16 Wrestler Mugshots Which Show Them At Their Lowest

Whether you’re a regular citizen or a rich and powerful celebrity, no one is above the law. If you commit a crime and get caught, you will be arrested and will have to pay the price. For celebrities, however, the price is usually much higher because no matter if it is a DUI or an even more serious crime, being arrested can hurt them severely when it comes to their career. Celebrities run the risk of losing endorsements, fan support and future business opportunities with a controversial arrest.

A mugshot taken at the time of the arrest, especially one that is put up on the internet, is a blemish that stays with you forever. The following list covers mugshots taken of some of the biggest stars who have graced the squared circle in the WWE. Some were arrested before they reached superstardom, others were on top of the world when they were humbled with handcuffs. No matter the circumstances, these mugshots definitely showed the superstars at their lowest and are certainly moments that they’d like to forget but will permanently stay on their record and on the internet for years to come.

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18 Kevin Nash

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WWE Hall of Famer “Big Daddy Cool” wasn’t so cool on Christmas Eve in 2014 when both he and his adult son got into a bloody brawl that got both of them arrested and posing for mugshots. According to the police report, Nash’s son Tristen was drunk and would get physical with his father, provoking him by spitting in his face. Nash retaliated by slamming Tristen down to the ground hard in what Tristen described as a “signature chokeslam move” which caused him to black out. WWE would suspend Nash but fortunately for Nash the charges against him were dropped just in time for him to be included as part of the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2015.


16 Brock Lesnar

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Paul Heyman’s client may be a phenomenon in the world of both MMA and WWE nowadays, but in his younger days, the beast incarnate was a beast that was caged by the po-po. The mugshot above was taken in January 2001 while Brock was training to make it in the WWE. Brock was 26 at the time and busted for possession of what was described as “a large amount steroids”. The bust was for naught as it was later found that the pills Brock had were not steroids after all. Police were reported to be “very apologetic” when lab results clear Lesnar. As they should be. Brock had every right to take them to suplex city for their flub.

15 Big Show

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The 500 lb. giant may be impressing fans by getting in amazing shape for what may perhaps be his final big WrestleMania payday, but the man known as the Big Show wasn’t looking in great shape when this mugshot was taken. Big Show, whose real name is Paul Wight, was arrested in December 1998 by police in Memphis, Tennessee for allegedly exposing himself to a female motel employee (apparently the lady didn’t enjoy the Big Show’s “big show”). The criminal case, though, was subsequently dropped due to insufficient evidence. Big Show was in WCW at the time and would see better days ahead as soon after he would sign with WWE where he has had a long and successful career.

14 Scott Hall

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We could probably do an entire list of arrests and mugshots of Scott Hall, because the WWE Hall of Famer has been put in the back of a squad car quite a number of times. Scott Hall is no stranger to his run-ins with the law, mainly as a consequence of his struggles with alcohol abuse. Between the years of 2000 and 2012 he was arrested on numerous occasions for alcohol-related offenses as well as domestic abuse so there is a lot of mugshots we could have chose from. However the one we have used is an important one as subsequently thereafter, he would join up with DDP and turn his life around and get healthy. The “bad guy” bounce back big as the transformation would land him in the Hall of Fame in 2014.

13 Booker T

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The 5 Time (5 time, 5 time, 5 time, 5 time) WCW champion and WWE Hall of Famer may be enjoying retirement right now and serving as a guest panelist on WWE television, but in 1987 the Booker man was serving time in jail for robbery. This famous mugshot of Booker T shows him smiling after being arrested for robbing a Wendy’s restaurant in his hometown of Houston ,Texas. Booker T was actually working for that Wendy’s at the time. Booker T would plead guilty and serve 19 months in prison. Things only got better from there for Booker as soon after he was released he would turn his life around and get into the wrestling business. The rest is history.

12 Kurt Angle

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WWE fans rejoiced this year when it was announced that Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle would be inducted into the 2017 class of the WWE Hall of Fame. It’s a much-deserved induction after years of being out of the WWE picture and a history of rough run-ins with the law. Kurt Angle has several mugshots circulating on the internet from various arrests over the years, which were mainly DUIs. Angle has admitted that he struggles with alcohol and is a recovering addict as well. This mugshot stems from his latest arrest in 2013 which would be his fourth DUI violation. Kurt Angle would check into rehab shortly thereafter to try to get a handle on his alcohol and drug problems. Hopefully, that will be the last time our Olympic hero is in the clink.

11 Jeff Hardy

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The charismatic enigma has had a troubling history with drug abuse. Everyone remember that awful match with Sting at Victory Road in 2011 where the match was cut short when Hardy was clearly under the influence of drugs. However it was in 2009 shortly after departing from WWE that Hardy was arrested for his biggest drug offense. Jeff Hardy’s home would be raided by police and he was arrested on charges of drug trafficking 262 Vicodin, 180 Soma, anabolic steroids, cocaine, and drug paraphernalia. Hardy would plead guilty and surprisingly would be left off easy compared to non-celebrities in this same situation spending only 10 days in jail, 30 months of probation, and a $100,000 fine.

10 Andre The Giant

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The Eighth Wonder of the World Andre the Giant makes this list and it’s not for what would you think. Every WWE legend who has shared stories of Andre The Giant knew him to be a big drinker however he was not arrested for any DUIs. What he was arrested for and what resulted in this mugshot was Andre being arrested for roughing up a cameraman at a WWE TV taping in 1989. He was playing up his heel character and may have gone a little too far and the police were brought in. Andre was known as a gentle giant so this arrest is something of an anomaly. Andre would enjoy a few more years in the WWE limelight before retiring and then tragically passing away in 1993. The question we have on this incident is: are there any handcuffs in the world that Andre could fit in?

9 Eddie Guerrero

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In the world of WWE, if you lie, cheat and steal you can win the adulation of WWE fans and capture championships and career accolades, but in the real world, doing so makes you wind up behind bars. Eddie Guerrero didn’t necessarily lie, cheat or steal to get arrested and earn this mugshot, he was actually busted for DUI while on the road in November 2001. Latino Heat would plead no contest and was sentenced to probation and ordered to attend an alcohol education course. This arrest led to his release from WWE. Eddie would hit bottom but then returned to the WWE after cleaning himself up, leading to his most memorable run where he would capture the WWE Championship. Unfortunately, his life would be cut short in 2005 as he would pass away due to heart problems.

8 Roman Reigns

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Roman Reigns is not a bad guy, he’s not a good guy, he’s THE guy. However, in 2010 around the time Roman signed a contract with WWE to begin training in their developmental promotion FCW, he was THE arrested guy. Reigns, whose real name is Leati Joseph Anoa’i, was arrested on June 20, 2010 in Pensacola, Florida for disorderly intoxication and affray, unlawful assembly, or riot. So basically, WWE’s main “guy” was taken to the slammer for being drunk and rowdy in public and getting into a fight. He would be released on $1,000 bond and charged with $500 for each offence.

The arrest was not known to the public until around 2013 just when Roman was catching fire on the WWE main roster when his mugshot was published on the internet. This blemish didn’t seem to affect Roman too much as he appears to be doing just fine on the WWE main event scene.


6 Chris Jericho

via cbsnews.com

Chris Jericho describes himself as being “The Best in The World at what he does” but he may not be the best in the world of holding his alcohol. This mugshot above is of Jericho in 2010 when he was busted (along with Gregory “Hurricane” Helms) for public intoxication. Both men had the cops called on them for fighting in the back of a cab at a Kentucky Shell gas station. Jericho and Helms were each released on $120 bond. Chris Jericho has a lot of stories of him doing some dumb stuff while drunk as he has related numerous times on his podcast and in his autobiography series, so it’s nothing new. But come on Chris, when it comes to alcohol: Drink it in (moderation) MAAAAAN!

5 Ric Flair

via irishmirror.ie

Is there any surprise to see the jet-flying, limousine-riding, kiss-stealing, wheeling, dealing, son of a gun on this list? 'The Nature Boy' was arrested in North Carolina in November 2005 on misdemeanor charges after getting into a road rage scuffle with another motorist. The police report read that Ric Flair had allegedly grabbed the man by the throat and kicked and dented the man’s car during the incident. Flair posted $1000 bond and would be released. Fortunately for Flair, the charges would be dropped as the accuser did not show up the court the day of the case. Flair would bounce back from this incident and enjoy a few more years in the WWE, a memorable retirement sendoff at WrestleMania XXIV versus Shawn Michaels and a Hall of Fame induction, so things worked out quite well for the Nature Boy. However when it comes to this incident, Maybe if Flair would’ve stuck to the “limousine riding” portion of his catchphrase, this would’ve been prevented.

4 Charlotte Flair

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Like father, like daughter? Charlotte Flair joins daddy on this list with a mugshot taken from 2008, way before Charlotte found superstardom as a leading women’s superstar in the “Divas Revolution”. The multi-time Women’s Champion apparently had this mugshot taken after being arrested for assaulting a police officer. How did it all go down? Apparently, neighbors would call the police after hearing a fight break out in the neighborhood between Charlotte, her boyfriend at the time Riki Johnson and, yup, daddy himself Ric Flair. Sounds like a dysfunctional family incident fit for an episode of Monday Night RAW. Does anyone else think it’s quite weird that a teary-eyed Charlotte is smiling in her mugshot?

3 Matt Hardy

via YouTube.com

Jeff Hardy may be the one that every assumes has the problems with substance abuse and police drama, but his “Broken” older brother has a long list of arrests that actually exceeds that of “Brother Nero”. Matt Hardy has a number of mugshots which we could’ve included. He had a particularly rough time in 2011 when he was arrested four times for DUI and intoxication violations. However it was his 2014 domestic abuse arrest with wife Reby Sky that takes the cake. Hardy looks scratched up and beaten and both parties filed restraining orders against each other. As messy as it sounds, the two appear to have things patched up and even have a son together. Since then Hardy had a career resurgence with his Broken character and is now signed with his brother to ROH. As far as his incidents with the law are concerned, we’re sure Matt Hardy wishes he could just “DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!” them from his memory.

2 Jerry Lawler

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Memphis wrestling legend and WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler always said “It’s good to be the king” however it wasn’t so good when he was arrested in June of 2016 due to a domestic incident with his current girlfriend and fiancée Lauryn McBride, leading to the mugshot above. From police tapes it’s reported that Lauryn was drunk, suicidal and frantically attacking Lawler—even scratching him in the face— when Lawler held her and pushed her against the stove and hit her in the head. A gun was also involved. Yikes. Both parties held up charges of assault against the other in a messy situation of “he said, she said”. WWE suspended Lawler indefinitely as a result until the charges were dropped. Here’s hoping things are calmer between the two going forward.

1 Stone Cold

via Publimetro.cl

WHAT? Yup, that’s right, everyone’s favorite beer-guzzling, stunner-giving, middle finger-flipping rattlesnake had some trouble with the law outside of WWE storylines. 2002 was a dark time for Stone Cold Steve Austin. Possibly the biggest draw of all-time for WWE, Austin was beginning to be disgruntled with the company and would eventually walk out on the WWE in 2002. Things would get even worse from there. During his absence, he would get into it with his then wife, former WWE diva Debra, and would be arrested for domestic violence. He pled no contest, paid a $1,000 fine, served 1 year probation, and did 80 hours of community service. Thankfully, Austin would bounce back, returning to the company, having an awesome farewell match and being inducted to the hall of fame soon thereafter.

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