titles under the new brand extension, and despite her miniscule size, she is a strong, intimidating force to be reckoned with. Like other people who have made it to the top, she has battled personal demons for quite some time, but her strength allowed her to overcome this, and that’s a very attractive quality in a woman. Still, the fans online have definitely overdone the compliments on Bliss’ looks. Her fierce look and attitude make her one of the best looking women in the company today, and she’s a more all-around competitor than anyone else on the female side of RAW’s roster, but to say that she is "hot" in comparison to former employees just isn’t realistic.

4 AJ Lee

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AJ Lee is a very strong, powerful woman who has overcome a lot in her personal life to become the most memorable and best in-ring female performer during a period where looks were the main focus for the WWE and its Divas, but her looks are overexaggerated by many of those hardcore fans. This shouldn’t take away from her accomplishments, as she was a pioneer for the way the women are treated in the company today, but there are fans who look at her quirky looks and deem her the prettiest woman in her time. That’s simply not true. Don’t get me wrong, myself or basically anyone reading this would be incredibly lucky to land such a confident, strong and talented woman, but in comparison to the likes of the Bellas, Maryse or even someone like Eva Marie, she just doesn’t compare.

3 Sasha Banks

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The women in WWE have been treated positively for their looks and looks alone for quite some time, as the company hasn’t booked them like equals from an in ring or storyline perspective, but with the emergence of NXT and equality around the world, that is changing rapidly, and it’s because of women like Sasha Banks and her NXT cohorts. The shining light of that emergence are the Four Horsewomen, consisting of Bayley, Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Banks, and all four of them are incredible all-around performers, pushing the barriers of what women can do in a ring. That doesn’t mean they lack the looks of women past. Banks is quite gorgeous, with her unique hair color and the confidence she exudes, but she just shouldn’t be on the pedestal that so many fans like to put her on.

2 Sunny

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Sunny is seen by the majority of the WWE Universe as the "first Diva" of the WWE, and her good looks made her very popular with the fans and fellow WWE employees. But looking back on her time with the company as someone who didn’t see her live, she was definitely far too overrated by everyone. As we’ve seen her age, her beauty has definitely deteriorated, and with her entry into the adult entertainment business, she has become less and less attractive to the male population. Her influence on the wrestling business can not be quantified, as she gave the women a role in the company to the mainstream audience, but with the influx of beautiful talent in the company since she left the industry, it’s hard to see how she was once the hottest woman in the entire company.

1 Stephanie McMahon

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Stephanie McMahon has been a constant presence on our WWE screens for the better part of the last 15-plus years, and she has played many roles, from the top villain in the company (multiple times), the innocent daughter of the boss, or the sexy, vindictive b*tch who just oozed sex appeal, and it’s safe to say she has been great in each and every one of those roles. From her sexy, seductive smile to the twins that she possesses, she has always been fairly hot. Even today, she looks great and plays her role very well, but she’s just not quite at the level that online message boards would suggest. She is looking absolutely fantastic for her age, but she has never been the hottest in the company, and it’s unlikely that she ever will be.

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