15 WWE Wrestlers No One Will Remember In 10 Years

On both the WWE’s Raw and SmackDown Live rosters there are plenty of guys who will be remembered in the wrestling history books 10, 20, and even 50 years from now. Those include guys like John Cena, A.J. Styles, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and many more. Unfortunately about half the roster will not be remembered even 10 years from because either they don’t have the right amount of talent and charisma or they were simply not used the right way.

Back in the 80s and 90s, mid carders were remembered based on their gimmicks. Guys like Koko B. Ware or Hillbilly Jim never did anything of note in the ring, but 30 years later we still remember them. The wrestlers today have fallen victim to a gimmick-free era where most wrestlers simply go by their real or fake name with not much of a personality other than their own. That means they really have to do something to standout, but there are only so many championships and main event spots to go around. Read about these guys now because the chances are you won’t remember them in 10 years.

15 Gallows and Anderson

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It is sad to say that the tag team of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson won’t be remembered for their time in the WWE. Gallows started in the WWE in 2006 when he was known as Festus and teamed with Jesse before joining the Straight Edge Society with C.M. Punk. He then had a very successful career in New Japan Pro Wrestling with Karl Anderson, winning the IWGP Tag Team Championship three times. The WWE signed these members of the Bullet Club and everyone thought they would make a big impact right away. Once again they were buried in a similar fashion to Tensai, who wrestled in the WWE and then had a big impact in Japan before being resigned and doing nothing. This is truly a waste of a talented tag team.

14 Braun Strowman

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The big man Braun Strowman had a promising beginning when he debuted in the WWE as part of The Wyatt Family. After the brand split, he was drafted to Raw while Bray Wyatt and the rest of the family went to SmackDown Live. Strowman is being promoted as a monster heel, but had to face “local talent” for several months which often means that he is still being developed in the ring. He was a part of team Raw in the Survivor Series match, but he hasn’t really received any type of legitimate push. He could still be successful but it seems like he will fade away before he becomes relevant. It would help if the WWE would put him in some big matches and perhaps the Big Show would be willing to work with him and put him over before he fades from our memory.

13 Bo Dallas

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Bo Dallas is probably the least successful wrestler in his family which includes his grandfather Blackjack Mulligan, his father Mike Rotunda (IRS), his uncle Barry Windham, and his brother Bray Wyatt. His Bo-lieve gimmick never put him over and Dallas has been a glorified jobber since entering the WWE in 2014. He had a shimmer of hope as part of The Social Outcasts, but that faction was short lived and didn’t accomplish anything. Bo went back to his Bo-lieve gimmick and is more annoying than anything. He has little chance of winning any type of title in the WWE, and probably wishes that he had been a member of the Wyatt Family with his brother or that he would have been selected to be the leader of that faction instead of a wrestling outcast.

12 Apollo Crews

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Apollo Crews has a lot of potential but so far he has not been used right by the WWE. Crews wrestled under the name Uhaa Nation competing for Dragon Gate and Dragon Gate USA where he won the Open the Twin Gate Championship which is a tag team championship with BxB Hulk. He game to NXT in 2014 and made a splash under the name Apollo Crews. This is probably another case of a talent being called up to the main roster too soon, as Crews could have stayed in NXT and made a title run before he moved to the WWE. He is very strong and athletic but has not been given enough opportunities to make an impact so that he will be remembered in the future.

11 Curtis Axel

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Curtis Axel’s career was doomed when he debuted in the WWE as Michael McGillicutty. He has actually been given plenty of opportunities to shine but it just hasn’t happened. Axel was part of The Nexus and had brief runs as the WWE Intercontinental Champion and WWE Tag Team Champion (with David Otunga). He took on the managerial genius of Paul Heyman for a very short time and reinvented himself as Curtis Axel, being named after his father “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig and his grandfather Larry “The Ax” Hennig. He even had an AxelMania gimmick which didn’t work out. Now Axel is another glorified jobber and will only be remembered for his family’s wrestling lineage. On the bright side he is schedule to star in the film The Marine 5: Battleground, but that will probably be a flop and go straight to DVD.

10 Primo and Epico

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Even though the tag team of Primo and Epico has held the WWE Tag Team Championship, they are not going to be remembered by anyone outside of Puerto Rico 10 years from now. Primo is the brother of former WWE superstar Carlito and held both the World Tag Team Championship and WWE Tag Team Championship with him. Epico is Primo and Carlito’s cousin, and they are all members of the Colon wrestling family. These two competed under the name Los Matadores as Diego and Fernando and were a lot of fun with the antics of El Torito. They then reemerged as Primo and Epico and have been demoted to scam artists trying to sell nonexistent property in Puerto Rico. These two guys don’t have much of a future in the WWE and would be better off wrestling in their home country or in another promotion.

9 Sin Cara

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The character of Sin Cara has actually been played by multiple wrestlers during his time in the WWE. This includes the most recent version played by Hunico, as well as Mistico who has also wrestled as Sin Cara in Mexico and been highly successful. The WWE’s Sin Cara has not done much of note, and his best days seemed to be tagging with Kalisto as The Lucha Dragons. Sin Cara has not won any titles in the WWE unless you count the NXT Tag Team Championship with Kalisto. He will not be remembered in the United States but may be remembered in Mexico 10 years from now. He would be better off competing in the cruiserweight division because he doesn’t really belong on the main roster.

8 The Ascension

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The tag team of Konnor and Viktor, otherwise known as The Ascension debuted in the WWE in 2014 after competing in NXT where they held the NXT Tag Team Championship. The team has been poked fun at for copying old school teams like the Road Warriors and Demolition based on their appearance. Viktor has been more successful as he won the FCW Florida Heavyweight Championship twice as well as the OVW Heavyweight Championship twice. This team has potential but was not pushed the right way from day one. They should have dominated their opponents but instead became glorified jobbers against better tag teams. The Ascension will not be remembered very long unless somehow they capture tag team gold and hold it for a considerable amount of time.

7 R-Truth

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Even though R-Truth has won a good amount of championships in his career, he won’t be remembered for long thanks to the way the WWE has squandered his talents. R-Trizzle is a two time WWE Hardcore Champion and a former WWE United States Champion and WWE Tag Team Champion with Kofi Kingston. He was very successful in TNA where he held the NWA World Heavyweight Championship and the NWA World Tag Team Championship twice as well as the TNA World Tag Team Championship. Truth has been demoted to a rapping jobber in the WWE nowadays, and his pairing with Goldust as part of The Golden Truth has provided some comic relief at best. R-Truth would have been better off wrestling in a promotion like Ring of Honor where his talents could be truly appreciated.

6 Enzo and Cass

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Even though the tag team of Enzo Amore and Big Cass are well liked among the WWE Universe, they have yet to really do anything to stand out besides their skills on the mic. Even if they do manage to capture the tag team titles, they will probably not stand out 10 years from now as one of the great tag teams of the era. Some fans think that Big Cass has what it takes to be a solo superstar in the business, but he seems to lack the killer instinct that makes most good big men stand out. These two may have a good run or they make break up and feud with each other or go their own ways, but none of these options have them being remembered in the future.

5 Titus O’Neil

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“The Real Deal” Titus O’Neil isn’t actually much of a big deal. He does have talent and charisma but hasn’t been able to do much with it. The University of Florida and Arena Football League star is best known for being a member of The Prime Time Players with Darren Young. He then formed the team of Slater and the Gator with Heath Slater, and recently has been on his own as part of the “Titus Brand” gimmick. The Prime Time Players were actually the last team to hold the WWE World Tag Team Championships before The New Day went on their record setting title run. O’Neil has honored by being named the MEGA Celebrity Dad of the Year but he won’t be remembered for his in ring career.

4 The Vaudevillains

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The best thing about the team of Simon Gotch and Aiden English was their entrance when they first debuted in the WWE. Now they are part of SmackDown Live but seem to have no shot at a title run and probably wouldn’t do anything as singles competitors either. The pairing did manage to hold the NXT Tag Team Championship and this is likely a case where they were called up to the main roster before they were ready. No one is going to remember their silly gimmick or their in ring accomplishments (which are none in the WWE) 10 years from now. They seem to be doomed to be a part of the tag team division with not much hope or achieving a championship or being in the main event any time soon.

3 Curt Hawkins

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Curt Hawkins recently returned to the WWE, but all he has been known for in 2016 is his bad promos. Hawkins wrestled for the WWE starting in 2007 and was part of La Familia and The Gatecrashers. He was also known as one of the Edge Heads along with Zach Ryder who he captured a WWE Tag Team Championship with. Hawkins also won the TNA World Tag Team Championship with Trevor Lee. Even with those accomplishments he won’t be remembered because he never really stood out in the ring or out of it. Hawkins has even been popular on YouTube much like Zach Ryder, but that won’t be enough to remember him by. He is another guy that was probably brought back because they needed more talent for the brand split but didn’t want to pay big money.

2 Breezango

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Tyler Breeze and Fandango being teamed up to form Breezango (or the Fashion Police) is just another case of taking two failing individual superstars and putting them together to form one mediocre tag team. Breeze was successful before he was called up to the WWE, winning the FCW Florida Heavyweight Championship and FCW Florida Tag Team Championship (with Roman Reigns). Fandango made his official debut in 2013 after competing in NXT as Johnny Curtis. His best known accomplishment is being the answer to the trivia question: Which WWE superstar defeated Chris Jericho in his debut match at WrestleMania 29? Neither of these guys will be remembered in five years, much less in 10. Tagging up is not hurting their careers because there weren’t going anywhere anyways.

1 Jinder Mahal

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Jinder Mahal has had a rough career in the WWE and is surely not to be remembered a decade from now. His most memorable time in his career came as a part of the faction 3MB with Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre, and that is not saying much. Mahal made his debut in the WWE in 2011 before leaving in 2014 to compete on the independent circuit. For some unknown reason he returned in 2016 most likely because the WWE needed more “talent” due to the brand split. Mahal will likely never win a championship in the WWE, but if Heath Slater can do it there still may be hope for him yet. The WWE has used him as a stereotypical Indian character and teased a new attitude which quickly faded away.

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