15 WWE Women Your GF Doesn't Want You Following On Instagram

The women of WWE are known to be some of the sexiest in the world, this is because they are talented, athletic and WWE used to only sign women based on what they looked like. There was a time when the women of WWE were only signed because of their looks because the company knew that their male teenage and middle-age demographic would want to watch the show if there were attractive women partnered up with some of their biggest stars.

Even though the women of WWE are currently going through a historic Women's Revolution, there is still not a single woman on the current roster who could be considered to be less than stunning. It would be hard for any girlfriend of a WWE fan to know that her boyfriend is following women on Instagram who don't seem to have a single imperfection on their entire body. Society already makes it almost impossible for women to be themselves, and it seems that the women of WWE continue to make this so much harder. With social media, temptation is always just a swipe or scroll away, and we're sure girlfriends the world over are not too happy about it.

The following list looks at just 15 WWE women that no woman would feel comfortable knowing her boyfriend was following on Instagram.


15 Alicia Fox

Alicia's finally got her first piece of WWE merchandise, and as her new t-shirt states, she really is 'crazy as a Fox.' There is nothing men like more than a woman who is the right level of crazy and not only does Alicia play this on WWE TV, but she also looks fantastic while she's doing it.

Alicia is a WWE veteran, she was once a part of Total Divas and is even a former Divas Champion. Alicia literally doesn't have any downfalls, and she loves to share that fact on her Instagram page on a regular basis, which is probably why she has so many followers, 90 percent of which are male fans who regularly comment exactly what they are thinking on her posts, which is why most girlfriends would keep their men away from these.

14 Peyton Royce

Glam by the one and only @vc_makeupartist 💄💋 Keeping me #ICONIC 💯

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Peyton Royce is one half of the Iconic Duo on NXT and could well be the next NXT Women's Champion. Peyton and Billie Kay have taken over the women's roster in NXT over the past few years and it is quite obvious that Peyton is the reason why the duo has been so successful.

Peyton and Billie are the only two female Australian wrestlers in WWE right now since Emma was recently released and it seems that Royce is one of the most popular wrestlers on her brand. Peyton may be on the NXT roster, but she is just as popular as many of the female wrestlers on the main roster thanks to her unique skills set and her good looks, both of which can be found on her Instagram page.

13 Brie Bella

Coffee + Birdiebee * how I do my mornings ☕️ @birdiebeebrand #mybirdiebee

A post shared by Brie Bella (@thebriebella) on

Not only is Brie Bella a former Divas Champion and the face of both Total Divas and Total Bellas along with her sister Brie, but she is also now a mother. Brie left WWE following WrestleMania 32 and has since given birth to her daughter Birdie Jo. Brie's figure has always been one that many of the WWE Universe have envied, but even after giving birth to her daughter back in April, Brie has worked so hard and finally has her figure back. Many women would love to have been able to do this after having children, it seems that The Bella women really are able to complete some of the most impossible tasks and it's really hard for people who don't have Bella genes to compete. Brie's Instagram pictures are littered of her and her happy family, but it seems that there are also some that show that Brie still has the figure that she was known for a few years ago.

12 12.Cathy Kelley

my kind of princess 🎃👻🍫

A post shared by Cathy Kelley (@cathykelley) on


Recently there have been rumours suggesting that Cathy Kelley and former Universal Champion Finn Balor are secretly dating and there isn't a single member of the WWE Universe who can blame him for snapping her up. While their romance hasn't been confirmed by either party yet, the WWE Universe have speculated that there could be something between them.

Cathy is rarely seen on WWE TV. She is the social media correspondent and is usually seen on WWE's Youtube Channel, but she still has gathered quite a following on Instagram over the past few years. Cathy is a member of Mensa and is considered to not only be highly intelligent, but her recent Instagram posts also show that she considers herself to be a geek, which is a nightmare for any other woman who is not at the same level.

11 Maria Kanellis

Happy Halloween Month!! #halloweenmonth🎃

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Maria Kanellis came to WWE through the annual Diva Search more than a decade ago. She has since competed in Ring of Honor and TNA and has now returned to WWE alongside her husband and fellow TNA star Mike Bennett.

Maria and Mike returned to WWE back at Money in the Bank in May before The First Lady of SmackDown Live revealed that she was expecting her first child with her husband Mike, which has taken her off WWE TV over the past few months. Maria may be pregnant right now, but it seems that she is still able to dress up and show off her curves and the fact that she is a huge Harry Potter fan on her Instagram page for Halloween, which could be why she has so many followers.

10 Natalya


Natalya is a third-generation female wrestler, she is one of the best wrestlers that WWE currently have on their entire roster and she is completely humble about it. Nattie found it so hard to transition into being a heel on WWE TV because she was so used to being nice to her fanbase and to her fellow superstars.

Nattie is the current SmackDown Women's Champion and one of only three women who has been part of Total Divas from the very beginning back in 2013. As a veteran backstage in WWE, Nattie has the job of looking after all of the other women and is like a mother figure to many of the new stars, she also helps to train the women at the Performance Centre. How can anyone compete with that?

9 Becky Lynch

Inspire that fire. @wweshop

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Becky Lynch was once one of NXT's Four Horsewomen and the only member of the group who was unable to lift the NXT Women's Championship during her tenure on WWE's developmental roster. She did become the inaugural SmackDown Women's Champion back in 2016 though, which seems to have balanced out her career ever since.

The Irish Lasskicker has been wrestling for most of her life and is one of the most gifted wrestlers that WWE currently has at their disposal. Becky may not have the accolades of the rest of the Four Horsewomen, but she is a crowd favourite who has been bringing Straight Fire to the WWE Universe for long enough for the crowd to now be aware that she is not the kind of woman to mess with.


8 Carmella


Carmella is the current Miss Money In The Bank and actually made history back in May when she was the first female to win the contract. When she was in NXT Carmella used her looks to be able to become the manager of Enzo Amore and Big Cass, and has since been dating the latter, with the couple recently revealing that they had bought a house together.

Incredibly, Carmella is another second-generation female wrestler after her father worked for WWE in the 1990s, but she still has a number of critics in the WWE Universe who claim that she isn't a good enough wrestler to be on the main roster. No one can deny Carmella's beauty and determination though, which could be why she has so many followers on Instagram.

7 Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks is the 'Internet Darling' of WWE, she is one of the best wrestlers of her generation and even recently had Seth Rollins claiming that she was one of the best female wrestlers in the world. Sasha has made history in her own right a number of times over the past few years and is a former four-time Raw Women's Champion after having an incredible feud with Charlotte last year.

Sasha has been a fan favourite for most of her career and at one point was even forced to keep the details of her marriage to herself because she was worried about the WWE Universe sending her and her husband hateful messages. Sasha is stunning and she is a talented wrestler, which is enough to make any mere mortal woman's blood boil.

6 Mickie James


Mickie James is a former five-time Women's Champion in WWE and is the only woman to have won the Women's, Divas and Knockout's Championships. Mickie is closing in on 40-years-old and her most recent feud with Alexa Bliss has definitely pointed out that she is much older than the other women on the roster in WWE right now.

Despite being more than a decade and a half older than Alexa Bliss, Mickie is now one of the most attractive women's wrestlers on the roster. Mickie is athletic and beautiful, and outside of WWE she is also a talented singer and a lover of horses. Even though Mickie has been around for a lot longer than many of WWE's current crop of women, she is still pretty hard to compete with.

5 Nikki Bella

There was once a time when the WWE Universe saw Nikki Bella as just another attractive female that the company had decided to sign following the WWE Diva Search. Over the past decade, Nikki has shown that she has a kind of determination that no other woman has ever possessed which has seen her rise to the top.

Nikki is not only stunning, but she is now one of the most popular female wrestlers in the world, one of the main cast members for both Total Divas and Total Bellas, the owner of her own company and the fiance of John Cena, a man who said he would never marry again. It seems that when Nikki says she wants something, she gets it and that is perhaps the scariest ability that any woman can have. How can any mortal woman compete with Nikki Bella?

4 Maryse


How did The Miz get so lucky? No one knows, but somehow The Miz and Maryse have been married for more than three years and have recently confirmed that they are expecting their first child together.

Maryse is one of the women who was chosen by WWE following their annual Diva Search and was signed to the company based on her looks before she began to train to be a wrestler. Don't be fooled by her beauty either, Maryse is a former three-time Divas Champion and if this week's premiere episode of Total Divas is anything to go by, she is the kind of woman who will definitely say what she is thinking no matter how much it hurts your feelings. Even though she is married, Maryse still shares some jealousy-inducing posts on Instagram.

3 Liv Morgan

@oona.kira @oona.kira @oona.kira

A post shared by L I V Morgan 👅 (@yaonlylivvonce) on

What was Enzo Amore thinking when he decided to cheat on Liv Morgan? The current NXT superstar has a bright future ahead of her and judging by her photos on Instagram, if she doesn't make it in the WWE then she definitely has a future career in modelling.

Liv may not be very well-known by the casual WWE fans just yet, but you can bet that there are more women out there that are aware of her presence than men, ready to pounce and ensure that their boyfriend isn't scrolling through her timeline and seeing exactly what the current Cruiserweight Champion is missing out on now that she is single. The above image is just a taster of what Liv shares on her Instagram page, which is enough to send out warning bells to any woman.

2 Lana

El Arco de Cabo San Lucas 😍 #RAVISHING 💋 Where do you want to travel too?

A post shared by CJ Perry (@thelanawwe) on


Many of the WWE Universe is still trying to figure out how Rusev was lucky enough to marry a girl like Lana, but that doesn't mean that they can't still enjoy her posts. Lana is perhaps the most flexible women's wrestler in the company right now and it's easy to see why this flexibility turns heads.

Lana is also one of the best promo deliverers in WWE, which is why the company have tried so hard to use her as a manager. Lana has had a handful of matches on the SmackDown roster as well and has proved that she has the right kind of determination, but it seems that the company does not see her as a future female wrestler right now, so she's stuck updating her Instagram page from her travels as part of Total Divas, but who is really complaining?

1 Alexa Bliss

Ok @themickiejames, lets play #WWE #Raw #WomensTitle #childsplay

A post shared by Lexi Kaufman (@alexa_bliss_wwe_) on

Is there anyone more attractive in WWE right now than The Goddess, Alexa Bliss? Alexa is the current Raw Women's Champion, she is a former Cheerleader and one of the most talented performers WWE currently has as well as being one of the best female's on the mic.

Alexa is also a huge horror movie fan and loves comic book characters and dressing up in cosplay outfits, as you can see above from a few weeks ago on Raw when she cosplayed as Chucky. Is there really a downfall to this blonde beauty? Well, she is engaged to her former NXT stablemate Buddy Murphy, which means that any man who is following her on Instagram can only follow her from afar, even though some of the posts that she shares leave very little to the imagination.


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