15 WWE Wrestlers From The 2000s Who Botched The Most

These are those guys that botched often enough for fans and those backstage to shake their heads in disdain.

Every wrestler, past or present, who has ever worked for the WWE have put forth their best effort to put on matches and promos that were free of botches and mess-ups. With all the competition from thousands of wrestlers scratching and clawing for any opportunity to get into the WWE, every single performer on the roster needs to prove that they are deserving of their spot in that locker room by continuously putting on consistent matches and promos. If they botch and mess-up too frequently, it could result in the wrestler being de-pushed and even released. However, despite their best efforts, everyone that has ever worked for the company has botched at one point in their career. Whether they botched a move, a spot, a finish, an entrance, or their lines in a promo, every guy and gal on the roster (past or present) has messed up and botched.

No wrestler is invincible to botching occasionally because at end of the day, despite trying to maintain the image of a "Superstar", all wrestlers are in fact human and as humans, we make mistakes. Also, this is pro wrestling, and with all that wrestlers do day in and day out, botching is just another entertaining aspect of the sport. For most of the WWE's performers, a botch occurs only once in a while.

The key word here is most. A number of WWE wrestlers however, have proven that they were prone to botching far more frequently than the rest of the roster. These are those guys that botched often enough for fans and those backstage to shake their heads in disdain. Stay tuned, as this list divulges the 15 WWE Wrestlers from 2000 onwards, who botched the most and became headlining acts on the YouTube hit show, Botchamania.

15 Kofi Kingston


Although Kofi Kingston is a solid wrestler that can be trusted to put fourth a good match, that doesn't take away from the fact that Kingston has botched many times throughout his career. In fact, back in 2010 when Kofi was nearing the main event level, Kofi Kingston botched a match finish with Randy Orton, and many fans to this day still believe that was a major factor in why Kingston got de-pushed into the mid-card.

Kofi was allegedly supposed to take a punt kick to the head but instead, Kofi kept getting up which forced Randy to RKO him for the finish instead, which ended with Orton yelling "stupid" repeatedly at Kingston. Besides this major botch, Kofi Kingston has botched lots of his signature high-flying moves throughout his career and he has come across to fans as a bit clumsy, especially when he is performing any moves that require a jump from the ropes.

14 Goldberg


Goldberg is historically known as that guy who squashed people. The reason for his short matches was not so much because he was that much of a bad-ass (I mean he was to some degree but still), it had more to do with the fact that Goldberg couldn't wrestle long or drawn out matches. If he did, the matches were clunky and atrocious and Goldberg would end up botching lots of the moves and spots. Besides botching countless moves throughout his career, Goldberg has also botched his entrance once at SummerSlam 2003 which ended in Goldberg slipping and falling while doing his signature kicks and punches.

If we are going to be talking just about his time with the WWE recently, Goldberg has already botched twice. Once with Rusev during a brawl which resulted in Goldberg awkwardly falling and twice, during his promo regarding the Royal Rumble and the Universal Championship, after he had smashed his head against one of the doors on his way out to the ring, which left him bloody and obviously confused. He forgot his lines three times and he stuttered and mumbled to think of what he was going to say next.

13 Ryback


When you have the nickname "Rybotch", you know without a shadow of a doubt that you're going to be included on a list like this. Ryback is a guy who had the look, the size and the power, but lacked the in-ring talent. Throughout his WWE career, Ryback botched countless moves and two of his worst botches include his failed attempts at the Shell Shock on the likes of Tensai and Paul Heyman. He just couldn't get those two up for the move for whatever reason.

Another huge botch was when Ryback attempted to Gorilla Press Slam CM Punk through a table which resulted in Punk being dumped onto the concrete floor. Ouch! As well as being green, Ryback was also very stiff which resulted in Dolph Ziggler suffering from a concussion at the hands of Ryback after a stiff clothesline. As well, because of Ryback's lack of talent, many of his moves looked very sloppy and he was constantly making minor botches in his matches hence why he had the nickname "Rybotch".

12 Alex Riley


If you were only to focus on the exterior, Alex Riley looks like Vince McMahon's prototypical blueprint for a WWE Superstar. Riley had the look, the size and the physique that McMahon loved in a potential future World Champion. The department Alex Riley lacked severely in was in-ring talent. Although Riley's far from the worst wrestler to ever step foot in the WWE, he botched moves and spots frequently. Remember his drop-kick botches on Drew McIntyre and John Cena or his embarrassing Royal Rumble elimination?

That botched Royal Rumble elimination was especially painful to watch. In fact, to this very day, that embarrassing elimination still stands as one of the worst botches in Royal Rumble history. Remember, these are only his noteworthy botches and believe you me, he has made tons of smaller botches and mess-ups on a regular basis throughout his career. I'm certain his continuous botches in the ring played a major factor in why the WWE never decided to give him a sustained push.

11 John Cena


John Cena is undoubtedly the biggest star in professional wrestling today. Cena has main-evented countless PPV's, headlined multiple WrestleMania's and is a 16-time World Champion. He surely didn't rack up all these accomplishments by being awful in the ring or on the mic. Despite having fairly consistent matches and promos throughout his career (especially recently), even the great John Cena himself has botched moves and promos, and has actually done so quite often.

Although most of Cena's botches are fairly small or insignificant in comparison to some of the others included on this list, things like slobber coming out of his mouth when he said "The Rock" in a promo, or completely missing a dropkick on Triple H and Randy Orton in a match on RAW in 2009 were still botches and funny ones at that. Cena has had many botches and slip-ups like the ones I had mentioned throughout his entire career.

John Cena has also been recognized by fans as someone who can be visibly heard calling out spots to the guy he's wrestling against before the spot occurs, and this has happened on multiple occasions. Technically not botches, but still, pretty bad yet funny at the same time if you ask me. Not to mention, he still can't properly perform the STF after all these years.

10 Naomi


Despite being athletic and capable of performing high-flying or high impact moves, Naomi is very clumsy in the ring and as a result, she messes up and botches her moves regularly. She has botched things as simple as her finisher, but usually it involves messing up on the ropes in one way or another. Although this doesn't pertain to her ring ability or lack thereof, one of Naomi's most noteworthy botches includes that match finish with AJ Lee at WrestleMania 30.

AJ was supposed to tap Naomi out with her own hand when she got Naomi into the Black Widow to setup a future match between the two, but Naomi proceeded to tap out with her other hand which completely ruined the whole moment and future storyline. Another face palm botch by Naomi, was that time on an episode of Smackdown in 2014 where she was attemping to pin AJ Lee after AJ's match with Cameron was over, which made AJ Lee fail to refrain from laughing while rolling out of the ring. Pretty funny if you ask me!

9 Jeff Hardy


Jeff Hardy has always been known for his reckless high-flying style and his high impact moves. That's what made Jeff Hardy a recognizable house-hold name in the WWE. Both as one half of the Hardy Boyz and during his singles run, Hardy's high risk offense never changed. As you are probably aware, anyone who has lots of flips and dives in their arsenal are bound to botch more often than the ground and pound wrestlers. Jeff Hardy was no exception to this rule. We should also note that Hardy was more of a reckless high flyer so he botched even more frequently than the average high flyer.

Throughout his WWE career, Hardy botched tons of his high risk moves and some of those botches looked very painful, like his crash and burn dive off of the top rope which resulted in him sacking himself on the ring turnbuckle before falling nastily onto the floor. Although Hardy is among the guys who botched the most, Jeff Hardy is still recognized as one of the best performers in WWE history because when his matches were free of botches (at least huge botches), many of those said matches were brilliant and entertaining.

8 Shelton Benjamin


Shelton Benjamin is an exceptional athlete. Benjamin has put on many show-stealing matches throughout his career but with the good, there is always the not so good or the bad. Despite being an exceptional and truly gifted athlete, Shelton Benjamin has taken on many risky moves and spots throughout his career and as a result, he has botched countless times. One of his most notable botches was at WrestleMania 25 where he had dived off the top of a ladder and barely landed on the wrestlers below him.

That was a downright scary botch and Shelton Benjamin could have been severely injured, paralyzed or even killed had none of the wrestlers sort of caught him. As well as botching many of his high-risk PPV spots, Shelton Benjamin made a habit of botching his moves on WWE's TV shows (Raw & SmackDown) on a fairly regular basis. Again, these were usually his high risk moves that involved jumping off the ropes or diving through them.

7 Batista


I bet as you are reading this entry, you are imagining Batista's infamous botch where Mark Henry with one hand shoved The Animal with such "force" that Batista had to leap and crash down to the mat as if he was being attacked by the killer bees. Batista completely oversold the move and he did so a few seconds after Henry's push, which made it look absolutely hilarious. This is definitely one of the funniest and most iconic botches in WWE history. Besides botching his and other wrestlers moves, Batista has also botched and messed up during his promo time on more than one occasion.

Remember that Royal Rumble promo in 2014 where Batista couldn't pronounce Royal Rumble? Another one of The Animal's infamous botches was that screwed up 2005 Royal Rumble match ending with John Cena, which concluded with both men being eliminated at the same time, after Batista botched the Batista Bomb. (Although the match was restarted later on and Batista was declared the winner after tossing Cena over the top rope). Come to think of it, we actually got two hilarious botches out of that night because after the screwed up finish, the Bossman himself strutted on down to ring to sort things out but as he entered the ring ferociously, Vince McMahon tore his quads which left him sitting in the middle of the ring looking like a total goof ball.

6 Brock Lesnar


When most fans think of the two words "botch" and "Brock Lesnar", I'm certain the infamous Shooting Star Press botch on Kurt Angle in the main event at WrestleMania 19 comes to mind. How Lesnar was able to get up, F5 Angle, and then go on to win the WWE Championship after such a horrific botch is beyond me, it was truly amazing to see! I suppose I should know why he was able to do all those things as we're not talking about any average Joe here, we're talking about The Beast Incarnate himself, Brock Lesnar. If anyone could continue after such a freak accident, it would be Lesnar.

Some of Lesnar's other noteworthy botches throughout his WWE career include breaking Hardcore Holly's neck after a failed powerbomb, Lesnar nearly breaking A-Train's (Tensai's) neck after a failed F5, and Lensar's absolutely hilarious "thats the best...of the best...of the best of the best of the best that...this world has to offer....I'm the BEAST...and the the world......Paul... say something stupid" promo on CM Punk. Technically, that promo wasn't a botch per say (even though it seemed like he forgot what he was going to say) but it was certainly a hilarious Brock Lesnar moment nonetheless.

5 Titus O'Neil


Poor Titus. The guy can't seem to catch a break in the WWE. When things start to look up for him, he finds himself suspended from the WWE for inappropriately touching the Bossman Vince McMahon, which in turn makes him miss the biggest show of the year, WrestleMania. If that isn't enough, on one occasion in particular after the incident, he was given an opportunity to show what he could do on the mic regarding his thrilling feud with Darren Young and Bob Backlund, and what did he do? He completely bombed. Titus O'Neil performed the worst promo of his entire career and perhaps one of the worst WWE promos of all time in general.

Here are a few of the phrases from that awful promo that have stuck with me: "y'all want to talk about some Bob Backlund" (when clearly no one in the audience did) or "well tonight...I blame YOU Darren Young...I blame YOU...for all the failures that I have not (slur & stutter) have had in my career" or finally, directed at Backlund as he was approaching the ring, " don't you come out here...I will beat yo". Had Titus finished the last phrase with the word we all know he would have used, I bet O'Neil would have been in even more hot water. That promo was atrocious in every way imaginable and it was definitely one the worst I have ever heard in my life! Besides extraordinary botching that promo, Titus O'Neil is definitely a bit of a klutz in the ring and botching moves and stumbling around are fairly common occurrences for O'Neil, which is why he is on this list to begin with.

4 Kalisto


If you have been watching the WWE within the past year, I'm almost certain that you have seen or at least heard about Kalisto's hilariously bad SmackDown Live interview after the WWE Draft had taken place. It was one of the worst (yet funniest) interviews of this generation and it will live on in Botchamania history forever. If you didn't hear the interview, then here are a few of the highlights: "Hey like I said...I'm here to stay and make...make a..make a.. a.. good luchisome lucha thing" and as he ran away from the interviewer after he knew he completely botched the segment.

Before he botched that interview on Live TV, Kalisto was being presented as the second coming of Rey Mysterio. Though since that interview, Kalisto has been completely irrelevant and it's safe to say that we all know the reason as to why that is. Even before that hilarious interview, Kalisto was known to botch so many of his moves, his finisher and even his entrance to the ring. However, it seemed like Vince McMahon and Creative were going to look past his countless botches and mess-ups and continue to push him. I'm almost certain that promo is what pissed Vince McMahon off enough to finally pull the plug on Kalisto's push. It was one botch too many.

3 Eva Marie


If we're going to be honest here, with the shear amount of botching Eva Marie does whenever she steps into a ring, it's clear that the only reason she is still employed by the WWE is because of her looks. Eva has been given countless opportunities to prove that she didn't totally suck and she has failed nearly every time. Some of her worst botches include injuring Carmella at an NXT live event after a botched kick to Carmella's head, and failing to kick out at two against Billie Kay on an NXT taping which put the referee in a very awkward position.

The ref knew the match shouldn't have ended then, so he held up his hand and didn't make the three count which infuriated the NXT fans in attendance. The fans proceeded to give Eva Marie nuclear heat when she was declared the winner of the match. Another head shaking botch was when Layla proceeded to give Eva Marie (who was standing on the apron outside the ring) a Round House kick, and Eva completely no-sold the move and fell to the floor in the most careful and unconvincing way possible.

2 Sabu


Sabu is a well-known ECW Legend who made a name for himself by performing countless daredevil and high-flying moves. Despite performing tons of crazy moves that made the ECW and WWE crowds go nuts, Sabu botched so many of his moves on a regular basis. He had also injured himself from botching moves on numerous occasions. Although most fans would consider Sabu to be a full fledged ECW guy, he was still with the WWE in 2006 and 2007 (and he botched many times in those years to boot) so I can get away with including him on this list.

Throughout his career in ECW and in the WWE, Sabu botched countless jumps, flips, dives and just about any other move he performed. I don't think Sabu ever clearly thought about the move he was going perform, he just did it and hoped for the best, a true daredevil. Although many of his moves fell flat and were botched, Sabu is still regarded as a wrestling legend because he was extremely entertaining and when his moves went according to plan, they were quite amazing and shocking.

1 Sin Cara


When a wrestling fan thinks of the word "botch", I can almost guarantee the first name that comes to mind is the infamous botcher of botches, Sin Cara or as JR hilariously annunciated his name when he was first signed to the WWE, "Sin Caras". To add to Sin Cara's legacy, the role has been played by two wrestlers, Mistico and Hunico. Ironically, both wrestlers that have played the Sin Cara character have botched countless times (almost equally) throughout their individual runs as the character. If you watch the show Botchamania, then you would know that Sin Cara is probably the WWE wrestler that has been the most widely featured throughout episodes of the show, because of his never ending botches and mistakes.

In all honesty, I don't think one version of Sin Cara was too much worse than the other, because both versions botched beyond comprehension. If I had to compare both versions, I would say Hunico was a bit slower in the ring than Mistico but I feel as if he was a slightly more consistent wrestler. In Mistico's case, I would say he was a bit quicker and more agile in the ring than Hunico, but he was more injury prone (remember when he broke his fingers on his right hand after a botched dive through the ropes on Del Rio?).

Botching wise, they were pretty equal. Without a doubt, both versions of Sin Cara are the kings of botching things in WWE history and they are by far the wrestlers that have botched the most times in the WWE since 2000. Well, that's it for the list guys, I hope you all enjoyed it and got a bit of a laugh out of it, because I surely got a good laugh out of making it.

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