15 WWE Women Who Had To "Invest" In Their Appearance

The world of sports entertainment is one filled with vanity. You'll be hard pressed to find any talent in the men's or women's divisions that isn't a shining example of physical perfection. The wrestlers spend hours upon hours each day in the gym clanging and banging, trying to get the muscle and tone that we have all come to expect from a WWE Superstar. The wrestlers will often partake in strict diets and training regimens, which can be difficult to maintain while traveling on the road for most of the year. Nevertheless the WWE Superstars somehow manage to hone their bodies to immaculate in-ring shape.

This process can be even more challenging for a woman in the industry, because once they put on a lot of muscle in the gym, it can sometimes take away from the softness and curves that are commonly considered to be must-haves in the business. It is for this reason that many of the women of the WWE have chosen to enhance their bodies with various forms of plastic surgery. The reasons for this range from a desire to perfect their bodies to fit the image of their characters to attempting to stave off the signs of aging. This isn't an uncommon practice in athletes from wrestling or bodybuilding.

Here we have delved into the WWE archives to bring you the fifteen most interesting WWE Divas that have bought their curves over the years. You'll see some modern WWE Superstars of the women's division and plenty of blasts from the past.

15 Eva Marie

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When Eva Marie, real name Natalie Marie Coyle, joined the WWE back in 2013, she was the last remnant of the Diva Search era. They truly signed Eva based on her looks rather than her in-ring ability, as she had none. Eva was criticized by fans and other talent for this point, but one thing that was never called into question was her looks. Eva got implants back when she was only twenty years old. Her implants became a Total Divas storyline at one point, as one of them ruptured while filming the show and began to leak silicone into her bloodstream. She had to undergo surgery as a result of this and got new implants put in at that time. She recently parted ways with the WWE to pursue acting full time.

14 Charlotte Flair

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She is the daughter of a legend. Charlotte Flair is the spawn of legendary two-time hall of famer, Ric Flair. When she joined the WWE back in 2012 Charlotte faced an uphill battle to prove herself in the ring and escape the massive shadow left by her father. She quickly rose in the ranks, winning the NXT Women's Championship and establishing the Four Horsewomen faction in NXT. She would soon move onto the main roster and win the WWE Women's Championship multiple times. Today, Charlotte is vey much her own woman and is busy establishing her legacy in the business, and quite successfully so. She is one of the more powerful women in the division and like many others, she made the choice to enhance her bust to offset her muscle. The result was fantastic, as Charlotte exhumes the perfect balance of power, attractiveness and of course Flair.

13 Stephanie McMahon

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There are few women that hit the ring and are under as much pressure as Stephanie McMahon. The legacy of her grandfather and her father, Vinnie Mac, are on her shoulders each and every time she is on television. She is so immersed in the business that she married a wrestler, WWE Superstar Triple H, and spends almost every waking moment involved in some aspect of the company. She has served as Executive Vice President of creative and Chief Brand officer for the WWE, but perhaps even more importantly she has been on WWE television as an on-screen character. Stephanie got implants back in 2001. She was very concerned with how she appeared, since she was on-screen and we all know that when a McMahon goes in, they go all in.

12 Sable

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She is known today as Mrs. Brock Lesnar, but before she was wed to The Beast, Sable was a huge part of the famed Attitude Era of the WWE. She was a model that came into the WWE to work as a valet for her then husband Marc Mero. Quickly, Sable's star began to shine brighter than her husband's and she broke away to be the most infamous WWE Diva of the 1990s. Sable wasn't a wrestler and her fame started the looks over talent era for the WWE women's division. She would parade around the ring in swimsuits or her bra, showing off her breast implants as a shining example of 90s hotness. Her implants weren't particularly well done, but the audience didn't seem to mind.

11 Chyna

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There are few WWE Superstars with a story as tragic as Chyna. Born Joan Laurer, she was an enforcer for D-Generation X and was billed as the Ninth Wonder of the World. There had never been a woman in the WWE (then WWF) that came close to the intimidating physique of Chyna. She was a massive bodybuilder that had honed her body to the size of many of the male competitors. This would lead to her involvement in rare woman on man matches. When you bulk-up to the degree that Joanie did it became essential to undergo plastic surgery to retain a semblance of femininity and it was for this reason that Chyna had implants put in. It must have done the trick, because she and Triple H were a real life item back in the DX days.

10 Nikki Bella

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A more modern example of plastic surgery changing a WWE Superstar is the saga of Nikki Bella. The Bella Twins, Nikki and Brie, were brought into the WWE back in the Divas era as a set of identical twins that would use a gimmick called "twin magic", that would allow them to secretly take each other's places during a match. This idea was a cute gimmick, but it had little longevity, especially when Nikki took it upon herself to get rather large breast implants that would set her drastically apart from her sister. Nikki also tends to have a curvier physique than Brie, a fact that no doubt helped her long-term relationship with WWE golden boy, John Cena. The two are now engaged to be married.

9 Kaitlyn

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Kaitlyn was a dynamic performer during her stint in the WWE. She entered NXT in 2010 and quickly began rising to the top. She was on-screen besties with AJ Lee and would engage in a fantastic feud with her on the main roster, once their friendship inevitably crumbled. Kaitlyn, whose real name is Celeste Bonin, started her career as a bodybuilder and fitness model. She got implants at a young age prior to entering the WWE. Kaitlyn would go on to speak about this decision positively over the years, encouraging others to do it as well, as long as they do so responsibly and with a good quality doctor. Kaitlyn became the WWE Divas champion near the end of her career with the company. She parted ways with the WWE in 2014.

8 Stacy Keibler

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Stacy Keibler was a major player in the WWE during her run. She was paired with other big name women like Torrie Wilson (her real life best friend) Lita and Trish Stratus. She was a pioneer of the original bra and panties matches and a major draw. She would be a manager for the likes of the Dudley Boyz, Test and Scott Steiner. She had a number of relationships with various members of the WWE roster, but it would be the one that she started outside of the company that would come to make her a household name. The lovely Keibler was romantically linked to world famous actor George Clooney for a time. Stacy was always an attractive girl, but she would soon undergo various plastic surgeries to enhance her look, such as a nose job and implants.

7 Lana

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There is a long standing tradition in the WWE to bring in characters with international accents and affiliations as heels against the "all-american babyfaces". Rusev is the current eastern European heel that comes in talking up Bulgaria and talking down America. His valet was a pretty blonde actress with a semi-convincing Russian accent that went by the screen name of Lana. Real name Catherine Perry, she was an actress working to find her way in America, when she began working for NXT and was paired with Rusev. The two are now a real-life married couple and are happily working together on Smackdown Live! Lana, although gifted with plenty of natural beauty, did get implants at one point during her WWE career to enhance her look as the "Ravishing Russian".

6 Natalya

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Natalya Neidhart is a third generation wrestler that was born into the legendary Hart wrestling family. She is the first woman to ever train in the legendary Hart family dungeon. She is the daughter of former WWF wrestler, Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart who was once a part of the legendary Hart Foundation along with her uncle, Bret Hart. Bret has appeared a few times at Nattie's side on WWE programming and she uses his finisher, the Sharp Shooter, in her matches. Nattie is a gorgeous woman and early on, like so many other women in the industry, she did get implant surgery. Currently, Nattie holds the Smackdown Live! Women's Championship and has been enjoying a lot more push on television, so you should be able to enjoy her "investment" every Tuesday night.

5 Lita

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There was a time when Lita was one of the hottest names on WWE programming. She was paired on-screen with the Hardy Boyz and was involved in a real-life love triangle with Matt Hardy and Edge. Matt was injured for a time and Lita began to cheat on him in real life. WWE, being the masters of awful that they sometimes can be, decided to write Matt's pain into the storyline, albeit only after he blasted the pair on social media at the time. Still, that was a pretty cold move by Vince McMahon. Lita was that bad to the bone beauty that drove the guys wild and her "enhanced features" didn't hurt that status one bit. Never one to rest on the laurels of her beauty, Lita always left it all in the ring.

4 Emma

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Emma is an Aussie beauty, to be sure, but when she arrived on the scene she didn't quite make the impact that the powers that be at the WWE were hoping for. Emma did well in NXT, but ever since her move up to the main roster, which is difficult for many, she has been floundering in what can only be described as jobber territory... that is when she's lucky enough to actually make it onto television. She is debuting Asuka, which is a great spotlight on her talent and her beauty. Emma did have some work done, to enhance her appearance a while back. It's a bit more subtle than the work that some of the other girls have done, so you may not have noticed.

3 Trish Stratus

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Trish Stratus is a legend in the WWE Divas division. She was not only very talented in the ring, but she was a beauty like the company had never seen before . She was quite simply a knockout. Her now legendary rivalry with fellow beauty Lita is in the history books as one of the finest of all time, amongst any gender in the business, and the two are WWE Hall of Famers for just that reason. Trish did enhance her body quite a bit, sporting very large implants. Her curves may have been at least partially purchased, but that never detracted from either Trish's beauty or talent. Hopefully the WWE will be able to coax her out of retirement to help mentor the young talent in the current women's division.

2 Jacqueline

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Jacqueline Moore was a powerhouse during her run with the WWE. She started with the company back in 1998, during The Attitude Era. She would enjoy a career that spanned six years and with that came a lot of memorable matches. She was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame back in 2016 and she even held the distinguished WWE Cruiserweight Championship. She had the braun and the beauty to keep the viewers glued to their screens. A part of that beauty was her enhanced body, Jacqueline had rather large implants, which of course Vince McMahon was quick to exploit by pairing her up with the huge appeal at the time in the company, Sable. The two were put into a bikini match that is now in the history books.

1 Maryse

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Maryse wasn't the most popular performer during her time with the WWE Divas division, but she did have a great run. She soon married WWE Superstar "The Miz" and the rest seemed to be history. Fortunately, Maryse was able to be coaxed out of retirement and her inclusion as his valet, and on the Total Divas reality series, helped to get The Miz over in a major way with the fans again. The skits that they produced leading up to their Wrestlemania match with John Cena and Nikki Bella were ones for the history books, easily some of the downright funniest content in the WWE in years. These days Maryse is off television again, as the couple are expecting their first child. A huge congratulations to them both, wrestling royalty indeed!

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