15 WWE Wrestlers You Had No Idea Are Cousins

The Professional Wrestling Industry is one which can be a really lucrative for a wrestling family if one of their own attains a lot of popularity in the WWE as the company loves to introduce more superstars from wrestling families they trust. Now we’ve seen many wrestlers who are the children of some famous wrestler of the past come and enjoy a lot of success in the WWE as the likes of the Anoa’i Family and others have produced some really successful wrestlers in the past few decades.

The WWE has been quite intent on making these celebrated wrestling families names even bigger as their current generational superstars are also enjoying a lot of success in the company. While many fans have an idea on the obvious relations in the WWE as the origin of many famous wrestlers are off common knowledge but some of the quirky relations aren’t really known by everyone. Some of these WWE wrestlers have some cousins in the company as well as outside it and many of these relations are something which might come as a surprise to many.

Some of these wrestlers who fought against and alongside each other in the WWE are actually related to each other in real life, much to everyone’s surprise, as we take a look at the 15 WWE Wrestlers You Had No Idea Are Cousins.

15 Naomi & Tamina


Naomi and Tamina are currently two dominating women on Smackdown Live! with the former reigning as Smackdown’s Women Champion and Tamina asserting his dominance over the past few months. They have been part of alliances in the part as “Team BAD” a few years ago but are now fighting for the gold which Naomi is holding right now, but they aren’t rivals in real life. But what many might not know that these two are actually related to each other in real life and their relation is pretty unique as well. Their relation is because of Naomi’s marriage to Jimmy Uso in real life as the Usos are the cousins of Tamina. So this makes Naomi a cousin to the intimidating Samoan woman as well and while they might be fighting each other in the ring, the two love each other outside it.

14 Primo & Epico


Primo and Epico have represented the Colon Family in the WWE for many years now, but it can’t be said that they have achieved anything great over the years. After an initial success, they were given some terrible gimmicks which started with the Los Matadores where they were two Mexican “Matadores” who also had a “bull” as their valet. It was absolutely foolish and quite terrible as they were later repackaged as “The Shining Stars” who proclaimed themselves to be from Puerto Rico and encouraged everyone to visit it. They’ve recently been given the name of “The Colons” and while many think they are blood-related, they actually are not. Primo and Epico are only cousins in real life but are part of the Colon family and the common knowledge of them being real-life brothers isn’t actually true.

13 Mike Awesome & Horace Hogan


Mike Awesome was quite the brilliant wrestler in the 90s where he shined for ECW and was their top star for a long time. He was also ECW Champion for quite a long time and even came to the WWE during the “Invasion” angle. He was part of the Invasion as a member of the ECW Brand but wasn’t really pushed that well before he left the WWE on a rather sour note. But Awesome had some interesting family relations as he was the cousin brother of Horace Hogan! Remember Horace? He was part of WCW in the late 90s and was pushed because of his Uncle Hulk Hogan who brought him to the WCW. While Horace never really wrestled that prominently for WWE, he did spend some-time in it as this curious family relation between Awesome and Hogan shows just how connected the wrestling world really is.

12 Paul Orndorff & Shane Douglas

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Paul Orndorff and Shane Douglas were both pretty big stars in the 90s as the former was quite the sensation in WCW with the latter gaining exposure in the land of extreme in ECW. But both of them have something in common, they both wrestled for WWE during a point of their lives. Orndorff was the more successful of the two as he wrestled for many years in WWE during the 80s as a prominent mid-carder for the company. Douglas, on the other hand, came to WWE after attaining stardom in ECW but was given a terrible gimmick of a Dean and was a complete bust in the company. But what many might know about them is that they were actually cousins in real life, which was probably the reason for their great chemistry in the ring.

11 David Hart Smith & Natalya


David Hart Smith was actually quite the impressive wrestler in the WWE when he was part of the “Hart Family” with Natalya and Tyson Kidd and dominated the tag team division for quite a while during that time. Smith couldn’t really impress as a singles wrestler and WWE opted to let him go and keep Tyson and Natalya with them. The Queen of Harts has been really impressive for many years now which is why WWE has kept her in a respectable position in the company and while many thought that Smith was Natalya’s blood-related brother, that just isn’t true. While Natalya is a member of the infamous Hart Family, Smith is actually the son of Davey Boy Smith and they are only cousins in real life. They are very close which makes them seem like direct siblings, but their relations is only as cousins.

10 Deuce & The Usos


Deuce is the son of Jimmy Snuka who got an opportunity to shine in the WWE during the early part of the 2000s. He’d be a prominent member of the Tag Team Division as his tag team “Deuce n Domino” were decent on Smackdown and won the WWE Tag Titles. But Deuce failed to succeed as a singles star and was let go after his stock fell, but something fans might not know about him is that he’s the cousin of the Usos. The Smackdown Tag Team Champions are actually related to the former Tag Team Champion as the Anoa’i family and Snuka family were related and it is because of being part of these two wrestling dynasties that these unlikely companions are related to each other.

9 The Undertaker & The Imposter Undertaker


The Undertaker will always remain as one of the greatest characters in the history of WWE as this “DeadMan” was so mystifying that he kept on getting more and more interesting as the years passed by. The Undertaker was quite over during his initial years at the company but the WWE needed to prove how much of a unique character he is and how nobody could replace him sometime after his debut. So WWE had him take on an “imposter” Undertaker as the real Taker prevailed over him in a short feud and the imposter was never seen again. The Imposter was actually wrestler Brian Lee, who is the real-life cousin of Mark Calaway aka The Undertaker himself! This just proves how well connected some of these wrestlers really are as The Undertaker gave his cousin his own limelight through the intriguing feud.

8 Amazing Red & Thea Trinidad

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Thea Trinidad has finally seemed to broken through to the WWE as she might be remembered by wrestling fan as Rosita who wrestled in TNA. Trinidad will also be part of the upcoming WWE film on Paige’s life “Fighting With My Family” and is currently signed to NXT as the manager of Andrade “Cien” Almas. Trinidad might be a promising diva right now in the WWE but she’s also got a cousin who is pretty famous in the Independent scene. Trinidad is the cousin sister of Amazing Red, who may be remembered by some as the exciting wrestler in TNA and did some great work for their X-Division. The two have even appeared in some wrestling events and fought alongside each other, as the two keep some close ties together and Trinidad can play a role in bringing Red to NXT.

7 Rikishi & Manu


Rikishi was definitely one of the most entertaining wrestlers during his time in the WWE as the dancing and cool wrestler was an absolute terror for his opponents. Rikishi was quite a sensation among the fans during the Attitude Era because of his awesome dancing and laid-back attitude and won a lot of mid-card titles because of how over he was. Although his wrestling career didn’t end that spectacularly, Rikishi had a delightful career and made his family proud. While many know about how related he is to some of WWE’s top wrestlers, not many probably know of him being the cousin of Manu who was in the WWE in the early 2000s. Manu spent many years in developmental before being introduced on the main roster, where he was a bust. But Rikishi and Manu were quite close as cousins and represented WWE quite well in their own ways.

6 The British Bulldog & Dynamite Kid


The British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith and Dynamite Kid created one of the best tag teams in WWE history in “The British Bulldogs” who ruled over tag team wrestling during the 80s or so. The two were impeccable together and traveled all around the world to show just how good they were and won many titles during their stint as a team as well. They were great entertainers and stunning wrestlers as fans were in absolute awe at how great their chemistry was together. The reason for that is because Bulldog and Kid were actually cousins in real life, as they were first-cousins who grew up together in England. The two learned about wrestling together and started off their wrestling career side by side as these terrific cousins created many memories in wrestling through their top-notch work which inspired many.

5 The Honky Tonk Man & Jerry “The King” Lawler


Jerry “The King” Lawler has been a seemingly evergreen figure in the WWE ever since it became popular as the King has been an extremely entertaining commentator who even wrestled on occasions. Although his wrestling career is based on the success he got in the Independent Circuit, Lawler and Jim Ross created many memories through their commentary in the Attitude Era and beyond. But something many might not know about Lawler is his relation with The Honky Tonk Man, who is actually his cousin! The Honky Tonk Man was himself a successful WWE wrestler who held the Intercontinental Championship for a record period of time and helped to make the belt prestigious in the WWE. He’s actually in the same family as Lawler and the two share this close bond nobody actually knew about.

4 Umaga & Roman Reigns


Umaga was definitely one of the most terrorizing characters in the WWE during the last decade or so when he portrayed this dangerous, wild character who loved to hurt other wrestlers. He was pretty over with management because of his impressive work and got quite the push throughout his career, holding the Intercontinental Title multiple times and always being part of intriguing feuds. He was released by WWE for not adjusting with their Wellness Policy but he was actually part of the Anoa’i family. And who was among his cousins? Roman Reigns! The Big Dog who has been pushed to the very top of the WWE was actually his first cousin, as the two would have probably shared a lot of fun memories before the tragic passing away of Umaga a few years ago.

3 The Rock & Nia Jax


Nia Jax is definitely not “like most girls” which is the exact reason why she’s in such a dominating position in the WWE right now. Nia’s evolution from NXT to the main roster has been pretty good as she’s been booked very strongly throughout the years and has played the role of a monster heel in a terrific manner. Jax is also part of the well-acclaimed Anoa’i family and is the first women to reach the WWE from the family. She’s also close to many members and is actually cousins with The Rock in real life. Nia has spoken about how watching The Rock perform at WrestleMania XXVII inspired her to take up wrestling as a profession and the two seem to bode on really well as posts on social media can tell. The Rock seems to be closer to Jax than any of his other cousins.

2 Rocky Johnson & Sika


Rocky Johnson was quite the hard-hitting wrestler back in the 90s when he feuded as a mid-carder for the WWE for many years. While his legacy was overtrumped by his son “The Rock” later on when he joined WWE, Rocky Johnson stood as an inspiration for The Rock. Rocky was also part of a rather big family in the Anoa’i family and had many siblings who were wrestlers as well as it also included the Wild Samoan Sika. Sika was part of one of the really terrorizing wrestlers at the time and saw his own son Roman Reigns become a big star for WWE as Sika is the cousin brother of Rocky Johnson. The two might not have interacted much in their WWE days, but they’re still pretty close as cousins and proud fathers to two successful WWE stars.

1 Bret Hart & “Rowdy” Roddy Piper


Bret “The Hitman” Hart was definitely the “Best” during his time in the WWE where he revolutionized how people perceived the wrestlers. Hart would slowly climb to the top of the WWE as he was their “Face” for quite a long time before he was terribly screwed over by Vince McMahon during the “Montreal Screwjob” and left the company to join rivals WCW. Hart single-handedly increased the reputation of his wrestling family as the Hart family got popular with him and while many of his “brothers” wrestled alongside him, a secret cousin of his was somebody no one could of think of. That was “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. Piper was infamous in the 80s for his work in the WWE and even had a feud with Hart, as he revealed in his autobiography about his relation to Hart. Bret confirmed it after Roddy’s death as these two close cousins stunned many with that revelation.

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