16 Wrestlers Who Looked Terrible After Getting Off The Juice

Wrestling is an industry that is based entirely on presentation, whether it is how good and convincing wrestlers can make matches or how cool and interesting they can make themselves seem. That is why there is no doubt that there is a long list of wrestlers that have taken steroids for much of their careers in order to make sure they are as remarkable as possible. Fortunately, as of late there has been a push towards going drug-free, but there are still lots of wrestlers that have used these chemicals only to go off them and undergo a physical transformation. Realizing that is what inspired us to put together this list of fifteen wrestlers who looked terrible after getting off the juice.

In order for a wrestler to be up for consideration on this list they, first off, need to seem like they were taking steroids at the height of their career. Obviously, we are not in their locker rooms or doctor’s offices so we can’t say they were for sure, but in some cases, they may have admitted to it and in others, it seems pretty obvious to the eye. Next, their body needs to have been transformed in one way or another now that they appear to have gotten off the juice. Finally, the cosmetic change needs to be a bad one thus making them look bad in the process. Finally, we want to make it clear that this article is not meant to imply that we think they should take the drugs once again unless safely prescribed by a reputable doctor.

16 Marc Mero

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He was a wrestler that first became a big deal after he joined WCW and was cast as Johnny B. Badd, a reference to the Chuck Berry song "Johnny B. Goode." At one time it seemed like this man was destined for big things. When WWE hired him from the competition, he used his real name, Marc Mero, but one thing remained constant during his runs in both companies – he was big. It completely looked like he might be taking steroids during his time in the two biggest wrestling companies in North America at the time, as he had large muscles but was also very defined. Since then he has deflated significantly, retiring from being an active part of the business in the ring in the year 2006. However, he didn’t give up on trying to give himself an artificially good look as he clearly got plastic surgery too, which between both changes has had a negative effect.

15 Chyna

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Known as the Ninth Wonder of the World during her tenure in the WWE, Chyna rose to prominence at the side of Triple H before going out on her own. A charter member of one of the most influential factions in wrestling history, D-Generation X, she would more often than not stand outside the ring and look intimidating in the early days. That made her very effective in that role because of how unusually large she was for a woman, as well as the fact she had a striking presence. She also denied taking anything to put together the body she was known for; excuse us if we find that hard to swallow, based on looking at her. Additionally, the fact that she lost most of that mass after getting out of the business seems to confirm our suspicions; her addiction issues further altered her appearance in weird ways. Aside from all of that, come on WWE, get your act together, Chyna should be in the Hall of Fame.

14 Scott Hall

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Often called the “Bad Guy” during his time in the ring, Scott Hall was known for a few things above all else, his charisma, how good his matches were when he seemed to care, and his charisma. However, you shouldn’t let that obscure your view of how large his body was as it was certainly that. Especially ripped prior to recreating himself as Razor Ramon, still, through his time in the WWE and WCW, he was also a powerful and explosive guy with lots of muscles. He suffered from severe addiction issues during his life, and also had heart and hip issues that saw him sitting in wheelchairs at times, but he's since stopped using steroids. As such, he's turned much more rotund during this time in his life, but at least it's better than the time many thought he wouldn’t be around much longer.

13 The Honky Tonk Man

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Best remembered for his time in the WWE where he played a bombastic character, The Honky Tonk Man created a lasting legacy for himself. As he went down in history as the person that had the longest single run as Intercontinental Champion in company history, at an astounding 454 days, that alone is enough to have made his career. He was awesome for his over the top character and entertaining antics, but the man was certainly good at what he did. Never exactly the bodybuilder type, even when he was at the top of his game, it seems obvious from looking at old images of him that he was getting some help to look jacked. Clearly, no longer looking worried about how his body looks today, it is good he doesn’t feel that pressure any longer but he has totally let himself go.

12 The Dynamite Kid

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He is one of the most influential wrestlers of his generation and a person that is known as a bully with a really nasty attitude. As such, Dynamite Kid has a legacy that could nicely be called mixed. As one-half of a tag team called The British Bulldogs with his real-life cousin Davey Boy Smith, the pair were known for their fast and powerful style as well as having overly large muscles. As he possessed the type of figure that it is impossible to write off as having nothing to do with drugs, it seems his actions would come to haunt him for the rest of his life. Now that he's stuck in a wheelchair today due to the extensive injuries his career caused, it is very obvious that had he kept his body more natural it wouldn’t have been so hurt during his matches. A shadow of the man he once was now, the only way he looks like he once did is that he seems angry all the time.

11 Lex Luger

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He's a wrestler who fans and followers all seem to agree got his spot in the business due entirely to his mind-blowing physique. Lex Luger was never good in the ring but had some marketable skills. As Lex was larger than almost anyone else in the business and willing to commit to being a bad guy, it seems like Vince McMahon reluctantly put the system behind him because he couldn’t come up with anyone else. Cast as “The Narcissist”, an infinitely hateable person due to the overconfidence he constantly carried himself with, fans were overjoyed whenever he would become a good guy, at least briefly. Largely leaving the business due to the untimely death of his girlfriend Miss Elizabeth, since then he was ravaged by disease, got off the juice, and we just wish we could say he looks better because of that. Fortunately, it does seem like he is in a more positive place, even though the lack of outdoor activities and steroids have made his body wither away.

10 Triple H

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Surprised? You shouldn't be. After he tore his quad in 2001, The Cerebral Assassin began his rehabbing program to get back into ring shape. When he returned right before the Royal Rumble in 2002, Triple H was visibly MUCH bigger in size. He admitted to taking steroids as a recommendation by his doctor to strengthen his quad muscle, but perhaps Trip took the opportunity to take it a little further, becoming massive in the process.

With the Wellness Policy coming into effect, superstars stopped juicing up, and Triple H was among them. Although he looks great now, he was rather flabby at that point of his career.

9 Paul Orndorff

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Because he's someone that oftentimes doesn’t get the credit he deserves for his part in one of the seminal moments in wrestling history, we’re very happy that Paul Orndorff is in the WWE Hall of Fame. Teaming with “Rowdy” Roddy Piper to take on Hulk Hogan and Mr. T in the main event of the first WrestleMania, that is a huge indicator that the company knew how good he was at being hated. If "Mr. Wonderful" Orndorff and his partner weren’t loathed enough for people to pay to see them get what is coming to them, the WWE we know today may be gone. Known through much of his career for his incredible physique, which is the reason he was so boastful at the time, his body is nothing like it once was. Looking much more like the frail old man he is, his lack of rabid workouts and chemicals have forever altered him.

8 Jazz

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The second woman on this list that was known for her larger-than-life physique, Jazz struck such a distinctive pose during her time in ECW that, before too long, the WWE came calling. Working for that company off and on in between 2001 and 2007, during those years she managed to win their Women’s Championship on two separate occasions. A person of very few words during her time in the business, she would get on the microphone and snarl out some lines but it was her intimidating look that spoke much more loudly. Seeming like someone that wouldn't be the type you'd look twice at if you saw her strolling down the beach today, except maybe for her tattoos, the change her body has undergone is pretty surprising, to say the least.

7 Konnan

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Konnan had an incredible career as a wrestler that was such a big deal in the wrestling scene, especially in Spanish-speaking countries where some compared him to someone as huge as Hulk Hogan. He eventually made the leap to WCW where he helped herald in several of the best luchadors in the world. He was truly one of the most unsung heroes of their glory years. Upon joining the red-hot nWo, he added a great deal of cool factor to a group that sometimes felt bloated with stodgy old has-beens. In very good shape at the zenith of his career, his health issues since then have taken him out of in-ring competition and forced him to get off the juice. Now that he's overweight, he looks a lot less healthy than he did in his prime.

6 Greg Valentine

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From one half of the classic WWE tag team Rhythm and Blues to another, this time around we are looking at The Honky Tonk Man’s partner in crime, Greg Valentine. A WWE Hall of Famer who became a big deal in the south, he made a big name for himself earlier in his career by taking part in a particularly vicious “dog collar match” against “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. Making a leap to the WWE in the eighties, aside from his time as a “musician” his character was known as a no-nonsense badass that kicked butt at a moment’s notice. Because he worked hard to accumulate big muscles on his body, especially his arms, he very likely was on the juice. These days, he looks like the guy you’d see getting drunk at the end of your local bar every day, and it is safe to say his look has shifted.

5 Chris Harris

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One of the first wrestlers that made a name for themselves in TNA and then signed with the WWE, the man we got to know who was named Chris Harris looked great and had all the potential in the world. Brought onto WWE television in 2008, his name was changed to Braden Walker and it certainly seemed like that company’s drug testing had an effect on him. He was much heavier than the performer fans had previously gotten to know, and his time under the McMahon umbrella was amazingly brief. We’re guessing he regrets ever getting involved with them. As he was most likely dropped in large part because of his extensive weight gain, it is a real shame as we were excited to see him in action, but standing there he didn’t look all that impressive.

4 Shane Douglas

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A wrestler whose nickname during his time in the business was “The Franchise,” Shane Douglas earned a name for himself as the guy that ECW based the promotion around when it split from the NWA. He was eventually signed away by WCW, and during that time he looked quite ripped, even during his regrettable WWE run as Dean Douglas. Once both ECW and WCW shuttered their doors, however, it seemed like he no longer had something to work towards, and he packed on the pounds and stopped putting steroids in his system. He was at one time so out of shape that he threw up in the ring during a match, and that was one way to see that his body was no longer the temple it once was.

3 Raven

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From one wrestler that held the ECW World Championship and had an extensive run in WCW to another, this time around we’re looking at the gothic bad guy named Raven. Known for his sullen demeanor and grunge-inspired look, he spent much of his career under baggy band T-shirts and flannel in order to seem legit. Even as he wore wardrobe that seems designed to hide the dimensions of the body, you could still make it out as he moved in the ring and his shirt clung to him that he worked hard for his body. Also notable for being a good looking dude if you were into his style, that is no longer the case today as he has dropped the muscles, his face looks wrinkled and he has a good amount of fat on him.

2 Vampiro

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Vampiro was a wrestler that followed a very similar path to Konnan, in that he found success south of the border and then in WCW. He's since found success in several behind-the-scenes roles. Having operated as the man in charge of creative in the past, as well as a commentator, manager, and wrestler, it seems like there isn’t an area of the business he hasn’t given a shot. As someone whose career was built on his gothic image when he was at his most popular, it seems like he was aware how important his image was and took the drugs that were needed for him to look incredible. Only recognizable these days for his tattoos and punk/metal band T-shirts, the change hasn’t been a good one for his looks.

1 Ahmed Johnson

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A memorable figure in the annals of wrestling history for a number of reasons, Ahmed Johnson’s career is unlike any we’ve seen before or since. Part of the reason he was so difficult to forget is that he had some of the most unique promo skills in the history of the business. A massive man whose body wasn’t ripped but had muscles that are arguably the largest of anyone on this list, he wasn’t the fittest person on the roster but he was certainly one of the strongest. After leaving the WWE in 1998, he would have a WCW run as “Big T” and even though little time had passed it was obvious that he had stopped working out or using steroids during his time away. In fact, his weight had ballooned so much that at first many weren’t even able to identify him until he opened his mouth and that crazy voice came out.

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