15 WWE Women Who Were Better Models Than Wrestlers

WWE was thrust into a Women's Revolution a few years ago, which has proven to be a huge hit with the WWE Universe, since the current Women's Division is finally in a position where the company can be proud of the wrestlers they have created. Now the real test of a Women's Division wrestler is her ability and not just her looks.

The company hasn't always been like this though. There were a few dark years for the women of WWE where the promotion hired a number of models from the annual Diva Search in order to maintain the "eye candy" that the Women's Division was once seen as. These women were hired based on what they looked like, had no wrestling experience and WWE then allowed them to step into the ring and take down the reputation of the company. It was a different time for WWE back then, and what was considered acceptable then would never be seen as acceptable now under WWE PG banner. The WWE is now much more family friendly, and those families include women who want to see good wrestling!

Thankfully, those years are now over, but there are still memories of the time that women were once seen this way and the following list looks at just 15 of the women who were better models than they were wrestlers, so they had no business going anywhere near a WWE ring, to begin with.

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15 Eve Torres

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Eve Torres was the final televised winner of WWE's annual Diva Search back in 2007 and like many other women before her, she was thrown straight into the deep end on WWE TV. Eve is a former Divas Champion, but she was never a woman that adapted to the in-ring style of WWE. This meant that she was never seen a wrestler by WWE, she was only ever seen as a model.

Eve was just another woman who was hired by WWE because of her looks. She was only pushed to the Divas Championship because she was popular with the WWE Universe at the time. Eve has been rumoured to be returning to WWE for a while, but it is unlikely that someone with her low skill set would be able to jump back in with the current Women's Division.

14 Lana

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Lana came to WWE through the same route as Eva Marie, but while The Red Queen was chosen to be part of Total Divas, Lana was sent to NXT and later went on to become a popular valet for her husband Rusev.

Lana was a dancer, model and actress before she auditioned for WWE and she wasn't awarded a contract because of her wrestling ability. While she had tried her hardest to be seen as a wrestler like all the other women in the company, Lana just isn't at the same level and may always be destined to be the eye candy at ringside when someone else is competing in a match. Unlike many other women on this list, Lana has the time to change people's minds so it will be interesting to see if she is able to become Women's Champion in the coming years.

13 Kaitlyn

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Kaitlyn definitely brought something different to WWE when she joined the company as part of their NXT set up when it was still seen as a competition. Kaitlyn and AJ then went on to have one of the best women's feuds of 2013 before Kaitlyn shockingly announced that she was leaving the company after she dropped the Divas Championship to her best friend.

Kaitlyn was a fitness model before she came to WWE and that is something that she has continued to do over the past three years since her retirement. Kaitlyn also recently made headlines when she posed nude for Bodybulding.com and then promoted the images on her Instagram page. It seems that modelling has always been a consistent thing throughout Kaitlyn's career, something that wrestling could never be.

12 Dawn Marie

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Dawn Marie was brought into WWE in a time when the women were only seen as eye candy and wouldn't compete in physical matches, instead deciding to settle their differences in bikini contests, because that was all the male demographic of the audience were interested in at the time.

Dawn was part of a popular intimate storyline alongside Torrie Wilson for a number of months, which included Dawn marrying Torrie's real-life father Al Wilson on WWE TV. Dawn wasn't part of any memorable matches while she was contracted to WWE and she isn't someone that the WWE Universe have wanted back in the decade that she has been away from WWE TV. Dawn was another woman whose looks were the main reason that she was employed which isn't the kind of thing that WWE wants to remember their women for.

11 Cameron

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Cameron was brought into WWE to partner former SmackDown Women's Champion Naomi as part of The Funkadactyls on WWE TV. Cameron had a limited amount of training and experience behind her when she made her debut on the main roster and this became a huge problem for her throughout her career.

Cameron became a main cast member on the first few seasons of Total Divas but her attitude when it came to money, her lack of wrestling ability and the fact that she cared more about what she looked like than the moves she could do in the ring turned a lot of fans against her. She was released from WWE last year since WWE seemingly had nothing left to do with her, which means that she is now able to do all the modelling that she desires.

10 Rosa Mendes

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Rosa Mendes was signed to WWE following the 2006 Diva Search, a competition that was later won by Layla. Rosa has not been a woman that the WWE has ever used effectively on their roster and is a woman who has one of the worst win/loss records of any female wrestler in the history of the company.

Before she auditioned for the Diva Search back in 2006, Rosa won a Latin American modelling contest back in 2004 and was considered to be quite successful as a model before the company decided to sign her. Rosa retired from the company earlier this year after becoming the first female wrestler to announce her pregnancy whilst she was still part of the company. Rosa gave birth to her daughter last year before announcing her retirement from wrestling on her daughters birthday earlier this year.

9 Sunny

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Sunny is one of the most memorable WWE Divas in the history of the company for all the wrong reasons. Sunny was in the company during a time when the Women's Championship was still yet to be brought back into effect so she was mostly used as a valet for Tag Teams.

Sunny was someone who made more headlines for her antics outside of the ring than inside of it, but there is no mistaking her beauty. Sunny's girl next door good looks made her the woman that many men in the WWE Universe were attracted to in the late 1990s. Sunny went on to become a WWE Hall of Famer, despite hardly ever wrestling in her career, which just goes to show looks can get you everywhere in the wrestling business.

8 Maria

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Maria came to WWE through the annual Diva Search and was mainly used as a backstage announcer throughout her time with the company, even though WWE allowed her to step in the ring a number of times but she was never able to be seen as a legitimate contender for the Women's Championship.

Maria has since gone on to make a name for herself as a valet for her husband Mike Bennett in both TNA and Ring of Honor, which has since allowed her to return to WWE with a different character, even though she is still not a wrestler. Maria was definitely signed to the company because of her looks and as an ex-model, she is someone that the company knew would become popular with the WWE Universe whether she could wrestle or not.

7 Ashley Massaro

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Ashley Massaro won the 2005 Raw Diva Search and was thrown straight into the action as part of a feud between Vince's Devils, Trish Stratus and Mickie James. Ashley wasn't signed to the company because of her wrestling ability, as it was mostly because of her modelling background and the fact that she showed an edgy personality throughout the competition.

Ashley was able to be part of the only WrestleMania female's match back in 2007 after her Playboy cover was revealed earlier in the year, but this was the only real reason Ashley was given a push at all. She didn't improve in the ring in the three years that she was part of the company and became well-known as the female wrestler who would botch the most moves during a match.

6 Kelly Kelly

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Kelly Kelly came to WWE when the company were attempting to reboot the ECW brand and they knew they needed an attractive female to be part of the show. Kelly then became known for her striptease that she would perform as part of each ECW show, but she would always be stopped by a member of the locker room before she took things too far.

Kelly was later joined by Layla and Brooke Adams and the trio then performed dance routines as part of the ECW show, but when the show was axed Kelly was moved over to the main roster and the company expected her to be taken seriously. While she is a former Divas Champion, there is a reason why the Divas Championship was retired when WWE started taking the women's division seriously.

5 Candice Michelle

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There seems to be a running trend throughout this article, but Candice Michelle is another Diva Search contestant that was signed by the company despite not actually winning the contest. Candice also holds the record as the first woman from the Diva Search to win the Women's Championship, something that many WWE fans still don't agree with.

While there is no doubting that Candice improved in the ring in the latter stages of her career, she was a former Playboy cover girl at that point and didn't set a great example to women who were looking up to women like her as their role models. Candice is perhaps better remembered for her numerous Go Daddy! commercials than her in-ring ability, which says everything it needs to about her wrestling career.

4 Eva Marie

Eva Marie became one of the most disliked women's wrestlers in WWE history back in 2013 when she debuted on WWE TV ahead of Total Divas premiere. Eva became a main focal point of the show for a number of years before she attempted to focus on her wrestling career by going to NXT.

Eva could have become a decent female wrestler if she was given the time to train and work on her character, but the WWE Universe didn't want to accept someone like Eva in a division that was trying to move forward with women who had been wrestling for most of their lives. Modelling was the reason why Eva was able to make it so far in WWE and it will be the thing that she falls back on now that she has parted ways with the company.

3 Sable

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Sable will always be remembered as the Women's Champion at a time when no one took the Women's Division seriously. Sable wasn't a very good wrestler, but at the time it was all about what she looked like and the fact that she was a Playboy cover girl, so the audience loved her.

Sable, who would later go on to become the wife of The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar, was mostly used as a valet throughout her career because her looks made her one of WWE's most popular stars at that time. Sable is perhaps best remembered now for the time that she revealed a little bit too much on WWE TV or for her numerous Evening Gown matches and not for anything she did as Women's Champion, which is shocking.

2 Stacy Keibler

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Stacy Keibler became a star in WWE after she was brought over from WCW along with her real-life friend Torrie Wilson. Stacy was another woman who had proved that she had the looks to make it on wrestling TV so she was never used as a female wrestler, instead the company decided that she would work better as a valet.

Unlike many of the women on this list, it seems that Stacy's modelling career really took off after she left WWE back in 2006. Stacy has been on the cover of Maxim twice and has appeared on their Hot 100 a number of times. Stacy has even been approached by Playboy twice but has declined to pose for the famous magazine. It seems that Stacy has made much more of an impact as a model over the past few years than she was ever able to as a wrestler.

1 Torrie Wilson

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Torrie Wilson is perhaps one of the most popular female wrestlers of all time, but she never really had any business stepping in the ring. Torrie was brought to WWE from WCW at a time when the two companies were at war so the company had to use her on TV in the early years.

It was only when other women who were much more talented in the ring were signed to the company that the WWE Universe truly saw just how terrible Torrie was when she was part of any wrestling matches. Candice Michelle and Torrie even managed to botch their Playboy Evening Gown match at WrestleMania, when all they had to do was work out how to get one of them out of their dress, something that both women had become familiar with at that point.

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